Nuclear Christmas, a Tale of False Flag Terror

Nuclear Christmas, false flag in America to blame on Iran


By Gordon Duff and Press TV

“Contacts within federal law enforcement indicate that Romney may well have faced arrest for a wide variety of charges tied to narcotics, money laundering and organized crime until investigations were shut down by the Bush administration after 9/11.”

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There are strong confirmations that one or more nuclear weapons, known to have been stolen but kept from the public to “prevent panic,” may well be deployed in American cities by extremist elements with probable ties to a foreign intelligence agency.

This scenario was the basis of the television show “Jericho” several years ago. However, this time there are real culprits and real motivations, both the overthrow of the government of the United States and the naming of Iran as a “scapegoat.”


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The plot has been tracked to groups within the Pentagon, several government agencies and wealthy and powerful extremist backers of Netanyahu and, in particular, the “Gulf Cartel” operating from Mexico that has penetrated nearly all levels of government, law enforcement and the military across the country.

Using surprisingly direct language, President Obama has officially confirmed this conspiracy.

Six days ago, the President of the United States, on his official public website, issued a warning about “government insiders” who were planning “violent acts” against the “government and the nation.”

Despite the public nature and seriousness of this announcement and the draconian measures alluded to in order to “mitigate” the threat, no member of the opposition party which usually jumps on any and every word the president says has mentioned anything.

Moreover, there has been a total press blackout on this press release, which is prominently displayed on the White House website. Those we have spoken with at the highest levels of the military and key intelligence and law enforcement agencies indicate they have never seen a statement of this kind and find it shocking.

All find it frightening and for good reason.

Sources within the intelligence community have confirmed that key former military personnel, some employed by the government to provide security for nuclear facilities, others with training in the assembly and detonation of “special weapons,” are being sought and actively recruited by “militant extremists” who represent, for the most part, powerful international corporations.

Though this group was initially tracked down through counter-narcotics investigations, their membership includes at least one major hedge fund, top law firms, major media players and even religious organizations.

We keep returning to the White House warning:

“…to deter, detect and mitigate actions by employees who may present a threat to national security… These threats include… violent acts against the Government and the Nation…”

When all major media and political groups chose to suppress reporting of this threat, a press release that, normally, would have been turned against President Obama in order to label him a “wild conspiracy theorist,” this became more than real, it became genuinely terrifying.

Rush Limbaugh and Fox News typically would have dedicated hour after hour of accusations, “the president is now a dictator,” or “Obama has gone insane.”

Instead, we have total silence.

After 9/11, a controversy that divides Americans into those who follow the flood of hard evidence of a cover-up and demand justice and real retribution against those who bask in blindness and ignorance, one serious fact has escaped many.

How can America, exhausted after losing two wars, increasingly aware that our news, even our history has been fictionalized and propagandized, be manipulated into blindly following a conspiratorial cabal after a “too conveniently timed” national disaster.

The last election in the US was even more bizarre than the several that preceded it. Mitt Romney, predicted by many to win easily, lost by a huge electoral margin despite every imaginable attempt to rig the election from voter intimidating to hacking voting machines.

Contacts within federal law enforcement indicate that Romney may well have faced arrest for a wide variety of charges tied to narcotics, money laundering and organized crime until investigations were shut down by the Bush administration after 9/11.

The previous candidate from the same party was saved from prison through a secret presidential pardon and if tried based on direct accusations made by Colonel Ted Guy, would only now be considered for release from prison.

When you add this to the fact that nearly all top members of the Bush administration are unable to travel because they face criminal prosecution for war crimes and are actively evading arrest, the true nature of the relationship between a vast international criminal conspiracy and key players in America’s ruling oligarchy is more than obvious.

Thus, when a threat of an attack on the “government and nation” is revealed, two things become obvious:

1. Only a nuclear attack, likely more than one location, could push America to the new war Israel wants and bully the American people into even more “police state” legislation and the total abandonment of what is left of democratic government.
2. News and entertainment have been systematically pre-staging such a move through highly fictionalized and propagandized “brainwashing” that is intended to make Iran the scapegoat for what President Obama has now revealed is actually an “insider threat” within the American government.

