Thousands Must Have Died Under Torture – Or Following It

What if murder were the purpose of the CIA “black sites” and rendition programs?


By Bruce Tyler Wick


While I hesitate to say anything bad, about a report so highly praised; fools often rush in where angels fear to tread.

What report am I talking about? “Globalizing Torture: CIA Secret Detention and Extraordinary Rendition,” by the “Open Society Foundation, Open Society Justice Initiative’s National Security and Counterterrorism Program,” New York, New York.

“Torture was a hallmark of both” programs; namely, secret detention (“black sites”) and extraordinary rendition.

Globalizing Torture’s “Executive Summary” does its best to minimize the size of the problem. Readers are told that post 9/11, the US led an international effort of 55 countries to kidnap, secretly imprison and interrogate under torture, at least 136 individuals.

CIA-"black sites"-extraordinary rendition-map

Map showing in bright red, the 54 foreign countries participating in the CIA’s kidnapping and torture program

Does anyone but me find it implausible that 55 nations of the world would bring such resources to bear against 136 human beings? What mighty grievances these 55 nations must have had against the 136 (an average of 2.5 persons per nation)!

Recall I said, “implausible,” not impossible; as there is literary, if not historical, precedent—and by a giant at that, Christopher Marlowe:

“Was this the face that launch’d a thousand ships/And burnt the topless towers of Ilium?/ Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss.” –Doctor Faustus

I’d say the following are the modern equivalent of the thousand ships:

“[A]s many as 54 foreign governments reportedly participated in these operations in various ways, including by hosting CIA prisons on their territories; detaining, interrogating, torturing, and abusing individuals; assisting in the capture and transport of detainees; permitting the use of domestic airspace and airports for secret fights transporting detainees; providing intelligence leading to the secret detention and extraordinary rendition of individuals; and interrogating individuals who were secretly being held in the custody of other governments.”

Add the SECRECY required to do all this without domestic opposition:

“Foreign governments also failed to protect detainees from secret detention and extraordinary rendition on their territories and to conduct effective investigations into agencies and officials who participated in these operations.”

Yet, the Mountain (i.e., the Report) labors to bring forth a Mouse (i.e., 36 additional prisoners, beyond the 100 prisoners President Bush had already acknowledged secretly detaining)!

True, at the time he made the statement, President Bush did not admit, even inadvertently, to torturing or abusing anyone. Still, 136 is not a large number—in fact, it seems embarrassingly small, given the size of these programs—which must be why the number is so little mentioned in discussions about the Report.

Second, the Executive Summary does not call in terms for an AUDIT of either or both of these CIA programs; namely, the secret detentions or the extraordinary renditions. Why not?

The Executive Summary even avoids use of the word, “accountability.” Why? Perhaps because “accountability” implies an “account,” or an “accounting,” or an “AUDIT.” And an “audit,” requires looking at more than a program’s finances–important though they are.

An AUDIT would typically begin with the legal authority for a program, its funding and other allocation of resources, and would conclude with the program’s RESULTS or end product. In other words, what did the program accomplish, in light of its stated objectives?

Might an occasional death have been one such “result”? How about a thousand such deaths? More than a thousand? How would anyone ever know the number of deaths, which resulted from the torture–if indeed, there were such deaths–since one does not even know the number and identity of the prisoners?

And what were the two programs’ “stated objectives”? For example, were the tortured prisoners ever to be released? Always? Sometimes? Never? Under what circumstances?

Does anyone else find it strange that ALL of the 136 known CIA prisoners lived to tell the tale? Others in US custody post-911 have not been so fortunate. Indeed, since 9/11, Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib and Bagram have become iconic, precisely as monuments to human depravity.

The Executive Summary  studiously avoids use of the word “death”—as if torture were a risk-free, and specifically a death-free, undertaking—when all know acute pain causes an immediate spike in blood pressure.

True, the Report speaks of the “disappearance of detainees”—but not as a synonym for murder, but in the following context:

“The two programs entailed the abduction and disappearance of detainees and their extra-legal transfer on secret flights to undisclosed locations around the world, followed by their incommunicado detention, interrogation, torture, and abuse.”

