Breaking: Is Netanyahu Confession Video A Fake?

War Crimes Confession Real or 9/11 Type Video Trickery?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The Genius of Netanyau

Mike Harris sent me the video link that you will be seeing.  If this is a hoax, it is an amazing one.  If this is a hoax made by amateurs, what then are the “professionals” doing to us.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

As with anything we have seen, until a government sanctioned commission present conclusive evidence that the video above is a fake, then we have to assume that Israel has admitted to genocide and war crimes.  There has, as yet, been no attempt to produce such evidence.

Thus, it is only reasonable, particularly based on the solid evidence that Netanyahu is telling the truth.

The problem with that, of course, is that this would be the first time he has been caught “not lying” publicly.  Sure, there are many private recordings of Netanyahu saying how much he hates the United States, how he can control American leaders and how little he respects America.

If the video above is a fake, is this one a fake also?

YouTube - Veterans Today -


Unless no one noticed, there was no footage of intercepts of rockets from Gaza into Israel.  If one were to examine the trajectory of the majority of rockets fired, intercepts would have been well within camera range and Israel’s claims of 655 intercepts, not one was filmed.

There was only stock footage released on the supposed “Iron Dome” missile system which we now learn may not be operating for three or more years.

In an interview with a top US defense official and long time friend of Bibi Netanyahu, I was told the Rafael “Tamir” system is barely as sophisticated as the rockets Palestinians had been making in their basements and unlikely to have been able to intercept more than a very small percentage of incoming projectiles.

Now, private sources, private but “knowlegable,” place “Tamir intercepts” at between 12 and 17% and those are only of smaller short range rockets.

The long range rockets that hit and overshot both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem were intercepted more successfully.  Why?

American crews, 1500 American military technicians who remained in Israel after recent exercises, operated advanced Patriot III systems.

Those hypersonic interceptors costing over $3 million each, fired two at a time at each $1500 Fajr 5.  That, along with the cost of the crews put a price on defending Israel’s air incursions into Gaza, a conflict begun based on an Israeli political assassination using an American F-16 and 2000 pound bomb, at over $100,000,000.

It also put 1500 American troops into a combat role against civilians in Gaza.  Defending a side with overwhelming military advantage is not an honorable role for the US military and may well be full complicity in war crimes that the Palestinian State will, finally, be able to bring to the ICC.

The photo below is nose cone for a Fajr 5 missile.  This is in a residential area in Tel Aviv.

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25 Comments for “Breaking: Is Netanyahu Confession Video A Fake?”

  1. Video is very cleverly put together by Dutch videographers at

  2. Howard T.Lewis III

    A video of queen lizard confessions would lack brass like the Nuttyyahoo tape, whether this Nuttyyahoo is authentic or not. It would be the sleaziest, most vile and insidious chronicle of treachery of all time.

  3. hi anything to support the statement that they reused stock footage for intercepts? are there links to this stock footage.

    imo this intercept video looks fake:

  4. Then trust it. I can show you how I really take apart videos, but then I’d have to kill you ….:)

  5. Now we have two full videos:



    I found mine with a Google search for meeting Netanyahu Clinton.

  6. As for the Fajr 5 photo, there is no moved soil, no crack in the part under the officer’s foot. A dud should move the soil just a little bit. If it is not sticking like a needle in the soil it looks strange, but I have no idea why someone should stage such a scene.

  7. Full Video of Ben Whore below doesn’t correspond with above clip:


  8. Netanyahu is so easy to push around. ;)

  9. Mr. Duff:

    The ZioSatanist’s confession is his real self. Video is original. Camera was switched to avoid showing Ben Whore, but sound track couldn’t be fudged so it remained original.

    Clinton had probably heard such statements form him many times before (not in public) but this time it was made to give the U.S. the message that America is their whore and as its pimp Ben Whore can do with it what it wants with its whores like the U.S., UK, UN, Germany and France.

    After all here is some of Ben Whore’s fundamental learning as I quoted from professor Israel Shahak’s historic book on your Nov. 26th editorial:

    Free book@************

    @page 24:
    “The Deception Continues” (title)
    “But then the Hebrew text goes on to specify the prime examples of ‘infidels’ who must be exterminated: ‘Such as Jesus of Nazareth and his pupils, and Tzadoq and Baitos (21) and their pupils, may the name of the wicked rot’.”

    On page 26 Shahak writes:
    “[27] fundamental book of the Habbad movement, one of the most important branches of Hassidism. According to this book, all non-Jews are totally satanic creatures ‘in whom there is absolutely nothing good’. Even a non-Jewish embryo is qualitatively different from a Jewish one. The very existence of a non-Jew is essential’, whereas all of creation was created solely for the sake of the Jews.”

  10. This may be a cleverly produce fake ! However the description of Israeli military activities also applies to most western military, all one has to do is Look at the destruction of Libyan schools, hospitals, orphanages and Universities by the RAF, US air force and French air force! Civilians women and especially children have always been the Targets of the western military in every war after the end of the First World war! In Israels case children are particularly targeted just read the five books of Moses, The Jews have made prime targets of Goyim children for thousands of years!

    • The sooner people (especially Christians) realize what an abomination the Torah (Pentateuch, Books of Moses, whatever….) is, the sooner we can reclaim our planet from the scum that stole it.

