Shadow Forces Behind Government

by Sartre

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5 Comments for “Shadow Forces Behind Government”

  1. Excellent article once again Sartre. Who can find fault or inaccuracy in it?

    People will not be able to complain that the truth was not ‘Out there’ when you looked for it. Every time the truth is written in an article – it alerts and mobilizes another good man or woman to the imminent danger that hangs over us. This is why the satanic cabal has gone to such pains to ‘dumb down’ the capacity for critical and rational thought in the public mind – and why selflessness, altruism and conscientiousness is being discouraged in the younger generations.

  2. & LOOTING everything is never enough for all shadow governments: http://www.CAFR1.COM

  3. dcstreettechnology

    Is it Bait? You use the cover of the video D.C. Street Sorcery! Extraordinary theory! Extraordinary FACT! Washington D.C. is NOT the Capital of the United States! Washington D.C is a TECHNOLOGY MASKED AS A CAPITAL! It is so simple to figure out a child could do it. IT IS JUST CONNECT THE DOTS!

  4. That is how they prefer it. “Give me control of a nation’s currency and don’t I care who not makes its laws…policies, etc”. – M. A. Rothschild (1744-1812)

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  1. mpennery: This is a brilliant editorial. Thanks. Matt
  2. Gerry Kraut: I have read a lot about this subject, really I have. But this is something else!
  3. Alois: The almighty monotheistic god is a war god! A jealous god full of hatred against anyone who opposes his demand and his chosen people. Its a fictive god created by a criminal ...
  4. Gerry Kraut: Weird. Is it only me? This article seems to be alive.
  5. Luutzen: This planet is ruled the by Satanic banksters, the Rothschild-Zionists Goldman Sachs murderous syndicate [FED+ECB+IMF+BIS+Megacorps]. They want to CONTROLL the planet’s money supply (volume of money), debt and interest. This is ...

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