VA Medical Foster Home Care Program

Recently NBCs Mark Potter reported on VA's Medical Foster Home Program and how an amazing, giving Wellington, FL family is making a difference for our greatest generation.

Recently NBC’s Mark Potter reported on VA’s Medical Foster Home Program and how an amazing, giving Wellington, FL family is making a difference for our greatest generation. Click here to view this touching story!

Check out the following information about the VA’s Medical Foster Home Care Program.

The Medical Foster Home (MFH) Program provides Veterans:

  • An alternative to nursing home placement and long-term care
  • Veteran pays the Foster Home Caregiver directly for care, supervision, room and board
  • Primary care in the home in partnership with the VA Home Based Primary Care Program
  • An alternative to dependent, chronically or terminally ill Veterans with limited family support who prefer a community family setting for their long term care
  • Community-based living arrangement for adults who cannot live independently due to physical or mental problems or disabilities
  • Protection, personal care, and room and board with one-on-one attention in a family setting

Medical Foster Home Environment:

  • Private / semi-private room
  • Variety of relationships
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Flexibility in daily routine
  • Choice
  • Permanent home
  • Safeguards against abuse
  • Signed contract between Medical Foster Home Caregiver and the Veteran, family, or legal representative
  • Possibility for pets

Medical Foster Home Benefits:

  • Keeps the Veteran in a safe and healing home setting
  • Provides long-term healthcare
  • Offers personal care in the community
  • Offers assisted living that is more affordable to Veterans
  • Meets the increasing demand for long-term care services
  • Offers access to the Home Based Primary Care Team, including an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, Nurse, Social Worker, Dietitian, Psychologist, and Therapist

Contact your Primary Care Provider for information or a referral to the Medical Foster Home Program.

Medical Foster Home (MFH) Program requirements for homes:

  • Must be owned or rented by the Caregiver, and the home must be the Caregiver’s actual place of residence
  • Be located, designed, equipped, and maintained to provide a home-like environment, safe care, and supervision for residents
  • Must be inspected by the Home Based Primary Care Team and by the VA safety personnel
  • Meet all state and local licensure requirements and regulations, including construction, fire, maintenance, and sanitation regulations
  • Meet the proper provisions of the most current edition of the National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code

MFH Program requirements for Caregivers:

  • Complete an application and have an interview with the MFH Program Coordinator and other staff as needed, be financially stable, and be at least 21 years old
  • Have formal or informal experience in patient care
  • Have a criminal background check and provide three personal references
  • Be physically able to provide the needed care, and have a written backup plan with relief people if unable to provide care
  • Be able to tell the Home Based Primary Care Team changes in the Veteran’s normal appearance, behavior, or health, and be willing to accept and follow the Veteran’s treatment plan
  • Ensure a friendly and homelike atmosphere within the residence

For more information, contact the Medical Foster Home Program Coordinator Sandi Karnbach at (561) 422-1239.

More about VA Medical Foster Homes:

For more informative Features and Events check out the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center’s official Facebook page:

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