PressTV – Defiers beat the Deniers – 138 to 9 at UN


 U.S. Gets Lost in Time – With the Hockey Puck and Coconut Brigade


…by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor               …and  Press TV

Originally published on 11-30-12 on Press TV


“One step over the line…”

The United States continued its downward slide in world leadership today by supporting the remnants of the anti-Palestinian rights gang, voting ‘no’ on the Palestinian UN vote along with Israel, Canada, the Czech Republic, Palau, Panama, Naura, and Micronesia.

This new Civil Unrights group is to be known as the Hockey Puck and Coconut Brigade.

If some of you are lost as to where these places are, don’t feel bad. Being lost in the march of history is much worse. Decades of a failed U.S. Mid East policy seem to just keep reinventing itself like the head of a hydra. The old wisdom of learning from your past mistakes seems have been lost.

My government embarrassed me deeply today. It betrayed the best of America and a time when we need to be proud. Instead we ran with the bullies today against the whole school yard.

Gordon Duff just called me, looking to see if I had the country lists for the vote counts. It seems despite all the international media in the galleries ticking off each of the country votes as they came in that they all went into the burn bags when they left. It’s 9pm EST here in Atlanta and someone is holding up releasing the full list, another disgrace for corporate media.

The abstention vote list grew in the last few days as the Palestinian vote prospects turned into a landslide. Israeli diplomats were no longer tasked with trying to win, but preventing what could only be seen as the tipping point where the world no longer wants to be held hostage to the pretend-a-Jews living in Israel.

Israeli UN ambassador Prosor made the expected historical claim:

“For as long as President Abbas prefers symbolism over reality, any hope of peace will be out of reach. No decision by the UN can break the 4,000 year-old bond between the people of Israel and the land of Israel,” Prosor said. This is the man representing the atheist and communist Zionists who came to conquer Palestine because God gave them the land.

When will we have sanctions and a No Fly zone?

Prosor is of course, like all the other militant Israelis and Likudists, a Palestinian Denier.

This holocausting of the Palestinian people by word of mouth started with Golda Meir, former terrorist org member, when she stated that there were no Palestinian people and that the land had been empty when the Zionists came.

I guess if God is going to give you the land he can wipe everybody out before you get there so you don’t have bad dreams about the nasty part. The empty land part was of course untrue, but did not seem to bother the Zios a bit.

The world public is treated with as much contempt now as then.

At Veterans Today we began to smell the Israeli panic two day ago. The respective major country Jewish Lobbies tasked with delivering their respective no votes found the citizen polling not going so well.

At this delicate time of financial distress and family adjustments being made in so many countries, their leaders began to worry about it not looking so good to be getting down on their knees as requested for another Israeli bully vote

Losing Germany was a big blow. Foreign minister Guido Westerwelle broke the bad news:

“We did not take this decision lightly. Germany shares the goal of a Palestinian state,” he said. “But the decisive steps towards real statehood can only be the result of negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.”

Unmentioned was that the German polls were showing about 65% support for the Palestinian tiny UN recognition being given here. Across Europe the poll numbers were similar. Today almost all of the EU voted yes or abstained. “We have lost Europe’, said one Israeli official.

The Israelis would like to negotiate with a totally defenseless opponent that they have staring down a barrel of a gun. To that you can add the almost blank check support of the U.S. and a PR department that sells that they live in fear of all their ghetto prisoners driving them into the sea.

I would ask the Israeli official, “What did you expect, after all the years of bullying, blackmail, assassinations, political corruption, offensive espionage, and extortion…that you had some huge reservoir of good will to draw upon out in the world?”

International Criminal Court – The Hague

But it gets even worse. The negative Jewish bullying stereotype was put front and center on display. The big fear in the vote today was of the Palestinians being able to take War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity charges to the ICC.

Israel had orders going out to all the Jewish Lobbies to use maximum pressure to force their host countries to vote no with their usual threat and intimidation campaigns, which are legendary.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is about a solid an ally of the Jewish Lobby as you can find, and as reported earlier in Press TV today she was planning to against the Palestinians.

Although we don’t have the inside details, her cabinet pushed back hard enough to change her vote to abstention. And yes, an opposition leader stated that this might incur ‘Israeli retribution’. What would they do, cut of sheep exports to Australia, or take their wonderful accents away?

