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Activist interests include: (1) Prosecution of perpetrators in the deliberate demolition of the Twin Towers and Building 7 on 9/11/2001. (2) Expose media and government agency disinfo to bring an end to climate manipulation via covert aerosol dumps, that poison the breathable atmosphere with neuro-toxins and heavy metals and infect the human body and natural ecosystems with bio-engineered pathogens. (3) End the Federal Reserve, an unconstitutional private central banking system.

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Govt. Documents Link Global Warming to Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology

Documents from 1966 reveal the mission of the military and federal agencies to modify the climate


Al Gore Says the Science of Global Warming is Settled


It’s unacceptable that the UN/IPCC continue to push CO2 as the cause for climate change but refuse to acknowledge the military has been actively engaged in Climate Warming Weapons Technologies for more than twenty 20 years.


TITLE:  “Present and Future Plans of Federal Agencies in Weather-Climate Modification”

This set of documents from 1966 reveals a network of government agencies in perpetual and secret collaboration with each other and the military to Modify the Global climate.  Created by the elitist National Academy of Sciences – decades of an inter-agency culture of secrecy explains why the issue of covert aerosol Geoengineering is a taboo topic to be degraded to the status of “conspiracy theory” by a matrix of complicit bureaucrats at every opportunity.  This is why your local TV “meteorologist” will rarely make a helpful comment about an unusual sky filled with persistent jet trails.

TITLE: “The Evolution of a Weather Modification R&D program Into a Military Weapons System”.  A 1986  Critique of the 1966 initiative.

This document appears as an anonymous draft intended as a critique of the US Weather Modification Program that the author characterizes as hijacked into a military weapons system.



Jules Verne wrote about geoengineering the earth’s climate in 1889 in a sequel to “From the Earth to the Moon” called  “The Purchase Of The North Pole”.  Verne writes that the Baltimore Gun Club purchased large tracts of the Arctic then used the famous canon from the earth-to-the-moon to tilt the Earth’s axis.  The goal was to establish a tropical paradise as a profitable tourist attraction at the North Pole while “improving” the entire global climate.

If Verne correctly predicted that man would travel from the earth to the moon, it should be no surprise that he also predicted that a small group of influential men would consider warming the climate for profit.

Verne could have been inspired by Harvard geologist Nathaniel Shaler who proposed diverting warm Atlantic water into the Arctic back in 1877 –  a dozen years before Verne’s “fantastic”story was published.


Warming the Arctic with large-scale Geoengineering projects has been the vision of industrialists for 100 years – and still is


Remember when People Thought Arctic Warming was a Good Idea?

VILLAGE VOICE:  “ Hey, remember when climate change was a swell idea? Coconuts were in the offing.”

“Imaginations ran wild, and The Washington Post envisioned Manhattan becoming a tropical paradise” … “People would be gathering oranges off the trees in Central Park, or picking cocoanuts from palms along the Battery, [and] hunting crocodiles off the Statue of Liberty.”

The prospect sounded so splendid to New Yorkers that Senator William Calder (1917-1923) tried to get $100,000 appropriated for a study of the idea. Village Voice

Remember when Scientists Thought Arctic Warming was a Good Idea?

1962 Harry Wexler (March 15, 1911- 1962) was an MIT graduate and PhD in meteorology. Wexler had been researching the link connecting chlorine and bromine compounds to the destruction of the stratospheric ozone layers, but died of a heart attack while on vacation in Woods Hole, Mass.  Wexler had already accepted an invitation to deliver a lecture entitled “The Climate of Earth and Its Modifications” at the University of Maryland Space Research and Technology Institute. (Source)

Wexler’s was last in a long line of ambitious proposals to warm the Arctic.   Coincidently, his proposals were made at the same time the National Academy of Sciences was working to create a national weather modification program – a direction in which the military had already embarked in 1958.

“Global Warming” initiatives proposed by Wexler:

  •  To increase the global temperature of the Earth by 1.7°C, “by injecting a cloud of  ice crystals into the polar atmosphere by detonating 10 H-bombs in the Arctic Ocean – the subject of his 1958 article in Science magazine” (Wexler H., 1958, “Modifying Weather on a Large Scale,” Science, n.s. 128 (Oct. 31, 1958): 1059-1063).
  • To diminish the global temperature by 1.2°C could be doable, “by launching a ring of dust particles into equatorial orbit, a modification of an earlier Russian proposal to warm the Arctic”.
  • To destroy the ozone layer and hence increase abruptly the surface temperature of the Earth, by spraying “several hundred thousand tons of chlorine or bromine” with a stratospheric airplane.  Fleming, 2007(a), pp. 56-57; Fleming, 2007(b), “note n° viii” p. 9 & p. 5  (source)

The decision to reverse direction from warming the arctic to cooling the arctic was announced in 1963 – the year following Wexler’s death when the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Atmospheric Sciences recommended appointment of a Panel on Weather & Climate Modification. pg 2

Prevailing Circumstances following WWII:

  • Operation Paperclip (Also called Operation Overcast) succeeded in recruiting scientists from Nazi Germany for employment in the US after WW II and led to the formation of NASA and the ICBM program.
  • The National Security Act passed in 1947 made possible the  rise of the military industrial complex and creation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA ) to increase opportunities for scientific experiments to be conducted without public knowledge or Congressional oversight.
  • Post-war advances in science and advanced physics opened up opportunities to develop concepts of advanced thinkers like Nikola Tesla that had been waiting on the shelf for over 50 years.
  • In 1958, military application of Tesla’s little known methods of electromagnetic manipulation of earth’s atmosphere was already underway.  White House advisor on weather modification to President Eisenhower reported the DoD was studying ways to manipulate electrical charges of the earth and sky in order to manipulate the weather for purposes of national defense.
  • The rise of an informed and educated middle class looked down on  proposals that employed nuclear detonations that became regarded as dangerous and arrogant. This is not to say that proposals to mediate the arctic climate were totally abandoned.


If warming the arctic was regarded as good for commerce for 100 years why would a discovery that found carbon dioxide was already performing the task for free, suddenly be regarded as a catastrophe to prevent?


The BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico demonstrates how Big Oil exists in a world of opportunistic pragmatism, no matter the risk to the environment.   With an established record of corporate sociopathy, Big Oil would have little interest in what event would cause arctic ice to retreat as long as their long-held dream of new arctic navigation routes and access to previously ice-locked oil and gas reserves was realized.   It could make marginal difference if the arctic temperatures rise due to (1) rising CO2 levels or (2) covert arctic climate manipulation.

This timeline of determined Geoengineering projects suggests the goal of mediating arctic climate remains a favorite goal of the fossil fuel industry.

1877 Harvard geologist Nathaniel Shaler proposed channeling more of the warm Kuroshio Current through the Bering Strait to raise temperatures in the Polar region by 30 degrees.

1912,  New York Engineer and Industrialist, Carroll Livingston Riker proposed building a 200 mile jetty off  Newfoundland to increase the Gulf Stream’s flow into to the Arctic Basin with the added benefit that it would “shift” the axis of planet earth. The New York Times characterized the proposal as “amazing”… but not insane.

1929: Hermann Oberth, German-Hungarian physicist and engineer;  Proposed building giant mirrors on a space station to focus the Sun’s radiation on Earth’s surface, making the far North habitable  and freeing sea lanes to Siberian harbors.

1945; Julian Huxley, biologist and Secretary-General of UNESCO 1946-48; Proposed exploding atomic bombs at an appropriate height  above the polar regions to raise the temperature of the Arctic Ocean  and warm the entire climate of the northern temperate zone.

1946  Village Voice article from 2005 reporting on theMay, 1946 issue of Mechanix Illustrated that featured several arctic-warming geoengineering proposals. One “brave new idea” was proposed by Julian Huxley, then the Secretary-General of UNESCO, and brother of Aldous Huxley, that would detonate atomic bombs to warm the Arctic.

1958;  M. Gorodsky, Soviet engineer and mathematician, and Valentin Cherenkov, Soviet meteorologist;  Proposed placing a ring of metallic potassium particles into Earth’s polar orbit to diffuse light reaching Earth and increase solar radiation to thaw the permanently frozen soil of Russia, Canada, and Alaska and melt polar ice.

1958; Arkady Markin, Soviet engineer;  Proposed that the United States and Soviet Union build a  gigantic dam across the Bering Strait and use nuclear power–driven  propeller pumps to push the warm Pacific current into the Atlantic by  way of the Arctic Sea. Arctic ice would melt, and the Siberian and North American frozen areas would become temperate and productive.

