Press TV: West making big money from war threats: Intelligence expert

West making big money from war threats: Intelligence expert

Last week, a media outlet owned by Rupert Murdoch (shown), a “stealth” Israeli citizen and powerful Likudist leader, ran a purposefully false news story. The story was run as part of a fraudulent manipulation of oil markets.


“Last week, a media outlet owned by Rupert Murdoch (shown), a “stealth” Israeli citizen and powerful Likudist leader, ran a purposefully false news story. The story was run as part of a fraudulent manipulation of oil markets.”

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

“News agencies, Fox and the Newscorp/Murdoch group, CNN, the New York Times, even Washington “think tanks” and the endless bellicose outpourings from Washington, London, Berlin and, most of all, Tel Aviv, can all be traced to systematic manipulation of key markets, crude oil and fuels, rare earths and defense related minerals and even currency markets.”

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Last week, the London Times, owned by Rupert Murdoch, a “stealth” Israeli citizen and powerful Likudist leader, ran a purposefully false news story. His “tale” involved the use by Israel of bases within Azerbaijan by drones to plan attacks on Iran.

Azerbaijan’s president quickly denied the report, pledged his solidarity with Iran and demanded a retraction. The Times had no source for the report. It was invented.

Sources tell us the story was run as part of a fraudulent manipulation of oil markets. Billions were made in hours.

When the “denial” was published, billions more were made through illegal “short selling.”

When government, the military, the financial market, media and world terrorism become part of the same “corporate society,” there is big money to be made.

Turn on your television, watch the news. The story is in front of you every day.

News agencies, Fox and the Newscorp/Murdoch group, CNN, the New York Times, even Washington “think tanks” and the endless bellicose outpourings from Washington, London, Berlin and, most of all, Tel Aviv, can all be traced to systematic manipulation of key markets, crude oil and fuels, rare earths and defense related minerals and even currency markets.

One day, an Israeli official will announce, as we saw with Defense Minister Ehud Barak back in August while interviewed by Mossad “news asset” Wolf Blitzer, that “Iran has no nuclear weapons program.”

Barak’s statement could have been based on intelligence reports that, consistently since 2007 and before, have indicated that Iran has no nuclear weapons program.

It could have been based on reports from those who run Israel’s own illicit nuke program, one the UN General Assembly recently voted to curtail, clear knowledge that a nation that actively builds illegal weapons of mass destruction knows when another nation is not.

No nation has more knowledge of deceit or spitting in the face of the international community as Israel does.

Barak’s game? Lessened war fears allowed the crash in “options” pricing to allow key allies of Israel, especially the Koch Brothers, to corner more of the future market.

Then, of course, a concerted effort soon followed, as though Barak had never existed, threats to bomb Iran, even orders to expand Pentagon exercises to create greater war threats in the region.

The basis?

More cash, as newspapers raised the orchestrated crescendo of war mongering, as key American legislators bellowed threats, as “think tanks” published bizarre and baseless allegations and, as usual, the “puppet” IAEA, International Atomic Energy Association, a front organization for Wall Street market manipulators, joined the chorus.

A year ago, their former spokesman and major source of “expertise” on nuclear weapons, former US Department of Energy Chief Nuclear Weapons Designer Clinton Bastin contacted David Albright.

Bastin, with over 40 years’ experience, “hands on,” with nukes, a Marine veteran of World War II, said of his close friend and former co-worker at the IAEA, Albright:

“David Albright, a physicist, former colleague, president of the non-government Institute for Science and International Security in Washington and a former consultant for IAEA inspectors, is recognized by the US news media as an expert on nuclear weapons but is not. I called David several months ago to correct inaccurate information attributed to him by New York Times reporter William J. Broad. I also mentioned that Pakistan probably did not have many nuclear weapons because gun-type weapons require about 100 pounds of highly enriched uranium. David said that he had seen drawings of Pakistan’s weapons and they had solid cores but were implosion, not gun-type. With that statement, I realized that David did not understand basic concepts of nuclear weapons.”

