Shambles On The Strip




by Michael Shrimpton


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  


Not much to be thankful for in the Middle East, sadly.  Like turkeys voting for Christmas the Israeli Government have let southern Israel in for further rocket bombardment from Gaza Strip, a lot less fun place than the Vegas Strip.  Before the trolls start commenting, I know the Israelis don’t do Christmas and generally don’t do turkey either!

Bibi Netanyahu is a fine politician and the folk I know who have dealt with him generally speak highly.  He is a major player, but he is no statesman, with respect.  A statesman would have ignored the polls on committing ground troops and sent them in anyway.  The short series of surgical air strikes have dealt Hamas a blow, but nothing like the knockout blow a ground assault would have done.  Foreign Minister Liberman, with respect, has grasped this.  He is definitely Prime Ministerial material.

All that has been agreed is a hudna.  You can always get an Arab who is losing a fight to agree to a hudna.  It’s an Arabic tradition, like smoking the hookah pipe.  In this case the Arabs have blown a lot of smoke up the Israelis, hence the wild celebrations in Gaza when the ‘ceasefire’ was announced.  The Egyptians, who are clearly in bed with Hamas, will not enforce any agreement about controlling the flow of weapons across the Egypt/Gaza frontier, itself an unhappy consequence of the ludicrous Camp David Accords.  Gaza will remain an Iranian client state, with the Egyptians being towed along by the more powerful Iranians.

After a short break for presentational and resupply reasons the rocket attacks on Israel will resume.  Only a ground offensive would have stopped them, assuming the Israelis didn’t repeat their previous mistake and withdraw from Gaza.  There is absolutely no point expending blood and treasure in capturing territory from your enemy and then handing it back.  Sadly Jerusalem keeps doing this, usually under State Department and White House pressure.  I love the Israelis to bits – they are the Good Guys after all, as I keep saying.  The trouble with them, however, is that they are far too nice, and far too soft on terrorists, with respect.  In fairness they are only repeating the mistakes we made with the IRA and the gross errors of the fatuous Clinton Administration, whose weakness encouraged the DVD, Iraq and al Qaeda to attack America on 9-11.

Terrorism is a state-sponsored phenomenon.  Germany is usually deep in the background, indiscriminate attacks on civilians being a peculiarly German method of waging war, as we saw in World Wars I & II and with the IRA.  As I reveal in Spyhunter the Moslem Brotherhood was set up by a German agent, al-Banna, in the late 20’s.  All Islamic terrorist organisations can trace their DNA to this German-sponsored outfit.  Whatever she says in public Germany, like Hamas, is committed to the destruction of Israel.  Have a look at the amounts controlled offshore by Hamas, the PLO and Hezbollah, boosted by offshore, German-controlled high yield trading.  It is no surprise to find the Franco-German controlled EU showing sympathy to an Islamic terrorist organization like Hamas.

The same goes for the equally disgraceful UN, whose charter was largely drawn up by the German agent John Foster Dulles, and which once had a German war criminal for its Secretary-General.  It would be rare to find a war criminal or terrorist organization these days which had not been helped, overtly or covertly, by the UN, whose abolition is long overdue.

This is one reason you don’t negotiate with terrorists.  There is no point talking to the monkeys when you can talk to the organ-grinder.  When it comes to grinding organs nobody does it better than the ‘Jerries.’

The second reason it is a mistake for a dignified, sovereign state like Israel to sit down with terrorists is that it is legitimizes Johnny Terrorist.  He likes nothing more than being in the same room with the elected representatives of a sovereign state.  The State of Israel is precisely that – a state.  Its ethics and morality are way above those of the terrorist, as shown by the low collateral casualties in Gaza, the highest-profile of which were caused by Hamas themselves, or ‘more extreme’ groups controlled by them at arms’ length, for deniability reasons.

That’s the third reason.  You never know with whom you are negotiating.  Was Israel negotiating with Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad?  Terrorist organizations are like a Lernaean Hydra – cut off one head and two grow back.  The ceasefire won’t be broken by Hamas under its own name, but by an offshoot, with a green light from what’s left of Hamas’s HQ after that very well-targeted air strike.

The fourth reason is that it’s pointless.  Terrorists are not men of honor (you don’t get many women terrorists in the Middle East, except low down the food chain, as suicide bombers).  Like Chancellor Hitler and the German Government at Munich there’s not a lot of point reaching an agreement, doing a Neville Chamberlain or a Hillary Clinton and waving a piece of paper.  The ‘ceasefire agreement’ isn’t worth the press releases pushed out by Cairo.

