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Stewart grew up on his family's farm located in NE Ohio's Summit County. In the middle of his last high-school year he asked his parents to give their permission for him to enroll, as a 17 year-old minor, in the US Naval Air Reserves "weekend warrior" O-2 training program at the Akron, Ohio Naval Air Station.

He graduated near the top of Hudson Township's 1951 class of forty-seven students. After spending part of that summer on active training duty, he commuted from home to Kent State University and to NAS Akron. The following summer his Navy Squadron flew an east coast logistical air wing based at Norfolk, VA Naval Air Station. He has fond memories of flying at 17 - 20 years of age in these Navy propeller-driven airplanes: PBY, SNJ, SNB, TBM, and R4D.

The Navy enabled him to transfer to Ohio State University and occupied his time again throughout the following summer. By December of 1955, at which time he earned his Bachelor of Science degree, the war in Korea had ended. More importantly for him, education and developing personal convictions precluded him from pursuing a military career.

He went to work within a few days of graduation, with a "Q" Security Clearance from the Atomic Energy Commission, in a laboratory at Battelle Memorial Institute, within walking distance of the college. An avid reader, by 1960 he no longer considered an academic or military career, nor a lifetime spent working in the confines of a laboratory. He took a job in Ohio with Lever Brothers Company, a large consumer products marketing firm that offered a two-year in-field sales-training program. After the two years he was promoted and transferred to New York City where he eventually participated in the introduction of new products.

He resigned from Lever after six years to triple his income, switching from marketing consumer products to industrial sales. By 1968 he had become one of the nation's top producing truck-body salesmen, selling to major truck-rental companies. After learning the techniques of successful distributor marketing, he moved on to become regional sales manager of a company for a couple of years and then the general sales manager of a division of a publicly traded company. He drove the business into a profitable position within his first full quarter's accounting period.

In 1976 he decided to go into business for himself and to return to his mid-western roots. In the course of a year he built an early Century-21 real estate franchise into the SE Ohio region's leading office in all areas: recruiting, listings, sales, and profit. Bored with that business, he began to study the way that personal financial products were marketed, especially "savings-type" or "money-back" life-insurance. These were financial contracts that he could never fully comprehend.

After sending away for The Consumers Union Guide to Life Insurance and reading it carefully, it became obvious to him that accurate information was needed from other than the industry's trained salesmen and their clever General Agents.

He then studied several books on the subject, including Norman F. Dacey's What's Wrong with Your Life Insurance, G. Scott Reynolds' The Mortality Merchants, the classic chapter #13 on life-insurance in Venita Van Caspel's Money Dynamics, and Randal A. Hendricks definitive study, "A Legal Analysis of the Sale of Life Insurance", [The Houston Law Review 810 (1969)].

He decided to recruit and train a marketing organization that would accurately inform consumers, enabling them to make financial decisions in the interest of their families rather than in those of already financially bloated life-insurance companies.

He met and joined forces with a couple of older highly successful and experienced sales executives, the men who introduced the marketing of mutual funds to the American public. Together, over the next several years, he worked with the progressive insurance companies for which they designed products his own company marketed.

In 1980 he wrote and self-published Financial Recovery. Advertised in full-page ads in "Life Insurance Selling" magazine, where it received a favorable review, thousands of copies were bought by individual agents and agencies across America where it helped to create substantial industry changes.

From 1980 to 1985 he built, owned, and managed a company that became one of the top volume diversified brokerage agencies in America, marketing selected financial products nationally, including tax-deferred single-premium annuities before the tax-law was changed from FIFO to LIFO effective Aug. 14, 1982, and selling attractive unregistered tax-sheltered investments before the IRS eliminated them with TEFRA. Before the personal computer age, he struggled to learn how to program the TI-59 in order to provide responsible agents throughout the country a means of calculating and presenting replicable and accountable financial product analyses for their clients at the point of sale.