The problem predates Albright’s technical incompetence, real or feigned.

We could begin with 9/11.

When stories hit the news that there had been large-scale manipulation of airline stocks that would have required advanced knowledge of 9/11, the media quickly called the story “conspiracy theory.”

The problem is that the stock manipulation scams tied to 9/11 were very real, carefully documented and involved billions of dollars.

Notwithstanding, the acquisition of the World Trade Center itself by Larry Silverstein, buildings reeking of dangerous asbestos, nearly empty, a massive financial liability that would have required billions in renovation or demolition suddenly became the “deal of the century” when 9/11 happened, within days of the entire facility being vastly over-insured against terror attacks.

If it were a few isolated incidents, it would be one thing. If it involved just a few individuals or organizations, it would be “one thing.”

The problem is that this has gone on for years. The problem is that the manipulation of intelligence leading to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq can be tied to tens of thousands of transactions, all tied globally to government agencies, the majority of news organizations and, just “seemingly,” terrorist groups that may very well have always been, in actuality, arms of the CIA, Mossad, MI-6 and other such organization.

A careful analysis of investment patterns, oil, arms, shipping, minerals, pharmaceutical, defense and others, beginning with 2001, indicate a pattern of advanced knowledge and even manipulation of historical events.

A more serious problem is that the super-computers operated by the NSA and other agencies are tasked with seeking and recognizing such patterns.

In fact, we have solid information that the organizations tasked with monitoring ties between terrorism and market manipulation may actually have been used to plan the acts themselves.

This, of course, would represent an accusation that groups within the US government had invented the “Global War on Terror” in order to loot the world’s financial market, crash currencies, create a permanent ability to destabilize any sector at will and do so without any threat of retribution.

We have always seen wars chase resources, wars for oil, wars to control the drug markets, wars to distract attention from civil meltdown and imposition of police state provisions through incomprehensible “international” groups, cabals, gangs, known by one or a dozen names, best referred to as “organized crime.”

How we know that organized crime runs the world is that any person, any nation that speaks up, that stands against what is an obvious “wave of entropy,” is labeled a “terrorist madman.”

Today, we began by examining one false news story, Rupert Murdoch using what had, at one time, been a well-respected news organization as a front for a petty robbery.

Perhaps “petty” is the wrong word, as twenty billion dollars were bilked from Americans with only a few pages of fantasy, the “free press” at work, doing what it has been tasked to do, to “serve mankind.”

Within the realm of popular fiction, there are two examples of how governments work to recognize such situations and the deep concern that exists that news organizations tied to terror groups within our own governments are used on a regular basis to bring the world to the brink of war and beyond for profit.

First that comes to mind is “Three Days of the Condor” and the second is the TV series “Rubicon.”

Both are about intelligence groups based in New York City that find patterns. “Rubicon” was cancelled when it aired an episode that depicted a group within the CIA that sabotaged an oil tanker in Galveston Bay in order to manipulate oil markets.

Every other week, an American naval task force steams into the Straits of Hormuz, brushes up to Iranian waters or sends drones into Iranian airspace.

Each of these incidents raises the level of “war threat” and, moreover, each of these incidents incites a carefully orchestrated and extremely easily traceable pattern of investment behavior, which is, by American law, not only a violation of SEC regulations but is minimally treason.

Why is the word “billionaire” so “yesterday?”

When petty banksters and financial scamsters are free to send out carrier battle groups or, as we have already seen, start wars and kill millions, the stakes are higher.

Those same computers that find the patterns also track the cash.

It is no longer “billions” but “trillions” that is being stolen.

When that kind of money is the subject and the kind of people we know are behind it, a few million dead is just the “cost of doing business.”