Hopefully Bibi’s nerve will hold next time, with respect, and we’ll see the ground troops going in. I agree with Gordon by the way – their best quality armor seems to have stayed up near the Golan and it’s far from clear how serious the plan for a ground assault was.  It was a tragedy for Israel that the planned electoral reforms were stalled.  Israel has never enjoyed stable government, thanks to the idiotic proportional representation system, an idiocy by no means confined to Israel (we use it in Britain for less important elections).  Sadly, there are more religious crackpots in the Knesset than there are in the General Synod of the Church of England – no offense intended.  The result has been a succession of weak governments.  Weakness just invites your enemies to attack you.

Having allies like Obama, Hillary Clinton and William Hague is not much help either.  It might be an idea if before the next mini-war the phone lines between Jerusalem, London and Washington could be ‘blown down in a storm.’  They could blame it on ‘global warming.’  One answer would be to have a serious, i.e. Conservative, government in London, which could actually stand by Israel and not just offer dodgy advice and criticism.  More critics Israel doesn’t need (apologies guys if this article is overly critical!).  A few RAF squadrons on Cyprus and a couple of Royal Navy Daring class destroyers off Gaza lobbing in the odd shell would be far more use.  I know the Foreign Office would disappear up its own exhaust pipe in a huff, but we’ve been trying to find a way of upsetting the Foreign Office for years.  Knocking over a few Hamas terrorists seem as good a way as any.

If we do decide to support Israel (meaningfully that is, i.e. in combat, as in ’56, when we jointly gave Johnny ‘Jippo’ six of the best) we shall do extremely well if we even get close to the accuracy of their targeting.  Operation Pillar of Defense has been an object lesson in professionalism.  I respectfully congratulate the IDF on achieving such a high percentage of its initial military objectives with such a low ratio of collateral casualties.  Outstanding work, boys and girls.

Sorry to disappoint the trolls, but there is a glitch on the site and I cannot at the moment upload comments. At least there shouldn’t be any complaints about not putting the date the American way!

Michael Shrimpton

Thanksgiving Day 2012.


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54 Comments for “Shambles On The Strip”

  1. When did the Czech-Austrian Kurt Waldheim become a German? Or are all the biographies DVD misinformation?

    As for the rest of the article, logic dictates that it is either satire, or what all the other foreign affairs columnists on VT post is utter bollocks. Or was it intended for publication in the Jerusalem Post, and not VT?

  2. I can’t support the Zionazi state of israel. They have become worse than the Nazi state in Germany, Where many of the guards at those so-called camps were Jewish. Jews left over from the Russian revolution where they were unseated from power and calmer heads took over. Lenin was right, any government controlled by any religion is wrong or bad. Not a one of them is any good. Religion has been the excuse for war most of the time, and self-defense is next on the list. Israel has been conducting false flag operations since 1947 to try and get all the lands they have in their big hukah “pipe-dream state” that they concocted since the fall of their last “jewish state” Russia. What about the Russian jews paying all the retributions to all the families of the 20 million christians they murdered during their reign of terror as the Jewish state of Russia, the christian holocaust that nobody talks about.
    What would the 6 million jews in israel do if the 12 million or so jews from Iran all moved to israel and took over the place? That may be what needs to be done. By the way, that 12 million is a conservative number, and they don’t like the rogue state of israel either.
    You speak of “terror and terrorists” and you don’t even know the true meaning of the words. The first suicide bombers in Palestine were rogue Zionist jews from eastern Europe who bombed the British offices there in 1946.
    These Zionazi’s whine and cry that Iran might be able to build a single nuclear devise in a few years when they have over 400 of them, with some mounted on Jericho missiles hidden away at secret sites like Dimona. Israel is the real terrorist there, like they are the original suicide bombers there. I think the US should get all forces and equipment out of the region and let israel self-destruct just like the last failed jewish state did.
    I will say again that I am NOT anti-Semitic because Moses and company were the original and only ones. They killed all the Semites took their lands and assumed their identity. Is that what they are trying to do in Palestine again? This could be sort of a biblical thing too. Doesn’t Jesus say in Revelations that all the jews have to be gathered in one place so that god can smite them all? That may explain why so many of these right-wing christian extremist groups support a “jewish state”. Maybe it’s time for us to get all the israeli’s out of our government and send them “home”. Or the bible is just another fiction tale just like the torah.