1958 Russian Oil engineer, P.M. Borisov’s proposed melting the Arctic and Greenland icecaps by spreading black coal dust on the ice, creating cloud-cover across the poles to trap heat and to divert warm Atlantic waters into the polar regions. This scheme was taken seriously by Soviet climatologists. Two conferences were held in Leningrad in the early 1960′s following an initial meeting in Moscow by the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1959.

1958 Atlantic Richfield geologist L.M. Natland, proposed exploding up to 100 underground nuclear bombs to mine the Alberta Oil Sands.  Heat from the detonations was expected to boil the bitumen deposits, reducing their viscosity to the point that standard drilling operations could be used.  The plan was encouraged by US efforts to find “peaceful uses” for atomic energy. The project was approved in 1959 but the Canadian government reversed their decision in 1962 and declared that Canada was opposed to all forms of nuclear testing.  In 2012 the Canadian Tar Sands are, again an issue of international concern.

1962 Harry Wexler (March 15, 1911- 1962) was an MIT graduate and PhD in meteorology. Wexler had been researching the link connecting chlorine and bromine compounds to the destruction of the stratospheric ozone layers, but died of a heart attack while on vacation in Woods Hole, Mass.  Wexler had already accepted an invitation to deliver a lecture entitled “The Climate of Earth and Its Modifications” at the University of Maryland Space Research and Technology Institute. (Source)


It remains largely unexplained why decades of optimism for warming the arctic was suddenly replaced with a campaign of fear and doom for the consequences of warming the arctic under the name of “Global Warming”


In the 1960’s Geoengineering proposals to warm the Arctic took a largely unexplained U-turn when oceanographer, Roger Revelle’s research concluded that carbon dioxide was already warming the climate for free and without the need for expensive and risky geoengineering projects.

This U-Turn of direction appeared to be a setback with the exception of those stakeholders in the energy sector who had been invested in arctic warming projects for decades.  Did the CO2 story finally promise to give Exxon, BP and Shell what they wanted?

If the science of Roger Revelle’s forecast for global warming turned out to be wrong or too slow, the DoD could step in – for reasons of national security –  to assist arctic warming as secret component of the military’s classified weather modification and weapons program.

The 1996 Air Force document that forecasts “Owning the Weather in 2025” would not rule out using Tesla and plasma technologies to increase arctic temperatures in order to disadvantage a perceived enemy.  A decision not to intervene might betray the military’s primary objective of “Full Spectrum Dominance”.    After all, access to Oil and Gas has been a national security priority for decades.

In 1966, Dr. Gordon J. F. MacDonald was Chairman of the ICAS Select Panel on Weather and Climate Modification and wrote:

“Carbon dioxide placed in the atmosphere since the start of the industrial revolution has produced an increase in the average temperature of the lower atmosphere of a few tenths of a degree Fahrenheit.” Gordon MacDonald “Unless Peace Comes: How to Wreck the Environment. Source

MacDonald was referring to Roger Revelle and Hans Suess paper that reversed the debate from how to warm the arctic to how to avoid warming the arctic.  Revelle’s ocean research reported a rise in carbon dioxide in earth’s atmosphere was allegedly a result of industrial age manufacturing and coal-burning.Source 

Revelle had worked with the Navy in the late 1940’s to determine which projects gained funding and successfully promoted the idea that the Navy should invest more in “basic research”.  Revelle was deeply involved in the global growth of oceanography.  He was also one of the committee chairmen in the influential National Academy of Sciences studies of the “Biological Effects of Atomic Radiation” (BEAR), 1954-1964.  Revelle’s world influence was significant as president of the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research, an international group of scientists devoted to advising on international projects.  Revelle and other scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography helped the U.S. government to plan nuclear weapons tests so that oceanographers might make use of the data. Source

The conclusions of the BEAR report were understandably significant for demonstrating the harmful biological and environmental damage of atomic radiation and could easily suffice to thwart geoengineering projects that recommended detonating H-bombs.  But the evidence is weak that all intentions to mediate arctic climate was totally abandoned.

If the fundamental goal to warm the arctic remains an unspoken priority of national security in the energy sector, the project could be taken out of public view and committee oversight to become a classified operation in the development of the military’s weather warfare program – an initiative that was acknowledged by civilian weather modification programs formalized by the 1966 NASA and ICAS charter.


Since 1958 Congress and the military had already been working on exotic weather warfare systems that involved electromagnetic manipulation of the ionosphere. 


US Congress, Senate, Committee on Inter-State and Foreign Commerce, Weather Modification Research, Hearing, Washington D.C. US Govt. Printing Offlce, March 18-19, 1958; Lowell Ponte quotes Capt. Orville as reporting “that the Dept. of Defense was studying ways to manipulate the charges of earth and sky and so affect the weather by means of  an electronic beams to ionize or de-ionize the atmosphere over a given area” …. Capt. Orville also discussed ongoing US Air Force  experiments with ‘sodium vapor, ejected from jet planes to intercept solar radiation ‘ over enemy countries and rain their weather. (The Cooling, op. cit. pp. 168-169  Source  P. 42

The flip-flop from finding ways to warm the arctic to suddenly finding ways to keep the arctic from warming was announced in 1963 – the year following the sudden death of Meteorologist, Harry Wexler.  Having total awareness of the military’s 1958 weather weapons program, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) recommended the appointment of a “Panel on Weather and Climate Modification”. source      This event could serve to consolidate military and civilian weather modification programs for peaceful purposes or – if necessary – as covert weather modification and even climate warming  operations secretly carried out by the military under the catch-all justification of  “national security”.

FOLLOW THE MONEY: Lobbyists for Big Oil publicly claim Global Warming is a hoax while quietly investing billions in new drilling opportunities due to the reality of receding arctic ice.   The energy sector has made huge investments in ice-breakers and drilling equipment to profit from the very global warming they are reluctant to acknowledge.  The position of having your cake while eating it is essential.  When arctic climate warming is revealed as a military climate modification operation, big oil can fall back on “we told you so”.  Since governments may come and go over the next 100 years, they calculate the demand for oil  – and the companies who drill for it – will remain intact.

  • “As the polar ice cap retreats, energy companies are looking north for a potentially huge new source of crude” Source                                                 
  • “Shell is one of six companies planning to extract oil, gas and minerals in the Arctic as global warming melts ice and opens new sea lanes to commerce.” Source
  • “Remote and dangerous sources of arctic oil are becoming increasingly attractive as the global need for oil grows and the existing reserves dry up.” Source


Documents from 1966 reveal how the military and federal agencies are modifying the global climate.


TITLE:  “Present and Future Plans of Federal Agencies in Weather-Climate Modification”

This set of documents from 1966 reveals a network of government agencies in perpetual and secret collaboration , working with the military to Geoengineer the climate.  Created as an agenda of the elitist National Academy of Sciences – decades of an inter-agency culture of secrecy explains why the issue of covert aerosol Geoengineering is a taboo topic to be degraded to the status of “conspiracy theory” by every government agency in this web of complicit bureaucrats at every opportunity.  This is why your local TV “meteorologist” will rarely make a helpful comment about an unusual sky filled with persistent jet trails.

  • 1966, JUN: “Present and Future Plans of Federal Agencies in Weather-Climate Modification”  Prepared by the ICAS select Panel on Weather Modification
  • 1966: NOV: A Recommended National Program in Weather Modification – A Report to the Interdepartmental Committee for Atmospheric Sciences (ICAS) by Homer E. Newell – Associate Administrator for Space Science and Applications, NASA, Washington, D.C.
  • 1966: APPENDIX I – Panel on Weather and Climate Modification to Committee on Atmospheric Sciences NAS-NRC – Membership Recommendations
  • 1966: APPENDIX II – Special Commission on Weather Modification – National Science Foundation Membership Recommendations.
  • 1966: APPENDIX III Report prepared by the ICAS Select Panel on Weather Modification; “Present and Future Plans of Federal Agencies in Weather-Climate Modification,” dated June 20, 1966
  • 1966: APPENDIX IV Memorandum for Dr. Homer E. Newel1 from J. Herbert Hollomon, Chairman, ICAS, Subject: National Weather Modification Program, dated June 21, 1966
  • 1966: APPENDIX V NASA Panel to Study Weather Modification Activities; Membership, Chronology of Meetings, and a Compilation of Supporting Material used by the Panel
  • 1966: APPENDIX VI Budget Recommendations and Trends for a National Weather Modification Program

1966 – NASA:  A Recommended National Program in Weather Modification – A report to the Independent Committee for Atmospheric Sciences (ICAS) by Homer E. Newell – Associate administrator for Space Science and Applications, NASA, Washington, DC.

