Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News – November 23, 2012

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1.   Thanksgiving Army-style at remote base in AfghanistanAs she prepares Thanksgiving lunch and dinner, Spc. Nikki Barthelemey faces a few holiday challenges — cooking the turkey evenly, finishing side dishes on time, avoiding incoming mortar fire. Barthelemey is head cook for an Army infantry company at Combat Outpost Bowri Tana, in remote east Afghanistan.

2. US, Afghan troops gather for Thanksgiving Day meal at governor’s compoundFew of the soldiers at Kandahar City, Afghanistan, thought much about making history as they gathered for the first-ever Thanksgiving Day feast at the Kandahar governor’s provincial compound, the former home of Taliban founder Mullah Omar.
 3. Military families sacrifice during holidays“It’s pretty difficult,” Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Cory Rose said of missing key events and holidays with his family. “Thanksgiving, Christmas, other big holidays and birthdays, it’s tough. You realize sometimes you miss things.”
4.Gulf War veteran reclaims his life despite brain injuryRick Peralta had it all mapped out. He joined the Marines not only to serve his country, but also with the plan of coming home with the experience that would help him become a police officer. More than two decades later, he’ll tell you that it has taken a bit longer than expected to achieve his goals.
5.Project provides living memorial to Civil War soldiers from both sidesWhat better way to symbolize a life than with a green, growing tree that will outlive us all? In this case, we’re talking about 620,000 trees–one for every soldier, South and North, who died during the most tragic time in American history.
6.   Lawsuit filed over decades-old military-sponsored test spraying in St. LouisA doctoral dissertation that renewed public interest in the military-sponsored chemical spraying of impoverished areas of St. Louis in the 1950s and ’60s has spawned a lawsuit.
7.   Retirees still to face upfront medical payments in PhilippinesMilitary insurer Tricare says retirees in the Philippines will continue to face upfront medical payments despite efforts to eliminate the requirement and overhaul the troubled benefits system there.

8.   Mrs. Sinclair says she finds comfort in Fort Bragg familyThe wife of Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair said she and her family have found comfort on Fort Bragg. “My friends who are military spouses have been a rock,” Rebecca Sinclair said Tuesday. “They’re what’s helping us to get through this.”

9.   Phony war hero Danny Crane admits he was lyingDanny Crane bragged that he was the “most decorated veteran in Florida.” He claimed he had been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, two Purple Hearts, an Air Medal and other war-related awards. None of this was true.
10.Remembering the Son Tay POW camp raidWhile the prisoners of war at the Son Tay camp had been moved and were not rescued, the raid sent a powerful message to the North Vietnamese that Americans were not messing around, says one Vietnam War veteran.

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Medal of Honor Recipient Honored in Dallas

On November 14, VA Assistant Secretary Dr. Tommy Sowers presented the Presidential Memorial Certificate to Mary Stone, widow of Medal of Honor recipient Col. James L. Stone, who was buried at the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery.
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