Is Obama killing “kill list” critics?

by Kevin Barrett


Aaron Swartz, a prominent info-warrior and critic of Obama’s “kill list,” was found dead in New York Friday.

As with so many freemasonic assassinations, including that of “DC Madam” Deborah Jean Palfrey, Swartz was hanged. Naturally the police are calling it suicide.

Swartz’s death raises the obvious question: Can you criticize Obama’s barbarian, unconstitutional “kill list” without ending up on it yourself?

My earlier article  “Disable the purveyors”: Is US secretly liquidating dissidents? suggested that the US government “kill list” may include domestic dissidents as well as foreign opponents of US policy.

But hey, I’m a reasonable, moderate guy. I’m not necessarily against all “kill lists.” In fact, I would love to see someone compile a list of everyone involved in the “kill list” program, from the top of the command chain down to the lowliest drone operator, and… (remainder of sentence deleted for reasons of National Security).

But the problem with Obama’s kill list is that it is targeting good people (like Aaron Swartz) not bad people (like names deleted for reasons of National Security) . The bad people are the ones running the kill list. They are the ones who should be (remainder of sentence deleted for reasons of National Security).

So let me hereby state that I am not only an inveterate opponent of Obama’s kill list, I am so angry about it that I would support putting an end to it by any means, including (remainder of sentence deleted for reasons of National Security). So shoot me.

Please note that I’m a practicing Muslim, so suicide is out of the question.

Anyone who participates or co-operates in any way with Obama’s “kill list” is a traitor to the Constitution of the United States, which states that no-one may be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law. Therefore, anyone who participates or co-operates in any way with Obama’s “kill list” ought to be (remainder of sentence deleted for reasons of National Security).

Maybe if we just put all kill lists on a kill list, and killed them all off, we could finally have a world where good people could just mind their own business in peace.


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25 Comments for “Is Obama killing “kill list” critics?”

  1. Kevin,

    I love these rhetorical questions, Is Obama killing kill list critics? Does a bear shit in the woods? Didn’t Obama sign an executive order last year giving the Mossad the legal right to kill American citizens? I remember reading that and being alarmed and then polishing up my AK. Doesn’t Obama have an assassination czar? Isn’t that czar a Jewish supremacist and Israeli dual citizen? Uh duh, does a bear shit in the woods?

    Israeli Viper teams are all over a place especially Jew York City, and even if you are a Jew they will kill anyone opposed to Israeli policies, just as they do in Israel. America is a greater Israel, it is infested with hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens and millions of Jews, the greatest concentration of Jews on the planet, which is most unfortunate for its citizens and freedom. So you ask, are Jews killing in a place they happen to live? Why yes professor, the Jews who live in America are Talmudicizing the laws and killing any critic of Jewish supremacist policies, and anyone who criticizes these policies is antisemitic according to Mossad intelligence agent Abe Foxman.

    Criticize a Jew or Jew policy and watch out, Israeli viper teams are in your area. And you all thought Hitler was a bad man, the most evil man in history. Really? Welcome to Weimer Germany America. The Jews have all the wealth, make all of the policies, and have turned your country into a giant gulag, a slave colony of Israel.

  2. When my government lays down it’s weapons, I will lay down mine.

  3. Why are this people so stupid using their real names?

    • I suppose because once you are aware of the capabilities of the NSA and all its rotten subdivisions, your fatalism moves well past the less productive paranoia, so you might as well have the stones to state your case with total accountability, as does Kevin Barrett. Also, a potential girlfriend might read your comment on the front lines of the world stage, or maybe you know that you are an immortal soul here to learn courage. Or discretion. Or kundalini.

      • I think no one is aware of the capabilities of the NSA, if so there would be a revolution starting tonight. I never heard about Aaron Swartz, but if he had something he should have declared loudly that if he ever wakes up with his head off his shoulders there will be letters published. For Example, Stanley Kubrick did that.


