US Aid to Israel Could Dodge Sequester Cuts

Sequester to Cut Education but Could Continue Massive Aid to Israel


American Public Unaware of the Screw Job!


The ambitious goal to be formally designated as the United States’ “major strategic ally” is apparently on the agenda at the annual American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee gathering that’s kicking off in Washington, known as AIPAC. If the plan becomes legislation, it could oblige the US to support Israel diplomatically and militarily if it strikes Iran.

Robert Naiman, policy director at Just Foreign Policy, says that it could also exempt Israel from any reduction in foreign aid that might result from budget cuts.

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16 Comments for “US Aid to Israel Could Dodge Sequester Cuts”

  1. In this instance the party that is guilty of inane decisions is the USA. The headlines from CBS’s evening news headlined that close to 15 million Americans are unemployed and that the number of families that qualify to barely above the poverty line are in the millions. The administration is laying off American citizens and threatening shortages in some programs [agri.inspectors, etc,.] but Israel will still get its billions not one penny less.

    Guess ariel sharon was right when he told Perez, “don’t worry about the Americans….because we control them”. Is this what America has become?

  2. FactversusHype

    Of course. The military trillions and trillions get a drop taken from their budget, and isreelis still get their share, thought, I won’t complain about deadbeats and medeecare whiners getting cuts, because they deserve it for sitting on their butts and letting all of this happen for the last many decades.

  3. Sami, Sami

    you are so kind, but a bit old fashioned. The word “election” has long been replaced by “rigglection”. (lol)

  4. There are demands in there that makes it unconstitutional Starting with Printz v US quoted by Scalia on a different issue, it represent Dual Sovereingty, “dual Sovereignty is the sharing of power between….” as we have between the Fed. Gov and the States. Not open to foreign entities, it gives access to all branches of governemnt” WE could demand a Constitutional review by a commission of scholars. This issue came up about US troops serving under thed UN wearing UN symbols, as a result much was discusses on the subject of Sovereignty.

  5. Again I am going to reinforce that we as citizens have an obligation to let our legislators know of our concerns.I wrote my elected officials today and received a reply already that dealth with nothing about the subject or content of my email.The staffers do not bother to read,they just tick off a check mark on a subject line.That is a damned shame that we don’t have that direct contact like they say we do.But we still need to make an effort.At least it gives us ammo to demonstrate how inefficient the buggers truly are.

  6. Agian I am going to reinforce that we as citizens have an obligation to let our legislators know of our concerns.I wrote my elected officials today and received a reply already that dealth with nothing about the subject or content of my email.The staffers do not bother to read,they just tick off a check mark on a subject line.That is a damned shame that we don’t have that direct contact like they say we do.But we still need to make an effort.At least it gives us ammo to demonstrate how inefficient the buggers truly are.

  7. Any US politician who signs or approves such a deal will be committing HIGH TREASON against their own nation and their own people. It will be an appalling dereliction of duty at a time when the US is desperately struggling with its own finances.

    isreal is a vampire entity. It’s schemes are evil, it’s actions are evil and it’s intentions are always malign towards every non-jew – be they either a supposed ‘ally’ or a direct foe. They will deftly suck your lifeblood in manpower; treasure and self-respect – until the wonderful America that once was simply crumbles into corruption and ruin.

    Then they will put the boot into you as they move on to the next host.

    • captain obvious

      prettymuch yup!

      they’re trying to declare a KNOWN TERRORIST NATION as an ally,
      and “legally” guarantee funding to that KNOWN TERRORIST NATION.

      the “District of Criminals” is an independant city-state that is NOT “American”,
      and it wages WAR against America, every way it can possibly think of!
      if there were any such thing as accountability, theyed been tree ornaments long ago.
      (after a fair trial by a real American jury of course)

  8. Of course Israel will skate on Sequester, they are behind it, in collusion of course with their banking brethren, and their beholders.

    Austerities are coming to America, just as they did the E.U., to cripple and pound the populace into subservience. Contingencies are already in place to enforce compliance.

    Cut all foreign aid, most especially to Israel; and stop fighting Israels wars of grandeur to produce a Biblical Middle East, with Ziondom ruling a downtrodden world population, and there would be no need for any Sequester, or for E.U. Austerity, or for much of the unnecessary suffering going on, on the planet.

  9. Charlotte NC Bill

    The SNL video interpretation of Hagel’s confirmation hearings said it all…

  10. Members of Congress Republicans and Democrats would rather see millions of Americans standing in the “soup lines” before they chose to cut any kinds of funding to Israel. This is what they are there for not for America but for Israel. The American people should not be angry they should get even with all members of Congress in the next elections. After all it is our “votes” that elect members of Congress not AIPAC money. Let us see what the American people do in the next election.

    • captain obvious

      they already see millions of Americans “in soup lines” on paper, collecting welfare,
      after theyed treasonously sabotaged OUR economy with NAFTA-GATT etc..

      “elections” have been shown to be completely rigged, “big media” keeps it all hushed.
      this criminal government would call themselves being physically removed, “violent treason”,
      a fair trial to have them “legally removed” is impossible, they own the courtrooms too!
      the majority of the people, are brainwashed and uninformed, too busy just trying to exist.

  11. evidently they like helplsess complaint not suggestion for solutions….

  12. Your world press is very clever stopping what it does not like. No time to repeart no reason to stop it, but will go on the internet elsewhere.

  13. Just sent e-mail to White House providing them with cases also quoted by Scalia that would make approval of such a document Unconstitutional and urged Obama to form a Commission of acadamic specialists to study the document on said Constitutonal base before Congress sign any thing.
    While Scalia was talking about that Voting Right law the case he quoted Printz v U.S. was just what i was lookng for and also a case on which Sherifs are refusing to enforce Federal laws unconsitutional in their states. Constitutional decision are not restricted to one case so it can be combined and used. From thay case I derived breach of US Sovereingty on dual citizenship by person promiting foreing interest, unconstitutional surrender of US Sovereignty to foreign nations that also breaches State, Fed. branches and individual Sovereignty etc etc. That Paper gives power to Israel over US actions. Check and see what you come up and sent to Obama, I told him it should be retroactive and it is his duty to stop it. It can also expel those who promote such uncosntitutional actions. On such ground it cannot be ingored..

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