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15 Comments for “Press TV: West making big money from war threats: Intelligence expert”

  1. Before the organized crime syndicates (Cosa Nostra, ‘Ndrangheta’, Triads, Yakusa, The Corsicans, The South Americans, etc…) used handguns on individual targets, who wouldn’t cooperate, machine guns and hand grenades in gangland wars, their field of action were extortion, blackmail, robbery, teamsters control, horse race rigging, gambling, prostitution, bootlegging, Cannabis and Cocaine dealership, bribing police and even Judges, customs officials, blackmail and racketing, to name just a few of their criminal activities.

    Today, we have a lot more powerful MAFIAS, running front shops companies and businesses, shouldered by top notch lawyers and so-called experts in this and that, dedicated to seemingly legal activities, using a combination of Think Tanks, total Media Control, “legal” money printing-control of the monetary-financial policy, insider trading-rigging-control of both the commercial and the investment banking, ownership of political parties, candidates campaign financing, lobbying, positioning spies and Sayanim in key offices (a representative may replace another, but the Admin. Structure in place remains INTACT, serving the same MAFIA Dons, who in the first instance put their foot soldiers in there).

    These modern MAFIAS use combined sophisticate methods and legalese humbug to stall, communicate, infiltrate, steal secrets, stage false tracks and events, bogey-trap patriots and push them aside, in addition to all the traditional means-weapons-actions known to and from the time of Rose Gold-Shirley Herman, Mandy Weiss, Little ‘Farvel’ Cohen, Benjamin Tannenbaum, Bugsy Siegel, Meyer lansky, etc.

    One the most outstanding characteristics of the modern Mob is that it uses hit-men only as a last resorts. 99% of its Dons and intermediate level enforcers are Jews and It has successfully managed to HIJACK and own America lock-stock ‘n barrel and put it at the sole service of the International Zion Talmudic Mafia, making it possible for the USA to be remote controlled from Tel Aviv-London by the Parallel Mafioso Government that perverting the US society and sucking the nation and the American People dry.

    This is a UNIQUE event in the history of mankind. Never before has a MAFIA achieved, with or without firing its guns, to infiltrate ALL the US Institutions, to position its lieutenants at the top of every Agency that matters, to own Congress and part of the US Senate and to CHOOSE, as it pleases and when it pleases (Jonhson taking over from JFK), who is going to be the president of the USA, who is to be head of a National Agency (Chad Freeman case), who is to be in the Govt and who definitely will not.

    Yes, we have only ourselves to blame for letting it happen. Our children will for sure blame us for not doing what we ought to do to free ourselves from slavery and protecting them from those who, we know all too well, are and will be threatening their future and wellbeing and in general peace and freedom worldwide.


    • If you ask Sharon, SatanYahoo or their owner Rothschilds they’ll say: “…You sheeple: we didn’t infiltrate the U.S. we created it!!!”

  2. Rubicon was a fantastic show. The official version of why it was cancelled was due to a lack of viewership vs the cost of production…..Funny that at the particular time only two FX produced programs had ever surpassed the viewership of Rubicon. How can such a program, given the cast, ever be cancelled for anything related to cost. All other networks would have re-upped every day of the week and twice on Sunday.



  3. I guess the Intel community has just thrown in the towel and decided if you can’t beat em join em.

    Following investment patterns has long been a tool in identifying perps in advance. In early 2000 Bill Cooper predicted first a Bush victory and subsequently a war in the Middle East, likely Iraq. He came to this conclusion primarily by watching the large oil services companies who began ordering drilling and production equipment at well above expected levels. Knowing that there is a lag of up to two years in getting large orders filled he deduced that the above scenario was likely. I’m sure if a group of misfit former operatives could piece it together with only very limited access to information the spooks must have been putting their cash into the oil futures and defcons like no tomorrow.

    Nothing seems to have changed much since.