The Jewish Lobby of course was caught completely off guard with the vote change and demanded a meeting with Gillard to press their disappointment. They hoped to stage a highly public display that when dealing with issues regarding Israel, their fellow citizens were relegated to the back of the bus.

Australian PM – Julia Gillard

The Israeli embassy, trying to deliver a one two punch on the Aussie leadership also voiced their displeasure. They dropped all pretense of the Lobby not being an agent of Israel.

But the old bully routine did not work this time. The Jewish Lobby doubled down their bet and lost. Why? I think people just got sick and tired of it and weren’t going to take it any more.

Netanyahu threw a fit after the vote, declaring that Abbas had lied, like Netanyahu does not, and we don’t all know it? He declared that nothing has changed on the ground. The Zionist boot is still on the necks of the Palestinians.

But he was upset for another reason really. The world just watched another attack on Gaza with disproportionate force. The real victims living in the open air prison got more international support than last time. The three American AGEIS destroyers who compose 50% of the Iron Dome never arrived during the eight days for fighting as rockets rained down on Israel like never before.

But still, even before the vote, Netanyayu was doubling down on his already lost bet attacking the international community:

“It doesn’t matter how many hands will be raised against it, there is no force in the world that would cause me to compromise Israel’s security.”

I see no sunny days ahead. The bullies still have their victims by the throat. Uri Avnery tells us today that the Likud party recently purged all of their moderate members. I did not know they had any.

They go into the election as a totally extreme right wing party. Negotiations with them will go nowhere. Another solution is needed or there will be no progress. And we have a model for it.

Israel has had the largest WMD stockpiles in the Mid East for decades

It’s called regime change. The Likuds are incapable of change as they hold everybody else, internal and external, in contempt. They must be done away with. Oh yes, that is exactly what I said.

And we also have a model for that. It’s called sanctions, which the U.S. and NATO feel is such a potent weapon let us apply it where it will do the most good.

Let it be used on the renegade state with the largest WMD stockpiles in the Mid East. Let it be used on the country who has never been a partner to the community of nations, the one who has ignored all UN resolutions and international law.

And finally, let it be used on the country who is long over due for having to pay for the Crimes Against Humanity in which they have engaged.

What the people of the world are beginning to see with the Palestinians, is ‘there but for them go me.’

The militant Israelis would be doing the same to us if we lived there, simply because they wanted to.

And who would we turn to?….the United States?, Britain?, and God forbid Canada or Micronesia and the Coconut Lobby to save us? We would want some help.

Regime change and sanctions, folks. Nothing else will work. With the Likuds in power, there is no way, but the hard way. It’s a choice they did not even give the Palestinians in 1948. But we will let the courts decide all of that. Our job is to deliver them to the front door, and let their prisoners free.

Jim W. Dean’s Veterans Today archives can be found here.



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59 Comments for “PressTV – Defiers beat the Deniers – 138 to 9 at UN”

  1. Some of the best exposes of the Zionist betrayal of Europe’s Jews have come from Australia based decent Jews.
    here is a short article by Rabbi Gedalya Liebermann

    • I second that,actually mentioned this Rabbi many times before on this site.
      He’s part of “true Torah jews against Zionism”

      • Then invite him to your next Shabbat dinner instead of just saying it to find agreement and support here for entrenchment purposes.

        ouch ;)

    • Is Liebermann with Neturie Karta? I have two hours of studio interview footage with Rabbi David Weiss, done when they were still in black out mode in the U.S….some of the most riveting interview footage. The shoot crew was like in a trance the whole time. They just couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

      • First of all, are you talking about David Weiss Halivni or Dovid Weiss.
        Rabbi David Weiss Halivni is winner of the Israel prize for Talmud,and he’s bad news.
        He has nothing to do with Neturei Karta.
        Dovid Weiss is an influential rabbi inside Netorei Karta.
        Neturei Karta flew to Teheran to meet Ahmedinnejad and said some very interesting things there.
        Ahmedinejad and Neturei Karta also met in New York around a UN General Assembly.
        So take your pick,and I can try to answer you.
        The piece Philip Shahak is talking about is an explanation on how Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism and about the collaboration(facts,documents) of the Zionists with the Nazi’s.
        Rabbi Gedalya Lieberman is an Australian.
        True Torah jews against Zionism is Neturei Karta as far as I know.
        Besides that ,I think that to which group a person belongs doesn’t disqualify this person to have an opinion ,especially if it contains arguments and proof.
        Also pieces written by Rabbi Dov Weismandl and Grand Rebbe Joel Taitelbaum can be read on this site.

