There Is No Business Like Shoa Business

By Gilad Atzmon


Yesterday, the Independent reported  “Astonishing new research shows Nazi camp network targeting Jews was twice as big as previously thought.” But The Independent was quick and kind enough to give us an insight into the  implications of this new Shoa affair. “The team behind the research, based at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, told The Independent that they believe the evidence could also be crucial to survivors trying to bring cases for compensation against Germany and other countries for time spent in camps whose existence was hitherto obscure or undocumented.”

Legendary (and very perceptive) Israeli diplomat Abba Eban had already sussed it out in the 1950s when he told us that: “There’s no business like Shoa business”

For years, I’ve been opposing European Holocaust denial laws. Among other things, I believe that those laws are designed primarily to maintain the primacy of Jewish suffering and divert attention from the sins of Zionism and Israel. But now I realise that I could have been wrong. As the Holocaust Industry runs out of steam, some Jewish institutions are engaged in sustaining the Holocaust as the mother and father of all genocides and, as we read above, they certainly know how to convert suffering into shekels. So now I grasp that Holocaust Denial Laws, may actually have been passed to save the Goyim from the inevitable inflation of future demands for further compensation such as reported above.

For now, I would advise the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC to adopt a more universal approach and, rather than focusing solely on the suffering of Jews,  to look into the suffering inflicted on Palestinians by the Jewish State because, as far as we can see, the whole of Palestine is now an open air prison.

Oh, and while they’re at it, The Holocaust Memorial Museum can also look into the role Jewish lobbies are playing in the destruction Palestinine – a crime taking place before our very eyes.

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8 Comments for “There Is No Business Like Shoa Business”

  1. Agreed that the museum should adopt a more universal approach. Every country, including Israel, has / has had its list of peoples that it considers to be “subhuman”, not worthy of living. But it gets really grim when a nation targets its own innocents who happen to cost money: the disabled, the elderly, etc. The godless have no use for these people. The Nazis and Communists are godless, but the Western world is rapidly becoming godless too. Judging by what passes for medical ethics these days, it’s a race to the bottom.

    I also oppose Holocaust denial laws. They are a stupid idea; they tend to produce a result that’s the opposite of the one intended. They are also stifling research.


    This beauty pagent demonstrates how low the Israelis will go to keep the holocaust alive and well so the money keeps flowing.

  3. About a year ago, a little more maybe, one jewish political entromanure was trying to make the case; that, all the Arab states were ‘liable’ for any wandering who’s that managed to slip their borders and bounce around the Middle East.

    He could obviously see the end of the gravy train where hollow cost survivors was concerned. Even with and endless supply of replacement organs from Palestinian kids, and Somali orphans, you can’t keep them alive forever.

    Puting the liable trip to the Arab States for wandering who’s, brings it up to date more.

    I believe that many hollow cost survivors have passed the sin of the father on to the next; and even the next, generation. Something about the post traumatic stress of being raised in a hollow cost survivor family; it’s even worse than running out of toilet paper on the sabbbath, they claim.

    Just try to touch one penny of American foreign aide to Israel, and you will hear, “second hollow cost” screeeeched to the outer limits of the cosmos.

  4. It’s like tossing rocks into a black hole, no matter how many rocks you toss you’ll never fill it. I’ve no doubt that after Europe has been bled dry the ‘holocaust’ industry will start to look further afield. Camps in Argentina, South Africa, Japan? Perhaps a ‘holocaust’ fund to look after the pets of dead ‘holocaust’ survivors? No need for a holocaust ‘brand’ Stephan, the Western nations already pay a ‘holocaust’ tax with every penny we spend…

  5. Maybe Israel should invent a Holocaust brand for household items for everyday use.

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