Press TV: Are We Still Coddling “Hitler?”

Israel’s Abuse of Legal Palestinian Sovereignty

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

Generally, it is a “given” that the West, America, Britain, France and Germany, are oblivious to any rational assessment of any conflict involving Israel.

When 15 civilians were killed by an American F 16 bombing a civilian neighborhood in Gaza, non-Islamic leaders turned away, failing to offer what would normally be words of sympathy and respect.

Their silence, the shame of it, is easy to understand.  They have found themselves “in bed” with something unclean.

Their silence is defacto recognition of a lie.  Neither Gaza nor the West Bank or Golan Heights have been part of Israel nor was Israel mandated by any recognized international authority as a “Jewish state.”

In fact, there is no established treaty that has ever outlined any of Israel’s borders.

If one is accepted as “law,” the other should be equally considered.

In 1917, Lord Balfour had no right to speak for the Ottoman Empire, the recognized government of Palestine nor did he have authority to speak for the signatories of the Versailles Treaty two years into the future.

Two documents, both of an earlier era, have exactly the same validity, the “Balfour Declaration” and the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”  Both documents are devoid of authentication and though their historical impact has been immense, neither document was created by any recognized entity of standing.

The Balfour “Agreement,” between Lord Rothschild and one of his financial/gambling partners, truth be told, carried no more authority than the promise to pay a gambling debt or an overdue bill from a “bawdy house.”

The legal political status of both the West Bank and Gaza are quite clear in accordance with international law.

These are areas of temporary military occupation, limited by the UN to a matter of days (UN SC 242), as a result of the 1967 War.

No treaty awarded the land to Israel and, at no time, has Israel formally annexed these territories.

The pressing reality of Gaza is that, as part of the recognition of the State of Israel and its acceptance into the United Nations, Gaza was formally recognized as part of Egypt.

Egypt established a fully recognized border which included Gaza.  That legal status has never changed.

Between 1948 and the invasion by Israel in 1967, Gaza was a part of Egypt though under various schemes of semi-autonomous rule.


Were one to try to find an accurate map of Egypt or the United Arab Republic, Egypt’s short-lived partnership with Syria, surprises would be in store.

Every map available online has been “photoshopped” to remove Gaza from Egypt.  Wikipedia shows it “clipped off” when displaying maps of the UAR.

In fact, nearly every article on the history of the region has been deleted or altered to obscure the legal status of Gaza.

What is that status?  United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 dated November 22, 1967 called for an immediate Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and suspended any legal authority over that region by Israel.

However, for 11 more years, Israel maintained an illegal occupation of Gaza and other territories in defiance of the United Nations.

It was during this period that the 1973 War took place, during which Israel faced military defeat except for massive military intervention by the United States.

Misrepresented as a “resupply effort,” American pilots from both land bases and aircraft carriers flew hundreds of sorties during the conflict.

In retaliation, OPEC declared an oil embargo on the United States that crashed America’s stock markets, brought on wage and price controls and has led to the endless cascade of fuel prices Americans continue to struggle with.

The American public has, to this day, never been told the truth.

In 1978, the Camp David Accords were signed.  The framework for 242 was twofold, the implementation of SC 242, which required the total and absolute end of all Israeli military activity in Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West Bank and the establishment of a fully autonomous Palestinian State.

No aspect of SC 242 allowed for a sea blockade of what was established as an independent nation, what “fully autonomous state” means according to international law.

No part of the Camp David Accords allowed for a wall to enclose Gaza or for trade to be restricted between the Palestinian State and any nation.

One might care to ask, how a UN resolution that established a new nation was re-interpreted to create a prison camp with walls and guard towers, towers where snipers regularly fire on civilians, where bombs are dropped, homes systematically destroyed, where political autonomy and the necessities of daily life are subject to the whim of what is technically a foreign power that systematically violates the sovereignty of a smaller neighbor.

Let us be very clear, Gaza has never been a part of Israel.

Let us be very clear, the UN ended any Israeli role in Gaza after a very short military occupation in 1967.

Let us be very clear, the Camp David Accords were necessitated by Israel’s unwillingness to abide by UN SC 242, a resolution that constitutes the applicable international law on the status of Gaza to this day.

Let us be very clear, there has been no United Nations resolution that has, in any way, mitigated United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 of 1967.

Let us be very clear, the Oslo Accords of 1993 were necessitated by Israel’s unwillingness to abide by the Camp David Accords and UN Resolution 242.