In 1966, a report from NASA to ICAS (Independent Committee for Atmospheric Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences, NAS) was the first step in establishing a national Weather modification program that would ultimately involve multiple federal agencies. The report focused on four initial agencies:  ESSA, NSF, NASA, and the Dept. of Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation.

Under Recommended Principals it was noted that (a) each agency would be independently funded while stressing inter-agency cooperation in research.  Independent funding of agencies could make the program less conspicuous and more difficult for Congress to defund.  Also, new agencies could be brought on board without high profile budget hearings.  (b) A designated “central” agency – while having responsibility for focusing the national program – would not have any real authority to implement programs,  leaving those decisions to probable unidentified civilian lobbyists and DoD “stakeholders”.

Although the theme of the ICAS report is in the context of protecting water, agriculture, forests, lands and natural resources, the knowledge gained from climate manipulation was of  more immediate interest to the military and their industrial complex.

Thirty years following the creation of the Nation Program in Weather Modification, the US Air Force published a document (Owning The Weather in 2025) establishing that federal agencies involved in the National Weather Modification program are under tacit authority of the Department of Defense.

Owning the Weather in 2025 – Opening StatementCurrent technologies that will mature over the next 30 years will offer anyone who has the necessary resources the ability to modify weather patterns and their corresponding effects, at least on the local scale. Current demographic, economic, and environmental trends will create global stresses that provide the impetus necessary for many countries or groups to turn this weather-modification ability into a capability.

In the United States, weather-modification will likely become a part of national security policy with both domestic and international applications. Our government will pursue such a policy, depending on its interests, at various levels. These levels could include unilateral actions, participation in a security framework such as NATO, membership in an international organization such as the UN, or participation in a coalition. Assuming that in 2025 our national security strategy includes weather-modification, its use in our national military strategy will naturally follow. Besides the significant benefits an operational capability would provide, another motivation to pursue weather-modification is to deter and counter potential adversaries.

In this paper we show that appropriate application of weather-modification can provide battlespace dominance to a degree never before imagined. In the future, such operations will enhance air and space superiority and provide new options for battlespace shaping and battlespace awareness.1 “The technology is there, waiting for us to pull it all together;”2 in 2025 we can “Own the Weather


Case Study 2

A 1986 Critique of the 1966 National Weather Modification Initiative

The Evolution of a Weather Modification R&D program Into a Military Weapons System


This document appears as an anonymous draft intended as a critique of the US Weather Modification Program that the author characterizes as hijacked into a military weapons system. The final draft is not yet located.

For over 100 years, experts and authors were advocating geoengineering projects warm the arctic. The public, at large, was entertained by these concepts even when suggestions to detonate hydrogen bombs over the north pole were advocated by a nationally recognized weather expert in 1962.

It’s revealing that initial proposals to solve the newly discovered CO2 “warming” problem had less to do with cutting back on carbon emissions and more to do with a rush to release toxic atmospheric aerosols without first, researching the hazards.  The specter of polluting the atmosphere, blocking sunlight and causing the release of huge volumes of CO2 from the jet aircraft aerosol sorties is an obvious public health and strategic concern that requires years of research that the government was unwilling to legislate and fund.   Therefore, the  impatience with which these chemical aerosol schemes were promoted suggests that emergency steps to cool the planet with aerosols was never the primary mission.


In 1962, Geoenginnering efforts to warm the arctic were widely entertained but in 1966 it was top priority to prevent the arctic from warming by even one degree.


Trojan Horse?: Under the  military’s vision to Own the Weather Weather in 2025 atmospheric warming with ionospheric and plasma weapons is an established capability.  The numerous agencies inside the National Weather and Climate Modification program are actively guarding the military’s aerosol and energy weapons program with stiff denials to the public and media whenever the issue of “chemtrails” is a story on local radio or TV stations.

It’s unacceptable that the UN/IPCC continue to push CO2 as the cause for climate change but refuse to acknowledge the military has been actively engaged in climate modification since the mid 1990’s?

An abrupt reversal of policy from promoting arctic climate mediation to preventing Global Warming resulted in ideas that both polluted the atmosphere AND became a source of Global Warming.

Just as the ICAS/NASA National Weather Modification program is being formalized the record shows most ideas to cool the planet suddenly involve bazaar schemes to spray or disburse particles, biology and dust into the atmosphere and oceans.  These are the same people who – just  a few months earlier, were eagerly lining up to hear Wexler talk about ways to warm  the planet with hydrogen bombs, destruction of the OZONE and orbital particles.

While most of us realize that many of these proposals from respected experts would be catastrophic to the environment, not all of these draconian ideas have been rejected, even as increasing evidence determines that deploying chemicals into the atmosphere does more harm than good.

Deployment of  geoengineering aerosols as observed in practice for two decades is now regarded as a source of global warmingnot a fix.:


Geoengineering Aerosols Are Warming the Atmosphere and Are a Source of Global Warming 


In 2007, investigator, Cliff Carnicom calculated the impact of the current unacknowledged aerosol deployment into the atmosphere and concludes:

“It can be seen from this model that the results of artificial aerosol introduction into the lower atmosphere can be of a magnitude quite on par with the extraordinary impacts projected by even modest and conservative global warming models upon humans in the near future.   As the model presented herein is intended to be reasonably conservative, the impact of the aerosol operations could be much greater than these results show.  It is advised that the citizens consider the viability and merit of this model in the examination of the global warming issue, and that they openly take aggressive action to halt the intentional aerosol operations.

This paper is late in its offering, as my availability for continued research at this level is limited.  I am nevertheless hopeful that the information can be evaluated and assimilated into the many rationales and arguments that have developed over the last decade to cease the intentional alteration of the atmosphere of our planet.” – Cliff Carnicom   Complete study


Geoengineering Proposals to Warm the Arctic Are Replaced by Fear of Global Warming


  • 1965; President’s Science Advisory Committee, United States; Proposal: Investigated injecting condensation or freezing nuclei into the atmosphere to counteract the effects of increasing carbon dioxide.
  • 1977; Cesare Marchetti, Italian industrial physicist; Coined the term “geoengineering” and proposed sequestering CO2 in the deep ocean.
  • 1983; Stanford Penner, A. M. Schneider, and E. M. Kennedy, American physicists; Suggested introducing small particles into the atmosphere to reflect more sunlight back into space.
  • 1988; John H. Martin, American oceanographer;  Proposed dispersing a relatively small amount of iron into appropriate areas of the ocean to create large algae blooms that could take in enough atmospheric carbon to reverse the greenhouse effect and cool Earth.
  • 1989; James T. Early, American climatologist suggested deflecting sunlight by 2 percent with a $1 trillion to $10 trillion “space shade” placed in Earth orbit.
  • 1990;  John Latham, British cloud physicist;  Proposed seeding marine stratocumulus clouds with seawater droplets to increase their reflectivity and longevity.
  • 1992; NAS Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy proposed  adding more dust to naturally occurring stratospheric dust to increase the net reflection of sunlight.
  • 1998: International Space Station (ISS): The first modular component of the International Space Station (ISS) was launched and is the current (in 2012) habitable artificial satellite in low Earth orbit following the Salyut, Almaz, Skylab and Mir.  (1998 ISS mission consistent with same year increase in jet aerosol public observations and complaints)   The stated function of the SSI is to provide an international space platform for research and experimentation in the fields of biology, human biology, physics, astronomy, meteorology (weather) and other fields.
  • 2010: Geoengineer, David Keith (AAAS Meeting) proposal to use jet aircraft to spray Sulfur dioxide and aluminum nano-particles into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight back into space.

In 1968, Gordon J. F. MacDonald authored a chapter in “Unless Peace Comes“ where he correctly predicted that future means of obtaining national objectives by force hinges on man’s ability to control and manipulate the environment of planet Earth.

“When achieved, this power over his environment will provide man with a new force capable of doing great and indiscriminate damage. Our present primitive understanding of deliberate environmental change makes it difficult to imagine a world in which geophysical warfare is practised. Such a world might be one in which nuclear weapons were effectively banned and the weapons of mass destruction were those of environmental catastrophe. As I will argue, these weapons are peculiarly suited for covert or secret wars.”