  4. Could also be that right now we’re seeing a free for all,steal all you can as long as it’s possible.
    Most of the billionaires manipulating these transactions are mostly hedge-fund vultures.
    The same ones that supported (Israel .backed) Romney.
    Could it be there’s a internal war going on between the European bankers(that support Obama) and the Hegdefund vultures (that support Israel backed Romney)?
    Remember Sarkozy(Israel asset) taking out Dominic Straus Kahn(Rothschild Asset)?
    Remember the Rothschild -Rockefeller “multi million dollar cooperation ” that was announced in June 2012?
    Rothschild and Rockefeller have been joined from the hip for over a hundred years.
    To make their cooperation public can only mean there’s trouble at the top.
    Can’t be ,because they’re “all Jews”?
    European Bankers(Jews) created Zionism and slaughtered millions of jews in ww2.
    Want to see what the delusional,Nazi settlers in Israel will do to their fellow jews when they have to leave their stolen lands in the West Bank.
    The US presidential elections wasn’t just over who will be president,it was over who will control the US.
    Obama(European bankers)or Romney(Israel-neocon-hedgefund vultures).
    Could there be a split between Rothschild(European bankers) and Rockefeller(hedgefund vultures)?
    There’s no clear captain on the ship anymore,therefore a total free for all.
    And what about the multitrillion (with a “t”) derivatives market.
    That’s the reason “billionaires ” are so “yesterday”,and the Dollar is worth toiletpaper.

    Israel’s problems won’t be solved with money(anymore),so won’t the US’ and Europe’s problems.
    The bankers are still in control and to maintain in charge they’ll throw the world into a convulsion.
    Leon Strauss’ Chaos theory is being released on the world.

    • Hey Rah, Looks like you’ve been made somones special project. Wonder who?


    • Learn your History my man and watch Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Never told then get back to me. You have been brainwashed by the Jewish controlled media. Juswt look at what happened to those soldiers who displayed the SS symbol and see how afraid the Zionist were of this symbol, Also for your information Theodore Rossevelt was a jew and knew about the planned Pearl Harbor attack and purposely allowed those 2400 Sailors to die. This is what has been going on ever since and you all are nothing but Sacraficial Lambs for Israel. Wake up.

      • @ johnsholtes

        “…Also for your information Theodore Rossevelt (sic) was a jew and knew about the planned Pearl Harbor attack and purposely allowed those 2400 Sailors to die…”

        It would enhance your credibility, were you to get the right Roosevelt.

    • Congratulations, Rahnameh, you and many more here at VT know that special kind of language very well. I learned it especially from leftist political organizations, it’s their usual way to disturb and defocus people.

      One thing, I learned here at VT is that the same old rethorical tricks are used over and over and always by the ame kind of people, always for the same goal – divide and conquer.

    • @ The Rahnameh

      “The UN is great….”

      Read Agenda 21, the UN’s plan for “sustainable development.” For starters, people’s being forbidden to trespass into areas of their own country. GMO crops.

      Read about UN plans to take over regulation of the Internet. Read about UN plans to impose taxation on individuals.

      These are not conspiracy theories. You can read about the UN’s plans in their own documents.

      Read about connections between WHO and the manufacturers of the H1N1 vaccines. Read about the consequences of WHO’s program of administering live virus oral polio vaccine in India.

      We were told that the UN was established to peaceably settle disputes between nations. By heading in the direction of a world government, it has exceeded its original mandate.

      The people at the top of the UN bureaucracy are power hungry, corrupt and unaccountable.

  5. Preston James, Ph.D

    This excellent article takes up where Naomi Klein’s, “Shock Doctrine” economics leaves off. Thanks to General Smedley Butler most readers here know about war making for war profits. This is different, this is saber-rattling using the media and the state as a means to funnel vast new fortunes to the mega international offshore based corporations that have hijacked America and bought or own almost every major mainstream media and politician, bureaucrat and USG official. This is essentially the creation and use of “virtual war” to manipulate these markets and no real bombs and bulets are required unless something goes wrong (which it often does). And as usual the financial victims of this are “we the people” and small business.

    Exposure is the first stage of stopping this massive corporate RICO crime spree which has been going on for a long time, but now much worse with the world-wide electronic mass media provided on TV. This expose is a public service and highest commendations are due to the author, Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of veterans today. This is one of the best articles anywhere in a long time.

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