Scoop! Bibi’s letter to Khaled Meshal

Scoop! Bibi’s letter to Khaled Meshal


By Alan Hart


Hey readers, I’ve got a scoop. It’s the text of a letter – don’t ask me how I got it – from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to Hamas leader Meshal.

It was hand delivered in Gaza by one of Israel’s many Palestinian collaborators who lives there.

Like most if not all others of his kind, the poor man didn’t volunteer to spy for Israel. He was “recruited” after being told that his wife would be raped if he didn’t provide information for Israel.

Many years ago, as I noted in my book Arafat, Terrorist or Peacemaker?, Abu Iyad, Fatah’s intelligence chief, told me that most Palestinians who became Israeli assets did so because they were told that their mothers, or their wives, or their daughters or their sisters would be raped if they didn’t do what Israel’s security agencies wanted. “It’s Israel’s standard procedure,” Abu Iyad said. (During Israel’s ground and air assault on Beirut in 1982, a Palestinian woman came to Abu Iyad and confessed that she was an Israeli agent, one of 30 who were reporting on Arafat’s movements to enable Israeli jets to zero in and bomb him to pieces. Abu Iyad had the other 29 rounded up and shot. He didn’t tell Arafat until they were dead because he knew the chairman would have insisted on mercy and forgiven them).

The envelope containing Netanyahu’s letter was addressed to “His Excellency, Khaled Meshal.” The letter itself was to “The Palestinian Terrorist Leader.”

The text was as follows:

I thank you with all my heart for your speech in Gaza confirming that Hamas wants no compromise with the Jewish state which, you said, must be liberated, destroyed, “inch by inch.”

Why am I moved to thank you?

I’ll tell you very frankly.

You have solved what was threatening to become a serious problem for me.

The problem?

For some months past European leaders and even people with an inside track to my very, very dear friend Barak Obama have been telling me that I do not understand Hamas’s real position.

Time and time again I have been told that if I want to do what is best for Israel, I must look beyond the rhetoric Hamas leaders use to keep hope alive in the hearts and minds of their supporters and Palestinians everywhere.

Hamas’s real position, I have been told, is that while it will never, ever, recognize Israel’s right to exist, it is prepared to accept the reality of Israel’s existence inside its pre-1967 borders, The obvious implication, I have been told time and time again, is that Hamas has become pragmatic and is prepared to negotiate on the basis of an end to Israel’s occupation of the West Bank including East Jerusalem, to enable the creation of a Palestinian state which would live in peace with an Israel as envisaged by the letter and spirit of UN Security Council Resolution 242.

I have even been shown “evidence” in the form of newspaper reports which quoted you and other Hamas leaders categorically stating your readiness for peace or at least “a permanent truce” with an Israel inside its pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem the capital of a Palestinian state or an undivided Jerusalem the capital of two states.

We both know this is a deception on Hamas’s part. You revealed its true face in your speech in Gaza. You want to destroy the Jewish state.

Thanks to what you said in Gaza, I can now look European and other leaders in the eye and say, “It’s not me who doesn’t understand Hamas’s real position, it’s you.” And if they continue to tell me I should accept Hamas as a party to negotiations, I can and will tell them to go to hell.

As I told my cabinet colleagues shortly after you had spoken in Gaza, if we handed over territory in Judea and Samaria, we’d be inviting rocket and missile attacks from there on Tel Aviv. And that, I told my colleagues, is why no government I lead will ever bow to international pressure and put Israel’s security at risk.

The old year is about to end and my wish is that you won’t see a new one.

All I want to add for the sake of discussion of the kind I once had with Arafat is this.

The notion that a Palestinian state would launch attacks on Israel from the liberated West Bank is absurd in the extreme. What would happen if it did? Arafat’s answer in more or less the following words was this: “The Israeli Goliath would roll over the Palestinian mini state and crush it out of existence, and it would do so with the understanding and support of the world.”

Arafat added, and surely he was right, that having struggled so long for some justice, his people would not be mad enough to give Israel the pretext to close the Palestine file for ever.

The only madness is in the mind of Netanyahu and more than a few of his cabinet colleagues.

And one more point. The man who is contributing most to the process that may well lead to the destruction of the “Jewish state” is Netanyahu himself. If that was only my Gentile opinion it would not matter, but there is today a small but growing number of Jews, including some Israelis, who are aware of this and saying so.

In that light Meshal could respond to Netanyahu’s letter with these words: “No, prime minister, it is me who has to thank you for what you are doing to destroy your state!”


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30 Comments for “Scoop! Bibi’s letter to Khaled Meshal”

  1. If the above stated letter is authentic, why would Netanyahu waste his time “writing a letter to Khaled Meshal”?

    He could simply take the evidence, “confirming that Hamas wants no compromise with the Jewish state which, you said, must be liberated, destroyed, “inch by inch.” (quoted from the letter), of whatever Meshal, might have said, to convince whom Netanyahu wants to: that land grab, ethnic cleansing, children and women slaying and genocide of the Palestinian people is SELF DEFENSE.