“To consider the consequences of environmental modification in struggles among nations, we need to consider the present state of the subject and how postulated developments in the field could lead, ten to fifty years from now, to weapons systems that would use nature in new and perhaps unexpected ways. “

More Than Owning the Weather in 2025

The confidence and enthusiasm expressed in the USAF 1996 document:  Owning the Weather in 2025  was supported by the advent of scalar weapons technologies during the Reagan Star War years. The document promises: “weather-modification can provide battlespace dominance to a degree never before imagined.  The “never before imagined” comment speaks directly to the HAARP ionospheric heater facility, the Bernard Eastlund patents and military strategies for global military dominance.  This scenario of weather control harkens to the predictive warning from Gordon MacDonald in chapter in the book:  Unless Peace Comes: How to Wreck the Environment. Source

Timeline for Owning the Weather:  From 1987-1992 ATPI scientists build on Bernard Eastlund’s patents for development of new weapon capabilities

In 1994 ATPI is bought by E-Systems with a contract to build the biggest ionospheric heater in the world (HAARP). — In 1995, Raytheon  bought E-Systems and old APTI patents. — In 1996 the Air Force publishes: Owning The Weather in 2025

In his 2011 book, Here on Earth: A Natural History of the Planet, scientist and author, Tim Flannery reminds us that proposals to melt the Icecaps were advanced after World War II  by reputable figures including the first director-general of UNESCO (Julian Huxley-1946), by  a top official at the U.S. Weather Bureau, and by a Russian oil engineer Petr Mikhailovich Borisov.  Scientific conferences debated the merits, while mining and energy corporations contemplated the use of nuclear detonations in the extraction of coal and oil.

Reputable figures in the international community saw an opportunity to detonate nuclear weapons as a novel and constructive way to geoengineer the Arctic. The prevailing rationale to justify method included: (1) The arctic is nearly too cold to be habitable by humans (2) The polar ice cap blocks valuable shipping lanes.  (3) The expanses of frigid water up North contributes to uncomfortably cold winters in many countries. (4) difficulty of drilling for oil through ice.

The idea was publicly floated as a “peaceful use” of atomic weapons.

Flannery offers this example as evidence of humanity’s seeming propensity for hastening its own extinction.

Here on Earth: A Natural History of the Planet – By Tim Flannery. Book Reviewby Mark Engler

Russian Oil engineer, P.M. Borisov’s Proposed Method of Melting the Arctic Icecap

Borisov’s idea: If the Arctic ice is once melted much less of the sun’s radiation will be reflected out into space and therefore the arctic ice cap will not re-form. An ice-free Arctic Ocean would be a great boon to oceanic shipping, especially between Europe and East Asia. Much land in northern Canada and Siberia would be freed of permafrost and made suitable for agriculture. Borisov believed that an ice-free Arctic Ocean would lead to increased evaporation of water and hence increased rainfall worldwide, including the region of Sahara Desert leading to grass growing there. Borisov considers all of the impacts of the melting of the Arctic ice cap to be beneficial. He asserts that the melting of the Greenland ice cap would raise sea levels at a rate of only 1.5 to 2 mm per year.

This scheme was taken seriously by Soviet climatologists. Two conferences were held in Leningrad in the early 1960′s following an initial meeting in Moscow by the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1959.  Borisov’s suggestions to warm the arctic included:

  • Covering great areas of the Arctic with black powders such as coal dust (G. Veksler, 1959) (Carbon Black?)
  • Dispersing the cloud cover over the central Arctic Basin (D. Fletcher, 1958) (Geoengineering Aerosols?)
  • Deepening of the Thomson Sill (V.N. Stepanov, 1963)
  • Covering the water surface with a monomolecular film (M. Budyko, 1962)
  • Installations to direct warmer Atlantic water into the Kara Sea (V.P. P’yankov, 1965)
  •  Pumping cold Arctic water into the Pacific to draw warm Atlantic water into the Arctic Basin (P.M. Borisov, c. 1968)

This concept also required construction of a dam across the Bering Strait.  Source: P.M. Borisov, “Can we Control the Arctic Climate?”, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, March, 1969, pp. 43-48.

In a related scheme, a proposal was floated to store nuclear waste in the Antarctic. The plan would allow specially designed canisters of  hot  radioactive waste to melt down through the ice until it reached the “ice-rock interface” where it would supposedly remain in cold storage for 250,000 years.

The following Timeline is from the book, “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP”  Advances in Tesla Technology  by Jeanne Manning and Dr. Nick Begich and contains disturbing facts about the little known history of our Government’s use of scalar technologies to modify the weather. Additional events and links were inserted in 2012 to update the list.

