Popular Culture Promotes the Police State

by Sartre

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6 Comments for “Popular Culture Promotes the Police State”

  1. More Preaching to the Choir here. This info can be found on any “Satanic Illuminati Hollywood” You Tube search also. Not much is accomplished by preaching to the choir. A lot of this on VT. For more fun and laughs go to Project Cameltoes with their ponytailed “Ex CIA” “whistle blowers” exposing Satanic Jews under ground in LA! The Theater of the Absurd. Just an insult to intelligence assuming there is some to insult.

  2. I don’t believe US citizens have thought how precariously America is balanced, It is only a small nudge away from catastrophe! The manufacturing base has been off shored, The young are being priced out of higher education! the debt continues to spiral out of control, to add to this the American security military industrial complex eats up more of what remains of the GDP and then some. The main g
    rowing regions have been devastated by drought and what little food crop is produce will be severely ham strung; the main arterial route for the produce by the very low level of the Mississippi river and it’s tributaries means the cessation of Barge traffic.This means what little food is distributed will have to go by road and rail on collapsing infrastructure a much less efficient means of transport pushing up oil imports just as the prices are set to sky rocket. 80 or so million unemployed or under employed huge lay offs expected as of January 1st when all the business tax breaks fall away, Obama care comes in full force added to that the tax increases and end to tax breaks on social security payments. 60 million on food stamps 100 million considered to be living in poverty. Police going wild Fema and Homeland security buying huge quantities of ammunition for the expected riots and civil unrest. And to cap it all an indolent Congress and Senate, captaining this sinking ship a half cast Kenyan in the White house a puppet of the Zionists of Israel and the diaspora Jews in America!.

  3. I read the linked article by Alex Ansary and I know Stephen Lendmen’s long article about MKULTRA (with the timeline of experiments) but there is another thing I do not get. The US and the Soviets made these strange PSI experiments for decades. Is there a secret nobody knows how it works (maybe with drugs combined with electroshocks combined with whatever — the PSI cards look ridiculous) or were the millions spent for these strange PSI experiments a total failure? As for me these strange PSI experiments make no sense (except for knowing Bingo Numbers or so), because spying can be done easier with money and faith into an ideology.

  4. Great Article this is why I turned my Television off 10 years ago, and I don’t listen to Music, I spend most of my time researching on the Plans of the New World Order, boy are American’s Dumb, most are two blind to see what is actually happening and when you try to explain int to someone they think your crazy, but when Martial Law is declared and forced Microchipping of the American Population becomes mandatory to Buy or Sell those that thought were crazy will finally realize you weren’t that crazy after all.

  5. Yes, you are right.

    And I recommend this article about Lady Gaga’s Alejandro to see how “music videos” have changed over time:


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  1. Jim Morrison: """A newspaper is a device for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier.""" - Louis Mencken
  2. derrrrr: Wish we knew who was conteracting these traitors. When will we see action, arrests, and retaking of our country?
  3. jmreeves: What a Headline. Actually, conditional that they do the work, fire is not involved, (using ones own pitard), why object? Nukes are Right Out. (and try not to leave a mess). It is ...
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  5. Bartered: Agreed. That magic bullet Depleted Uranium , (DU) rod shot out of tanks was supposed to secure a victory in the sense of regime change but it didn't work. It ...

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