The Oslo Accords have been continually misrepresented through manipulation of the press and disinformation surrogates.  The text below is that of the Office of the Historian, US Department of State:

“Although the peacemaking efforts launched by the Oslo Accords did not produce a permanent agreement, the Oslo agreements achieved several breakthroughs. The Palestinians made a significant advance toward self-government with the creation of the Palestinian National Authority, composed of a democratically elected Council with Arafat as its head. For the first time, the PLO’s status was legitimized internationally.

Israeli troops were redeployed from Gaza and Jericho and from the villages and cities in the West Bank. Despite the successes of the Oslo process, failures on both sides to fulfill commitments, internal political opposition, lack of progress in negotiating final status issues, and outbreaks of violence undermined the trust-building element of Oslo that was intended to make possible a final peace agreement. The Oslo approach to Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking efforts effectively came to an end with the failure of the Camp David Summit in 2000 and the subsequent outbreak of the second Palestinian Intifada.”

There are things to note in this text, which represents the official position of the United States:

  1.  The Oslo      Agreement, from the start, was intended to be temporary and, in no      way, was meant to supersede UN SC 242.
  2. Israeli troops were      “redeployed” from all of Gaza, not part, as hundreds of “adjusted”      misrepresentations attempt to imply.
  3. Any and all aspects of the      Oslo Agreement expired in 2000      with the failure of the Camp David Summit.
  4. Between 1967 and the Camp      David Summit and up to this writing, Israel has been in continual      violation of UN SC 242 and,      thus, continually in violation of the sovereignty of the Palestinian State      established through that resolution.


When an accurate history of the region is considered, one that shows the 1967 attacks by Israel to have been preemptive, much as with Pearl Harbour or 9/11 or even a broad examination of Israel’s move from a multicultural nation to an apartheid state, the “engines of obfuscation” begin revving and any hope for justice and self-determination dissolves.

The status of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza are that of a sovereign nation, recognized as such by the United Nations over 40 years ago.

There are deep parallels with the narrative that is used to describe Hitler’s acquisitions of territory leading to the outbreak of World War II and the actions of Israel.  Agreements were reached and then ignored, but is “Munich” and Chamberlain’s failure really an honest comparison?

As horrific as it sounds to some, we are actually being too harsh with Hitler.  You think this absurd?

Hitler’s motives and actions were all meant to repatriate lands long settled by German speaking people, people suffering persecution, lands that had been, until 1919, either German or German speaking portions of Austria/Hungary.

Israel’s land seizures are of lands they never held, though bizarre tribal claims up to 5000 years old are continually used as justification.

In fact, the lands seized by Israeli immigrants are some of the oldest continually inhabited communities on earth, lands held, in some cases for over 3000 years.

Palestinians were once Phoenicians or descendants of Alexander’s Hellenic expansion or, more the case, Semitic peoples who had been Jews, then converted Christians as were almost all in the region for over 500 years, and eventually became Muslims.

When Jews talk about the people of Exodus, those Moses led out of Egypt, are they now living in Gaza, dodging bombs?

Palestinians are among the purest of any Semitic peoples.  Are any who diminish, imprison, or plan their genocide thus the most rabid “anti-Semites?”







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32 Comments for “Press TV: Are We Still Coddling “Hitler?””

  1. “Palestinians are among the purest of any Semitic peoples. Are any who diminish, imprison, or plan their genocide thus the most rabid “anti-Semites?””

    I’ve been pondering how ‘Anti-semitic’ came to mean ‘Anti-Jew’ …firstly because not all Semites are Jews, and all Jews are clearly not Semitic.

    I’m waiting for a montage of an Ashkenazi Jew (or Russian Jew, hey Bibi) and a typical Palestinian, with the comment “Spot the Semite”, to go viral ….


    A person with untreated schizophrenia will often hear a demanding, bullying voice in their head. The description of Abarham in the Old Testement is of a case of schizophrenia. He was told to uproot his family and cross the desert to conquer a land using terror and murder/genocide. He almost killed his son Isaac on orders from the voice in his head. That sort of behaviour often causes these unfortunate people to kill thir own children or strangers. We read about these cases frequently in the newspapers. We call them schizophrenics, the Jews call them prophets.

  3. I would not be too harsh on Jews in general, and even many Israeli Jews. Contrary to their belief, they are not more clever than the goyim, but have once again been used as puppets and scapegoats to deflect blame from the elite to the Jews for crimes against the goyim. Now that Israel is the most hated country on Earth, continuing to support it threatens control of the oil producing Arab nations, so Israel and Jews get thrown under the bus once again, while the few dozen trillionaire banking families laugh away in their heavily protected European mansions.