Timeline of public and covert testing and development of energy weapons

  • 1886-8:  Nikola Tesla invents system of Alternating Current power source and transmission system. As 60-pulse-per-second (hertz) AC power grids spread over the land, Earth’s resonance frequency will eventually dance to a different beat than her usual 7-8 hertz .
  • 1900: Tesla applies for patent for a device to transmit Electrical Energy  “Through the Natural Mediums”.  U.S. Patent #787,412 issued in 1905
  • 1924: Confirmation that radio waves bounce off  ionosphere (electrically-charged layer starting at altitude of 50 kilometers).
  • 1938: Scientist proposes to light up night sky by electron gyrotron heating from a powerful transmitter.
  • 1940: Tesla announces “death ray” invention.
  • 1945: Atomic bomb tests begin 40,000 electromagnetic pulses to follow.
  • 1952: W.O. Schumann identifies 7.83 hertz resonant frequency of the earth.
  • 1958: Van Allen radiation belts discovered (zones of charged particles trapped in earth’s magnetic field) 2,000+ miles up. VA Belt violently disrupted with nuclear detonations
  • 1958: Project Argus, U.S. Navy explodes 3 nuclear bombs in Van Allen belt.
  • 1958: As far back as 1958, the chief White House adviser on weather modification, Captain Howard T. Orville, said the DoD was studying “ways to manipulate the charges of the Earth and sky and so affect the weather by using an electronic beam to ionise or de-ionise the atmosphere over a given area.
  • 1960: Series of weather disasters begin.
  • 1961 – Project Skywater – Bureau of Reclamation (water) cloud seeding project funded by Congress.
  • 1961: Copper needles dumped into ionosphere as “telecommunications shield”.
  • 1961: Scientists propose artificial ion cloud experiments. In 1960′s the dumping of chemicals (barium powder etc.) from satellites/rockets began.
  • 1961-62: Soviets and USA blast many EMPs in atmosphere, 300 megatons of nuclear devices deplete ozone layer estimated at 4%.
  • 1962: Launch of Canadian satellites and start of stimulating plasma resonances by antennas within the space plasma.
  • 1966June, Report to ICAS by ICAS Select Panel – Chair, Gordon JF MacDonald. “Future plans of Federal Agencies in Weather and Climate Modification.”
  • 1966, Nov, report from NASA to ICAS (Independent Comm. for Atmospheric Sciences of the Nat. Academy of Sciences, NAS) was first step in establishing a National Weather Modification program
  • 1966: Gordon J. F. MacDonald publishes military ideas on environmental engineering. MacDonald was Chair of the ICAS Select Panel on Weather and Climate Modification.
  • 1960′s: In Wisconsin, US Navy Project Sanguine lays ELF antennae.
  • 1968: Moscow scientists tell the West that Soviets pinpointed which pulsed magnetic field frequencies help mental and physiological functions and which do harm.
  • 1968: Gordon JF MacDonald authors chapter in book: “Unless peace Comes – a scientific forecast of new weapons” MacDonald was Chair of the ICAS Select Panel on Weather and Climate Modification.
  • 1969: Hail Suppression Data from Western North Dakota, 1969–1972  South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City.
  • 1972: First reports on “ionospheric heater” experiments with high frequency radio waves, at Arecibo. 100-megawatt heater in Norway built later in decade; can change conductivity of auroral ionosphere.
  • 1972: Potential Value of Satellite Cloud Pictures in Weather Mod. Projects – Report prepared for NASA by Institute of Atmospheric Sciences South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Rapid City.
  • 1973: Documentation that launch of Skylab and associated rocket exhaust gases `’halved the total electron content of the ionosphere for three hours.
  • 1973: Recommendations for study of Project Sanguine’s biological effects denied by Navy.
  • 1974: United Nations General Assembly bans environmental warfare. ENMOD
  • 1974: High-frequency experiments at Plattesville, Colorado; Arecibo, Puerto Rico; and, Armidale, New South Wales heat “bottom side of ionosphere”.
  • 1974: Experiments airglow brightened by hitting oxygen atoms in ionosphere with accelerated electrons.
  • 1975: Evaluation of Monte Carlo Tests of Effectiveness of Cloud Seeding on Growing Season Rainfall in North Dakota.
  • 1975: Stanford professor Robert Helliwell reports that VLF from power lines is altering the ionosphere.
  • 1975: U. S. Senator Gaylord Nelson forces Navy to release research showing that ELF transmissions can alter human blood chemistry.
  • 1975: Pell Senate Subcommittee urges that weather and climate modification work be overseen by civilian agency answerable to U.S. Congress. No action taken.
  • 1975: Soviets begin pulsing “Woodpecker” ELF waves, at key brainwave rhythms. Eugene, Oregon, one of locations where people were particularly affected.
  • 1976: Drs. Susan Bawin and W. Ross Adey show nerve cells affected by ELF fields.
  • 1977:  Environmental Impacts of Precipitation Management – Inferences to Project Skywater
  • 1979: Launch of NASA’s third High-Energy Astrophysical Observatory causes large-scale, artificially-induced depletion in the ionosphere. Plasma hole caused by “rapid chemical processes” between rocket exhaust and ozone layer.” …“ionosphere was significantly depleted over a horizontal distance of 300 km for some hours.”
  • 1979:  Annotated Bibliography of Predictor Variables for Weather Modification Applications  – Funded by NSF Grant ATM 79-05007 pub., Illinois State Water Survey, Urbana.
  • 1985: Bernard J. Eastlund applies for patent “Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, ionosphere and/or Magnetosphere,” (First of 3 Eastlund patents assigned to ARCO Power Technologies Inc.)
  • 1986: US Navy Project Henhouse duplicates Delgado (Madrid) experiment — very low-level, very-low-frequency pulsed magnetic fields harm chick embryos. 20
  • 1987: In the later part of the decade the U.S. begins network of Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) towers, each to generate Very Low Frequency (VLF) waves for defense purposes .
  • 1987-92: Other APTI scientists build on Eastlund patents for development of new weapon capabilities.
  • 1994: Military contractor E-Systems buys APTI, holder of Eastlund patents and contract to build biggest ionospheric heater in world (HAARP).
  • 1994: Congress freezes funding on HAARP until planners increase emphasis on earth-penetrating tomography uses, for nuclear counter proliferation efforts. (Oil and gas exploration)
  • 1995-1997: Public complaints accumulate across the US regarding unusual cloud formations and sudden  increase in observable persistent jet contrails  that appear unnaturally under dry atmospheric conditions. These observations are accompanied by complaints of biological specimens and web formations that appear to fall from the sky. Many instances of qualified lab analysis reveal high concentration of  aluminum, barium and other elements that are consistent with DoD electromagnetic experiments
  • 1995: Raytheon buys E-Systems and old APTI patents. The technology is now hidden among thousands of patents within one of the largest defense contractor portfolios.
  • 1995: Congress budgets $10 million for 1996 under “nuclear counterproliferation” efforts for HAARP project.
  • 1995: Test of patent number 5,041,834 to generate an Artificial Ionospheric Mirror (AIM), or a plasma layer in the atmosphere. The AIM is used like the ionosphere to reflect RF energy over great distances.
  • 1994-6: Testing of first-stage HAARP (euphemistically named High frequency Active Auroral Research Program) equipment continues, although funding was frozen.
  • 1996: HAARP scientists test the earth-penetrating tomography applications by modulating the electroject at Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF)
  • 1998: Projected date for fully-operating HAARP system.
  • 2009: Operation HAMP – Department of Homeland Security operation to Modify and Steer Hurricanes with Geoengineering Aerosols
  • 2012: Celebrating 50 years of Success. A Compilation of highlights from the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Rapid City.


The World is Waking Up to State Crimes of Climate Warming and Violent Weather by Combinations of  Powerful Electromagnetic Energy Weapons and Aerosol Geoengineering


It was in the mid- 1990’s when the US public a were suddenly confronted with unexplained changes in the sky that included bazaar new cloud formations and new types of jet contrails that persisted in the skies for hours even while the relative humidity was very low at the altitudes where the jets were flying.  These observed changes were coincident with events following the 1994 E-Systems purchase of APTI,  also holder of plasma physicist, Bernard Eastlund’s patents and contracts to build the world’s largest ionospheric heater (HAARP).

The history of the 1966 National weather Modification Program and the coincidence of events around the time of bazaar new cloud formations is sufficient reason to pursue the relationship of persistent jet aerosols to the ionospheric heater experiments at the HAARP facility and Gakona, AK, Aricebo, PR and many more similar facilities brought online in recent years.

The ongoing depletion of earth’s protective OZONE layer is a known risk to manipulation of the ionosphere with powerfully heated beams of electromagnetic radiation. Pollution from the Shuttle missions, alone has accounted for rapid ozone depletion according to NASA’s own documents.

Further damage results when chemical aerosols deployed over either polar region traps heat in the troposphere resulting in a rise in surface temperatures to endanger normal formation of seasonal ice with an associated plunge in stratospheric temperatures into the range of -109 deg. F. with the formation of chemically contaminated ice crystals that react with sunlight to further deplete the OZONE.

From 2009 to 2012 persistent jet chemical aerosols are clearly observed over the North Polar regions on many satellite images and ground-based photographs. It is no surprise that NASA now reports new OZONE depletion in far northern latitudes where none was previously detected.

It’s no secret that government agencies, the military and commercial interests of the US and abroad have invested in a radical scalar system of weather modification that is now revealed to have far too many unintended negative consequences to sustain life on earth.

Continuation of this vast and terra-deforming aerosol geoengineering operation will only confirm that one agenda is to deplete the arctic ice – a concept that has been embraced by influential men, Oil companies and nations for nearly 100 years.

The government, military, IPCC, UN and corporate stakeholders can no longer pretend to be desperately concerned about global warming and climate change while the world is waking up to realize these same entities are participating in the deployment of electromagnetic weapons and aerosols of massive climate destruction as a monstrous and Orwellian hoax on humanity.

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NikolaTesla,  Inventor of the Death Ray, died in Jan, 1943 wherein the FBI took possession of his papers and documents.

After WWII, Operation “Overcast” (Later named opertion Paper Clip) was a US program to employ NAZI regime scientists in US laboratories.

The National Security Act, passed in 1947 Created the Central Intelligence Agency and made possible the rise of the military industrial complex
to increase opportunities for scientific experiments to be conducted without public knowledge or Congressional oversight.

In 1958, the military announced they were experimenting on the ionosphere with electronic beams for the purpose of manipulating the weather.

In 1962 Respected Meteolrologist Harry Wexler proposed geoengineering strategies to warm the planet.

In 1963 the National Academy of Scientists proposed formation of a panel to create a “National Weather and Climate Modification Program”.

In 1966 Plans to warm the arctic were abandoned without comment to be replaced with warnings that CO2 was already causing the atmosphere to get warmer.

This video introduces the article.  Global Warming Linked to Advanced Climate Change Technology.

The title sounds provocative but NASA has concluded that man-made, persistent contrails are exacerbating global warming and could contribute to long-term changes in Earth’s climate.

The article explores the forgotten history of America’s National Weather and Climate Modification Program – Still in existance –  and how it rapidly evolved into a military/civilian weather warfare program of mass destruction.
The documentation and subsequent critique reveals a program that went into rapid mission creep when the military became involved.  The critique was drafted in 1986 by a member of the Union of Atomic Scientists.

The record shows that industrialists and their scientists have been looking for ways to warm the arctic for 100 years beginning in 1877 when Harvard geologist Nathaniel Shaler proposed diverting warm Atlantic water into the Arctic Sea.

Decades of arctic warming proposals followed until 1962 when respected MIT meteorologist, Harry Wexler proposed 3 schemes to increase the global temperature of the Earth by 1.7°C,:

(1) Detonate 10 hydrogen bombs in the arctic ocean to send ice crystals into the polar atmosphere
(2)  Destroy the ozone layer by using aircraft to spray chlorine or bromine into the stratosphere .
(3) Launch dust particles into equatorial orbit to diffuse light to heat to warm the polar regions.

