PressTV – GAO Study…Euro-Missile Defense Not Effective


… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor              … featuring  Press TV


The GAO is one of the most consistently loyal American government institutions which Israeli espionage has not been able to penetrate, hence the steady stream of accurate reporting to the American people without ‘special interest’ interference. The Lobby has felt historically that they could take care of things at the Congressional or White house level, plus…there is no one really to buy or blackmail at the GAO.


Missile technology and mass production is becoming the hair trigger of modern warfare

The position that a missile defense shield is needed to protect Europe from an attack by Iran is totally ridiculous and no military or government entity has ever made even an attempt at a reasonable case for it.

They just trot out the usual blather about  Iran is a threat to us all, expecting that we will be either too stupid or lazy to demand they present a solid case.

On the contrary, this has become the standard way of presenting threats. They are just presented as threats and that is the end of the story, other than the usual request for huge military expenditures far out into the future to defend against the manufactured threats. Welcome to that world.

To give them a fig leaf of cover I can think of one scenario, and that is where they do not want Iran to be able to retaliate from a pre-emptive strike from the US-NATO-Israel trilogy.

The forward deployment is an obvious Cold War re-stimulation against the Russians, an offensive move under the guise of a defensive one. One could say the Israeli-NeoCon method has been bootstrapped onto the American defense , or offense policy.

This begins a new arms race…of sorts, which is the bottom line of why you see it being pushed. If you look at all the supporters, the people, entities and contractors involved, it does not take a genius to see another financial raping of the taxpayers here.

Also, missing from the ‘defense’ equation are the advancements in missile technology which the Russians already have which can destroy this entire missile defense/offensive system in fifteen minutes with their new missiles.

The Russians already have an ongoing  joint venture with the Indians with the  Brahmos missile program. It is now being upgraded to a Mach 7 speed class, with 300 km range plus a submarine version.  But you can bet your behind that the Russians already have their own domestic versions with similar high speed capabilities and Iran is working 24/7  to have theirs. We will know when they start testing them, sooner than many experts think.

So why would they not share? Simple. These conventional payload versions are just for show, and lower grade targets. The classified versions will use mini-nukes. I will not tell you how small and light weight they are as it will make you cry. The weight saved can be shifted into longer range capacity…or…higher speed which makes them less vulnerable to counter measures.

The Russians have lots and lots of missile. For the cost of one aircraft carrier or a nuclear sub, you can build a mountain pile of these.

The lowered cost of mass production allows them to be fired in salvos, even waves of salvos for which there is no effective defense. The mini nukes will guarantee the destruction of an deep underground command/ordinance bunkers with one hit.

And as for spotting and tracking them….good luck. The mini nuke ones can be made much smaller, to where you could put 4-packs of them into fleets of UPS or FedEx type trucks.

And to make this nightmare even worse than it is, the pre-emptive strike doctrine that the Neo-Con crazies pushed into our defense policy actually did just the opposite. It has made us less safe.

Why? Because it gives other countries the right to pre-emptively strike us, or I should say our forward deployed assets if they believe an attack is  ‘imminent’… or even less.

I call this the “I am worried about what you might do someday” offensive strike justification. American actually unleashed this onto the world, similar to how our own Yankee Army unleashed the total war concept during our own War of Southern Independence

As Robert McNamara was quoted in The Fog of War, referring to Air Force General Curtis LeMay wanting a nuclear war with the Soviets so we could go ahead and get it over with while we ‘still had the edge on them’, an early preemptive strike man.

‘I remember reading that General Sherman in the Civil War …the mayor of Atlanta pleaded with him to save the city. And Sherman essentially said to the mayor just before he torched it and burned it down: “War is cruel. War is cruelty.” That was the way LeMay felt.’

Add in a litte computer hacking by the Israelis to feed the right misinformation in about a bogus threat at just the right time and the bad boys can trigger a war when they feel it is needed for a whole variety of reasons, including…oh yes…”that business has been a little slow lately”.

That we are being pitched that this massive forward deployment and hair trigger shooting policy actually enhances our national security is complete hogwash. When the hammer falls, no one involved will accept any responsibility for the disaster.

On the contrary, they would just whine ‘we should have done it sooner, like General Lemay advised.” And as we know from 9-11, there would not even be a real investigation as to what went wrong and why, nor a trial of those guilty.

So here is my bottom line advice to you all out there. The ‘investigation’ has to be done now. It has to be fixed now, or you can forget doing anything later. And the big hurdle getting that done is their pulling a Wizard of Oz deal where they won’t let us peek behind the curtain to see what they are hiding…from us, the enemy (in their minds).

Reports like this GAO one are likely to be as close as we will get. When they are making them to our elected representatives there is still a lot to fear as public trust of them is in the tank, and they don’t care. Most of them get reelected anyway. Their attitude is similar to that of an occupying force, so your homework assignment for the weekend is “why on earth would they think like that?”.


Pentagon study questions efficiency of US missile system in Europe

…by Press TV   …February 8th, 2013


How many would you like today?

Secret Pentagon studies have cast serious doubt on the effectiveness of the US-planned multi-billion-dollar missile system in Europe, congressional investigators say.

The classified studies by the Missile Defense Agency were summarized in a briefing for lawmakers by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), a congressional nonpartisan investigative body.

The GAO investigators said the briefing cast serious doubt on whether the system is capable of protecting Europe and the US interests against potential missile attacks.

So far, the US has signed agreements for launching the missile system in Poland, Romania and Turkey.

The GAO briefing concluded that Romania was a poor location for an interceptor to protect the US interests.

