VT mole slips Netanyahu truth serum

When our Mossad mole slips Bibi truth serum, you never know what he might say

by Kevin Barrett


The Veterans Today-led psy-op campaign against Israeli PM Netanyahu is starting to draw blood. One sign: The total meltdown of Israel flack Kenneth Katzman on Press TV the other day.

Yes, I’ve been launching some truth-rockets at Israel from my secret compound in the woods of western Wisconsin. (Each one of those red-white-and-blue truth rockets has “remember 9/11″ scrawled on it.)

I hear they’re building an iron dome around the skull of the next Israel flack who’ll go up against me on Press TV.

But what really has the Yahus worried isn’t me – it’s VT’s success at penetrating Mossad. As VT editor Gordon Duff said on my radio show, “our man in Mossad,” who loathes the Yahus as much as we do, fed Bibi that ridiculous Wile E. Coyote bomb that made the Israeli leader the laughingstock of the world. (Gordon will be on my radio show 4 to 5 pm Central today on ).

And now, that same VT mole has scored an even bigger coup: He slipped some truth serum into Netanyahu’s coffee.

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12 Comments for “VT mole slips Netanyahu truth serum”

  1. Yahoos are filthy, brutish, depraved, degenerate beasts in human form, in Gulliver’s Travels. From Wikipedia: ‘The Yahoos are primitive creatures obsessed with “pretty stones” they find by digging in mud, thus representing the distasteful materialism and ignorant elitism Swift encountered in Britain. Hence the term “yahoo” has come to mean “a crude, brutish or obscenely coarse person”. ‘

    Yahus are the filthy, primitive creatures who support the Israeli PM.

  2. Kudos and Molto Grazie to Press TV for posting the video confrontation on this page- (link also above)
    Unfortunately, (for the time being at least), they have yet to post a script of Kevin’s dialog with Katzman, which should arguably be set in stone, before some hasbara hack does another put-up job like the Hilarious Yahu video above. Meanwhile, back at the ranch-

  3. I can’t find an exact definition of the word “Yahus”. Maybe it means something in Yiddish…or did the author mean “Yahoos”? (pronounced YAYhoos)

    In any event, even if Katzman had worn an iron yarmulke to his debate with Barrett, it couldn’t have stopped that volley of ‘truth rockets’ that rained down upon him like arrows at Agincourt. Well done sir.

  4. I found this from a link from a Les Visable article:

    we petition the obama administration to:

    United States Government recognition that Israel authored the 9/11 Terror attacks

    Since 2001 The United States of America has been held hostage by the fabricated and monstrous official lie that Muslims carried out the 9/11attacks. Bin Laden was blamed for this and he admitted he had nothing to do with it. This resulted in them having to kill him several times. Because Zionist Jews nearly completely control the media the truth about 9/11 has been suppressed and resulted in the creation of a police state. It has also led to vicious wars created by Central Bankers for their personal profit and where millions have been killed, maimed and made homeless. An invasive system called Homeland Security has been formed and is also controlled by the factions that carried out 9/11 in the first place. Israeli security was in charge at every 9/11 related airport.

  5. I watched your recent amazing Press TV interview, you may have to pay fo the hospital costs for Katzman, I hope Press TV has you, Bollyn and the Dancing Israelis on for a discussion about who did 911. I wonder if Janet Napolitano got a Jewish Zionist angry telephone call about your Press TV interview.

    According to her Wikipedia web page she said this:

    “Nonetheless, to the extent that terrorists have come into our country or suspected or known terrorists have entered our country across a border, it’s been across the Canadian border. There are real issues there”.

    Brian: She welcomes Israeli Jewish terrorists, including Israeli politicians involved with 911 with smiles and admiration. I think she could have absolute proof Israel did 911 and the Israeli blackmailed Napolitano would do nothing.

    • Franklin Ryckaert

      “…and the Israeli blackmailed Napolitano would do nothing.”

      Janet Napolitano needs not to be “Israeli blackmailed” since she is Jewish herself and evidently part of the plot. ( which is : a fraudulent “Global war on terror” in reality against Israel’s enemies and a police state at home in the US. In the latter dear Janet has a function.)

  6. Franklin Ryckaert

    Satire can be a mighty weapon indeed!

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  4. John: The CIA was also instrumental in the rise of Pot.
  5. LC: In this obvious ZIOP there could’v been 2+ shooters involved (if the whole thing was not made up by fraudcasters)!!!

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