  3. Mr. Shrimpton, on reflection previous comment was unnecessarily vindictive and personal, I am sure you rather enjoy the vitriole, but I’d like to retract as I don’t want to be like that.
    Generally I admire a contrarian such as yourself: to suggest that Israel re-occupy Gaza was admirably audacious if nothing else. You deserve thanks for having the courage to openly articulate the ruling class worldview, especially in an adverse environment. Many play along but few are willing to openly articulate these views, so thanks for that.
    I genuinely believe that your desire to return to a world where the plebians know their place, where the natives receive the foot on the throat treatment whenever they refuse to accept their inferior status is fantastical and immoral.
    As the cliche states you have every right to your own opinions, but not to your own facts.
    Your description of the 1956 Suez crisis is simply completely incorrect. This concocted war of choice was certainly intended to deliver ” six of the best” as you appallingly describe it to Nasser, but in reality it was British PM Anthony Eden whose career was destroyed by the exposure of the conspiracy concocted by the French Brits and Israel with the intention of seizing control of the Suez canal.
    US President Eisenhower made it completely clear to the British and the French that their era as great powers was over, and that unilateral action by either or both would no longer be tolerated by the USA and that was that.
    If you genuinely support Israel, you should understand that the long term success of the Zionist project requires that Israel achieve a state of peaceful coexistence with all the neighbours behind a static and defined border. Civilising the natives with high explosives or attempting to bomb the other side into submission harms Israel’s long term prospects by legitimising and empowering the rejectionist parties throughout the region.
    Before the brutal Israeli attack on Lebanon in 1982, the Shia population of Southern Lebanon were largely indifferent to Israel. Now they overwhelmingly support Hezbollah. The stated intention of the Israeli invasion was to remove the PLO from Lebanon, and it succeeded, but Israel simply replaced this rather lacklustre enemy the PLO with the far more lethal and formidable (and intractable) Hezbollah.

    • And his knowledge of World War Hoax #1 is nothing short of amateurish.

    • I believe Mr. Shrimpton was born 150 years too late, as he seems to long for resetting the clock back to the days of the Victorian British Empire.

  4. Old shrimp is back again, spewing his poisoneus statements and remarks.

    “We should decise to support Israel, as in 56…”
    Yes, you used the opportunity, because the SU was fighting the hungarian uprising and could not help Egypt, to attack that land together with Israel and France.
    Our President Eisenhower told you to back up and go home and you tucked your tail between your hind legs and did just that. The british lion is mighty against a sick mouse!!
    By the way, the hungarians will never forgive you for ruining their fight for freedom, with your attack you gave a green light for the SU to crush them.

    Shrimp clearly illustrates that that island is firmly in zionist hands, it is time for someoneto pull the plug!!
    His vita is impressive, however we can also match it with even more idiots in high places.

  5. Perhaps there should be a link on this site for mainstream media Israeli-controlled shills and fools to express their hatred and ignorance. The Michael Shrimptons can show us how distorted minds think and how far we have to go. But to publish his articles alongside the others by distinguished authors is to lower the level of commentary for all. I can pick up any Newsweek or Time magazine to find trash like Shrimpton earning a living by lying. I’m disappointed.

  6. Shrimpton doesn’t exist. Michael Shrimpton is the pen name of Mark Regev.

  7. I agree with you Justicedenied. Shrimpton’s writing is like having your toilet back up, except easier to deal with. Let him write and then we throw rotten produce at him. It works.

  8. I stand by what I said about as Joe Sigur- VT does not censore it’s writers and is living the creed it believes in for an open ppl responsive society. We can handle Alex and Michael and we know them for what they are

  9. Nader Paul Kucinich McKinney Ventura Carter

    (we like the plan Michael)

  10. I do encourage VT to let these people have their say, but not to often, since we can read Israeli Reporters who are much better at these unsound arguments. Only by exposing their unsound arguments can we understand the greater picture.

    • Yes, you should always know your enemy as well as yourself, listen what he says, read what he writes and watch what he does.
      These will make it easier for you to destroy him.

  11. The war has started,on all levels.

  12. A person could argue Shrimpton is trying to destroy the reputation of Veterans Today but he doesn’t publish articles here very often.

    A person could argue he had to much too drink or got bored and decided to have some fun with the VT audience, he knew this article would inspire some outrage.

    A person could argue he’s trying to make VT readers look like anti-Semites but there are plenty of articles at VT with comments sections filled with comments which can be spun that way.

    A person could argue he’s been sent here by the Mossad or an Israeli affiliated group, but he hasn’t had much of an impact at VT unless he’s had an impact behind the scenes.

    A person could argue he’s been forced to write this crap to embarrass himself and harm his reputation.