Nukes, Lost, Stolen and “Misplaced” Now “in Play”

As early as 1990, three South African nuclear weapons, purchased by Britain, three out of ten manufactured at the Armscorp Pelindaba facility, were stolen. The purchase of the weapons was authorized by Prime Minster Thatcher and handed by Dr. David Kelly, the murdered weapons scientist, and a young assistant, David Cameron, currently Prime Minister of Britain.

False reports that Iraq had stolen these weapons made up the real “secret brief” used to justify the invasion of Iraq.

Only later, in 2009, when one of these weapons was exploded by North Korea, did it become clear that there was an open market for nukes and that some of the players were considered “friends” of Britain, France and the US.In 1991, the US lost three more nuclear weapons in an air crash off Somalia, weapons believed to have been recovered and marketed by former South African Defense officials.

The US mounted a massive recovery effort tied to these weapons in 1993 in Somalia and sustained considerable casualties.

A movie was made about it, “Blackhawk Down.”

In 2007, a religious cult within the US Air Force stole between 6 and 9 H Bombs and loaded them on a B-52 bound for “places unknown.”

Not all of those weapons were recovered when the plane was forced down at Barksdale Air Force Base. The public was told a wild story of dozens of mistakes in mishandling nuclear weapons.

Invented Terrorism

There is substantial reason to believe that, in order to shift blame from powerful extremist groups in the US, with ties to drug cartels and multi-national organized crime, the “Global War on Terror” was begun and the non-existent organization, “Al Qaeda” was invented.

Historical record will prove that the US Department of Justice did, in fact, invent “Al Qaeda” in order to bring “conspiracy” charges against Osama bin Laden where there was absolutely no evidence of his involvement. We are speaking of the East Africa embassy bombings.

President Obama, in his November 21, 2012 press release has, after all these years, finally admitted that the American government is deeply infiltrated with militant extremists who have used false flag terror to push their political agenda.

In fact, the Bush 43 administration was almost entirely made up of militant extremists and, were it not for the political defeats of both McCain and Romney; organized crime would have had the military forces of the US as their “private army” for eight more years.

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36 Comments for “Nuclear Christmas, a Tale of False Flag Terror”

  1. Would Israel be crazy enough to take the whole world down with them? Maybe. With respectful nod to the hard work of the Editors of and Contributors to VT, my colleague, Prometheus, has a message for mankind: (http)

    “Israel’s Samson Option: Borderline Nuclear Extortion”

    I tend to disagree. I have never seen a Zionist actually show up to a fight they picked ;) In the end, they will eat each other to survive.

  2. When a Jew is wounded he strikes back, either with a cutting remark or something greater. Palestine is now a state, a severe blow has been delivered to Isahell. She immediately struck back thru one of her whores:

    this is only a prelude to a much greater hitback, nuclear false flag terrorism is highly likely as are the nukes already prepositioned CONUS

    why would little Israel keep her 800 nukes in her homeland that might be overrun by her severely pissed off neighbors? she doesn’t have ICBMs

    what good is a nuke if you can’t deliver it at your hated enemies in the west like Europe and USA?

    solution: use a diplomatic pouch and put them in every major western city in rented office space

  3. Yes some are extremist, did they get the guy in Asia (the contractor)? The one who spent 20 minutes telling me how much he hated the US, before he continued to his next job as contractor for security at the eight party talks in 2007. Strange (US ex-military person) contracted for eight party talks during this time, but then every thing was strange during this time. Why bother Gordon, you attempt to expose this activity and believe me, they will pursue you. You may think your helping, but they make big deals and thereafter the system is shut down…..then they contract people to eliminate you. I know, it was done to me.

    There is “no one” who will investigate…….they simply prefer not to get involved. Do you blame Federal Agents for turning their heads?