      • Charlotte NC Bill

        Amen..the Popes used to tell the faithful the truth: the Talmud is so evil and blasphemous it should be burned…But this Pope goes to Temples and tells “Jews” that the Old covenant is still in effect…contradicting St Peter, St Paul ( both Jews ) all the Apostles, the doctors of the Church and Christ Himself…

        • In my experience, you’re one of the few who “gets it’, Bill. Your comments are always insightful, too…..

  11. “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” ~ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002.

    That pretty much sums up the situation, Satanyahoo can be quite honest sometimes.

    Remember the first Gulf War Patriots vs. Scud missiles? maybe 2 successful intercepts, but:

    George H.W. Bush told a group of Raytheon employees, who helped manufacture the Patriot missile system, that the system had performed admirably during the war: “Forty-two [Iraqi] SCUD [missiles] engaged, 41 intercepted.”

    Israel likes to give biblical names to its missiles and other weapon systems because they are invoking the invincibility of their god or maybe its a propaganda ploy aimed at believers.

    Iron Dome – implies that no missile can penetrate an iron dome or shield

    Merkava – god’s chariot or similiar to merkaba – a sacred geometric shape

    Jericho, Gabriel, Delilah missiles – named after heroic biblical characters or towns

    David’s Arrow – the boy david slayed the goliath with a slingshot

    Monty Python-Holy Hand Grenade

    the idea of Israeli sacred missiles is that they can f-ck with you but you can’t hit them back, they got an iron umbrella or some magical powers

    I have a name to suggest for their next next missile: “gilded Torah merkaba holy shield of 666 multidimensions”

    to bad it ain’t true but we all love to play make believe especially when we have child like minds

    even with the evidence of almost all missiles making it past the invincible dome of the chosen ones the believers still believe its true, a common christian myth is that god shields Israel from retribution in the final war of Armaggeddon by obliterating all attackers and missiles

  12. The period when this was done he was out politicking…and I suspect in the West Bank settlements, hardly a place where he would be worried. I would suspect there have been countless conversations like this, particularly during election stumping as who can ‘handle’ America better, ie., keep the money flowing, is a major voter concern.

    He is saying nohting that is inconsistent with the historical record. How many thousands of wire taps do you think U.S. Intel is sitting on with material like this?

  13. Mark Glenn featured this on his uglytruth blog yesterday – with an article from timesofisrael

    Satirical video shows prime minister bragging to Hillary Clinton about killing innocents

    The video, made to appear genuine through seamless splicing of sound bites from previous speeches by Netanyahu, was spread by thousands of Twitter and Facebook users who advertised it under the headline “Netanyahu finally tells the truth.”

    “We are conducting these surgical operations against schools, mosques, hospitals, children,” Netanyahu is heard saying, adding: “This is something I don’t have to explain to Americans.”

    De Telegraaf, the Netherlands’ largest-circulation daily, reported that the video irked Israel’s supporters here. “The video is tasteless but the show’s satirical corner spares no one, so this isn’t about agenda,” said Esther Voet, deputy director of the pro-Israel Center for Information and Documentation on Israel. “The problem is that the clip is humorless and technically a good forgery, so many people don’t understand its satirical nature.”

    Timon Dias, a Sri Lanka-born columnist for the Dagelijkse Standard – the Dutch equivalent of the Huffington Post – said the video is “reminiscent of the many blood libels that already exist about Israel and Jews.”

    • The camera shot turns off Netanyahu’s mouth when most of the big-money quotes are uttered. Could be real, but it’s quite amazing what Pro Tools and Final Cut with some plug-ins can do, particularly in the hands of some detail-oriented German guy with too much un-rented time in his a/v studio.

      Not that I wish it’s fake….. it told the truth and therein lies its power, real or not.

      • lmao Dave, your description of the production was gold.

        I like Gordon playing Devil’s Advocate to try and get his reader to think a little bit.

        • Yeah, he’s pretty good at the Devil’s Advocate Program……. OR……. maybe he IS the Devil….. Smart bastard, either way…….!

    • close your eyes and listen to the audio. The video will make you biased. I have no idea if its real or not but the audio sounds “kosher”.

      • It is him speaking. The intonation would be very hard to emulate. Regardless, let’s not shoot the messenger (the producer of the Youtube) as the message speaks to TRUTH! As others stated as well, it’s EXACTLY what his confession would sound like in realpolitik.

  14. The Dutch film is very clever film editing. The satire is pronounced with sound effects as well (cameras shuttering as Netanyahu starts to make his asinine remarks, for instance). The voice is his and the clips were selectively edited and pasted together. Does it mean that what is presented in the film is not truth? NO! That is what satires do! They present the truth! And truth is the root of comedy: that’s all comedians do, they get up on a stage and state truths, while people laugh at the absurdity of the reality that escapes them on a regular basis.

    Iron Dome was a failed proposition from the get-go, but likely still implemented for “psychological” purposes. War costs are crucial to military strategy and the disproportionate spend to take down crude rockets makes sense only to people trying to sabotage their own faction.

    The purpose of the American assistance re: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv were actually to prevent an escalation IMHO, not to necessarily protect Israelis or to pit the American military against civilians. If, for instance, rockets began to reach Jerusalem, it would allow Israel to false flag religious targets. How do we know they would do this? They, MOSSAD or whoever works for Netanyahu, blew up a bus right before the cease-fire for leverage, the same way they blew up targets in Indonesia, Thailand, and Bulgaria to try to grandstand against Iran.

  15. The show title means mad world and is dutch. The show does do voice over so it probably voiced over. However I’m sure we all know that this probably is an accurate view of what is going on in his head. I’m sure the truth is even stranger than this. Thanks g.

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