But the question that might most interest the International Criminal Court (ICC) or other court: what happened to detainees AFTER “their incommunicado detention, interrogation, torture, and abuse.” I mean, why stop there? An auditor certainly would not stop with the torture and abuse. There is HUMAN CAPITAL, as well as other forms of capital, to be accounted for–as part of these programs and their wrapping up.

I have read, for example, that the Mexican drug cartels will kidnap for ransom (and sometimes for additional reasons); torture their kidnap victims to secure payment of the ransom; and then almost invariably kill those victims—whether or not the ransom is paid!

The groups’ activities are illegal in both cases—the Mexican drug cartels; and the US-led secret detention and extraordinary rendition programs. Minuscule  also, are both groups’ chances of being called to account for any murders they might commit. So, why should anyone assume the Mexicans will torture and kill, while the Americans (and their 54 contractor-nations) will never torture and kill?

In his investigations of 9/11, Dimitri Khalezov, a former Soviet Army officer, concerned with nuclear weapons, distinguishes between various “levels of truth.”

Khalezov contends that, as to important matters, the only “truths” allowed the general public are the most basic of facts—which facts are so obvious, they are undeniable, anyway.

So, for example on 9/11, three New York City office buildings were destroyed—and the Pentagon, outside Washington, DC, was damaged in part. How these events occurred, and even more importantly, why they occurred; then become the subjects of official government narrative—the one best known being almost entirely fictional!

There is recent evidence that Globalizing Torture is similarly fictional in its premise-conclusion that 55 countries, led by the US, conspired together to kidnap, interrogate and torture 136 individuals—none of whom died from their ordeal.

On Tuesday 19 February 2013—just two weeks after release of Globalizing Torture—Reuters News Service reported from Warsaw that,

Polish prosecutors have decided to drop charges against the country’s former intelligence chief made during an investigation into allegations the CIA was allowed to run a secret prison in Poland for al Qaeda suspects, a newspaper said on Tuesday.

The daily Gazeta Wyborcza first reported early last year Zbigniew Siemiatkowski faced charges of exceeding his authority at the height of the U.S.-led “war on terror.”


What could the Polish prosecutors do but drop the charges? With Globalizing Torture having helpfully identified the 55 torture-loving countries by name, how can any single nation maintain the pretense its “intelligence chief” was off on a frolic of his own?

None can, none will. Thus, there will be no further investigations in Poland—nor I submit, in any of the other 54 torture-loving countries—concerning the “black site” and extraordinary rendition programs.

As a practical matter, the lack of trials in any of the 55 torturing countries will leave the official (i.e., public) narrative in those countries, exactly where Globalizing Torture has placed  it; namely, 136 torture victims and no deaths.

This lack of sanctions against torturers, and corresponding absence of reparations for torture victims, will not—at least not instantly—make torture legal worldwide. But it is certainly a head start toward legalizing, even promoting, torture globally.

The “Fab 55,” with the US leading the charge, have done incalculable damage to international law.  Not only have the 55 nations revived the Nuremberg principle–actually, pre-Nuremberg defense–of “just following orders”; they have done it in a way, which overthrows the UN Convention Against Torture (CAT):

“No exceptional circumstances whatsoever, whether a state of war or a threat of war, internal political instability or any other public emergency, may be invoked as a justification of torture.”  [CAT, Art. 2, Sec. 2, eff. 26 June 1987].

Apparently, innocence is the only defense to a charge of torture.  As with murder, not even duress suffices.

Those Americans who oppose torture on moral, aesthetic or legal grounds, need to quickly combine, I think, with like-minded groups in non-torturing countries—to press those governments to demand a full accounting of the Fab 55’s “black site” and extraordinary rendition programs.

The countries of Latin America might be a good place to look for support. As others have observed, none of Latin America joined the US’ “black site” and extraordinary rendition programs; and in that Latin American unanimity, there is hope.

I put opposition on “legal grounds” last, because at the moment it seems the weakest. But torturers themselves often stop, when their families find out about the torture and beg them to stop.

As Lincoln said of slavery, “If slavery’s not wrong, then nothing is wrong.” Lincoln must have realized that slavery and death were closely linked. Indeed, just this week, I read that field hands, working the sugar, rice, cotton and tobacco plantations, seldom lasted more than six years.