    The core issue is: Jews from Europe invaded a territory which was not and is not theirs, terrorized, murdered and drove away the originally inhabitants of Palestine, and created a Criminal-Illegal State, with the help of GB-USA-Europe and Russia, which was then ruled by Jews.

    Rhetoric and who said what won’t help solve the Problem of Occupied Palestine by a Mafia Dons who established there a Theocratic-Jews Only Apartheid State. Neither Psycho Netanyahu, nor ANY of his predecessors have shown ANY willingness to accept or respect ANY of the UN resolutions, regarding the legitimate rights of the Palestinian People, in the last 65 years. So, what’s wrong with Mashal saying he wants his ancestral land back? He was born there, which is not the case for Ben Gourion-Golda Meir, Shimon Peres Jabotinsky and Netanyahu’s own father.
    Psycho Netanyahu, whose father was Jabotinsky’s secretary, is grabbing at any new EXCUSE or street smart to bamboozle any US-EU politician or head of state, stupid enough or/and ignorant of the historical facts regarding the creation of Israel, in order to carry on the agenda of total occupation of Palestine and expulsion of the Arabs still living there.

    Avigdor Lieberman said publicly that all Arabs must be expulsed and so did, before him, Jabotinsky.

    Any Palestinian who respects himself or herself would never give up LIBERATING Palestine. The Zios are living on stolen land. Historians like Ilan Pappe have said so publicly and scholars with ETHICS know it is very much the TRUTH.

    Things have changed, knowledgeable people know how Israel was created. Netanyahu or any other Zion Talmudic Mafia don or Doña can’t fool us anymore with TWISTED LOGIC, nor with the use upside down RHETORIC CONSTRUCTIONS to justify the “right” to defend STOLEN PROPERTY, by means of killing its RIGHTLY OWNERS, who assisted by International Law and HISTORY, will never give up claiming Palestine back. It is only a matter of time before Talmudlandia implodes from within and this, by the same suicidal dynamics and sick rules followed by the psychos, who took turns to slaughter the Palestinians and hijack USA and Europe.

    • I heard an anti-Zionist jew being interviewed on the radio yesterday saying that more Jews are leaving Israel now than emigrating.

      The Jewish / Israeli birthrate is negative too, apparently.

      Soon it seems, this disgusting chapter in human history will thankfully be over.

      Amen to that.

  2. “”It was hand delivered in Gaza by one of Israel’s many Palestinian collaborators who lives there.”” — To my understanding Hamas kills all collaborators with the occupying evil state. So how did this guy show up at their door and hand them a letter and then leave?? doesn’t make sense.

    • habbas75

      You are correct, if Hamas or Hesbollah ever catch a traitor, he or she will be executed.
      Reading Hart´s letter you can see they even execute women in great numbers.
      This is one part of the letter, but not the only one, which I find unbelievable, ” a known collaborator”!!
      Sure, the Hamas is made up of a bunch of idiots, let a collaborator walk around to provide the israelis with information so they can kill their leaders. Simply unbelieveable and knowing the work of Mr. Hart for so many years, I am really sorry for him.

  3. With all respect I have for Alan Hart, I must refuse to believe that Niniyahoo would be so stupid to write such a letter. He is a shrewd politician and knows what consequences he must face should the letter ever be released and Hamas would do good to do just that.

    Someone with the experience of Mr. Hart should smell this as a fake a thousand miles away, therefore I just cannot understand why did he authenticate it with this article.
    In my opinion the Mossad is doing its every dirty work to discredit the Hamas leaders and show how brave Nini is. Lest we forget, elections are next month in Israel and he must win to be able to continue building Eretz Israel.
    What is Mr. Hart´s part in this? I do not know, but I noticed a change in the tone of his articles during the past few months. Is he being blackmailed? Your guess is as good as mine.

    • It could be satire – in the way the prime monster fuhrer’s thought process actually works

      • Yep. Satire.

        • I read it again, but could not decide if he means this or just a satire.

          What I noticed, that in his last few articles he went out of his way to emphacise that “he means the zionists, not the jews”!!
          It is like saying, the mafia, not the italians, the nazis, not the germans, the communists, not the russian jews, etc.
          We all know that those zionists in Israel are all jews, their major supporters all over the world are also mostly jews, so why his pussyfooting?
          It would be a shame if he got turned.

    • Netanyahu could have written it precisely because he knew it WOULD be released, using it to rub Hamas’ face in the dirt. That is, after all his usual behavior, arrogance for the sake of arrogance, the more public, the better.

  4. Experts from an article:

    The corrugated iron roof at Mahdshub’s* house leaks. It’s dusk, and in this run-down neighborhood of Lod, where you can get any drug you want, the evening’s business is starting to pick up for the prostitutes.

    Mahdshub too was an Israeli spy, albeit not a voluntary one. As a young man he was caught stealing from his employer’s till. The price for not having charges brought was spying for the Israelis. At first it was just little stuff, like telling them where a neighbor worked, or somebody’s license plate number. And he was paid.