    • I prefer special engineering projects, infrastructure and development, but sometimes you can’t turn your head…..can never do this…and knew the risk.

      • You know what to follow, I told you in the past, they are packaging the guidance technology in other systems and products. Where many agents overlook, like we discussed in the past. But like I said, you report and then trouble comes your way, like me? Your a Senior Electrical Engineer, you should follow up on the tips given to you in the past. And send a check for the UFO project, I am waiting.

  4. Thanks Gordon. This is really scary. Would it be safe to assume that a majority of the u.s. Intel have put a stop to this satanic plan and that we will see arrests followed by executions?

  5. Gordon- my only question is ….”the gulf cartel” ?? The gulf cartel has been virtually eliminated by the School of the Americas trained Zetas…and the Sinaloa cartel are the ones in neck deep with ATF and DEA…read cia, thru fast and furious. So this gulf cartel thing is rubbing the wrong direction, imho. Can you illuminate us ? j$

  6. “ doesn’t exist”

    This rather invalidates your story Augustus.Either you are just talking smack or the world has passed you by.

    • I tried this link and got the same results…then I put some of the words into a Google search and the page came up. Type in Truther Girls Blog and Snuff Films and Pedophiles in High Places in Arizona.

  7. Folks: This is probably why NWO chose Obama as president in the first place:

    ALL U.S. Presidents Except One Related to One British King:

    And NWO went into the trouble of creating an easily provable fake birth certificate:

  8. 9/11 and Fukushima happened because they used bait & switch tactics.
    That will not happen any more as there is no single homeland for them to target.

  9. I’m with you…taking out Arizona would be no loss to the United States. What type of person retires in a desert where they are virtually dependent on water from other states…the type of person who votes for McCain, Arpaio and builds swimming pools surrounded by cacti.

  10. Geez, those Israelites sure are inconsiderate. We barely figure out how they did 9/11 and already they’re onto their next assignment. How selfish.

    • This time, they will be put on THEIR back feet. Watch my friend, watch ;) Start hitting them with haymakers on the internet. Never stop, Dave. It’s time for our own “hasbara” unit. They are weak when they can’t control the information flow — that has always been their weapon.

  11. Thanks gentlemen:

    First of all: the Bush cabal are squeaky clean (other than a few mischief such as the one listed below):

    Search for: “bush crime family” & you’ll get things like these:

    The Savings and Loan Banking Crisis: George Bush, the CIA, and

    Bush’s assassination of Reagan:

    and Bushes’ 1980’s plans to nuke entire U.S. North East in a chapter called “Operation Orpheus”, in a 1999 book of one of their associates (Navy vet-Commander Al Martin):

    Bush & associate cabals are inside & outside all U.S. Gov. Establishments so they don’t consider their crimes as infiltration they call it “NWO MANAGEMENT”.

  12. There’s no need for falseflag nuclear attack in US.
    If a thing like that would happen it’ll trigger annihilation of Iran (and maybe a regional war),that’s all.
    There might be one in the Middle East though.
    Domino effect of false flag in middle east might go all the way from Israel up to China.
    Israel,Pakistan,India,North Corea and China are all nuclear.
    That would be convenient for Europe and US.(Russia is trying desperately not to get involved in this).
    US and Europe’s puppetmasters don’t need false flag in the US to implement the enslavement of their populations.

    • “US and Europe’s puppetmasters don’t need false flag in the US to implement the enslavement of their populations.”
      In many ways they have already enslaved us, but in their eyes that is not enough, they want to
      teminate us…..
      The thing is “they” have never suceeded in the long run, and you can see how it’s starting to crumble.

