Press TV: Iron Dome interceptor missile deviates, lands in Ashdod: Israeli media

Iron Dome interceptor missile deviates, lands in Ashdod: Israeli media

File photo shows an Israeli missile being launched from the Iron Dome missile shield.

File photo shows an Israeli missile being launched from the Iron Dome missile shield.
Israeli media say an Iron Dome missile fired to intercept Palestinian Grad rockets missed its target and landed near one of the busiest highways in the Israeli city of Ashdod on November 21.

The Iron Dome missile shield marked another failure as its missile went in a wrong direction toward a busy highway instead of heading upwards to the Palestinian rockets, and caused an explosion only 30 meters from the road, the media stated.
An Egypt-mediated ceasefire agreement on Wednesday ended eight days of Israeli attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip that killed more than 160 Palestinians and injured about 1,200 others.
However, Israeli Minister for Military Affairs Ehud Barak threatened on Thursday that the Tel Aviv regime was prepared to resume deadly attacks on Gaza if the ceasefire failed to hold.

The Iron Dome missile shield intercepted about 420 out of some 1,500 rockets fired by the Palestinian resistance fighters into the Israeli cities.

The resistance fighters incessantly fired rockets and missiles into the occupied lands during the eight-day Israeli war on Gaza, killing at least five Israelis, in retaliation for the fatal attacks on the besieged Palestinian territory.

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10 Comments for “Press TV: Iron Dome interceptor missile deviates, lands in Ashdod: Israeli media”

  1. Hamas: 1500 rockets x $500/rocket = $750,000

    Israel: 1500 Iron Dome missiles x $100,000/rocket = $150,000,000

    As a US citizen and taxpayer, I demand we change sides based on economic efficiency. Supporting Hamas instead will result in 99.5% savings.

    • A better question, How many US Job’s could be made with $150,000,000 that Israel just Blows to bit’s?

      There is always money for Wars. Wars that could be settled if others didn’t covet oils, lands and minerals. Namely because like many here remember, We all recycled and every bottle has a price when empty. Today people are into a throw-away frame of mind. This can be hugely seen in Cost+ programs.

      As long as someone is making a dime Upstairs, The lower ones will pay the costs.

      P.S. Here is a great read:

  2. Nader Paul Kucinich McKinney Ventura Carter

    Binyyameen Netanyahu begging President Barack Obama for SAM resupply ASAP
    Most expensive Surface to Air Missiles have been wasted on Hamas bottle rockets.

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