LAPD High Crimes

by Stephen Lendman


Michael Ruppert is a former LAPD cop. He knows its dark side well. He witnessed it firsthand.

Its rap sheet includes corruption, abuse of power, complicity with CIA drugs trafficking, unjustified arrests, beatings, murder, perjury, witness tampering, evidence planting, frame-ups, coverups, racism, sadism, and other crimes.

It wants its dirty secrets kept hidden. They’re ugly and longstanding. Many examples bear witness. In March 2000, news reports revealed LAPD Rampart Division Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (CRASH) unit criminality.

It included unjustified arrests, beatings, drug dealing, witness intimidation, murder, evidence planting, frame-ups and perjury.

An organized criminal subculture exists. Anti-gang officers and supervisors run it. They “celebrate” shootings. They get away with murder.

Earlier LAPD criminality surfaced. Officers shot unarmed gang members, committed perjury, filed false reports, stole drugs from dealers, obstructed justice, beat, framed and robbed people, and were involved in other misconduct.

Two decades ago, Rodney King’s beating made headlines. Similar ones go unnoticed. They happen ad nauseam. People of color are most vulnerable. Victims are called perpetrators. LA cops beat, kill and abuse with impunity. It’s standard practice.

Ruppert commented on Christopher Dorner. He told Russia Today:

“From my own experience as a Los Angeles police Officer and deep familiarity with both LAPD culture and history, I can say that with regards to Christopher Dorner’s allegations regarding internal corruption, favoritism, racism and concealment of excessive force, I believe him 100%.”

“My life as an investigative journalist focusing extensively on military, paramilitary and covert operations gives me absolute certainty that this man is an extremely dangerous weapon.”

“He is killing here in the United States the way too many US service members have killed routinely and with much less concern about Rules of Engagement overseas for decades.”

“I am also certain that his presence on the streets and any

new engagements will put stresses on huge fault lines within law enforcement agencies in Southern California.”

“This man needs to be brought in alive and he needs to be heard.”

He never got a chance. LAPD cops killed him. Ruppert predicted they would. They wanted him silenced. A SWAT team may have gunned him down.

They surrounded his cabin. Gas was pumped in. LAPD cops made reference to “burners.” One voice said “We’re going to burn him out. Another shouted “f…king burn this motherf…king house down.” One more said “Seven burners were deployed and we have a fire.”

Voices were loud enough for CBS affiliate KCAL 9 to broadcast them live on air. Immediately the audio feed was cut.

What happened was reminiscent of immolating Branch Davidian’s Mount Carmel Waco ranch compound in 1993.

Eighty-four innocent men, women and children died. They were murdered in cold blood. Attorney General Janet Reno’s special counsel whitewashed a federal investigation.

Key facts were suppressed. Wrongdoing was ignored. Atrocities passed under the radar. Washington got away with murder.

So did LAPD cops. They set Dorner’s cabin ablaze. Fire department units were ordered not to respond. Dorner was incinerated. He never had a chance. Hours later his charred body was found.

He expected to die. He said so on Facebook. Different versions of his manifesto exist. It denounces dozens of LAPD cops for corruption, racism and violence.

On February 7, two Riverside police officers were shot. One died. Dorner was blamed. A massive manhunt ensued. High-tech surveillance and indiscriminate shootings followed.

Rogue cops don’t apologize for wrongdoing. Dorner knew how they operated. He went public explaining it. Doing so marked him for death. LAPD officials wanted him silenced. Extrajudicial killing is policy. Dead men tell no tales.

LA police don’t protect and serve. They abuse. They target suspicious suspects and people of color brutally. They use deadly force. Dorner witnessed things firsthand. His experience made him violent.

In 2007, he witnessed white training officer, Sgt. Teresa Evans, kick an unarmed/handcuffed person of color in the stomach and face.

He reported what he saw. He was fired for doing so. An LAPD Board of Rights said he lied.

Truth-telling is hazardous. He said he “saw some of the most vile things humans can inflict on others.”

Enemy combatants in LA aren’t citizens and suspects. They’re rogue cops. LAPD’s culture breeds them. The department’s been that way for decades.

Brutal cops get promoted to supervisory and command positions. An officer involved in Rodney King’s beating became a captain.