        Why don’t you answer the piece I addressed to you on this page?

  2. Maybe it was not Golda Meir who stated that Palestine was empty. There is this by Mark Twain (but I am unsure now how much, if, it is out of context, maybe it was satire, maybe a Mark Twain expert can solve this):

    Mark Twain, who visited Palestine in 1867, described it as:

    “ …[a] desolate country whose soil is rich enough, but is given over wholly to weeds-a silent mournful expanse….A desolation is here that not even imagination can grace with the pomp of life and action….We never saw a human being on the whole route….There was hardly a tree or a shrub anywhere. Even the olive and the cactus, those fast friends of the worthless soil, had almost deserted the country.”

    Source: Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad. London: 1881 (New American Library, 1997).

    Quoted endlessly by pages like this:


    • I meant “Maybe it was not Golda Meir who stated FIRST that Palestine was empty”.

      • I should have searched for “out of context” because I found this,

        “The narrow canyon in which Nablous, or Shechem, is situated, is under high cultivation, and the soil is exceedingly black and fertile. It is well watered, and its affluent vegetation gains effect by contrast with the barren hills that tower on either side.” (The Innocents Abroad, p. 322)

        which makes it UNLIKELY that a high cultivated and fertile land is desolated.

        • Ya, only the River Jordan on one side and the Mediterranean on the next. The gush of water coming through Syria. I’ll stop there.

          Let’s say it was a dry and barren land. It was still inhabited by a majority of indigenous Palestinians for millennium.

      • Golda Meir said there is no such thing as a palestinian nation.

        Here I must add, there is no such thing as a jewish nation, they are made up of hundreds of nationalities and groups. A jew from Poland or Russia have absolutely nothing in common with one from Spain or Africa. You cannot base a national origin on religion and most of the zionists are even atheists, do not belong to judaism.
        Nothing, but a huge lie.

        • Golda Meir was a cave woman.

          • Yes, Rammy, and you are a loud mouthed idiot!!
            How can anyone take you seriously, you comment on everything, it seems you have that 15 points higher IQ that jews supposedly have. You are a planted asset.

          • A woman is defined as a female human. I don’t think Meir meets either qualification. The cave part is probably accurate, though.

          • It bothers Tomer that I called Golda Meyer (Bauer Rothschilds) a stupid cave dwelling ape.

            He said Palestine should be absorbed into Jordan.

            He claims 40 years of service. So does Joe Lieberman.

      • That’s not what Samuel Clemens said in entirety and he wasn’t knowledgeable. Who’s to say his publishing pals didn’t spread propaganda through him?

        Wouldn’t be atypical of modus operandi

    • Stephen censuses were done.

      Population in 1878 was 462,465 (excluding the Nomadic Bedouins who were not part of the census). Of that 96.8% were Muslim & Christian Palestinians. Jews made up 3.2%. 1882-1914 immigration of 65000 EUROPEAN Jews. 1922 the population of Palestine was 757,182. Of that Muslim & Christian Palestinians were 87.6% & Jews 11%. In the 1920’s as land was being stripped from the inhabitants to give to the Jews the first clashes between the Palestinians and Jews began.
      1920-1931: 108,825 Jewish immigrants arrived. Until the early 1930’s the Jewish population of Palestine remained under 17%. In 1931 there were 1,035,154 people of which 81.6% were Muslims or Christians & 16.9% Jews. Between 1932-36 174,000 Jews immigrated to Palestine doubling their population in just 5 years. 1937-45 and additional 119,800 more jews arrived in Palestine. Palestinians were not responsible for the Holocaust but they were the ones who paid the price.

      Sources: British Govt Palestine Royal Commission report and British mandatory census

  3. Mr. Dean,
    I concur, that this vote is of huge significance, and the waves it has created are not done yet. However, I do wonder if we would truly need sanctions at all, if Germany would sever the financial cord that has built so much of the infrastructure in Palestine on behalf of its immigrant masters, if the 5 billion worth of military gifts from US to them would simply cease. If the endless financial shenanigans of the banksters would be reined in, and this includes their constant stream of money funneling to the zios.
    Finally, why not demand a DNA test from every immigrant master who claims a historic right that trumps the real semites who live there? It would be interesting, I think, to discover once and for all that they originated in the steppes of central Asia.

