Saying “Peace;” Meaning “War”

Saying “Peace;” Meaning “War”


We have our own values; we build our own special, our Jewish life – and we are proud, so very proud.Rabbi Meir Kahane




Maiming by maiming, death by death, killing by killing, peace distances itself from the Middle East. Distances itself not like the sun during sunset, which in its infinite boredom reappears a few hours later from a different angle (a silly adult trying to scare a smarter baby), but like a star leaving the galaxy’s gravitational power and getting lost in the intergalactic vastness. March 4, 2013, looked like an ordinary day in Hell’s Upper Neighborhood with its shouting devils; yet, in its infinite boredom this day hid worrying news, peace had escaped our galaxy.

Jewish Violence Reaches Court

Hana Amtir Attacked by Religious Jews Jewish Terrorism in Israel
Today, The Jerusalem District Court disclosed an event that took place last week in the city’s light railway. A Palestinian woman named Hana Amtir was attacked by three religious Jewish women. The event was caught by police video. The police representative in court, Jacky Ben-Yakar admitted “in the video the girls are seen attacking the accuser, the latter is seen defending herself.”

Rosa Parks BusAttackers Protected by the State Generals in the Cabinet Room: How the Military Shapes Israeli Policy

The attacking girls, minors, asked Hana if she was an Arab. When Hana admitted that she was, she was hit and spat upon by the beasts. The police admitted that it was a “nationalistic crime” and the investigation was delegated to a new unit of district’s police, which specializes in this. The Jewish girls were sent home; a Court orders forbid disclosing their identities (thus the camouflage on the pictures). In contrast, Hana Amtir, the victim, has been exposed by the authorities. They have knowingly put her in danger; from now on she will probably be persecuted by the attackers’ relatives. They know where she stops every day, and there are good pictures of her on the media. Judges in Jerusalem, which devil hired you?

A Muslim-Jew Attacked by Israel

“While he was yet speaking, there came also another, and said,…” This text appears several times in the first chapter of the Book of Job, and had become a central Hebrew idiom while describing repeated disasters. Several messengers reach Job and tell him that everything in his life is dead and destroyed; sons, daughters, animals, everything is gone. I felt the same. I was still shocked by the item above, when an ever more distressing one reached me. Distressing to the extent that reading the pictureless text was difficult; distressing on the verge of vomiting during the event.

An Israeli woman born in Rehobot, Israel, to Jewish parents, converted to Islam, married a Palestinian man and moved to Gaza; her mother was left behind in Israel. Against Israeli law, Israel’s Population Authority refuses to disclose how many Israelis live in Gaza under similar circumstances. The name of this woman has been disclosed just as “Wahidi;” probably it is a pseudonym. Before entering Gaza, she was asked to give back her Israeli ID (the “blue” internal passport shown even to enter a shopping mall; the request was illegal). The Palestinian Authority issued her a document of its own, but this is not good enough for her to visit her mother. The Israeli answer was to request her to pass a DNA-test every time she wishes to enter Israel. The horror became public after Wahidi requested the Beer Sheva Court to annul the request.

Menachem FromanMenachem Froman

While he was yet speaking, there came also another, and said,…

March 4 was a bad day for peace. Rabbi Menachem Froman was one of the very few members of Israeli society promoting talks with Hamas, despite being the religious leader of a Jewish Settlement in the West Bank, Tekoa. Together with Khaled Amayreh, a Palestinian journalist close to Hamas, Rabbi Froman drafted a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas, known as the Froman-Amayreh Agreement. The agreement was endorsed by Hamas and ignored by Israel. The messenger of Wahidi was still speaking with me while the one representing Rabbi Froman interrupted, announcing that he had been released from the hospital. After a long disease, he asked to die next to his family. On March 4, he lost consciousness, probably for the last time.

Unable to decide which atrocity to use to begin the article, I got no mercy. An email from a faithful reader arrived. Among other things, it said, “I just saw Dror Moreh’s The Gatekeepers. I think this film is going to have a major impact on the Diaspora. The theatre was packed. The film ended by one of them saying – we won the battles, but we lost the war! Before that another of them who was quite a bully in his day said – we have become cruel and that it’s even no good for the youth to be serving in the territories. Finally, they are waking up! I hope. … The game is over!”

The Gatekeepers is a 2012 documentary film that tells the story of the Shin Bet secret police from the perspective of six of its former directors. The reaction was worrying because my reader has been manipulated exactly in the way desired by Israel towards Westerners. Hebrew has certain inverting peculiarities. For example, n English, Job 2:9 reads “Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou still retain thine integrity? curse God, and die.” This text is unthinkable in Hebrew due to its blasphemy. The Hebrew original reads “bless God and die.”

The hint of the inversion is in the logical fallacy achieved. “Afuch al afuch” is Hebrew for “inverse-on-inverse;” it depicts a situation in which one says a thing in order to point in a false direction; however, in contrast to a typical diversion, it points at the real issue. Imagine you want to drink chocolate with your kid, but you know there is no chance that he will agree. “Let’s not drink chocolate today,” you say casually next to him. “But, we always do, I love chocolate,” he begs. Hebrew and Arabic speakers will factor in this option while analyzing a text; Westerners probably won’t. The Shin Beth former officials were manipulating their crowd rightwards; their message was, “we are in a war to the death.”

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