Who said crime doesn’t pay? It does when rogue cops commit it. Many examples bear witness. On February 7, police opened fire without warning.

They fired dozens of rounds at 71-year old Emma Hernandez and her daughter Margie Carranza. They were delivering newspapers at the time.

They had no connection to Dorner. Cops claimed their vehicle matched his. So do many others.

They were put on administrative leave. Hand slap punishment at most will follow. Hernandez was shot twice in the back. She’s in intensive care. Carranza had minor wounds. No one else was hit.

A Torrence police cruiser responded to LAPD’s backup call. It rammed a pickup truck indiscriminately. Officers opened fire through its front window.

Fortunately the driver wasn’t hit. He ducked and avoided injury. He could have been killed. Fire, ready, aim is official LAPD policy. Anyone close by is vulnerable.

Mike Davis is a political activist, urban theorist, and historian. On February 11, he headlined “Exterminating Angels.”

He referenced Dorner’s manifesto. It reflects “unendurable depression that descended on (him) after his” LAPD dismissal.

Sneering acronyms taunt his former comrades. Other comments extend “sentimental acknowledgments to friends. Fan notes are included. He “passionate(ly) advocate(d) gun control.”

Perhaps he had LAPD cops in mind. Police criminality isn’t new. It’s rife in US cities and communities. It pervades them like crabgrass infests lawns.

Dorner explained “how a police Explorer Scout” went from LAPD rookie to persona non grata “for being an honest cop.” He debunked notions about a kinder, gentler, more diverse LAPD.

He witnessed indiscriminate sadism, racism, corruption, extrajudicial killing, conspiracies, and other high crimes. He raged at injustice. He wanted revenge.

He began by killing a cop’s daughter and fiance. Doing so doomed him. “Does anyone cheer Dorner,” Davis asked? He’s dead.

Stories like his have short shelf lives. Family, friends, people of conscience, and killer cops alone will remember.

About the Author: Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at

His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”

Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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11 Comments for “LAPD High Crimes”

  1. I just confirmation that current LAPD chief Beck is also a Freemason.

  2. Did police burn his truck to piss him off?

  3. Remember, those who have been wronged, used, manipulated, or lied to cannot have an open mike session with anyone outside the ruling regime that has much to protect. Not Saddam, not Noriega, not Oswald, not Hinckley, not Sirhan, not so on and so forth. Look what they did to then numerous witnesses that differed in the JFK assassination. Even one Dallas police officer suffered simply because he spoke the truth, Roger Craig. He stuck with his truth knowing his life was in danger every day, until finally they ended his life, but not his truth. They had to kill Dorner. Could not let him talk and tell his story. Yes, even though he had killed after smoldering for 3 + years of being unfairly removed from his position, he had lost it all and killed. Even today, near Dallas Texas, a constable shot and killed his ex-girlfriend with own handgun, and a police chase ensued. Any talk of taking the guns away from cops? NO, and there won’t be. Dorner needed to speak, and does in his Manifesto that all of us should read and try to understand. LAPD needs to dig into its own nasty house before it tries to dig into ours. Cops have become jack-booted thugs in the finest of ways, for many are crooked. Without whistle blowers like Dorner, corruption would go unchecked. What happened to Francisco Vincente Serpico?? Shot in the face during a drug raid, set up by his own “brotherhood.” Many fine policemen know not to speak against their own for they know what awaits them. SAd the entire justice system is founded on people’s honesty and integrity. Elements long dead, and not to be revived. From the local constable to the White House, corruption abounds in these end times as predicted long ago. The small problem Dorner had grew into the manhunt it did because the chieftains at LAPD were too arrogant. They preferred to protect the status quo of department corruption, and like cancer, they ignored him and it grew to the point of the destruction it became, and destroyed many lives. Congratulations LAPD. Far from the finest. Honest cop shows are meant to brainwash we citizens. They are not heroes!
    They are not a shining examples to your children.

  4. I bought a We Love You OJ t-shirt off of a van outside of Simpson’s home a few days after his arrest, and the guy running the van was an off-duty white LAPD officer. Pretty wild stuff. Wearing the shirt on the street the next day, a cruiser pulled over and asked what I was doing wearing the shirt. I said it was getting me closer to people I wanted to talk to. Long story short, this LAPD guy was going to haul me in for questioning, until someone intervened with a more pressing matter. I guess he thought I was operating on his territory without his permission. But they’re not bad guys, considering what they have to deal with in L.A. when they’re severely under-staffed. Check the number of officers per capita compared to Chicago or New York.