  4. I am going to spread your Hockey and Coconut Brigade term like a Mt. Carmel fire, Jim Dean. These Zionists don’t know how to stop a good fire — we all saw that.

    Uri Avnery has been living in the insane asylum that is Israeli and its political atmosphere for decades while being a moral voice. That is why he thinks the “moderate” members of Likud have been cancelled from the party, and they are so extreme still that to us they just look like controlled opposition (the “good cop”). I mean, beyond ethnic cleansing, genocide, world subjugation, mass atrocity of life, how much lower can you go?

    Here is the great pendulum. Good is a force to be reckoned with on the back swing. Israel’s strategy is to throttle into havoc at this juncture in hopes of booming a greater regional conflict. What America and Iran need to utilize is an overwhelming mitigation strategy.


    I’m not playing.

  5. “If you believe this is spontanious ,you’re in for a nasty surprise.”

    Merkel meets with Bibi tomorrow and has already leaked she will tell them that Israeli is facing total isolation if there are no changes. I am going to try to do a good sanction push piece for PressTV tomorrow. VT, as always, is trying to stay ahead of events.

    Something is definitely going on. All I can think of with the Europeans and the EU, still stumped on their budget work that the just the inflated oil prices due to the rigged war threats has been a tax on all of them, those that were not insiders to the rigging, anyway.

    Britain’s gas fields are in declining production and they are working on going the shale fracking route. The dummies should realize that no more wars would fund a lot of energy development to keep that critical item from becoming the new slavemaster.

    • “Merkel meets with Bibi tomorrow and has already leaked she will tell them that Israeli is facing total isolation if there are no changes.”

      You mean the criminal who sold illegal (Germany is an NPT signatory) nuclear-Dolphin Submarines to Israel is going to tell them they need to return to the “PEACE PROCESS”?

      Here is the peace process: the Zionist occupied foreign policy of the United States arms Israel to the tune of $3-4 Billion Taxpayer dollars per year (more like a HUGE net value if you were to appraise the real worth of the relationship…try “they sucked us dry”), we give them an unconditional veto, they continue the “Jabotinsky plan” (everyone please Google this and tell others to do the same) and designate “ethnic cleansing” of Palestine their ONLY “ethic” (meaning, they will stop at nothing to ethnically cleanse Palestine), and Palestine is wiped from the map in a true translation of Benjamin Netanyahu’s intent. Palestine has no recourse because politically they are locked down by the weight of the US’ superpower. Israel continues to settle, settle, and settle. They are buying time.

      It’s just a euphemism at this point. Just like “anti-Semite” in an inverse of a euphemism. It means a good thing now. We’ve established the Palestinians are Semitic and the Israelis are colonizers pretending to be Semitic through several scholars, Gilad Atzmon and Shlomo Sand included. A two year old can point that out.


      • I do believe the Dolphin subs were more of a gift from the German taxpayers than a sale, I wonder if ReichFührerine Merkel will apologise and compensate the victims if they are ever used in anger.

        • may already be the case, and nearly two years ago now..

          in a big UN pow-wow, Japan had defied “precious izrahell”,
          Japan was also developing air and water powered vehicles big OIL hates..
          there was a short lived news report of a Korean ship sunk by a German made torpedo,
          then the tsunami causing the Fukushima disaster, with zero help to contain it..
          (allowing spillage into the ocean to cover the footprint of a deep sea nuke maybe?)
          then some 10-12 days later the report of 3 German made Israeli subs parked offa Iran,
          is just about the transit time from west Pacific to straits of Hormuz…
          now combine THAT poisoning with the Gulf of Mexico’s “gulf gusher” and BP poisoning the ocean there with massive amounts of corexit that is banned by a dozen countries, it is my belief that this is all a lot bigger than just “Izrahelli government”, while not doubting for a moment their participation in this global genocide scheme.
          how can “British Petroleum” justify using corexit in the Gulf of Mexico, when the stuff is banned from being used in their own waters near home? try biochemical weapon attack under the guise of doing something “beneficial”, is all I can think when several countries offered to help clean it up for free, for all the oil theyed been able to seperate and reclaim, which was DENIED, it might have interfered with their bioweapon attack!
          after seeing Chernobyl and 3 mile island, why wasnt there an international effort to help Japan contain Fukushima immediately BEFORE all the spend fuel rods were exposed to air and begin burning? WHY has the DC govt raised the “safe levels” of radiation when theres really NO SUCH THING as “safe levels”… why did dick cheney allow BP to not have emergency shutoffs for those offshore oil wells that halliburton did the sloppy job of building?