  4. We ought to concentrate on few but IMPORTANT issues. Here are some that come to mind as prioritary:

    1) AIPAC is a an Israeli Agent and should not be allowed the free ticket to ride as it has been/is the case during the last decades and still is today.

    2) The lying Media should be regulated and held accountable for the chikenfeed they serve for the US citizens and the rest of the world,

    3) No dual citizen or person with known baggrund in-links to Israel should be allowed in public office in the USA until permanent peace is achieved in Palestine, as a One No Theocratic State Solution .
    Anyone who has attended a Yeshiva should not be allowed in a public or private teaching position in the USA, neither should he or she be a member of a US Think Tank or an advisor in domestic or foreign policy-National Security for the US Govt or any affiliated institution in the USA.

    The reason is very simple: “You can’t be spoon fed day and night with the Talmudic Teachings and be expected not develop a mindset that predisposes to being a potential mole-spy-Sayan for Israel in any given non-Jewish country”. It just doesnt work and will never work, because it is not possible to free oneself from the hammered in trash during years and suddenly adopt the values of the host country. And it will be so as long as Israel and the Israeli stands by the Joke of “The Chosen People” and live by “The Deontology of the Concepts expressed by the Talmud”. What the Talmud molds is a distorted malicious mind that produces psychos and terrorists, with no consideration whatsoever for non.Jews, i.e. the Goyim. It alienates the Jews from the International Community and the Brotherhood of Mankind, promotes lying-bribing-blackmail-covert dealing and wheeling in accord with the Talmudic Rules, considering the Goyim just as means to be used for ones own prosperity and the goals of Eretz Israel HaShlema, i.e. Greater Israel and …total domination of the Goyim.

    3) 9/11: Any attempt to bring America back on track again goes through the prosecution of the men and women responsible for the assassination of the Kennedy Bros., the Crew of USS LIBERTY and for the planning and execution of 9/11.

    4) The Federal Reserve & its Interactions with Wall Street and foreign National Banks… Any reform in the USA can’t bypass the question of the need of having a National Bank owned by the American People, not by private banks that have direct connections to the very sae Mafia which promotes the hijacking of the Nation and its Institutions, representing less than 2% of the US population.

    • 1) AIPAC is a an Israeli Agent and should not be allowed the free ticket to ride as it has been/is the case during the last decades and still is today.

      JFK tried to force AIPAC to register under FARA (The Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938.) JFK also tried to prevent Israel from developing nuclear weapons. JFK was assassinated.

      2) The lying Media should be regulated and held accountable for the chikenfeed they serve for the US citizens and the rest of the world,

      Regulated by The Ministry of Truth? When a government regulates the media, then the media report only what the government orders them to report. Tass? Pravda? Izvestia?

      3) No dual citizen or person with known baggrund in-links to Israel should be allowed in public office in the USA until permanent peace is achieved in Palestine, as a One No Theocratic State Solution .

      Would a US and Mexican dual be OK? How about a US and Lithuanian dual? Or perhaps a US and (Al Capp’s fictional) Lower Slobbovian dual?

      Anyone in public office in any country should have only that country’s single citizenship and loyalty.

      • Thanks Martin for your comments,

        ad 1) From 9/6/1938 (1st ZOA FARA notice from US State Dept.) to 3/3/1960 (DOJ asks ZOA legal counsel about the status of FARA registration), ZOA (Zionist Organization of America) ignored 7 orders from the DoJ (FARA) to REGISTER as a FOREIGN AGENT. Then it morphed into AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee). The problem is still the same: AIPAC is still a foreign agent unduly interfering with US politics.

        Ok. Senator Fulbright tried hard to bring the Zios to register. He lost his seat.

        JFK was killed for 3 things: a) On June 4th 1963, Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 which gave the DoT the authority to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Government at interest.That executive order is still in effect today. It has never been revoked or amended. The following logical and desirable step would have been to give a US Central Bank owned by the American people the RIGHT and TASK to print MONEY, which would have put the Banksters out of business… This costed the Kennedy brothers their lives, prevented Ted Kennedy from having any aspiration to be president and I have the suspicion that Jon-Jon Kennedy airplane was sabotaged.
        b) He sent a letter to the PM of Israel asking him to open up DIMONA for inspection,
        d) He denounced the forces working in the dark to hijack America, its Govt and Institutions.

        ad 2) An ‘Ethic Committee’, with representatives from political parties and ethnic groups (proportionality principle) and public universities could act as a regulating organ of the Media. Those mechanisms exist in other countries: France has its “Le Conseil de l’Audio Visuel” (The Audio Visual Counsel), The Scandinavian Countries have similar Safeguards.

        ad 3) The infiltration-perversion-hijacking of US Institutions and Academia are done by SAYANIM working for Israel, not by Mexicans or any other ethnic group.