  5. my opinion, Dorner had tried to go against organized crime the “right” way exposing them,
    to be set up, demonized, hunted, and executed.. which says an awful lot.

    with his training and experience if he’d decided to do it the “wrong” way,
    I dont doubt he’d laid a dozen or more criminals flat and six feet under.
    I’m not suggesting “good cops” do go ahead with something like that,
    but if organized crime is wearing uniforms, something sure needs to change!

    the “media” always cries about a downed “officer”,
    but never tells what kinda SOB he mightta really been,
    to deserve being “randomly blasted in the face”..
    gee, was he a judge protected brutal prick maybe?
    someone he brutalize a couple years ago deliver some karma?
    I doubt the “media” is telling us anything truth about Dorner,
    not when they’re cutting feeds, erasing tracks and backpedalling!

    lets face it, when a “cop” can pull you over and,
    “oh hey thats a pretty nice black Chevy Suburban ya got there”
    drop a bit of folded up paper with some sheetrock dust in it,
    yank you out, throw you to the ground as a dope dealer to brutalize and arrest,
    with the department keeping the vehicle for themselves to use in a “war on drugs”,
    does anyone think some “cops” aint gonna get their faces blown off?!

  6. It’s not just the LAPD; it’s all over the country. Check out ‘Obstruction of Justice-The Mena Connection’.
    From the local dogcatcher to the President, from the local Sheriff (with some notable exceptions; probably some exceptions in the dogcatchers as well, but you get the drift) to the President of the Supreme Court, corruption rules.
    It is just surprising there are not more of these vendetta killings, given that the ‘Justice’ system is so corrupt. Like with Dorner, the whistleblower gets sacked (often they get jailed, or killed).
    I believe the reason that people don’t take the law into their own hands successfully, is that the Devil protects his own (those who have sold their souls, and ‘enjoy’ power and wealth).

  7. The late LAPD-RAMBO DORNER:

    Your link above at end of: “Ruppert commented on Christopher Dorner. He told Russia Today:” has apparently been pulled just like the link to the same video which I had posted shortly after the program had aired on RT.

    It’s noteworthy that many sheriffs especially top sheriffs & many judges around the country are Freemasons. I suspect that Dorner’s former LAPD associate against whom Dorner had filed the “EXCESSIVE FORCE COMPLAINT” was also a Freemasons. It is a Freemason code that they have wowed to always support & protect their Masonic brethren even when they’re sure they have committed crimes against non-Masons. That could easily explain why Dorner’s complaint was not only dumped but even that he was eventually labeled “A LIAR” & discharged under those false pretexts. I know for a fact that LAPD Chief Bratton who had fired Dorner is a Freemason.

    I don’t know that about current LAPD Chief Beck. But the convicted LA neighbor (Orange County) Sheriff Michael Corona was also a Freemason which is why he got a very light conviction & sentence & may be why his accomplice who ratted him out recently died in hospital (apparently shortly before Corona’s return from his sentence vacation).
    (as I was told) The Masonic center of South California is Riverside where Dorner had shot two cops before taking to the mountains. South California has a population of over 25 million all living under the corruption of a few thousand Masons & the other types of Satanists. In the north they have their biggest center of Satanism “THE BOHEMIAN GROVE” where they burn abducted live babies (& probably grown-ups) in murder rituals.

  8. The fact that Dorner has acquired cult hero status throughout the internet obviously has LAPD worried. Who will be the next to take up the cause?
    LAPD: I hope you are all scared shitless the next time you hit the streets… may be your last time.

  9. “Two decades ago, Rodney King’s beating made headlines….:

    The joke in LA at that time was that the LAPD erected a billboard:

    Welcome to LA,
    where we treat you like a King.

  10. google OPPT IN , , this is going to free us all… the govt is collapsing.

  11. Maybe they should make a T.V. series of it in all it’s ugly truth. I think Americans have gotten to the place where they would watch it, and enjoy watching it.

Comments are closed


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