Pillar of Impotence

Bullet hits foot?

By Gilad Atzmon

In the past week, the people of Gaza have been subject to some serious Israeli attacks. Some Hamas leaders and militants have been murdered and many more Palestinians -  innocent civilians, babies, kids women and elders – have lost their live. Yet, Gaza is celebrating with the Hamas leadership never more popular.

So here is an interesting anecdote that deserves our attention. During the recent clashes Gazan militants launched more than 1500 rockets at Israel. These rockets caused rather limited damage with more than six Israeli fatalities. Militarily at least, this is far from a great achievement. And yet the Gazans are celebrating.

Would Israelis be happy to learn that 1500 of their rockets had had such limited effect? Would any western army accept such a result at such a cost? The answer is a categorical NO. But the Palestinians are ecstatic, why, because they know they have won the battle and are now set to win the war. They won the battle, not because they killed six Israelis – actually they would have won it without hitting one single Israeli. They won it because they managed to deliver a message to Israel, world Jewry and the whole world.

For many years I have argued that the Palestinian war of the rockets should be seen as sending a message: Israelis! You are on stolen land! You took our houses, villages, cities, fields and orchards. You pushed us into the desert. You surrounded us with barbed wire. You starve us and you kill us simply to suit your political ambitions. So this rocket is a message to you all. Think about us and then look at yourself in the mirror. Enough is enough!’

For more than six decades the Israelis have dismissed this message. They surrounded themselves with ghetto walls and have sealed their skies with an Iron Dome. However, with Tel Aviv now under attack, Israel and Israelis have been confronted with their original sin.

In the last two days, the entire Israeli media has admitted the colossal defeat of the so-called Operation Pillar of Cloud. Just yesterday, the Israeli right wing Ynet wrote  “Hamas stood up and won almost all fronts…. Hamas has managed to turn focus on Gaza, it made it into the centre of the political discussion.” It seems that the most hawkish Israel government ever, has failed to beat either Hamas or the Palestinian spirit. The Palestinians are stronger than ever while the Jewish State has been exposed as an impotent manic-depressive collective driven by a neurotic and impotent leadership.

If Zionism was ever there to counter Jewish diaspora ghetto paralysis, just to ensure that ‘never again’ Jews would be ‘led like lamb to the slaughter’, Netanyahu, Barak and Liebermann have proved in the past week that paralysis is inherent to Jewish political culture. Like all bullies, they are obsessed with power, but when they meet defiance, their vile paradigm instantly collapses.

Speech can provides us with an insight into what we most lack. Speech can reveal that which we prefer to keep hidden. But speech is also often rather misleading,  there to shape our lies into a truthful narrative. But it is these ‘true lies’ that provide an access to the fearful-self. It is these ‘true lies’ that reveal the unconscious. So, when, for instance Jewish ‘anti’ Zionists preach to us about Jewish ‘humanism and universalism’ they are obviously lying yet are they not also expressing a yearning for such an ethos to really exist in their own culture?

Similarly, when Israel refers to itself as ‘The only democracy in the Middle East’ it this not  because Israel would really love to be such a true democracy? In other words, often, when we speak we demonstrate what we most lack i.e. that which we miss and desire, yet we cannot admit this to ourselves. When Netanyahu decided to designate his latest massacre as a Pillar of Cloud, he actually tried to disguise from himself and his people the fact that in reality, he is actually an impotent, and the cloud is actually one big duvet of lies, there only to conceal his  shame.

Israel and the Israelis love to talk about their ‘power of deterrence’ -  Israeli actions, there to deter Palestinians and Arabs from even contemplating the possibility of challenging the Jewish state.  In fact, the entire Israeli foreign and military policy can be realised with reference to that power. Israel likes to see itself at the core of its neighbours’ anxiety. This explains the Israeli fascination with the accumulation of nuclear bombs and other WMDs. It explains the policy towards Iran and it also explains its brutal attitude towards the Palestinians.

Israelis are obsessed with ‘deterrence’ only because, deep down, they are aware of their own vulnerability. Israelis are fanatical about ‘deterrence’ because they know that when push comes to shove, they themselves are actually powerless. They are now exposed for what they are: a fragmented society dominated by egotistic hedonism. Israelis know that their underbelly is very soft indeed.