    Perhaps he just likes getting attention for himself.

  13. Wonder if he sacrificed his own children for the synagogue of satan.

  14. Must be the start of the pantomime season

  15. Article could be titled ” shambles of civilization ” , Happy Thanksgiving ,Everyone ? , my Native American friends have a different opinion about that particular celebration as well as any other American holiday . Death by government ,perpetuated since civilization began ,even in the fabled Mesopotamia , think it will stop any time soon ? North & South America are ‘occupied ‘ by the worst bastards ever to meet an indigenous people . But i love the high moral ground and the scrappy folks who vie for it.

  16. Do the editors of VT keep this guy around just to let us know the depth of hatred and contempt we’re dealing with? If so, fair enough, knowing the enemy is essential unless you enjoy getting slaughtered. But c’mon, how can anyone with a conscience take this guy seriously? He’s a typical zionist who seems to revel in destruction and himself and his superior caste.

    • Although I DO find Shrimpton’s analogy between Las Vegas and Israel, two of the biggest strongholds for Jewish Organized Crime, to be quite revealing.

  17. It’s an ancient ploy , play the Devil’s advocate to gauge the depth and conviction of your opponents . Mr. Shrimpton is obviously interested in doing just that on this site, who knows for what reason .

  18. Preposterous trash from a hapless bigoted fool living in a parallel universe. Anything bad that ever happens to you will be richly deserved Mr. Shrimpton.
    Herr Shrimpton appears to know absolutely nothing of the middle east, either historically or in the present day. Instead of knowledge we are simply presented with a series of ridiculous and entirely fallacious canards designed seemingly to bolster and protect the author’s ridiculous colonialist fantasies.
    Israel is not “the good guys” as you assert in your insultingly childish and simple minded fashion. And neither are you.

    • Bravo, I could not say it better.
      When the day of reconning comes, and it will soon, we must remember who Shrimp is.

  19. Mr. Shrimpton,

    It may not be too late to seek psychiatric for your condition.

  20. This is a great example of what’s wrong with this world. A seemingly well spoken individual shows us pure evil and racist hate as his inspiration on friggin Thanksgiving Day. Wow, I am in awe.
    All anyone needs in their evaluation of wee mr. Shrimp’s IQ is his statement that al-Qaeda did 9/11. For this statement alone, he should be banned from publishing at this site. Stupidity this extreme has no place here and I will forevermore refuse to read anything by this so-called ‘human.’ Continue publishing this shit and you can say goodbye to me as a reader, too.
    If such words were ever spoken in my own home, it would be their last words spoken.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, sir.


    Lexington, ky

    • Precisely, I personally cannot see why Gordon Duff referred to him as being in the know.

    • An articulate person, writing on a website dedicated among other things to exposing conspiracies, who pretends to believe in the official 9/11 story, cannot be “stupid”. He is a DISINFO-AGENT. That probably also explains his pro-Israel stand in its latest attack on Gaza. Question : does he really fit here?

      • a couple of things about Michael and VT…

        Michael is here because of his ability and experience…not his politics.

        Once we start dictating politics to our writers, we become like everyone else.

        This is not a site for an emotional “fix” of Jew bashing or America hating.

        We publish ideas from independent people without any editorial interference.

        have we now forgotten that this is the basis of freedom of speech?

        • Ability and experience in what? This site, once you sift out the fringe stuff, has a theme of free, questioning and contrarian thought with a general distrust of official government sources and mainstream media. Comments are moderated so presumable articles are too. To put this article up, with it’s 1940 Boy’s Own style, anachronistic jingoistic content and MSM propaganda, as the lead article on the email version, without editorial comment, demonstrates editorial incompetence or indifference rather than freedom. Its not about politics, it’s about publishing garbage that is arguably offensive to the majority of your readers.

        • You kick out Hasbara trolls from the comments, yet let Shrimp post far worse stuff still. No one forces you to let all views be put up for ‘freedom of speech’, there is also editorial freedom, how about exercising it where appropriate (let alone obligatory). He adds nothing useful but puts a huge dent in your and thus site’s credibility.

  21. Once again, the zionist lackey and lickspittle Shrimpton makes me ashamed to be British…

    • Seriously–is he of any good to the Brits? Does he legislate sensibly on a local or national level? If so what has he done to benefit Britain?

  22. Warlord Moneybags

    Aaaah… what would we do without the Comedy Section ?

    Mr Shrimpcock’s been having anal sex with Bibi again.

    Come the Revolution the line-up to kick this guy to death will go right round the globe.

