How to Add a ship to the AO Vietnam Presumptive list & Sgt Shaft Note about SBA

Agent Orange-related illness?


Sgt. Shaft


Was ship in Vietnam exposed to Agent Orange?


Dear Sgt. Shaft:

A friend of mine who recently passed from cancer was in Vietnam on the USS Hoel DDG 13. The ship had several missions in Vietnam, but it is not on the VA ships list. His daughter is trying to help get compensation for her mother. Can you help?

Stuart O.
Via the Internet

Dear Stuart:

If you think a ship should be on the list and you are not filing a claim, you may conduct your own research and submit documentary evidence to VA.

Documentary evidence includes deck logs, ship histories and cru ise book entries. You may obtain ship deck logs from the National Archives at College Park, Md.

This evidence must show the ship entering the inland waterways of Vietnam, docking in Vietnam or otherwise sending crew members ashore. A ship that anchored in an open water harbor, such as Da Nang Harbor, is not sufficient evidence for the presumption of Agent Orange exposure. You must scan your documentary evidence and email it to the Veterans Benefits Administration’s Compensation Service at Emails sent to this email address are not secure, so do not include personal data.

Shaft notes

A Shaft shot to the Small Business Administration for eliminating the veteran’s advocacy award as part of the competition that recognizes various groups for their contribution to America’s small business. SBA sponsors the annual National Small Business Week (NSBW), part of which includes an award ceremony. The categories have included Financial Small Business Champion, Minority Small Business Champion, Women in Business Champion of the Year, etc. …

This year, the SBA has eliminated a number of pre-existing categories and has substituted other categories to include:

  • National Small Business Person of the Year (chosen from among state award winners from each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam);
  • Phoenix Awards (recognizing outstanding accomplishments during disaster recovery);
  •  Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year;
  •  Small Business Subcontractor of the Year;
  •  The Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for Excellence (recognizes large prime contractors who have used small businesses as suppliers and contractors);
  •  SBA 8(a) Graduate of the Year (for recent graduates of the SBA’s 8(a) contracting program);
  •  Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Excellence and Innovation Award (nominations of SBA-funded SBDC Service Centers);
  •  Women’s Business Center (WBCs) of Excellence Award (nominations of SBA-funded WBCs);
  •  Veterans Business Outreach Center Excellence in Service Award (nominations of SBA-funded Veterans Business Outreach Centers).

These new award categories are primarily a self-serving list of which many of the categories are those that the SBA funds.

Eliminating the Veterans Small Business Champion Award is a bad decision.

First, this decision was made without any input from leadership in the veterans community, or even within veterans representatives within the SBA. Essentially, it was rolled out under the cover of night. Secondly, this decision is at odds with this administration’s pronouncements of being pro-veteran. Furthermore, this decision is inconsistent with SBA’s own initiatives such as “Boots to Business,” which was rolled out this summer at Quantico by Karen Mills, the SBA administrator. And, by the SBA’s own government procurement scorecard, most federal agencies miss their SDVOB procurem ent goals.

The SBA knows this. It is incomprehensible for the SBA to then eliminate a category designed to inspire, encourage and recognize those individuals (to include those in the civilian/private sector) who advocate day and night to help and promote veteran-owned small businesses.

The Sarge urges the chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee to have those apparatchiks at the SBA who are responsible for this disgraceful action march up to the Veterans Affairs and justify their outrageous decision.

 Five new members have been appointed to the Department of Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee on Women Veterans, an expert panel that advises VA on issues and programs affecting women veterans.

“VA relies on the Advisory Committee on Women Veterans to provide insight on key issues that impact the women veteran population. The committee’s recommendations provide guidance that direct VA’s efforts to identify and address the diverse needs of women veterans,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “VA welcomes the newest members.”

Established in 1983, the committee makes recommendations to the secretary for administrative and legislative changes. The new committee members, who are appointed to two-year terms, are: Gina Chandler, Bryant, Ark.; Larri Gerson, Dunedin, Fla.; Mary Morin, Raymond, N.H.; Charlotte S. Smi th, Farmington, N.M.; and Mary Westmoreland, Bronxville, N.Y.

Send letters to Sgt. Shaft, c/o John Fales, P.O. Box 65900, Washington, D.C. 20035-5900; fax 301/622-3330, call 202/257-5446 or email


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1 Comment for “How to Add a ship to the AO Vietnam Presumptive list & Sgt Shaft Note about SBA”

  1. “It is incomprehensible for the SBA to then eliminate a category designed to inspire, encourage and recognize those individuals (to include those in the civilian/private sector) who advocate day and night to help and promote veteran-owned small businesses.”

    OTOH, it is entirely comprehensible SOP to anyone raised-up on Arthur C. Doyle’s works as well as Dick Tracy, Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys in print (Johnny Dollar made a fine how-to model on the radio, not to leave Paul Harvey out for that matter) that the Bad Guys who operate the current Domestic National Takedown Black Ops programs (ijncludng but by no means limited to aerosol bio/chemtrails, all the quacking duckspeak of media-unification, all the leg-breaking stolen-nuke play, ongoing DU contaminatiojn for-purpose, full-spectrum NSA data-hoovering, HS/TSA graft, kabuki and kidporn sales from the scanners etc etc ad naus these terrorwar-distorted days) from cloaked-over plausibly deniable positions elevated nicely *above* the Advisory Committee to wheedle, cajole, threaten, blackmail, bribe etc etc etc ad naus (as well as hand-picking the front-line operatives) to pass up any opportunity to inflict even greater dispiritedness on all within these borders – Sufferin’ Separated Soldiers Sent Home FIRST.

    The ripple effect, from that evil POV, is just frkn priceless.

    This problem patterns out exactly to that foul spec to Yours Truly’s somewhat experienced eyes, mind and heart. Dirty Black Hat SOP, nothing more than that. That gang does it that way every time. Not so very many OTHER ways to DO it, really…

    “Five new members have been appointed to the Department of Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee on Women Veterans, an expert panel that advises VA on issues and programs affecting women veterans.”

    So do tell, please: Who proposed their appointments – and who do THOSE take their orders from? And outside of Office Hours, the likely associates from the well-known pool and list of suspects due for arrest asap under the Law?

    Any classic signs of malfeasant intent? If so, then on what level of the Chain of Command?

    Bush-era “Brownies”, one gathers, are by now right firmly embedded within the VA administration’s basic structure… Manyyears now and they are STILL HOLDING KEY JOBS. Some appropriate quiet looksee re who-from-where-and-when just might be followed by maybe a couple-three Lateral Shifts…

    Jjust might prove to be the Right Move… All the while during the transition period, of course, someone might want to keep a sharp ear (and a Third Nostril) out for the near-infantile (though sometimes subtle in the adult) snivels and Aggressive Shrieking Objections that often follow the news breaking over their head(s) in the Boss’s Office that sudden-dismissal with-Cause morning.

    Not saying what is; not there so don’t really know. But no criminal agenda is ever so slick as to evade those who know what a trail of stolen pearls on the corridor floor indicates… You know there is exactly such an agenda “in play” right this very moment and for many decades back; even Mister Nice-Acting President O said so only last week.

    Bet a fistful o’ Homemade Money against any stale donut on the desk that the same cause that is driving the stolen nukes to endgame also fuels a hypothetical (at this time) VA Degradation Agenda… Think about it – If in such an too-lofty-by-half big-power teetery position: Wouldn’t YOU?

    Just workin’ the ol’ Lobes… Can’t shake the notion. Worth the looksee if someone asks YT… ‘Nuff said.

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