So, too, is there an intimate connection between torture and death. Many torture victims kill themselves—some, soon after the torture stops; others, years afterwards.

As mentioned earlier, the Mexican drug (and gun) cartels have revived the ancient practice of “torture, then murder”; “torture, then execution.” Did not the Romans always scourge a prisoner, before crucifying him? Torture destroys a man or woman’s humanity, making it easier for the torturer to then kill him or her.

Thus, torture is often a prelude, rather than the main event. A torture program without deaths? Your eyes and mine were never destined to behold that miracle!

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8 Comments for “Thousands Must Have Died Under Torture – Or Following It”

  1. I found this article very painful to contemplate, so I didn’t initially have a comment. But others threw down the gauntlet… so…

    Civilization, and I use the term loosely, is undergoing a process of slave initiation. According to a description of Illuminati control techniques, “The purpose of mind-control is to build a System within the mind that is a human robot. It would do no good to torture the slave and get thousands of pieces (fragments of the mind, alter personalities) if these were not structured.”

    Society itself is routinely being tortured and ritually abused via mass media images. Some people can’t acknowledge that it’s happening; others see but don’t know how to verbally defend, because torture is the stuff of our deepest nightmares.

    “Internally, the [slave] System must carry out the following functions: 

    – Protect all information and history that relates to the creation and use of the slave;. 
    – All the structuring and codes of the System are also secrets and need to be guarded;
    – The programming and the very things that the slave can think about need to be guarded;
    – The slave is meant to be entirely self-governing; and,
    – The best boss is the boss, who gives a directive and can go do something else, while the person receiving the order carries it out without input and supervision. 

    The Monarch slave is the prime example of how to delegate authority. The delegation of authority allows both the master and the victim himself to blame the victim for the orders they carry out. The satanic cults will hide their alters, which make money for the cult behind the blood and gore alters. This protects their illegal money making operations.”
    –From the Illuminati Formula, Part 7

    There are directives for eliminating unprofitable or unreliable slaves. 

  2. Any president knowing, ordering or tolerating torture of another human being is allowing his true intentions to be known. This behavior speaks volumes about any man, let alone one claiming to be Christian in values and beliefs.

    The United States is a very divided nation now since Bush/Clinton/Bush got done with it. I am not sure what Obama intended prior to his meeting with GHW Bush, but we all see what has happened since.

    Our world where we once felt safe knowing our own people were protecting us from nuclear attacks; our justice systems at varying levels were fighting crime; and locally our police were our friends and protectors.

    Today, under the new world odor [order?-BTW], these things no longer are true. Our schools are merely average schools after the trillions of dollars we pump into them. We now rank 18th in the world. Our local police departments, county sheriff departments, state police, FBI, CIA, and now Homeland Insecurity–hidden forces, all–are turning on us, because some sick-minded individuals want total dominance over our lives.

    Places where we work are forcing vaccinations to keep your job; you must get one to show 100% compliance. Vaccinations are threatening to your health as plenty other safer ways can protect you. Once they get everyone to comply, and begin thinking like they want us to; life will return to normal, if you don’t step out of line.

    Remember what Madeleine Albright Secretary of Defense said about killing over a half million babies in Iraq? “We think it is worth it!” They are not above killing anything in their path so they get what they want. Any president who condones torture has no soul, no belief in Our Savior, no conscience-no nothing. They are empty souls who do not regret causing others misery and misfortune. Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama. Who will they choose next?

    • What was the “meeting,” between Obama and Bush, SR., that you referred to?

      With regard to Madeleine Albright’s oft-quoted “60-Minutes” interview, I wonder when killing Iraqis would ever have been “NOT worth it,” in her view?

      The CIA’s “Operation Phoenix” in Vietnam was an example of wholesale (or “industrial”) torture and murder. Operation Phoenix provides necessary background for considering what occurred, when “the gloves came off,” following 9/11.

      Just yesterday, I read the latest flu vaccine is less than ten percent (10%) effective on the ELDERLY–perhaps the most vulnerable population.

