Applying Philosophy to Hagel’s Comments on Israel

by Bob Johnson


Obama’s nominee to be the new Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, is causing a lot of politicians and Israel firsters to be upset.

Two comments Hagel made seem to focus the most hatred on him. One statement was, “I’m not an Israeli senator. I’m a United States senator. I

hagel and obama

Hagel and Obama are no real threat to Israel and will never do anything meaningful to put America’s interests above Israel’s interests.

support Israel, but my first interest is, I take an oath of office to the Constitution of the United States, not to a president, not to a party, not to Israel.” The second statement the Israel firsters find offensive is, “The Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people. … I’ve always argued against some of the dumb things they do, because I don’t think it’s in the interest of Israel.”

The first rule of philosophy is to see things as they really are so we can arrive at the truth. Objectively and honestly looking at Hagel’s first statement above shows Hagel to be 100% correct. He was at the time of the statement (2006) a US senator and not an Israeli senator. His statement that he supports Israel seems to be true in that he voted for a war in which thousands of Americans and over a hundred of thousand of Iraqis were wounded and killed and which cost American tax payers to date well over $810 BILLION. The only beneficiary of the Iraq war is the Jewish state of Israel. His oath of office is to the Constitution of the United States and not to a president, a party or to Israel. However, if he really truly did take his oath seriously he NEVER would have voted to start an unnecessary war against Iraq.

His second statement is factually wrong in that it is not “the Jewish lobby” but it is “the Israel lobby” that has US politicians from both parties running scared. Not all Jews promote US politicians blindly supporting Israel in its bloody aggression against its neighbors at the expense of Israel’s neighbors and at the expense of Americans. His motivation for arguing against “the dumb things” the Israel lobby does is NOT because he cares about America and Americans, but because  the dumb things the Israel lobby promotes he does not think are in the best interests of Israel.

The seems to think that Hagel’s chances of winning approval from the Senate rests with the Jewish senator Chuck Schumer. Schumer is a rabid war-monger and Israel firster who actually said on a New York Jewish radio program that he believes he’s in the US Senate because God wants him there to be a protector of Israel! Schumer also attacked the Palestinian people and said he wants to “strangle” them for voting the way they did when they voted overwhelmingly in elections with international observers for Hamas in Gaza.

It’s difficult to understand why the Israel lobby and its US politicians would be worried about Hagel doing anything meaningful which would not be putting Israel’s interests over and above America’s interests. Hagel even has a fact sheet out which outlines his pro-Israel positions over the years. And as this article points out, even Israel is okay with Hagel. These facts should warn any thinking person that Hagel will not give any real opposition to a US war against Israel’s foe, Iran. (For more on this read our eBooklet The Danger of Israel [for Kindle version click here].)

Expecting true opposition and resistance to the kosher plutocracy to come from within the kosher system is foolish. It’s similar to America’s revolutionary founders looking to tax collectors and other government officials to help them free themselves from government tyranny. It’s not going to happen. The solution to the problem will only be found in the people who are the victims of the kosher plutocracy, the people who have their children marched off to war for the benefit of Israel and the US politicians who serve Israel, the people who are pushed to financial ruin while the politicians continue to tax them to pay for more wars for Israel’s aggression and for endless hand-outs to the Jewish state of Israel.

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9 Comments for “Applying Philosophy to Hagel’s Comments on Israel”

  1. ‘causing politicians and Israel firsters to be upset’ – Oh noes, the sellout killer terrorists are ‘upset’, quick someone get them a fainting couch. On second thought let’s get them all in handcuffs, NOW.

  2. I agree, it’s stupidity to the 23rd power to give credit where none is due. After all, Hagel is just another politician who will reflexively say what it thinks is in its best interest at the given moment, with no regard to any larger truth. When he states the (obvious) truth that the Jews did 9/11, as everyone with the IQ of Green Eggs and Spam already knows, I’ll (maybe) take him seriously.

    That said, the fact that, at some given moment, he said FU to the Jews, is noteworthy and speaks well of his character. The fact that Obama stood behind him MAY indicate the same desire to stand up to the same scum, although that is indeed wishful thinking, given his past (sickening) record of catering to organized depravity.

    We’ll see, whether we want to or not. Still, I’m glad Kristol and crew suffered one more blow. I hope it’s just a warm-up.

  3. Thank you to Mr Johnson – offers a further perspective to Alan Hart’s recent excellent article (“A significant defeat for the Zionist lobby ?”) In the smoke and mirrors world of global politics, nothing is what it seems…..

  4. “These facts should warn any thinking person that Hagel will not give any real opposition to a US war against Israel’s foe, Iran.”

    Is this the content of the package or the gift wrapping around?

    Would there ever be a war or do they need this as a pretense to squeeze the next zillion of foreign aid to demonstrate that Israeli socialism works?

  5. Considering that Obama is an impeachable ‘President’ given his incursions into ditatorship and contempt for citizen rights, it is a mystery why Senator Hagel would want to become associated with this Administration…unless Hagel is copesetic with doing away with the Constitution, disarming Americans, torturing, rendition, secret arrest and never ending, senseless wars.

  6. Philosophy, specially the classical part of it, is a subject I cherish very much, good to remind those, addicted to CNN-FOX News UnHollywood instant served chicken feed that nothing can replace the REASONING and THINKING one self does, applying critical thinking and common sense.

    Logic is part of philosophy and it is what we should use here. This said, I think that the important issue is not whether Hagel is or is not pro-Israel: why should he be pro-Israel in the first instance, when undisputed-documented facts shows that Israel has killed innocent Americans, spied on the USA, sold military Nuke Codes to other states, has through its Sayanim hijacked America and is actually doing all it can to push America into war against Iran?

    The important issue, the one that should provoke outrage among every American with average IQ is:

    How did America get deceived and conned by AGENTS of a FOREIGN ROGUE STATE, in a way that it is not anymore the American Govt and AMERICANS who decide AMERICAN ISSUES but SAYANIM acting in representation of Israel?

    Remember what the Zion Talmudic Mafia did to Chas Freeman, to prevent him from being nominated as the head of NSA? Shame on those who let it happen and shame on those who LET IT PASS in TOTAL IMPUNITY.

  7. Anybody who talks to that jew gawd hiding behind that burning bush on Mt Sainai or lets some holy spook or jeevis come into him needs immediate attention before they BBQ and disect their own son.

  8. Indeed, the Torah, Holy Bible (in its various versions, etc) and all other “holy texts” should be in the fiction section of libraries, bookstores, and online book sellers.

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