He made the stupid mistake by entering politics. A couple of friends and Stewart picked a slate of state-wide candidates after helping the new Libertarian Party gain Ohio ballot access. He ran for the Ohio Senate, campaigning on rejection of the state income tax, repeal of the federal income tax, and audit of the Federal Reserve System. He put a sign on the back of his motorcycle's seat that read, "Stop the Federal Income Tax". It got a lot of approving honks. In retrospect, he realizes how politically naive he was at the time. He did relatively well at the polls but unexpectedly generated personally destructive and formidable enemies.

His brilliant younger brother Bob, a PhD geologist living in Florida, had for years been encouraging him to move south. In January 1986, during a particularly cold Ohio winter, he relocated to Sarasota, Florida, a community which he loves today as much as he did the first day he found it. He hopes to live peacefully there to age 100 among interesting neighbors. He is best contacted as Stewart in

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Myth, Narrative, Manipulation and Mass Murder

by Stewart Ogilby


We should be very skeptical regarding news fed to us by TV. As of the moment, there is no reason to believe any of the Connecticut story. It appears that its ground-work has been in place since around the time of 9/11, including the creation of a heroic teacher personna. The story that the father, like that of the alleged Aurora theater killer, is involved in LIBOR litigation may have been released as a red herring. I am not convinced that the murdered mother existed at all. The alleged father appears likely to be an agent-plant. There are a number of obvious actors involved.

The perpetrators are now totally brazen with this sort of thing. Judging from comments at skeptical online articles people may be waking up quickly, unlike their decade-long coma regarding 9/11. The gunning down of elementary school kids may turn out to be the perpetrators’ big mistake. Arrogance, or hubris, eventually results in fate destroying those who overstep its limit, as Greek tragedy teaches us. The present narrative might get blown apart. It is up to all of us not to fall for disinformation and to keep our heads in seeking and publicizing verifiable discrepancies in news surrounding this latest horrifying narrative.

What we call modernity has resulted from the exploding number of humans having been led by a relatively small number of aristocrats, who, in self-interest, became beholden to absolute rulers, monarchs, and czars. Since the French Revolution and a progressive decline in the political power of monarchs, masses have increasingly fallen under the control of parliaments, such as our own Congress. Elites have steered the masses, through myth and narrative, in directions that are financially profitable for themselves, war being a huge example. Advantages to others have not accrued altruistically.

Manipulation is always done through myth and narrative. In the past, narrative was supported by religion in appealing to human superstitions, fears, and fantasies. With modern communication technology we call this psy-op and disinformation methodology. What is going on today is simply a continuation of an ages old game. It is highly problematical that the masses can ever be led rationally. The best we can hope for is that a former aristocratic class gets a grip on the nature of the game and, as happened at the signing of Magna Carta, is able to wrest political control from absolute rulers.

Lord Acton was correct in observing that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Today’s elites, who happen to be society’s bankers, are now overwhelmed by their own greed and in increasing fear of losing wealth and power. This has made them paranoid and they are becoming careless. It is up to each of us to expose the nature of their game and attempt to create a future for the human race on our small planet.

It is not necessarily depressing to realize that manipulation through myth and narrative affects us all. When push comes to shove, those with healthy imaginations, superior intellects, and constructive values must engage in this ourselves if we expect to turn the masses away from environmentally fatal and hedonistic destructive pursuits that are financially profitable for today’s cynical elites but that threaten man and mankind’s future.


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9 Responses to "Myth, Narrative, Manipulation and Mass Murder"

  1. Yukon Jack  December 20, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    Jim Stone thinks we will see closed casket funerals


    Since the children really are missing, and few (if any) died in what is obviously a wag the dog, It is extremely likely that the children were stolen and sold on the slave market. They had to go somewhere, and the people who most likely perpetrated this wag run the biggest slave trade center in the world. It just fits. If you are not aware of the sex slave trade and that little tribe, you should get informed on that topic.