These ideas sound pretty frightening today, but in 1962 Wexler’s ideas were gaining traction and nobody “important” was calling him a lunatic.  But following Wexler’s untimely death that same year the problem of how to warm the planet completely reversed polarity.
Suddenly – and without explanation –  it was now imperative to find ways to cool the planet and to keep the atmosphere from warming.

The U-turn in national direction came about when a paper was published by oceanographer, Roger Revelle who claimed earth’s atmosphere was warming due to a buidup of carbon dioxide from burning coal back in the industrial age.

The new narrtive became “official” for media consumption in 1966 when Gordon MacDonald – Chairman of the new ICAS Select Panel on Weather and Climate Modification stated:  “Carbon dioxide placed in the atmosphere since the start of the industrial revolution has produced an increase in the average temperature of the lower atmosphere of a few tenths of a degree Fahrenheit.”

Wexler’s proposals to warm the planet were never mentioned again but remained quietly popular with stakeholders in the oil and energy markets who had always seen vast opportunities for new shipping lanes and drilling as soon as the ice melted a bit.

In view of NASA’s position that man-made persistent contrails are exacerbating global warming – what are we to think?

If these man-made clouds are normal water vapor we have a problem that accelerates global warming.  But If the problem can be fixed, and no governrnment authority has yet thought it was important enough to take immediate action we can reasonably assume that warming the climate with persistent contrails is a tolerable or even desired outcome.

And if If man-made clouds are revealed to be chemical aerosols deliberately sprayed into the atmosphere we can reasonably assume that heating the atmosphere is a hidden agenda inside a covert aerosol operation that mimmicks the appearance of a geoengineering plan to cool the planet.   In reality, the chemical aerosol operations provide plausible deniablity to spectators that our benevolent government is secretly spraying the skies to test ways to mitigate global warming for the good of humanity.

This plausible deniaility is taught to us through media coverage of geoengineers lake David Keith who presents aerosol “cooling” strategies in frequent public appearances that are – in turn – presented as news in multiple media sources..

So, the agenda to warm the planet is cleverly hidden in plain sight disguised as an undisclosed but benevolent government program to test aerosol spraying to cool the planet if we should ever decide it’s necessary. Meanwhile, arctic ice continues to retreat despite decades of “testing”.

Aerosols are not the sole requirement in advanced climate change technology.  High energy ionospheric heaters, Tesla Arrays, and exotic electromagnetic devices are required to interact with chemical aerosols in ways that normal water vapor contrails never could.


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50 Responses to "Govt. Documents Link Global Warming to Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology"

  1. etominusipi  December 6, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    really great work, Harold. thanks. i shall set aside time to scrutinize this, rather than just read through it – there is a lot of detail, nearly of it new to me, though the underlying “logic” is not too difficult to grasp for anyone who understands the modus operandi of the technocracy and the things which it finds most tempting.

  2. John Kirby  November 29, 2012 at 6:48 am


    If you want to stimulate plant growth in a confined space, say a greenhouse, you increase the supply of CO2, fixed nitrogen (as nitrates) and water.The internal combustion engine supplies all three. Other chemicals, such as phosphates also help but they are not produced by automobiles.

    Carbon in the hydrocarbon fuel gives CO2 and hydrogen gives water. The high temperature and pressure fixes the nitrogen from the air with hydrogen and oxygen to gives nitrous and nitric oxides, whch will combine with water to give dilute nitrous and nitric acid. This is called “acid rain” but it is so dilute it is harmless. These dilute acids ionize with salts in the soil to give nitrites and nitrates, also known as fertilizers.

    Just look at the vegetation growing alongside highways.

    The whole global warming scare is huge blunder.

    • Harold Saive  November 29, 2012 at 7:10 am

      Ha!…except for the love-bugs.

  3. John Kirby  November 29, 2012 at 2:31 am



    The atmosphere is roughly 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% argon, carbon dioxide is a miniscule 0.04%, or 1 part in 2500.

    The whole idea of a “Greenhouse effect” due to carbon dioxide is unproven, and it is doubtful if 1 molecule in 2,500 could warm up the other 2,499.

    We should be happy If the earth is warming, Mankind has done well in warm periods (12th-16th centuries) and badly in cold periods, (The dark ages and the Little ice Age of the 17th and 18th centuries).

    Periods of extreme warming and drought have occured in the past. The original Old Kingdom of Egypt was probably destroyed by a drought lasting many years.

    In science you cannot pick and choose your facts, and your theory must fit the known facts. The Man-made global warming theory does not fit the facts. It does not expain past variations in global temperatures.

    Over the past 2 million years the earth has been in ice ages for most of the time. A typical ice age last about 100,000 years, and a typical interglacial warm period has been much shorter, typically 15,000-20,000 years. The present warm period started about 12,000 years ago, so we are due for the next ice age.

    • Harold Saive  November 29, 2012 at 4:16 am

      Great comment…The United Nations will not allow mankind to adapt to normal variations in climate in order to force civilizations into a plantation of Global Feudalism.

      The climate is always changing and the magnetic pole is racing toward the north. The magnetosphere is becoming weaker probably as a prelude to yet another – statistically overdue – pole reversal. The earth’s inner iron core is mixing to become magnetically perturbed and confused. We now have a identified and measured area of magnetic change documented as the “South Atlantic anomaly”.

      Beginning 4 billion years ago Mars lost its magnetic core. Exposure to the sun and solar wind slowly stripped the planet’s surface of atmosphere, water and life….Now that is REAL climate change….Cheers

    • Harold Saive  November 29, 2012 at 5:06 am

      James Hansen, NASA’s leading climate scientist – rejects Kyoto. The intent of Cap-and-Trade is to set legal limits (cap) on the quantity of industrial GHG emissions within a region but allows those industries to “trade” GHG permits between each other. — Using Japan to make his point, Hansen found that CO2 emissions actually increased under Kyoto. Hansen finds “cap-and-trade” is little more than a method of “selling indulgences”.

      In 2009, Hansen wrote a letter of appeal to President Obama on the problems with cap-and-trade warning that “current policies are failing”. — Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_the_Kyoto_Protocol

    • Harold Saive  November 29, 2012 at 5:08 am

      Educated liberals have good reason to be global warming skeptics too. — In a paper published at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2000, NASA’s top climate scientist, James Hansen writes: “A common view is that the current global warming rate will continue or accelerate. But we argue that rapid warming in recent decades has been driven mainly by non-CO2 greenhouse gases.” Hansen also finds: “The growth rate of non-CO2 greenhouse gases has declined in the past decade…”

      The title of the paper: “Global warming in the twenty-first century: An alternative scenario” — Source: http://www.pnas.org/content/97/18/9875.full.pdf+html?sid=293beaa5-09f9-4575-bef0-12e771b6269f

  4. Harold Saive  November 28, 2012 at 11:27 am

    $Trillions in Bankster Payoffs in Carbon Trading/Climate Change: UN Climate Talks Promise to Create New Global Mandate on CO2 Emissions — The UN Climate Change Conference (UNCCC) has begun in Qatar, Saudi Arabia. Alarmists and eco-fascists have gathered from more than 200 nations for two weeks of talks that demonize greenhouse emissions and the nations that emit the most. — This conference endeavors to create a new global climate mandate that will be finalized by 2015 and go into effect internationally in 2020.


    • liberty belle  November 29, 2012 at 5:40 am

      thanks Harold, it is like no matter how much of this garbage is debunked, the UN climate nut jobs continue to push their agenda upon the planet and my blood boils everytime they do it, where is the outrage? sedation of the majority is why this crap continues, unplug the idiot box and start following the signs, they don’t hide it, they do it in plain sight, outrageous, also one more thing, they are building way too many cell towers, what are your thoughts on this Harold? low frequency sedation of the public? I feel it is time to investigate the towers, am I crazy???

  5. Cold Wind  November 28, 2012 at 5:25 am

    The important issues of Weather Modification, HAARP and Geo-engineering aside, there is absolutely no evidence for ‘global warming’. In a July 1, 2009 open letter to Congress S. Fred Singer, Professor of Environmental Sciences Emeritus, University of Virginia, First Director of the National Weather Satellite Service, Fellow APS, AAAS, AGU, joined a team of other experts stating as much: the recorded evidence, Singer et al, wrote does not support global warming, but to the contrary, evidence gathered by satellite and other means show the earth has been cooling for at least ten years. This assertion was repeated in effect by a 2010, 231 page Climate Depot Special Report to the UN signed by over 1000 scientists. It is disappointing the article above infers a consensus exist for global warming within the scientific community, when, in fact no consensus is to be had. As stated, the facts do not support global warming. Nevertheless, the technology for weather modification and geo-engineering, as weapons of mass destruction, and to this effect possibly using the HAARP network, is real and of major concern to us all.