Israeli collective melancholia must be realised in the light of their inevitable encounter with their true nature. As Ynet admits, they have been defeated in almost every possible respect. As a society, they have been caught naked and their imaginary collective bond has proved to be a farce. In spite of Israel’s mighty, sophisticated army the Hamas leadership, together with the people of Gaza, remained defiant. In spite of relentless air raids, and till the very last moment, Hamas kept firing their rockets reminding Israelis what life in Gaza is really like.

When it seemed that the IAF had done its worst (but achieved so little), the Israeli government called on its 75.000 reservists, hoping against hope that such a move would bully Hamas into surrender. Again they were wrong. Ismail Haniah made things very clear when he invited the Israeli reservists to try their luck and enter the strip. Israel was caught with its trousers down – and believe me, the vision of their collective genitalia was not a pretty sight!

‘Unconscious is the discourse of the other’ says Lacan. The fear of impotence is not the fear that you may not be up to much in bed, it is actually the unconscious nightmare that everyone around you is saying behind your back that you’re not up to much in bed. Israelis not just now admitting their impotence to themselves, they are also aware of now being seen as a bunch of arrogant, cowardly and helpless barbarians.

By the time it became clear that the Pillar wasn’t even semi-erect and the Cloud couldn’t cover even that embarrassing truth, Netanyahu, Barak and Liebermann as well as the whole of Israeli society realised that nothing was left of Israel’s power of deterrence – for the Palestinians have lost their fear.

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics and collective impotence…  or

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11 Comments for “Pillar of Impotence”

  1. Israel – The person that loses their conscience has nothing left worth keeping. Izaak Walton

    Palestine – Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. Kris Kristofferson

  2. Turning Gaza into a concentration camp was an Israeli mistake – people with nothing left to lose cannot be intimidated with threats, or even bombs.

    Meanwhile, more and more Israelis get passports from the US and Europe, for they know the game will soon be up.

  3. Gilad,

    Excellent piece. I think this new documentary “Black 9/11: Money, Motive,Technology and Plausible Deniability” is the most earthshaking and devastating film I have seen to date, bar none, and I’ve seen a lot.

    When they face the repercussions of their involvement in 9/11, they will finally come to grips with their impotence and greatest fear. It was said before, one of their faults is to always push too far, and in this instance, they went way, way, too far, and now no number of distractions will alter the world’s gaze upon what they did. The chickens have finally, after 11 years, come home to roost. Watch it and see what you think, only 8,500 have viewed it according to the count. But I doubt that number.

    • Warlord Moneybags

      I tried to watch your ‘documentary’. It began very well, the financial stuff I hadn’t heard much about before. The voice sounded familiar…

      Then it just turned into total bullshit, Arab terrorists, passenger planes hitting the towers, derelicton of duty etc.

      Then I saw the name of the voice I had recognised down below – ‘alienscientist’. As PallMall and someone else stated recently – obvious disinfo agent.

      Maybe the first bit is true about the bonds etc. Anyone up on this ?

  4. In the 80′s I studied at Tel-aviv University,where Dr. Mahmood,a palestinian post graduate in biology,told me;
    “these Israeli’s don’t understand .We’re not gonna drive them into the sea,we’re just gonna drive them crazy.
    Then they’ll start going for one another and then they’ll go away.”

  5. It’s not so much as lack of fear I believe, as lack of everything else; what is left for these people to lose? It is ludicrous to say this people, or that people, this state or that state has a “right to exist” Everyone has a right to exist. Is man God? The arrogance of anyone to say that anyone else has a right to exist, and this other group doesn’t; is preposterous. We all exist. When we come to grips with this fact, and allow others to exist, and our personal hubris of what we believe doesn’t extend to a superior culture or religion, or whatever, sees fit to annihilate a so-called lesser, will lead to destruction of all mankind. Instead of a ruling class, a fooling class, and a drooling class, we could enlighten one another into people who all have some class; that is to learn we can live like men, and not force others to live as animals.

    • The “Israel has a right to exist” argument is pure garbage. I’ve got more right to Buckingham Palace than a bunch of Khazars have to Palestine.

      But what else can they say? They know they’re liars and thieves and that they’re running out of excuses. Similarly with the “Israel has a right to defend itself” crap. Israel has not more “right to defend itself” than a punk with a gun has to “defend himself” while robbing a convenience store.

      Their hysterical screaming and scheming happens because THEY are hysterical ones.

  6. Warlord Moneybags

    David is a Palestinian, Goliath is a fat Zio War Pig ?

Comments are closed


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