        • Whatever happened to the other “authoritative” version that Kubrick faked it in his studio on his estate in England?

  4. Unless this ‘suddenly out of favor with Israel’ “President”, soon begins what must become a massive purge of dual citizen Israelis and other Zionist riff-raff from the government–inter ala, the Judiciary, Law Enforcement, the Treasury and Military, he faces at any time the prospect of his own Mossad inspired ‘Grassy-Knoll’ moment. The presence of Israeli ‘hit teams on US soil is a given. The Ether Zone’s Joe Sansone reports as much in a January 14, 2013 article. He states, quoting from a recent UPI report: “Israel is embarking upon a more aggressive approach to the war on terror that will include staging targeted killings in the United States and other friendly countries, former Israeli intelligence officials told United Press International.” UPI claims to have verified this information with a dozen informants. The report goes on to say that Israel will go forward with this policy, “even if it risks complications to Israel’s bilateral relations.”

    We might guess that any perceived enemy of Zionist Israel is at least potentially on the Mossad hit list. We might also guess these Israeli hit teams have the imprimatur of the Zionist’s led US State Department and Homeland Security.

    Of course, we take with a grain of salt the “President” is truly out of favor with Israel. So he is free to go on killing American Citizens and whomever without the slightest concern he will be held legally accountable.

  5. Obama just trying to top Bush-Clinton kill-lists including these folks:


    & check your names against this kill-list & feel free to type it in:

    Obama’s kill list revealed:

  6. Oh, and yes… Kevin, this was a great article.


  7. Thank you Kevin, another good article. The more we sit and do nothing, the closer every American gets to being put on the kill list.

  8. Thanks, Stewart – glad somebody appreciates my gallows humor! We’re living in an age of ubiquitous black humor and irony, yet hardly anyone is aware of it.

    • Kevin,and @The Rahnameh, friends,

      Did you happen to catch the article linked to above by one of the dis-info greats, Sorcha Faal?

      What are your thoughts on the last paragraph where “he” adds…”the true objective of the Obama regime is to disarm all of their Jewish citizens…?”

      Very curious what your take is, as I think Sorcha is rising to a new level with this dual-purpose message. I’m sure there are many who would love to know certain Jews…”ah..he…hhhe…SHUMMMER!” (pretends to cough) were to be disarmed.

      I just hope G. Duff doesn’t catch on to it, since I wonder whether he’s going steady with Obama sometimes. ;-) BTW, Kevin – I really appreciate who you are and that you continue. Someone should write up a synopsis of your earlier thrashing to comfort the current Wisconsin professor taking their hits!

  9. Talk about “gallows humor” – this is one of the funniest columns I have ever read! I just posted a little something about Sandy Hook. Just for the record, although I am not Muslim don’t believe in suicide either. It would be a bit a priori redundant since I hit the big 80 this year. Besides, I am having too much fun here in sunny Florida.

  10. All critics of the US govt need to start declaring on their blogs that they’re not feeling suicidal. That way if they’re found dead, it’ll be obvious to all that this person had no suicidal tendencies. At the moment it’s not obvious, and that’s how they perpetraitors get away with murder.

    Can you imagine them trying to bump you off if every day for example in the last year you’ve openly made it clear you’re not suicidal.

    • Did you miss the second sentence of the article?

      As with so many freemasonic assassinations, including that of “DC Madam” Deborah Jean Palfrey, Swartz was hanged. Naturally the police are calling it suicide.

      On his show, Alex Jones asked Deborah Jean Palfrey to go on the record that she was not planning to commit suicide, and she replied that she was not planning to commit suicide.

      Alex Jones as a much larger audience than has any blogger, so what good would it do for a blogger to state having no intention of committing suicide?

      The MSM would spin a “suicide” as, “He/she seemed just fine, and then suddenly he/she just snapped!” or words to that effect.

