Washington Supporting Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (Video)

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Dictatorship Seen as US Aim


By F. William Engdahl


Geopolitical analyst F. William Engdahl says Washington is secretly supporting Muslim Brotherhood to turn Egypt into an Islamic dictatorship.

Egypt’s opposition is calling for more protests, after President Morsi insisted on going ahead with a referendum on the new constitution, which is viewed by many as discriminatory.

Even his decision to scrap the decree which had granted him almost absolute power, was dismissed as a play on words.

The U.S. has made no comment on Egypt’s draft constitution, even though it’s criticized for undermining basic freedoms.

Geopolitical analyst F. William Engdahl says Washington is secretly supporting Muslim Brotherhood to turn Egypt into an Islamic dictatorship.

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7 Comments for “Washington Supporting Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (Video)”

  1. Here again, The US after supporting the wicked Al Qaeda and Rebel’s in Libya, they now support the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria too.
    Who are the Muslim Brotherhood? (Think WTC Bombing 1993) But here is who they are in Syria.

    You can watch how like the FSA Terrorist’s, The Muslim Brotherhood is also murdering Civilian’s and Police and this is all to be blamed on Assad’s Government. Oddly, Hillary Clinton now says that the very ones that Obama made it “Legal” for US Citizen’s to donate to are in fact.. Terrorist’s!

    So like the US Government, Those who did support these Terrorist’s have violated the NDAA and Patriot Acts as well as the Lugar-Obama Act. (Supplying Man-Pad’s) like in Libya whereas the CIA agent who was there to destroy/disable them was murdered.

    The FSA are training their Children to be Just Like Them! This was to be the Approved Government that would replace Assad. Now the US in revamping their LIES is trying to setup another Government apart from these Terrorist’s that they Were Supporting. This as you know wont go well as these Rebel’s get the news that they were USED by the US and may all face War Crimes for their Action’s in Syria towards the Civilian People.

    Train up a youth according to the WAY and when he gets old he will not turn from it.
    Thank You US Government!

  2. I wonder what type of blackmail material the Israelis have on Morsi. The Israeli motto if we can’t blackmail you we can’t trust you, just ask Barack Obama and Lindsey Graham.

    • On your list is missing the names of the whole US congress, government, great part of DC administration, just to get started.

    • Is that why Obama declared today that he’s gonna send 20 F-16′s to Egypt ,the day after he will be inaugurated as President(without public and press) on 22 januari 2013.?

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