    This is my best guess at why a separate “Sheriff” was sent to guard every single parent of every child afterwards. The Sheriffs are not likely to be real sheriffs, they are more likely paid goon actors, and with such child slaves selling for well over $200,000 a pop, it’s worth it to pay people to pose as sheriffs to give the first alert about any suspicions from parents. IT JUST FITS. IF THE SHOOTER IS DEAD, WHY ARE THE “SHERIFFS” NEEDED to guard every set of parents? How could they spare THAT MANY SHERIFFS, 20 sets of parents x 8 hour shift = 60 sheriffs needed. SHERIFFS, AN ELECTED POSITION, AS IN, ONLY A FEW EXIST, NOT DEPUTIES.

    HA, THAT WOULD EXPLAIN WHY NONE OF THE PARENTS HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO SEE ANY BODIES. UP AND COMING – CLOSED (AND LOCKED) CASKET “FUNERALS” and UN IDENTIFIABLE CANS OF ASHES. The disgusting “every single one was a head shot” B.S. would make that a rational possibility – head shot = closed casket or creamation, X 20. No body ever actually seen.

    It’s a safe bet that any overly anxious parents will “commit suicide” or be vanished in silence.”

  2. Yukon Jack  December 20, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    Meet the Bullcraps.

  3. dalethorn  December 20, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    I was in the Army for 3 years, did a lot of shooting, qualified as expert with M14, and aim pretty good with a variety of cheap handguns. But from a few experiences in rapid firing while in the military, I know I couldn’t do something like this without special training. But the Army didn’t train their people in this kind of killing, so unless the kid had a heckuva computer simulator and some backyard practice to confirm his ability to do what the simulator projected, I don’t see how he could pull it off.

  4. boonie rat 70  December 20, 2012 at 10:28 am

    Stewart ,you must appreciate the healthy cynicism of Shakespeare and his commentary on human nature , in particular the Stage we play our part on . Looking back into recorded history we can see Human Nature has not evolved beyond a stage set long ago . What archetype do you relate too now ? True Christianity in the form of the Gnostic Church ,which empowers each human with the ability to have a clear connection with their own Spiritual life has been suborned by the politicized Christian/Catholic Churches that dwarf any influence by the supposed Israeli threat . But ,don’t go there, right?

  5. jamesjohnson  December 20, 2012 at 5:26 am

    keep in mind the Conn state police spokesman saying that he would arrest any bloggers…interfereing with the narrative. and then posting a trooper in every victims home…for their protection or silence… and who was that long haired guy just behind the spokesman, looking like he needed a bath?

  6. JS  December 20, 2012 at 3:42 am

    I also agree that the whole thing was fake. Of the 4 Lanza family members involved, 2 (shooter and mom) are dead, 1 (brother) is in custody and unavailable, according to official reports. So maybe they never existed? The only Lanza seen has been the dad, who would be part of this setup. Is he just an actor, or is he really in financial services as claimed? Who is he?

    The Lord Acton quote is more like “Power TENDS to corrupt, and absolute power TENDS to corrupt absolutely”. I’ve had minor power, and I wasn’t corrupt; in fact, I voluntarily left every board I’ve ever been on after accomplishing one goal. That’s why I support term limits in government, but also for business and for non-profits, both of which are hotbeds of conspiracy and corruption.

    • Stewart Ogilby  December 20, 2012 at 6:52 am

      The story goes that mom had purchased and registered the guns. They had to do away with her, obviously.

  7. Garibaldi  December 19, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    Ever since 9/11, we have all been existing in a manipulated, invented, conjured, fairy-tale, simulated and/or “virtual” reality. How can this be a horrifying event if there’s no veracity to any of it?

  8. Solfeggio  December 19, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    I agree with you, and I appreciate your courage to say so early and in public. Do not assume there are real deaths if you are open to this being staged, as actors were involved in Colorado.

    I still think 911 — for all the diversity in opinion — has not been considered as a staged event where we didn’t kill 3000 of our own.

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