    • liberty belle  November 28, 2012 at 5:37 am

      you got it Cold Wind, we are all in danger if this is not stopped and stopped now

    • Harold Saive  November 28, 2012 at 6:35 am

      Great comment. Our family knows Fred from back at the U. Miami days. He gave us 2 great Cypress benches that we hauled up here to Gainesville from Miami in 1999.
      Marc Moreno is an excellent spokesman for this issue. We have a Paradox where the pseudo-science supporting global warming via CO2 can no longer be supported while secret aerosol geoengineering operations are rampant throughout the G-77.
      Transient, localized climate “warming” can be inflicted by scalar weapons on selective locations without creating a significant blip in the overall planetary heat budget. This is especially true when retrospective studies reach back to past data. The selective and transient warming event stays hidden long enough to survive the required time to write a peer-reviewed paper. Even real-time satellite data must undergo this same process.

  6. liberty belle  November 28, 2012 at 5:25 am

    this topic is a very sensitive topic for me, I see this chemtrailing everyday, all hours of the day and night, never ending and I can’t wrap my head around why not one person in our government will acknowledge the fact that most of us KNOW what they are doing, I can’t get a candidate who is even in the running for any office to recognize this horrible fact that we are being poisoned, I cannot even get an acknowledgement from my Governor, AG, NO Answer, so what is a person to do? I want this crime stopped and the criminals punished to the fullest extent of the law and then sum, how do we or I get this done??? anyone???

    • Harold Saive  November 28, 2012 at 6:42 am

      You have a lot of company on this frustration. The American culture has been degraded by 2-3 generations of mission creep where showing disloyalty to your corporation is somehow, “un-American”.
      If you’re lucky enough to have a job you are unlucky enough to be extorted to do things against your conscience…if we still have one.

    • liberty belle  November 29, 2012 at 5:31 am

      thank you Harold, I believe there are more people in the world that still have a conscience but they are afraid or do not know how to make the changes we need, articles like this are so refreshing because they deal with the actual problem, keep up the excellent work!

    • mpennery  November 28, 2012 at 12:15 pm

      I sure hear ya liberty belle. I contacted the entire airport board individually. I contacted every one of our city council with specific evidence. Not a single one of them ever replied.
      What do we do? Good question but all I want is to meet ONE other person around here that sees and has a brain cell still in operation outside my own family, and even most of them are clueless.
      I fantasize about defacing my local airport entrance and other such guerilla tactics.
      Any other Lexington readers out there who’d like to get together over a cold one and talk tactics?

      By the way, Harold, thanks for this. Very well done.


      Lexington, ky

    • Harold Saive  November 28, 2012 at 2:10 pm

      There’s plenty more to write about but I had to stop somewhere — The site with the lead activists are at http://geoengineeringwatch.org
      The people responsible for the 2 documentaries already published are Michael Murphy, Dane Wigington and a few others.
      The documentaries deal with the mystery of covert aerosol geoengineering – ie: “chemtrails”. They are conveniently posted together at http://Saive.com and worth watching to understand where we are.
      But the rabbit hole gets deeper every time we start digging. Now the issue of global taxation is rumbling. The UN has tried to plant guilt by demonizing humanity for causing the global warming by daring to exhale CO2.

      Organization as activists has not come along as it could have. A lot of show and tell of weird jet trails and clouds. Cliff Carnicom did some early work on debunking NASA’s confusion on contrail science and plasma physics that I continue to use as a foundation for conclusive debunking data when we track an aircraft.

      Finally, an attorney or 2 have volunteered to take this issue to court. Participants in this outrage are all over the globe – US, Canada, UK, Spain, Belgium australia, France, Germany Italy are most prominent. Russia has started posting on Youtube in that year along with Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

    • liberty belle  November 29, 2012 at 5:34 am

      thank you mpennery, if I were in Lexington, I would definitely join you for a few cold ones and talk tactics!! it would be very heart warming to talk about real issues versus left right bs…..this really makes me want to start a coalition against geoengineering in my city…….I love veterans today, it is the best place for all info!

  7. Warlord Moneybags  November 28, 2012 at 3:25 am

    Even if atmospheric pollution from fossil fuels is not the main culprit we owe it to the planet and our fellow creatures to use renewable technologies wherever possible. I have lived in rural areas for many years. When I travel to large cities I see a fine coating of soot on all the trees. This is not good for anyone or anything.

    I also have a theory that ‘Climategate’ in the UK was a deliberate skewing of facts to favour the Nuclear Power Industry and not the Green Movement. I have heard that 20 new nuclear power plants are being constructed in the UK.

    As for weather modification, what can we do ? If we storm the HAARP installations they will shoot us dead.

    If we want to really change things we have to be prepared to face real discomfort. A general strike, a la Gandhi’s passive resistance movement. Martin Luther King like marches. French style blockades. Most Westerners are so soft they can’t even comprehend what is necessary.

    “But wait a bit” the Oysters cried,
    “Before we have our chat;
    For some of us our out of breath,
    And all of us are fat !”
    “No hurry !” said the Carpenter.
    They thanked him much for that.

    • Harold Saive  November 28, 2012 at 3:34 am

      I agree…I was ant-pollution and against maountan-top removal (geoengineering or another type) long before the global warming issue. Polluting the planet to solve global warming is another clue the data is cooked and climate manipulated.

  8. russhallberg  November 28, 2012 at 3:09 am

    The Arctic ice cap is thinning, while the Antarctic ice cap is growing. Guess the Powers That Be don’t want the southern hemisphere to prosper.

  9. adeUK  November 28, 2012 at 1:56 am

    Not to be ignored are the efforts of the Royal Society employed in an advisory capacity in unison with the US & UK Govt to regulate geo-engineering and promote the case for globally regulated solar radiation management as the antidote to climate change. Suggest check Hansard and US Congress records for details.

    The charlatans at the RS speak of aerosol modification as a future possibility not present fact as can be clearly be determined by checking the cross hatched and obscured skies with your own eyes.

    The 1st occasion I witnessed geoengineering con trails that expand and spread not dissipate was over Daventry England circa 2001.

    I shot all of the raw footage included below it is edited but unprocessed.

    see youtube account 1count9
    see chemtrail_redditch.avi
    see Redditch Cloud Seeding 2012 2011

    RS = Well funded propagandists who seem no longer interested in science !.

    Nations, NGOs and individuals must engage in a wide-ranging dialogue to explore both the potential risks and benefits of solar geoengineering and establish effective governance arrangements for research, according to a this report from an international collaboration of NGOs: the Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI).

    SRMGI is convened by the Royal Society, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS).

    SRMGI was established in March 2010 to explore how to govern the developing research area of Solar Radiation Management (SRM), a type of geoengineering that would cause a small percentage of inbound sunlight to be reflected back into space, in order to reduce global warming.

    Also see
    Geoengineering the climate

    In 2009 the Royal Society published the report ‘Geoengineering the climate: science, governance and uncertainty’. The Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative was launched in March 2010 in response to this report.

  10. Allesandro  November 27, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    There must be a way of obtaining recorded conversations of some of these top planners/conspirators, they must talk at some point about their overall plans and purpose, what they stand to gain and how. I would think they get “hard” when considering how smart and clever they are. Still all-in-all I would rather be informed, engaged, but not necessarily effective, lowly me.

  11. Allesandro  November 27, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    I’ve been following this subject for several years, but you put so much together in one place. Thank You.
    Very well done Sir.

    My question.

    If these people at the top (above Presidents and most other movers) use this tech for profit and power, and gain it all, where do they think they can go to spend and use it? It makes no sense to me. Maybe it’s the joy of being able to make or break any group, and nation, continent, or the power over life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To think themselves God’s.

  12. Mike Kay  November 27, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    Mr. Saive,
    Thank you for this piece. To call it informative is an understatement.
    What this makes clear is that current killer droughts, rapid, uncontrolled climate change, and widespread destruction ARE ALL ENGINEERED.
    It is impossible to overstate the level of psychotic psychological dysfunction required to both initiate and perpetuate these kind of death affirming agendas.
    It is impossible to estimate the volumes of blood on the hands of these manipulators and deceivers.
    It does seem, however, that you are asking a question that you do not answer, and that is, why fear CO2 and arctic warming?
    The answer, sir, may be that such events are not feared, but are engineered in order to transfer wealth, further impoverish chosen targets, and further loosen the grip of nations on global capital-a long held dream of every sick pervert ever to direct a bank.