  23. Who is more deserving to be alive in a civilized world…. Those cute Palestinian kids murdered in cold blood not hurting a fly and this fat pig spreading hatred.

  24. Yes…the UN should be abolished. Because Israelis have been brutally anti-Islamic, the world has forgotten how fundamentalist Islamic states treat people. Once Israel is defeated, then the Islamic theocracies, after purging their populations of western influences, will become the new world threat. China and Russia will probably be the only countries that will be able to subdue the next wave of domination. They have no tolerance for theocracies. The media/world is feeling empathetic towards the Palestinians at this time but remember…their fellow Islamic brothers in Jordan and Egypt refused to help them when they were evicted from lands. Their brothers knew that they would serve as a buffer between themselves and the Israeli threat.

    • LOL. Shaking in my boots. A pissant of a “state” saving us all. Who do you think falls for your crap outside of a lunatic asylum and ZioNUTism?

    • Read the Talmud-Sharia law pusdhed by the jewish media to scare the population for the benefit of jews Since it’s Thanksgiving , here’s my Talmudic verse thought for the day!
      “Moed Kattan 17a: If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there.” LMAO!

  25. “…You can always get an Arab who is losing a fight to agree to a hudna. It’s an Arabic tradition, like smoking the hookah pipe…”

    If one were to post an equivalent slam, based on a Jewish stereotype, it would be called bigotry.

    However, in Shrimpton’s mindset, when the target is Arabs, then the same standard doesn’t apply.

  26. I think this is satire, but it does represent the mindset among certain Israelis (and Jews) very well : “We are “too moral”, therefore too weak towards an enemy that is entirely immoral.” You find this attitude among people like Caroline Glick frequently.

  27. “Operation Pillar of Defense has been an object lesson in professionalism. I respectfully congratulate the IDF on achieving such a high percentage of its initial military objectives with such a low ratio of collateral casualties. Outstanding work, boys and girls.”

    Thank you Michael. I had this bloated feeling from eating too much at the dinner table…but after reading your sociopathic commentary and vomiting violently, I now have room for thirds.

    You must do this on purpose…almost in jest. Just to provoke VT readers?

  28. “…The State of Israel is precisely that – a state…”

    1. A state has a written constitution.

    2. A state has defined borders.

    Israel has neither, therefore Israel is not a state.

    • Calling Israel a “Nation” (or “State” or “Country”) is akin to calling a hook worm a pet.

      • Technically Israel is not only a Failed State but a Rouge State at that.
        Israel is the only place in the world where one can demand LINES drawn with the Red Blood of American Boy’s in constant Proxy Wars whereas the US through PNAC go into country after country and destroys these said “Regimes” for Israel and now Israel says they no longer hold valid “Any Treaty” as those said treaties were made with the former “Regime’s” that the US destroyed for Israel in the first place. What a Circle and what a ride.

        Then this Rouge State continues to ignore International Laws, UN Resolutions while demanding once again that another said country should. When the said “Country” in this case Iran shows that it has no nuclear weapons program at all then Israel says, “Your Lying”. Of course forgetting that the only time they received inspections during Kennedy’s rule.. They Lied!

        Yes, Israel is a Failed Rouge State with Nuclear Weapons that they believe that they are the “Untouchables” Pulling the “Security or Holocaust cards” each time they are told to step in line with the rest of the World and abide by International Laws. What should be done? That WORTHLESS U.N. (Who has failed to UNITE Anyone) and the Double WORTHLESS NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) who operates under Humanitarian Aid and bombs a country worse then the said “Wvil Dictators” ever did amounting to sanctioned Mass Murder. However these Two Organizations should call for and Enforce an Immediate “NO FLY ZONE over Israel.”

        Israel wont play by the Rules and you can bet when all hell does break loose that under the premise of their Security… They will launch Nukes and… Get away with it too. After all, Killing Arab’s or Muslim’s is a Good thing. But is an Israeli dies the same {Poor Israel is running to bomb shelters to protect themselves} Yet those in GAZA don’t have Bomb Shelters as the needed materials for such protection is banned as imports.

        Eventually the “WORLD” will protest and some how by-pass the US’s VETO powers. But again, For now a No Fly Zone and Sanctions to cripple their economy just like Iran has except in Iran’s case they did nothing nor broke any laws as Full Partners in the IAEA programs and Signers of the NPT and so on. Israel looks at the world through a one way mirror.

  29. Franklin Ryckaert

    An impressive career in the Factory of Official Lies, but what is he doing here where nobody believes in those lies?

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