The studies also expressed other concerns about the missile system, including production glitches, cost overruns as well as problems with radars and sensors that cannot distinguish between warheads and other objects.

Although military officials say the problems of the system can be overcome with difficulty, the governmental and scientific reports have expressed doubt on whether the system would ever work as planned.

While Pentagon has embarked on giant budget cuts, the study is expected to prompt the Congress to reconsider the continuation of the multi-billion-dollar plan.

Republican lawmaker Michael Turner, who requested the GAO study, said the missile system might be useless, adding, “This report really confirms what I have said all along: that this was a hurried proposal by the president.”

The US plan for a missile system in Europe has been a bone of contention since former President George W. Bush’s tenure.

One the one hand, American critics said the plan was rushed and based on unproven technology. Russia, on the other hand, expressed concern that the plan sought to counter Russian missiles and undermine its nuclear deterrent power.

In his latest article on non-proliferation, the Executive Director of the US Arms Control Association Daryl Kimball urged the White House to delay plans for developing its missile interceptors in Europe as they merely prompt Russia to resist further cuts in its nuclear stockpile.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



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9 Comments for “PressTV – GAO Study…Euro-Missile Defense Not Effective”

  1. War of Southern Independence is it? One of the main questions settled by the War of Southern Independence was whether the South would be an economic colony of New York bankers or of London bankers. Just a quick look around the world at what it was like to be an economic colony of London bankers should put paid to any notion by Southerners that they lost the War of Southern Independence.

    However, there is a very different view. Perhaps we the people would have been better off with two (or more) nations occupying the territory that is now the USA. Becoming a military colossus has not served us well.

    • Some good points here ethan. The 46% export duties imposed on the South before the War, done during a recession when 10,000 businesses had gone backrupt in the North, many of them remained all the way up to WWII. There was a break during WWI. These were agriculture duties imposed on only one part of the country.

      At the end of the day, the European bankers funded the Yankees with a black check because they know they were going to impose an income tax to pay it off, their successful experient of funding warw through debt where they would take a generation to pay off.

      Before that, there was a very practical limitator which was a big motivator for ending a war. It was called ‘running out of money’ to fund it.

      At the end of the day the North wanted the catbird seat for reaping all the wealth of the West. The South was going to make New Orleans a free port, which meant that all Western products for export hitting the Mississippi River woud go South an avoid the New York and Chicago export fees. The Northern Railroads (with European money) were heavily invested in the northern lines and would have been backrupt if that happened.

      A war was needed to avoid this. But that said, as evil as that was, all though it would be over in six months, and both sides thought they would win and be in a much better position. They were wrong of course, and it was not to be the last time.

  2. Jim, I know this is off topic but has anyone heard from Excalibur? I haven’t seen a post from him in ages.

    • Thanks Ann for mentioning, but you are right. He has been gone for a while.

      People do cycle through here in and out as regular life takes up all of their time. And the older folks have their share of health issues. We will have to see if we can run him down to say hello.

  3. Follow the money!

    I’m beginning to feel real sorry about Sherman’s march to the sea. You Rebels might be owed an apology.

    “The mini nukes… you could put 4-packs of them into fleets of UPS or FedEx type trucks.”
    Yes, but they would still be shedding isotope aerial signatures like Charlie Brown’s Pigpen at a Greek Wedding dance.  Isotopes detectable for miles of radius.

    Also those same trucks might have been “indisposed” – too busy “renditioning” human cargo to the docks. Nevertheless … *Excellent article!!

    *And the GAO is awesome. 

  4. I actually did a short paper on the missile system here in Romania.

    First of, its ought to be known that the romanian political class and overall the romanian population in general is anxious about Russia and russian influence. It’s like a paranoia, justified due to communist history and what not. So they cling on to the EU/NATO/US with all their force, having to offer themselves as targets in return.

    When I was writing the paper on it, what i found out was rather disturbing. The romanian army as absolutely no say in the systems operation. Basically the US has total control over it and does not answer to the Romanian government at all. They rent the land – the old Devesleu airbase 50 km south-east of Pitesti – and made a target out of Romania. And as Gordon Duff already pointed out in previous articles, the system is completely useless against russian Iskander missiles.

    The other funny thing was, that after the hype that Russia moved a radar and missiles to Kurks and Kaliningrad, the MSM picked up on it. They showed the range on the Iskanders, which was like 400-500 km on their . But as far as I know there’s a 2000km version already developed. So they can blow the whole system in Eastern Europe up with 20 of these babies.

    Theres was only one tv program that analyzed the situation from a more realistic standpoint, that in which Romania has become a target, and pointed out that the whole thing is…well bullshit.
    Whats more mind blogging is that the population is completely left in the dark. N
    No wonder, if they knew…

    • “And as Gordon Duff already pointed out in previous articles, the system is completely useless against russian Iskander missiles.”

      Thanks for the great comment Codoh! That is why I mentioned it was a contractor scam. The Defense Dept is spread out it all 50 states with their supply chain. So when there is a downturn, everyone is screaming for the Congresscritters to keep their state’s programs. And frankly they don’t care about cost overruns, whether it is really needed, or technology that conveniently ends up in the hands of enemies so there is always a never ending need for ‘improved’ versions.

      So everybody in on it does not really think anybody cares as long as their get their piece of the action, so charges of being sell outs roll off the ducks back, because the Pols feel, “No more than you!!”

      The corruption is systemic. Only great leadership can begin to turn it aournd, which we don’t have any. So it is all bandaids and trouser belt tourniquets.

    • I love this site, even if it deals with the unpleasantries that no one else wants to touch. Thanks Jim and Codoh as well for shining a light in places we don’t usually get to see!

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