      • “Terminating us”
        That’s been going on for many decades,
        SV-40 in the polio-vaccines in the 60’s and 70’s is causing cancers in 40-50 year-olds.
        Mercury ,Formaldehyde,MSG and Aluminium in vaccines ,the CDC admitted recently.
        Fluoride in the water.
        GMO,Chemtrailing and so on.
        Even if we stop these monsters now ,the blowback of what we’ve been exposed to the last decades will cause death for decades more.
        one out of three children being born now will have cancer during it’s life,50% will have diabetis.
        Spermcount in young man has dropped 40% in 50 years and is still dropping..
        We are being slaughtered and few are aware.
        Waking up as many people as possible is the only way out of this.

  13. Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums:

    12/21/12 is being pushed as an end date by Zionist run Hollywood. It’s time to decapitate these beasts. They are but men, and far more inbred than us.

  14. Read S.K. Bain’s book The Most Dangerous Book in the World-9/11 as Mass Ritual. After dissecting 9/11 thru the lens of the Sabbatean elite’s symbology and numerology, he predicts the next false flag — to be the daddy of them all — a nuclear detonation to destroy Phoenix AZ. Remember how these Luciferians love to hint at their atrocities beforehand? He notes the bizarre closing ceremony of the London Olympics culminating in the giant Phoenix rising from the ashes…

  15. Read S.K. Bain’s book The Most Dangerous Book in the World-9/11 as Mass Ritual. After dissecting 9/11 thru the lense of the Sabbatean elite’s symbology and numerology, he predicts the next false flag — to be the daddy of them all — a nuclear detonation to destroy Phoenix AZ. Remember how these Luciferians love to hint at their atrocities beforehand? He notes the bizarre closing ceremony of the London Olympics culminating in the giant Phoenix rising from the ashes…

  16. Thank you Mr. Duff for getting this information out, your interview on Rense the other night was chilling. Stew Webb has agreed with this information as well. The next night on Rense, Joel Skousen was on, claiming that he didn’t know anything about this, but then went on to trash Gordon; I wanted to throw the mouse through my screen in anger. Amazingly too, Mr. Skousen was bragging that he was correct all along in stating that Romney is not an insider, is a clean man and that the elite wanted Obama back in.
    The Mormon schill also subtly proclaims the White Horse Prophecy in his Strategic Relocation interview, in which he says that Russia will nuke us and to move to Utah (to be serfs to the Mormons who will take over).

    I agree 100% with your dissertation Mr. Duff; Tarpley agrees that Petraeus was ousted by Obama in retaliation for Benghazi. Obama is no dummy, his release of this memo is his way of fighting back against this zionist coup and it is amazing that no media will touch it; very telling.

  17. So the 2 remaining British nukes from 1990, plus 3 presumably still missing from Somalia, up to 3 more from 2007 Barksdale incident, means up to 8 still on the loose, if I am counting right. Plenty to worry about. I guess I’ll sleep like a log tonight. Remind us again to shop online instead of inside crowded stores. And a Happy Hannukah to you, Gordon, (even if you are a secular guy) in case this is my only chance to say it. And a Merry Christmas to me and mine, political correctness be damned. My club is having a Christmas party this year; after 3 years of generic Holiday parties, the members rebelled. And good tidings for Eid too. While I’m at it, let’s all celebrate Eastern Orthodox Christmas and New Year, so we can have a double round of parties, and really stretch those 12 days of Christmas…

    • Don’t forget the nuke used to create the tsunami in Japan. So maybe there’s only 7 on the loose.

      • Don’t forget the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in the Indian Ocean which the late Joe Vialls maintains was a nuclear device dropped into the Sumatra Trench, claiming 300,000 lives. That leaves six.

  18. TJ Bronco
    No, I’m talking of those who watching over us being called away to defend their homelands and thus taking their eye off the ball. I have been told this will NOT happen any more. There are new players in the arena.

  19. I realised the 25 Dec threat to Phoenix is very real for when I posted this possibility in a private forum, the Luciferian there went hopping mad. So I notified those who need to know such info and in return, I was told how 9/11 and Fukushima were allowed to happen.

  20. idiot. oh, sure, let’s attack sheriff Joe now that it is ‘cool’ on veterans today to shill for this
    fraud obama. how pathetic.

Comments are closed


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