        Dual, triple, quadruple citizenship is a Fraud. It is no different than bigamy-polygamy. It should never be allowed nowhere. A ship can’t fly 2 flags, the same should apply to human beings.

  5. if they win, it won’t come out!

  6. In he past 100 years or so many nations have been destroyed by an international clique, who now even threatens the very existence of the usa. it is just a matter of time that the whole truth what really had happened in the past will come out, and there will be no need anymore for “Coddling Hitler”. he will have his place in history he is due to but germany might have been lost for ever.

  7. “As horrific as it sounds to some, we are actually being too harsh with Hitler. You think this absurd?”
    No, if somebody asked me 20 years ago, before I got educated with what really went on in Germany before Hitler, yes…….it’s amzing what controled propaganda can do, it even stops people from asking why the germans more or less fully supported Hitlers view of the jews, over 90% voted for him.
    There is even a stigma in mentioning the name, Stalin is ok, but Hitler…no way.

  8. It is good to see a sea change in some of the antideutsch reporting that is happening in the alternative media. Healthy people want to live in peace through some guiding principles based on truth, law & justice. We still live in a world where BIG LIES about Germans have become embedded into the wests psychic. Without truth we can not have justice. Even if everything that they say about the EVIL that the GERMANS unleashed on the CHOSEN, where true it still does not justify Israel’ treatment of the Palestinians. Once these lies are exposed we will see the 1948 FOUNDATION (Orwell 1984) of the real matrix that the NEW WORLD ORDER is built upon.

    “Hitler’s motives and actions were all meant to repatriate lands long settled by German speaking people, people suffering persecution, lands that had been, until 1919, either German or German speaking portions of Austria/Hungary.

    Israel’s land seizures are of lands they never held, …

    When Jews talk about the people of Exodus, those Moses led out of Egypt, are they now living in Gaza, dodging bombs?

    Palestinians are among the purest of any Semitic peoples. Are any who diminish, imprison, or plan their genocide thus the most rabid “anti-Semites?” “

    • much of that would be jewish propaganda to undermine the memory of Hitler and to deflect attention away from jewry to an alien bloodline cult for us to hate but you know what-there’s too much of a record on the jews

  9. I have to read this several times in order to correct all the information I “learned” at Frontpagemag.

  10. You could have added:

    Let us be clear, the UN recognition of Israel in 1948 was conditional, and none of those conditions have been met.

    Let us be clear, Syria was absolutely correct in attempting to challenge the legality of the UN decision to recognize Israel.

    Let us be clear, Israel is still occupying part of Gaza.

    Let us be clear, the Zionist project will not be complete until Eretz Yisroel has been achieved, and the entire region is under the Zionist thumb.

    • Yep non binding and never went to the SC to be ratified into law.

      Alan Hart summed it up best in an interview – paraphrased:
      Myth of legitimacy: – UNGA passed a resolution recommending partition Palestine into 2 states, 1 for the Arabs & 1 for the Jews – excl Jerusalem. Britain was driven away by Zionist terrorist gangs. Truman went to UN to make a new proposal, it was to make it some kind of UN trusteeship so point is this there was no UN resolution for “Israel” it was officiated, became invalid & it was when UN was again was deciding what to do that “Israel” unilaterally declared itself to be in existence. “Israel” was not given a birth certificate, it has no legitimacy whatsoever.

    • uh,world, not region

  11. I believe Lord Balfour was Britain’s Foreign Minister, correct me if I’m wrong, who does indeed set policy with regard to Britain’s dealings with outside nations.

    Otherwise, right on the money, sad and sick as it may be.

    • Dave

      The problem you seem to have is that Britain had no physical control of Palestine, a part of the Ottomam empire at that time and 500 years prior.

      Britain also had no authority to speak for the Allies or to give away land belonging to others.

      You didn’t read carefully enough.

      Neither Balfour nor Rothschild had “standing.”

      • Yeah Britain only held the mandate after WW1.

        However predating the Balfour Declaration ( a letter written by a British zionist Leopold Amery who was part of the secret society both Lord Balfour and Rothschilds were in – viz the Round Table) , the British promised the Palestinians their state (if they switched sides & fought on the side of the Allies against the Ottomans/Germans in WW1 which they did duly do) substantiates that the Palestinian Arabs legitimately hold the prior claims to THEIR ancestral land officially promised to them by the British Government antedating anything officially promised or implied to the Jews.

      • I agree, but it depends how you define “standing.” They had enough standing to get away with it, unfortunately.

Comments are closed


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