  11. Aaron Swartz is in the limelight because he belonged to the tribe. His blood is precious, you see.

    Where was the ruckus over Rupert Murdoch’s whistleblower forcing a head of Scotland Yard to step down, implicating 2 PMs, and then suddenly being found dead(ed)?

    Those accusing POTUS of using the kill list to rub this one out are forgetting that Andrew Adler threatened to have “MOSSAD SLEEPER CELLS” assassinate the President for not kowtowing to Israel’s agenda in WRITING in his Atlanta Jewish circular and only had to apologize in the aftermath instead of, de minimis, getting sent to GITMO. Was he put on the kill list? No.

    Sounds like the Israel lobby is now working in full force (meaning you can now spot all of its tentacles) in order to create negativity towards POTUS for daring to pick Hagel and Brennan, who are about to put the national interest back into American hands.

    • They are trying to subliminally conflate this with the two pro gun-activists also found dead. The subtext is clear: it’s the President silencing dissent, not the usual suspects.

      Only real mean know who did Benghazi, the rest are sheeple or part of the Talmudic agenda. I trust in the administration that tried to reverse the objectives of Benghazi loud and clear by blaming an Israeli filmmaker and his “100 Jewish donors” (to quote Haaretz).

      • Of more interest to me is how a US President can create (Have Created) a NDAA that is designed to combat terrorism and then in the same breath support the very Al Qaeda who the whole WAR ON TERRORISM is all about?

        Then how there is no outrage that these same Al Qaeda are the ones responsible for the death’s of thousands of American’s yet FULLY Supported by the American Government? This is Tantamount to Treason! Yet no worse I guess then France in Mali killing Al Qaeda terrorist’s while at the same time supporting Al Qaeda terrorist’s in Syria.

        While many know this Al Qaeda to be a complete hoax, the fact is that the ones who are supposed to be the enemy of the USA is in fact… THE FRIENDS!


        • Well, the President didn’t create the NDAA. It went through bicameralism and presentment before the Senate and House before it ever got to the President’s desk. Having done away with the line-item veto, bill writers have learned to bundle nefarious provisions with those that are vital and exigent.

          His signing of the NDAA with reservations serves as the basis for impeachment. Of course, it won’t stop an indefinite detention until he is successfully impeached and, then, if so, removed from office. It also doesn’t stop the next to step in to do the same.

          100% accurate on the “Al Qaeda” label. It is a label of convenience. Need a target? Let people know Al Qaeda was there. People blame Al Qaeda on the CIA, but I think it’s a Mossad creation. Adam Gadahn and the SITE institute come to mind.

      • Can’t top this post…. won’t even try. A gold star (5 point…… NOT 6) is hereby awarded…….

  12. It does indeed smell fishy. The MSM are calling it suicide. This an except from an article on yahoo:

    “Aaron Swartz’s death is a loss for all humanity,” Jacob Applebaum, a distinguished hacker, said by email to me today.

    He was a “Web genius,” wrote Lawrence Lessig, the Harvard Law School professor and director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University.

    But just after Swartz died, on Friday, Lessig had wondered about another epithet used to describe him. “The question this government needs to answer is why it was so necessary that Swartz be labeled a ‘felon.'”

    Aaron Swartz was a hacker-activist and a committed liberator of information. Facing federal charges, a possible sentence of 35 years in prison and a $1 million fine, for downloading subscription-only academic papers with the intent to distribute them, Swartz hanged himself in his apartment in Brooklyn on Friday. He was 26.

  13. And remember what happened in Germany in the 30’s – the Nazi’s quietly started killing and “suiciding” their opponents. Scores of military high ranking officers were dispatched during this time – especially those who had expressed opposition to Hitler. History repeats.

  14. I was born in your state and went to college there and I’m still ashamed of that scumsucking douchebag lowlife piece of filth lying degenerate reptilian sack o’ crap named Le Vin or something like that……. French name I think…….

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