IRAN WAR EXPOSE: What U.S. Media DOES NOT want you to see!

Meet the Woman Who Stopped War Against Iran

The Story of Gwenyth Todd, Editorial Board Member, Veterans Today


Press TV’s documentary program “Untold Truths” reveals documentary film about the life and experiences of former White House Middle East policy adviser, Gwenyth Todd, who has escaped to Australia to keep safe from FBI prosecution.


This documentary speaks for itself.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Part 2

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Veterans Today ran  a series of articles on Gwenth’s story last summer when her lawyers finally came around to understanding that if she got her story out there would no longer be a reason to kill her so she could not. This sometimes takes a little time to sink in.

Gordon Duff’s first article is here, and it did very well.  We had a break with the Washington Post doing a lead off story, but it stayed away from the more delicate matters. That is where we picked up the ball as we don’t wear AIPAC diapers here. We were able to follow up our VT promotion with a talk radio tour for a month, nice two hour blocks of time to really get down into the details.

As usual, corporate media never called to inquire why they had never heard about this. I think the dead Turkish billionaire might have been a deterrent.

What you just watched is a story about a politic0-military coup against the United States by some of our highest officials, rogue elements actually, and none of which have ever even been charged. I might suggest to you that after 9-11 being easier for them than they expected that their fear concerns went down.

And if you will check the chronology of this story you will find the Wikileaks story, another intel operation by rogue elements for additional ‘preparing the minds’ of the public for the attack they were expecting to initiate. VT broke the Wikileaks hoax, and again we had some key help with Brzezinski NPR key show where he was the highest Intel official at the time to go public about Wikileaks being ‘seeded’…after us.

The Youtube counter has been stuck on 301, with many complaints by viewers. A non-existent Lobby has managed to put their finger on the hold button. We are working on a fix.

Gwenyth at the head of the table – in the belly of the beast


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15 Comments for “IRAN WAR EXPOSE: What U.S. Media DOES NOT want you to see!”

  1. It is interesting to watch America from the sidelines.

    I do not believe that the US was ever going to go to war with Iran – it was never affordable and a good outcome for America was never achieveable because of the history between the two countries.

    The US is in serious decline financially and economically. Once the US sinks people will honestly reflect on what the US century has brought the world. Mostly it has been illegal drugs and guns.

    When the British empire was over after WW2 they still had strong relationships because they could be trusted. Britain today still has strong relationships with many countries because it is respected and trusted. Once Uncle Sam goes down and sinks I do not believe that it will have many relationships – the Chinese are going to have many more because they have built relationships on mutual trust and respect whilst the US has bullied it way around the world.

    The US now has a military it cannot afford to own and can certainly NOT AFFORD TO TAKE TO WAR.

    The US has a weak international alliance – its only real allies are the rest of the West and Japan. Once China becomes the number one economy in the world in a couple of years times the Saudis etc will become their best friends. As the Saudies have stated already, the marriage between the Saudis and the US is now a Muslim marriage not a Christian marriage and they can have as many wives as they like.

    The amount of world trade being done using US dollars is now down to 31%. Everyone knows that the value of the US dollar is dropping and therefore there is no reason to hold it. I am pretty sure the Chinese are buying their oil using their own currency from a few countries not just Iran.

    All of those people who once yelled “death to America’ are getting their wish. Like your typical dying empire, America is being destroyed from within, bled dry by its financial institutions and military complex, America is being sunk. In a decade only a broken shell is going to be left behind. If you look at Latin America, Argentina, Mexico etc with their illegal drugs,guns and lawlessness – that is what the United States is going to look like.

  2. Clearing ignoring trenchant divisions between right and wrong, the minions of Snideley Whiplash have stalked and harassed with the intent of maiming and torturing the American patriot, Gwenyth Todd. 

    On behalf freedom-loving individuals, I extend my deepest gratitude to Ms Todd for having in pivotal situations demonstrated that she has the Right Stuff.

    • “Clearly ignoring trenchant divisions…”

      Begging everyone’s pardon for the typo. My iPhone sometimes has had too many nips of the Peppermint Schnapps.

  3. In the vain of this video, can anyone shed some light on this site,, featuring Chet Nagle and other so called ‘intel operatives’ and ‘insiders’.
    Listen to this and decide whether this is a Zionist propaganda site, preparing for a false flag attack which will be blamed on Iran to get their war after all!
    advance to 13:30 to the start of the interview.
    Who owns it, who is behind it, and why such blatant propaganda?

  4. “USA v. Lawrence Anthony franklin Steven J. Rosen & Larry Weissman” (CRIMINAL CASE NO. 1:05CR225)

    Actual espionage indictments of Pentagon Zio-Satanists (aka: AIPAC):


  5. Thanks VT for being one of the first media sources to get Ms. Todd’s bravery and patriotism out there in the public access arena. Would love to see Aussie TV do a SERIOUS documentary on her revelations and insight into the debacle Bush/Cheney & Rumsfield pulled on Iraq.

    • unfortunately (my understanding anyhow), the US, UK, AUS, NZ, CAN, and more, are all just property states of Rome, indirectly, by proxy-puppets. rothschild devils being bankster to the vatican, both of which fully supported the creation of an Izrahell, and through corporate nickname-proxies, control most all of the media as well. it was a lot of LUCK (and thinking!) that she avoided the embassy, and those who’d have assassinated her to blame on Iran. near the end she describes what it is to be blacklisted, cannot get hired anywhere worthwhile and a “do not interview!” gag order associated to her name.
      I’m very glad she’s alive and able to tell this story at all!

  6. Excellent interview…..

  7. Great doc. Thanks.

  8. Speaking of war, does anyone know why this DAILY MAIL story about Syria was leaked?

    U.S. ‘backed Plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime’

    Screenshot here:

    Or here:

  9. As Hagel says,” No Senator Graham, No congressman is pressured by the Israel lobby-they are the “good guys”.

  10. So American’s, hows that “Kill List” look now? These WARS just show how blind those have been made. Imagine, the whole premise for the WAR OF TERROR for the last 11 years fighting that Boogie Man Al Qaeda.

    Where countless laws to steal the freedom’s of American’s. While under that same law of NDAA, our own CONTROLLED GOVERNMENT violates that law by Arming those who have killed 1000’s of American’s and not one person in Congress says a word.

    This is Tantamount to TREASON!

    US Citizen’s are Expendable

    • Collateral Damage: US Planes bombards US soldiers and reporters – Well done America!!!


      • No no.. They were not US Soldiers they were “Militant’s” or at least that is the claim when civilians are bombed to DEATH!

Comments are closed


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