Rogue Terrorism for a Greater Israel

by Sartre

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6 Comments for “Rogue Terrorism for a Greater Israel”

  1. God bless Palestine, innocent people.

  2. “Israel is a professional terrorist mercenary force of the Rothschilds” against the whole world.

    My related comment in today’s VT page: ************

  3. In 1943 Gen Patrick Hurley a former Sec of war in the American admin submitted a report to the WH following a visit to Palestine & talks with David Ben-Gurion. In his report he said The Zionists in Palestine have committed themselves to
    (1) a sovereign Jewish state which would embrace Palestine and probably eventually Transjordan,
    (2)The eventual transfer of the Palestinian population from Palestine to Iraq,
    (3) jewish leadership for the entire ME in fields of economic development and control.

    Its a bit over optimistic. Even what they have at the moment is not sustainable.

  4. No doubt Israel has inmense offensive military power,and will be able to blow everybody to kingdom come.
    A US-Israeli joint attack on Iran is not just madness,it’s not gonna happen.
    Greater Israel is a concept,but to reach that point ,Israel should have done that a long time ago.
    Now ,there’s 11 million Palestinians,4 million Lebanese,20 million Syrians,4 million jordanese etc.
    If Greater israel was a plan,it has become unattainable now , unless Israel eliminates 30-40 million people.
    they might try that,but how?
    Nuclear bombs won’t do the trick,too close to their borders and it’ll make Greater Israel unfit to live in.
    Before Israel will start mass murdering their “enemies”,Hezbollah,Hamas,PA,Syria,Egypt (and Iran)will have enough weapons to finish off Israel.
    European bankers created Israel ,created their policies,control the MSM,control the US congress,the President,and are dropping their creation in the Middle East because it has served it’s purpose and is indefendable.
    Israel will be sacrificed ,the world will applaud,the Middle East (or more)might go up in the air,and the Puppetmasters will use this war to enslave their US and EU populations.
    This was always the plan,they are just executing it.

  5. NOW I understand all the articles by Henry Makow. I know about Arthur Koestler but never heard about “Der dreizehnte Stamm”. Luckily I found a pdf because it is expensive because it is out of print.

  6. Bottom line: Jews say they’re the superior race, with superior privileges and superior rights. We “anti-Semites” say they’re not.

    Pick a side.

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