    • Harold Saive  November 27, 2012 at 4:52 pm

      Hi Mike…We don’t know to what degree these contraptions are effective. There is no doubt that aerosols have been deployed over every storm I’ve followed.
      The DHS admitted their own aerosol program was funded in 2009 (Operation HAMP…not HAARP) Hurricane Aerosol and Microphysics Program. It was presented to the World Meteorological Assoc. in 2010…so we all know the agencies have an awareness of each others’ black ops programs because they hold meetings where they spill the beans in a semi-private meeting.
      This means they are attempting to alter the dynamics of nearly every storm. That’s a lot of aerosols that were mixed into the atmosphere that descended all over the east coast to be inhaled with every breath.
      Sandy was examined independently by 3 people (that I know of) who all came up with the same conclusion. One chap caught the very early GOES satellite loop showing what appeared to be an energy pulse
      followed by spontaneous cloud formation and tropical circulation. It looked interesting but I’m not ready to accept it as fact without a lot more info. Could have been ab artifact.

    • liberty belle  November 28, 2012 at 5:27 am

      Mr. Saive
      this is an excellent article and I comend you for this, I have been stating this for so long and it angers me I cannot get an answer from my congressman or governor, thank you for your bravery!

  13. sweetliberty  November 27, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    I sincerely thank you for putting this most worthy piece together.

    Can the deep deep political divisions of left and right (the American public, that is) on this extremely
    manipulated subject be lessened enough so we can get on with ferreting out more lies and global deceptions
    together now?

    • Harold Saive  November 27, 2012 at 2:53 pm

      The right and left are increasingly irrelevant and serve mostly as a distraction to monstrous events that are never covered by the media and worse yet – never realized by the very people who are involved in making it happen. It’s compartmentalization, similar to the Manhattan project, that employed thousands who only realized what they had been making after reading about it in the paper. But this is worse. It’s been a multi-generational indoctrination of a Post WWII society into an unwitting culture of fascism….more concerned about the price of gas than the price of war.

    • Allesandro  November 27, 2012 at 9:39 pm

      But Harold, these people who are being compartmentalized must be reading, surmising, and putting the pieces together, they include many bright and I would think morally conscious individuals, many of which have families and friends who are being adversely affected by the consequences of these diabolical plans. Are these conscientious objectors liquidated or in other ways marginalized, or are they chosen for their lack of a heart?

    • sweetliberty  November 28, 2012 at 4:20 am

      Thank you for this, Harold Saive.

      Yes, the right/left surely is a distraction, and that is my point. The view of “Man Made Global Warming”, the kind Al Gore espouses, is quite entrenched in the mindset of the left, where as the right appear to champion the “Global Warming Hoax” side of the matter. (this being an informed observation, not a judgement. I am neither left or right.)

      Our “awakening”, thanks to the internet, would be much more effective towards this extremely important issue if we could all come together on it, as in “We The American People – Together”.

      Your comprehensive article with it’s concrete facts and links could help make this happen.

      The scope of this diabolical folly has to be understood by all for the information to take hold and take off in a big way.I know of no faster way to bubble this information up to the “top” of the information superhighway than to have both sides on board.

      Your article could be posted/tweeted far and wide. I hadn’t finished reading it when I did just that – and I intend to keep posting and tweeting it.

      Compartmentalized individuals too, would have an inkling that much sooner if we’re all on the same page.

      Perhaps your next article can address ways to get these people to become aware of their part in this most sinister endeavor…(?)

      You’ve certainly got a winner here, Mr. Saive. Thank you once again.

    • Harold Saive  November 28, 2012 at 4:48 am

      I consider myself as part of the problem. My history of faithful duty in the Vietnam War followed by a career in the medical Industrial Complex cannot be easily white-washed.
      The problem is not the Mayan calendar – it’s the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve and IRS Acts that bred an over-population of piece-workers under perpetual economic extortion.

    • JS  November 28, 2012 at 9:50 am

      A 3rd major event happened in 1913; the election of the US Senate changed from appointment by the state legislatures, to one of direct vote of the people. The Republic became a Democracy, with the adoption of the 17th Amendment. It passed the Senate in 1911, the House in 1912, and was ratified in 1913 by 3/4 of the states. It was declared adopted, on May 31, 1913. The popular press and politicians supported it. There were only 3 men who considered its possible negative impact on federalism. Ben Franklin rolled over in his grave when his Republic disappeared in 1913.

    • Harold Saive  November 28, 2012 at 11:16 am


  14. Yukon Jack  November 27, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Take a HAARP antennae array and pump in a a few gigawatts and sure you can heat up the atmosphere and cause all kinds of things to happen, all of them no good, if it causes warming then its anthropocentric caused.

    One thing is for sure, the claim that man made CO2 is causing global warming is a complete hoax. Man made CO2 is so small of a component of the total global warming effect as to be negligible.

    2 charts illustrate this:



    CO2 is 3.618% of the total global warming gases, and man made CO2 is 3.2% of that, so that means anthropocentric caused CO2 of total globla warming gas is 0.03618 x 0.032, a very small number.

    So what your article is implying is that CO2 caused global warming is the cover story that hides the military experimentation on the atmosphere.

  15. MK  November 27, 2012 at 7:49 am

    Here’s another interesting site:http://www.chemtrailforecast.com/main.html

  16. MK  November 27, 2012 at 7:44 am

    This all must STOP before it destroys the earth and its inhabitants. Yesterday, somebody posted a horrifying photo of a deer with tumors encompassing its body. I have no doubt that this was a reaction to all the assaults on our environment carried out by a small cadre of completely insane, power-crazed lunatics without enough science to know what dangers that they pose.

    http://rense.com/general79/chem.htm <================== another problem

  17. Excalibur  November 27, 2012 at 5:25 am

    Very well done Mr Saive – it is really heart-warming to see that brave and intelligent men are finally identifying and isolating the secret works of the REAL ENEMY here – and posing solutions.

    The very first part of the solution has of course got to be the immediate cessation of aerosol spraying and the assembling of both the scientists and businessmen responsible before a court. They must be held criminally liable for all the damage and illness cause thus far – for starters.

    • Harold Saive  November 27, 2012 at 11:29 am

      I’m not convinced the rule of law is anything more than a relic in a government that has become openly treasonous.

    • darklite  November 27, 2012 at 3:22 pm

      I must agree. That’s not to say that rule of law can’t be used to initiate action(s), but that the courts will be (as they are on every-other front) beholding to the power-elite. What you’ve done in the compilation of this material will go allot further in influencing both public and private opinion; more so than any judge.

      Awesome work Harold!!!

    • Allesandro  November 27, 2012 at 9:44 pm

      And if the presentation by Phil Schneider and many others has some truth to it then this type of activity extends into several other areas, all to some extent treasonous and deceiving of the public as well as the misuse of funds.

  18. grandmacaesar  November 26, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    Thank you so much for your article. I would like to share these docs as well.

    Weather Modification: Hearings before the Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment of the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate – January 1, 1974

    Atmospheric Aerosol Properties and Climate Impacts

    • Harold Saive  November 27, 2012 at 11:23 am

      The documents are really the basis for an awakening. The critique from Atomic scientists in 1986 is a real nugget that asked all the right questions. we now have a much clearer idea about the consequences of the military-industrial-congressional-complex. Whatever has to take place to stop it will not by easy or fun.

  19. PallMall  November 26, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    The woman who runs this site has done a yeoman’s job of identifying geoengineering efforts (a video starts playing. Scroll to bottom to turn it off). She is a former farmer and worked for the CA Dept of Agriculture assessing crop loss:

    Take a look at the first six pages of this document, mentioned on the above linked page. It was prepared for Dr David Keith, Director, ISEEE Energy and Environmental Systems Group, Calgary AB. He was the same guy in the video/film “What in the World are They Spraying?” who said they had ZERO idea what the effects and feedbacks would be from geoengineering:

    • Harold Saive  November 27, 2012 at 11:17 am

      I love Rosalind Peterson. Her speech at the UN was great. She had a big audience but i have no idea what became of the effort to inform all those people.

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