          “they” arent using the stuff in “anger”, they’re doing it all sneakily, calling it “accidents” and “coincidences”. Fukushima got wiped out and “obama” said “lets go spill depleted uranium allover Libya to let Japan fend for itself!”, as TEPCO and Japanese news corporates do everything possible to cover up the severity of the reality, being owned by the same “owners” who ARE destroying all life on this planet… sneakily and deliberately..

        • They were part of the never ending reparations.

      • Rammy

        You are wrong, again.

        Germany did not sell an “nuclear submarine” to Israel, it is a diesel/electric drive and can be converted to be fitted with nuclear missiles. A great difference.
        In addition, it was “given” to Israel, as they did not pay for it and most likely Germany never will see a cent from them. They didn´t even pay for the first two ones yet.
        If Germany did not do it, the USA, or France or another nation would and they all signed the NPT, so try to stay on the floor.

        Most people at VT have served long years with the US armed forces and DoD.
        It seems you took over the VT and consider it to be your blog, I have a few questions to you:

        1. Have you ever served in the US Forces?
        2. If not, what is your base for saying “we, at Veterans Today”? You are not one of us.
        3. Do you think you know everything, being better than all others together?

        Supposedly you are an iranian born jew, a zionist plant to spread controlled opposition and to discredit those who are the real ones, those who wore american uniform.
        I sent a request out on you and will know in a few days who you are, your address, your profession, what size of shoes do you wear, are you circumsized or not, your religion, are you straigh or gay, etc, etc.
        Either you will be polite to others or that information shows up in a few places.
        A good advise: never make enemies unnecessarily and certainly do not do it with peoples you do not know.

        • “You sent a request on me” and “it will show up in a few places” — oh well, go ahead.

          LOL — internet threat from Hasbara.

        • Selling U-214s over U-212s is a violation of the NPT by Germany.

          Your questions can be easily answered by your supposed ability to find out “what size of shoes” I wear.

          *LOL* BY the way, stop posting to this site Tel Aviv time ya dummy ;)

        • Like the American people the German people want nothing to do with these stupid zionist wars. Germany is occupied as well as America is occupied by an Allien Communist World regime. You all are aware of this and know you no longer belong to an American Military but are now part of the Armed Forces ofthe UN. The Bolshevik Communists won WWII not America. We lost and now everyone should be able to see that. As I have posted so many times on this website it is tme right now for all loyal members of all the branches of the Military, All loyal members of all intelligence agencies, police and fire departments etc to take a stand. If you really love this country do this this is no crazy rant. Our very existance depends on you. And that goes for all those of you employed by Military intelliigence hired to monitor this site and other sites on the internet. You know who I am and because my online Constitutional non secret ballot ended up a joke and my exposing the rape and murder of the goddess Astara Evenstar who happened to be a 15 year old Army ROTC cadet ended up in my imprisonment and attempts on my life I do not fear anyone or anything and really look foreward to more confrontations the last three men know that. I am a Berserker.


    • Calling a spade a spade is no crime :) Shifting your story to suit the new Talmudic/Zionist agenda in the face of changing facts on the ground (Palestine is a State/Obama is re-elected)? Unforgivable.

      You continue to insist the puppeteers are not Zionist Jews. You continue to insist, by implication, that saving Israel is the key to all of this!

      Deflection = Disinformation. You are here in a swarm to attack VT. After all, PressTV now features these authors.

      Predictable, as always. ;) I’m not the only one that has called you out. More spinning from the Shillings.

    • Thanks, Franklin.

      Here’s one possibility. Look up the word: Shalach.

      He’s making fun of them.

  6. Oh, by the way, accountability before the Hague for Israel means no one wants to be complicit when Israeli leaders get hanged.

    :) <3

  7. Yes, it signals a weakening of Israeli lobby power as that was previously cemented through bribes, corruption and mostly, nuclear extortion, via the Samson option. Now that Israel has been proven not only a paper tiger with a Samson bluff, but also a complete political liability in the face of Iran’s NAM movement (a 130 nation bloc voting exactly along the lines of damning the Zionist menace) there is no choice but to drop support for the only nation in the world that actually resembles the Nazis.

    Good news is, we agree in all cases that the Zionists will die first.