  3. (Tortures R’Us ® ) is a registered product brand name of the Rockefeller’s private company called CIA:

    CIA is called “The Company” because it is one of Rockefeller’s companies & a most profitable one:

    The Rockefeller File by Gary Allen (FREE BOOK) @

    Here a couple of related quotes:

    “The CIA was created and staffed by Rockefeller relative Allen Dulles.” &

    “Having a big stake in an internationalist foreign policy, the Rockefellers always make sure…[Thanks for your Comment above. I'd rather hear from you than from Mr. Allen at this point; since he hasn't yet commented, but is free to do so directly.--BTW].

    • Thank you Mr. Wick:

      First off this is the report you are referring to:


      Gary Allen (probably murdered at a young age in late 1970) was a legendary writer; one of the forerunners in investigating the power cabal networks & expanding on Professor Quigley’s work by identifying the cabal individuals or families. So you won’t hear any comments from Gary Allen!!! I think he died shortly after his book on an unknown Jimmy Carter, where he explained why the Cabal was going to select him as president. (I can link to the free book if you want it?)

      Your article is right on point here as probably thousands were murdered in this “satanic program”; in fact that was probably their objective. This also shows the coordinated corruption in all of the involved governments & much more so in the U.S. Government which is runs such global criminal networks just like a private mercenary or hit-man (similar to the terrorist private company Black-water which continues its crimes by just changing names).

      The so called “CIA PROGRAM” may well have been one of their “Satanic Ritual Human Sacrifice Programs” where the world’s elite cabal may have personally administered tortures leading to murders of the abducted victims in order to “IMMORTALIZE” their own satanic selves through stronger bonding with SATAN or with Satanic forces which is their mythical belief in beating fate & beating natural death according to countless documentaries mostly available free on the web & in YouTube (I have provided multiple links to those before in other VT pages & can try to locate them & post them here if you want me to)!

      A year ago I ran into a couple of young Iraqis, who had been translators (for U.S forces) in Iraq, during part of the past decade. When I told them that Johns Hopkins University had estimated the number of Iraqi death over one million they said it was probably more like 3 million (not counting the permanently injured). They said that their country’s infrastructure had been bombed; destroyed beyond repair!

      Recall that the U.S. Congress has supposedly allocated $3 trillion as total cost of attacking; destroying Iraq (falsely called Iraqi war). [$3,000,000,000,000 divided by 3,000,000 killed, means that the elite billed the bribed U.S. Government $1,000,000 for every Iraqi killed in the past decade!]

      Of course, a small fraction of that money was paid out of our pockets. But the main part of the money was looted from Iraq according to linked documents I recently provided in another VT page. Also that the ongoing payments of that money; more of it is guaranteed by the permanent plunder of their mineral resources which include 200 billion barrels of oil; unknown amount of natural gas all plundered by the same few criminals, which author Dean Henderson has properly called “THE FOUR HORSEMEN.”

      • Yes, since Gary Allen is deceased, you should provide a link to his works or to where readers can obtain them.

        I found Professor McMurtry’s recent essay useful, as well:

        “The Moral Decoding of 9-11: Beyond the U.S. Criminal State”
        By Prof. John McMurtry
        February 21, 2013, “Information Clearing House” – (Journal of 9/11 Studies)

        • Thank you Mr. Wick, and for your wonderful editing above.

          With your permission Sir here is the GARY ALLEN LIBRARY, as I could locate it on the web. I recommend readers to save each book to their computers, and to append the PDF files to make one file, for easy searches on a specific word or phrase:

          1- None Dare call it Conspiracy (NDCC) by Gary Allen 1971

          ************* & some reviews:

          “• This book concerns the way in which our nation and other nations are actually governed….”
          –Dr. Medford Evans — Former Chief of Security for the Atom Bomb Project

          • “Whatever one dares to call the apparatus described and documented in this book, he will ignore it at his peril….”
          –Dean Clarence E. Manion — Former Dean, Notre Dame Law School



          3- Book: Jimmy Carter by GARY ALLEN 1976


          4- The Rockefeller File by Gary Allen


          5- RICHARD NIXON: The Man Behind The Mask by Gary Allen


          6- The Invisible Government by Dan Smoot, 1962 (Cited by Gary Allen)


          7- CONSPIRACY: A BIBLICAL VIEW BY Gary North, 1986 (Citing above books)


          I believe this books would be very useful to readers also as a reference library. -lc

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