DHS announces: “Cyber-9/11 coming soon!”

The bad news is that the Deep State is planning another massive Attack on America. The good news is that at least they have the decency to warn us first.

According to the Rothschild-owned Reuters News Agency, the Department of Homeland Security has announced that a devastating cyber-terror attack on the scale of 9/11 is likely to “happen imminently.”

The question is: How do they know?

The coming Cyber-9/11, according to DHS Chief Janet Napolitano, will devastate US infrastructure and cause damage on the scale of Hurricane Sandy, which caused over 70 billion dollars damage in 24 states, killed more than 250 people, and left more than 40,000 people homeless.

What might be the motive for a Cyber-9/11?

First, it might be attributed to “radical Muslims” and become a propaganda bonanza for those behind the “war on terror” (a.k.a. the War on Islam for Israel). The perpetrators will probably blame their crime on Iran, which is allegedly involved in a cyber-war with the Zionist-run West. Netanyahu presumably hopes that his Cyber-9/11 will force the US to obey his orders to invade Iran.

Secondly, a Cyber-9/11 could justify massive government repression of the internet, where the truth about the 9/11 false-flag op, Israel’s stranglehold over the US, the New World Order plan for a global bankster dictatorship, and related matters has been widely promulgated during the past decade.

The Rothschild/Reuters article obliquely suggests that it will require a Cyber-9/11 to pass internet-repression legislation:

A cyber security bill failed in Congress last year after business and privacy groups opposed it. The measure would have increased information-sharing between private companies and U.S. intelligence agencies and established voluntary standards for businesses that control power grids or water treatment plants.

Business groups said the legislation was government overreach. Privacy groups feared it might lead to Internet eavesdropping.

New cyber legislation is being considered, but it is unclear whether it will get through the gridlocked Congress.

Just as the OKC bombing was required to get Clinton’s anti-terrorism bill passed, and 9/11 was required to shred the Constitution and replace it with the Patriot Act, so too will a Cyber-9/11 be necessary to bring down the free, uncensored, level-playing-field internet, and replace it with an internet dominated by mainstream media propaganda.

So when the Cyber-9/11 happens, as DHS has announced it soon will, don’t say they (and we) didn’t warn you.




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17 Comments for “DHS announces: “Cyber-9/11 coming soon!””

  1. Check out, “The Noahide Deception” on youtube. It is in 5 parts, less then an hour total length. It was posted a year ago, yet talks about the DHS cyber 911.

  2. So they cannot buy up the internet like they bought up the media so censorship is the answer. How much time would that buy their usurping zio entity occupying Palestine then? Demographics show not long.

  3. Rothschilds’ private terrorist mercenary force (aka: Israel) has since long occupied U.S. government completely & made Washington captive so it can do what they want to America through their stooges. Here is an excellent testimony to that by Greg Felton author of:

    The Host and the Parasite – How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America:


  4. Like Oaklahoma City was a preview for 911 so will the market crash of 2008 be the prelude for the big Cyber attack. Except this time it won’t be a “fat finge” error, it will be them Muslim Terrorists at it again.

  5. Kevin, don’t really know that a “false flag” Cyber Attack would be for Internet Censorship. Most Americans don’t seem to care what the “truther’s have to say anymore than their Bibles. My guess is that they will target Wall Street for another “cash grab”! Their are no other bubbles left to create.

  6. Brian, another one of your brilliant comments that I thank you for. You are “spot on” as always with your comments. I’ve learned so much from your work over the years here at VT and I thank you again.

    • Johng, thanks for the kind comments.

      Ordinary Surf, you’re welcome.

      The video should go mainstream.

      • I second Johng’s comment…
        and hat tip to ‘talmudawaregoyim’ He replied to my comment in another thread with only the words:
        “Plane Must Hit Steel” I had no clue…so I thought he was jacking me around, lol. Then I googled it and had my mind blown.

        I also got a little nauseous after watching it…because I realized what it meant. Is there any doubt we are in a fight to the death with a satanic conspiracy…that does ruthless war by deception and without honor…and has at least a thousand year head start?

      • Brian, thanks for tying the “Kite” word in there for me-remote controlled totally gets it-was having trouble figuring out the connection

  7. After testing Stuxnet out on the poor Iranians is it any wonder they want to create an equivalent false-flag op within this nation? Seems all the testing for tyranny goes on off-nation, directed energy weapons… drones… cyber attacks.

  8. Well, Napolitano is an Israeli stooge just like Obama, sooner or later AIPAC is going to try and control the Internet for Americans, perhaps Veterans Today and What Really Happened will be unavailable to Americans.

    I don’t think AIPAC actually minds people all over the world realize Israel did 911, they want to brag about it but that could lead to too much trouble so let it spread about the Internet via truth seekers. However, they’ll probably want to keep the next major Israeli false flag, probably to blame Iran, a secret at least for a few years.

    I watched a stunning video via a link provided by Wolf here at Veterans Today, This is a video of Bush at the grammar school during 911. My guess is the Jewish Zionists who controlled the White House and were part of 911 gave the teacher the words to teach the class. Kite, hit, steel, plane, must. Switch the words around and you get kite plane must hit steel. A kite plane is a remote controlled plane and steel represents the twin towers. It’s an odd collection of words, it’s too much to be a coincidence.

    The Jewish Zionists took a lot of time planning out what would happen on 911, they made Bush look like a fool and very suspicious due to using their stooges to instruct Bush not to react and to do nothing after the second plane hit the tower.

    The kids next read My Pet Goat. Well the Zionists made Bush the scapegoat for 911 for the conspiracy theory crowd by orchestrating his actions that day. They have a wicked sense of humor.

    I might get arrested if I sent the video and my comments to Napolitano.

    I sent my comments and a link to the video to a well known 911 investigator, I won’t mention his name but this is his response:

    Dear Brian,

    You are probably right. These choices are too close to reality to be accidental.

    Here is the title of the video: From the Classroom with Bush on the Morning of 9/11: “Kite” – “Hit” – “Steel” – “Plane” – “Must” – “Get Ready!” The video can be seen at Red Ice Creations

      • such an obvious taunt and while so much footage of this classroom has been used, no MSM source has dared to say the obvious.It should make people mad and is,I believe, evidence that those surrounding that classroom event took part in 9/11. It does not necessarily implicate Bush. Maybe he is really a total idiot!Of course, if Bush did not know that 9/11 was going down, he ,obviously , became part of the coverup ,once it did

    • Amazing video Brian, goodness knows how I missed this one when Wolf put the link up, but thanks for drawing our attention to it here. With you on the interpretation too…….

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