Sniping for Morons, Technology Trumps Training

Even Granny Gets a Confirmed Kill!

“Tracking Point” System Makes Killing Easy and Fun


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Mike Harris of sent me the video below.  The new TrackingPoint system makes long range shooting, those oh so difficult 800 meter head shots something granny or the kids can do with less than five minutes of training.

I personally see this as a huge move forward, hunting no longer will require the baiting or big game anesthesia that moneyed amateurs so enjoy.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Marine rifle training, my own bad at Edson Range, Pendleton, is now a thing of the past.  With newer weapon systems like the “over and behind” XM25, no more military training is needed.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

As things are going, modern infantry will start going delusional like “fighter jocks.”

More realistically, we can, using this civilian technology, eliminate anything larger than a fire-team.  With drone support, “one shot” kills and an XM, we could eliminate our involvement in Afghanistan in a week.

We simply need to arm both sides, the Pashtuns and Northern Alliance, and wait a week.

Whoever wins, and I think we know who that will be, will be our new allies.

Our only problem will be keeping the narcotics flowing and our money laundering business intact.

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16 Comments for “Sniping for Morons, Technology Trumps Training”

  1. This technology can also be used against those who refuse to go to Camp FEMA. Let’s hope it can be taken away from NSA, DHS, etc.

  2. So, I see this guy doing his sales pitch, in controlled conditions. Looks like he even got a recent shave and shower in. Just wondering how well this thing works after its been subject to knocks, dings, freezing temps, dead batteries, dirt coating those precision optics, and an operator who suffered the same fate?
    Hell, technology is great-when it works.

  3. Now lets extrapolate this making it a bank of barrels 50cal would be nice say 50-100 barrels,fully self loading,self powering satellite up linked could park it anywhere you liked and have it target say people wearing black headbands maybe.Get a text message when your ammo is running low.
    Id say i am well behind in thinking,and something similar has already been invented…

  4. The law of diminishing returns applies to unmanned technologies. The less manual control that exists over these technologies, the more likely they are to be hijacked or corrupted by more tech savvy operators while in operation. Also, whereas physical force may become overwhelming, there is also political force with which to contend. In the mean time, the disparity will return worthwhile gains for the possessor. Still, that is why I’m more afraid of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funding sterilization research. Specifically, sonar technologies that can make men sterile through mere sound.

    I don’t see anyone defending themselves against a hypersonic rail gun, they just wouldn’t have the time.

    As with war, the only real question is who can maintain the attack for longer. Technologies that pay into budget, transportation, communication and supply concerns are as important as killing efficiency, which also correlates to some of these factors.

  5. David was one of us while alive, a long time friend.

  6. Its robotics training Gordon, the game systems you present are always performed online, where others compete. Through this means the best operators can be selected without their knowledge they were being monitored for potential operators in the future. Some of these game systems are basic training simulators for later advanced technology implementation.

    The tracking and lock system, the old technology (very basic you know), is obviously being introduced for robotic and drone technology. Not really rifles, systems are always released in this manner so sales can be made world wide. New technology does not require an operator, or should we say someone who prevents the system from firing.

    • Try this, TOF technology, thermal image, triangulation, acoustic tracking, and geometrical object mapping. Just firing a shot can make you the target in milliseconds.

      • That thing is ranging by laser, so it could be detected with the proper equipment even before it fires. There has been equipment in use for a number of years that can detect any optical system, scopes, cameras, etc. within a mile or more.

        • I know the technology, reference TOF/Time of Flight. Several principles are applied.

          • However, the configuration suggest an older technology based on triangulation (basic geometry). Developed about 1950, I believe.

  7. Technology will trump Humanity if we don’t all go Luddite soon :-(

    • “Luddite”, now that is description I actually had to “look-up”. Thanks for the new wrinkle in my brain! And more than appropriate to the “new technology” that will truely equal the playing field. I wonder what the outside limit of this “new gizmo” would be with a 50 caliber, bolt action rifle….a mile, possibly more, even in the hands of a rank amatuer. I guess “sniper school” will become a one hour course in the brave new world of the once elite ranks designated SNIPER. The possible scenarios here are “mind numbing”, no pun intended.

  8. Hey Green, copy that. Shoot me an e-mail at admin @ . We’ll coordinate. I’d like to get some others in on this, but will not specify here. Best to keep the cards close to the chest ;)

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