    Sounds good :D

  8. “Hockey pucks and coconuts” …. there’s got to be a song in there somewhere …
    Canada – after beating the drum against apartheid in South Africa back in the 80’s, how can you have the gall to support it now?
    Oh wait ….. these are Israelis we’re talking about, right? The CJC would have the Ottawa government out on its ear before the next Passover if they’d voted otherwise.

    • What is missing in your observation is that the opposition parties in Canada took no opportunity to criticize the Canadain government in this massive foreign policy shift. They too are owned by the tribe. I suspect that is the same in Australia and the UK.
      Germany is still occupied. Years ago the German version of the Supreme Court stated that WWII ended with a military surrender, not a surrender of the German state. Germany, as the host for the parasitic state of Israel, continues to pay “survivors”, now into the 3rd generation, who weren’t even born at the time of the Big Lie.

      • You are correct, the zionists have all parties cornered, regardless whom do you vote, you elect a zionist stooge.

        On Germany, they were the best friend to Israel for a long time, the jewish central comittee in that country keeps the pressure up. Only lately did they dare to criticise Israel and suddenly are attacked from all directions, even by so called liberal blogs. It seems the zionists have long arms and with orders and/or deception they can manipulate many to attack Germany and force them back into the slavery they enjoyed during the past 67 years.

        If Germany breaks out, the whole Europe will follow, so we should support their effort, not attack whatever they do.
        The hungarians lead the way, they demanded in the parlament to reduce its jewish members according to their share in the population, what is about 2%, like in the USA.
        When will the US congress gets the guts to demand such a representation, in Washington jews have ten times as many in the congress as they should.

        • Germany won’t break out so long as Stasi queen Merkel signs off on free U-214 nuclear capable Submarines to “Isfake” and violates the NPT blindly in hopes of “peace”.

          She is your controlled opposition. Of course you are creating a subtext and hoping that we will take the bait.

          “Returning to the peace process” is a euphemism for: “Let’s continue the ethnic cleansing plan under the same charade where Israel operates with immunity and the victims, Palestinian, have no recourse, while presenting to our constituencies lies about that reality, and painting the victim as the aggressor.”

          Cheers Rotem ;)

          • The Rat

            Rat, you are an idiot, the worst kind!
            Better get off your acid or whatever is distorting your brain and see your friendly headshrinker.
            You constantly attacking Germany and Merkes shows that you really are an iranian jew, ordered to create chaos here at VT.
            I must wonder how long Gordon and Jim will allow your idiotic blah-blah-blah before they pull the chain and flash you down the toilette.

            You keep calling me a jew. My previous offer still stands, suck on my salami and get a mouthful of foreskin. Jews don´t have that.
            On the other hand you are circumsized, I make a bet on that.

          • What chaos? That I told you that you are paying into the Zionist agenda by stating that Palestine should be absorbed into Jordan?

            That you have an Israeli name?

            Okay, if you want to make me the bad guy — have your words. You are still a hasbarist until you stop actually being one. ;)

  9. But, keep him around. He’s good batting practice.

    Also, these people are such numerology freaks. Do you think if we just typed back a string of numbers they would go off and jerk off to death? I bet that was the secret code the bankers used to rule the world like generalized and nebulous puppeteers instead of the FACES we can PUNCH who committed 9/11.

    And by face punch I mean painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, deaths.

    And that Iraqi dude gets to throw a few more shoes at W. Bush.

  10. Hey, even a monkey could write such an intelligent comment!!

  11. What’s wrong with wanting the Talmudists (Political face = Zionism) accountable for their crimes? Of course you take exception. ;)

  12. Anyone who demands that Palestine be absorbed into Jordan is following a Zionist agenda. If they wish to stop following the Talmudic plan, they should try not following it instead of just running their keyboard diarrhea in futile attempts to insult me or lay blame on me for their own inadequacies.

  13. You wrote: “yet they whine which is one of their money changing money lending money laundering christ crucifying characteristic..
    whine whine whine and ask for more..
    what is mine is mine, what is yours…is [mine]”

    Correct. What a double edged sword to wield. ;)

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  3. Chas Miller: Yes, if we could some how take the money out of it and make them public servants. Or at least put caps on their fees not based on any case. ...
  4. Chas Miller: For the first week I believed it, but there is no evidence. And, Connecticuit has gone out of their way to make obtaining any evidence illegal. Normally one does not ...
  5. Chas Miller: I agree; there is no evidence to support the sandy hook "tragedy". I had an English professor once who said, if you make it's got to sound believable. sandy ...

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