    “But once you’ve taken money, there’s no going back. Then they’ve got you,” says Mahdshub, sporting a wool cap inside to protect himself from the draft from a broken window.

    The recruiting methods of the secret service were tantamount to blackmail, he says. Sometimes travel or work permits were promised, or there were threats to ruin the reputations of women in the family by circulating vile rumors.

    Small-time criminals doing jail time were able to get early release if they agreed to spy.

    “The Israelis pressed me like a lemon and then threw me away.”

    His contact promised him that Allah would never forget his good deeds for the Israelis, and gave him $1000. The money is long gone.

    • Oops! Should be excerpts.

    • Everything the Israeli’s fled in Germany they themselves have become today. Prison’s, High Towers with Snipers, Miles of razor wire, the Spies, The turning in of ones own family like those in Germany did to the Gestapo SS boys.

      The Jew’s may have fled Germany, but they brought every detail of that era with them and use it daily. So YES! They will “Never Forget”. This phobia… they have with their implants into the American Society created the Police State here too and have every bit of that same era operating here too.

  5. Right of Return is an inalienable right.

    • I never said it did.

      • Smart answer….but wrong. Palestine was a Turkish owned piece of land. Judah was also a lower state in Occupied Ottoman Territory…..The so called pieces of excrement who dictate to our present sad infiltrated assholes….are Ashkanizi Turko – Mongol bastards.

        • And we as American’s today in our borders have been the only ones to use Nuclear Weapon’s on Civilian’s. With empire building and the wars since Korea as quoted by John Pilger that America has caused the death’s of 10,000,000 people.

          Yet all we do, whether Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and the US supporting the very Al Qaeda that for nearly 12 years and two Bill’s been turned inwards upon ourselves. The Patriot and NDAA that we continue to push our form of “Western Democracy” upon the alleged “Savages” of which for years – people traveled the world enjoyed much of the history of those and other cultures without a threat. Even used these as Allies during WWII.

          But now our own government issues travel restrictions saying that of all things… We are hated for our Freedom’s when in fact we have none. This includes Mexico where the US Arms Trade is alive and doing well.

          We daily bomb those… pushing an evil agenda that is sure to lead to WWIII. Just this week new information was released on how WE as a once “Great Nation” known as the Peace Keepers, now use CHILDREN as legal targets of our power Drones.

          Some Afghan kids aren’t bystanders
          “It kind of opens our aperture,” said Army Lt. Col. Marion “Ced” Carrington, whose unit, 1st Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, was assisting the Afghan police. “In addition to looking for military-age males, it’s looking for children with potential hostile intent.”

          What have WE become?
          Children digging in the dirt is our new target. I wonder as bomb and we destroy these old “Nations” with now promise of rebuilding since all the Billions are stolen and where 86% of the US claims to be Christian and our own “Bible Root’s” came from these areas, That the Christ certainly had Brothers and Sisters who went on to live in these areas. Today which we Bomb. Where ever their borders lay today, they are still all a part of “us” if not the U.S.

    • Back off my buddy Blake…He’s as anti-zionist as anyone on VT…if not more so.

      • That was directed to Rahnameh

        • Eileen Fleming is the one who told me that. Go read her articles on deliberation. In the comment section you will see she answered my question with that very line. You twist and troll like one of them.

  6. These “people” (I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt) really are Satan’s children, formerly known as The Serpent, a reptilian creature who seeks to rule the world.

    There’s nothing good about them and there’s probably nothing HUMAN about them, either.

  7. That’s a sad story. I always picture myself as someone taken advantage of. Roi Tov is an Argentinian ex-“Israeli” convert to Christianity who Mossad tried to assassinate in exile in Bolivia. They have given him permanent damage to his throat from which he fears he will get throat cancer. Bolivian authorities have confiscated all his docs and his only means of id is his ATM card so when that expires he fears he will be on the street. Pres Morales is not so anti “Israel” as we are lead to believe.

    By the way he has a blog on the net if you are interested in his stuff.

  8. What the Palestinians should have done is to immediately make this trick widely known and declare any girl who would be a victim of it as innocent. That would have taken the blackmail value out of it.
    I have also read that they often refuse access to medical treatment in Israel to Palestinians unless they accept to work for the Shin Beth. One Palestinian from Gaza who urgently needed an eye operation was made such an offer which he declined. He was refused entry into Israel for his eye operation and became blind.

    And these are the people who call themselves “God’s Chosen People”, a “Holy People”, a “Nation of Priests”.

  9. Argentinian born ex-“Israeli” that should read

  10. I guess Hasbara must have sent you here to chase all the commentators away. You are the one with the “agenda”. A deluded soul if ever there was one.

  11. Like I said…I know Blake is as dedicated an anti-zionist…anti-israel activist as anyone I’ve ever known. Anyone trying to portray hi as a hasbarat has his head up his ass…or has an agenda.

  12. More projection. In all your spam you have not proved a word of what you said. And who is the “we” you keep going on about? All the voices in your head?

Comments are closed


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