America’s Bloodied Hands

by Sami Jamil Jadallah


As President Barack Obama steps off Air Force One and into the tarmac at Lod Airport, he should remember the bloodied hands of the United States, responsible directly and indirectly for the death and murder of tens of thousands of Israeli Jews and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, Lebanese, and Egyptians. And yes, hundreds if not thousands of Americans.

President Obama should ask the question how many more have to die before the US does the right thing and view the conflict as an international conflict not a domestic issue? The prerogative of self serving Jewish leadership and Jewish lobby with interests to keep the blood flowing to keep the money flowing to perpetuate its powers and control over America.

The US is the sponsor of Israel’s war crimes, ethnic cleansings, home demolitions, detentions without charges and without trial, land theft, fraudulent acquisitions of Arab properties, the exiles of tens of thousand of Palestinians from Jerusalem, under different forms of Israeli discriminatory laws, the daily humiliations of millions of Palestinians at the more than 550 different security check points, the “Jewish” roads only, Jewish only neighborhoods and towns, the Apartheid Wall and of course the ever expanding Jewish settlements on stolen Arab lands. No need to mention here the Hill Top Jews made up mostly of American Jewish misfits and criminal gangs funded by tax-exempt contributions of American Jewish terrorists groups. Indeed the US is the sole sponsor of the longest foreign occupation of modern times.

But for the United States and its total unconditional support for Israel (Rights and Wrong) Israel and the Palestinians, in fact Israel and the entire Arab and Muslim worlds could have reached peace agreements long long time ago, saving the lives of Jews, Arabs, Muslims and Americans.

Since the founding of Israel by a decision of the United Nation, the US gave Israel the military, diplomatic and legal support it needed to wage continuous wars against its neighbors killing and murdering hundreds of thousands of Arabs in Palestine, in Jordan, in Lebanon extending its evil and criminal arms as far as Tunisia and Iraq.

Contrary to the lies we hear from the White House and State, the United States was never an honest fair “peace broker” between Israel and the Palestinians and have always supported Israel and its unilateral decisions after Oslo, and its invasions of Lebanon and the continued Occupation of South Lebanon for over 20 years in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions. Supported Israel in its defiance of all UN resolutions. The only country to do so and get away with it.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians and Lebanese killed and murdered and entire towns destroyed and thousands imprisoned in Israeli “camps” in South Lebanon where Israel exercised the worst systematic torture unseen since WWII while the US looked the other way even blocking the implementations of UN Security Council resolution calling for Israel to withdraw from South Lebanon. And have looked the other way while Israel and its allied the Christian Phalange committed the massacres at Sabra and Shatila. But for the Israeli invasions of Lebanon with green light from Reagan and Haig, hundreds of US  Marines would not have died.

Israel with legal and diplomatic cover from the US executed hundreds of Egyptians war prisoners and committed the targeted assassinations of hundreds of Palestinians using drones and US made helicopters and fighter jets, with not even a word of protest against the use of US made weapons.

The two wars on Gaza reminds us and the world, the hypocrisy and indifference of the US as Israel waged its merciless destructions of Gaza destroying the infrastructures including hospitals and schools and tens of thousands of homes, all in the name of self defense while denying the Palestinians the same rights to self defense against the daily Israeli crimes.

Jerusalem is where Israel contrary to international laws, not only annexed East Jerusalem, but went on to rob the Palestinians of their homes denying them “legal” residency, Palestinians who can traced their residency in Jerusalem for thousands of years forced into exile to make rooms for “immigrant” of dubious Jewish origin to take their place.

The US contrary to its “principled” values of freedom, liberty equal rights and self determinations, all these simply goes out of the window when these rights are claimed by Palestinians.

The Rights of Self Determination enshrined in all UN resolutions and statues are simply denied to the Palestinians while accepted for the people across the globe and of course the answer is simple. When it comes to Israel, thanks to the US all international laws and principals become irrelevant.

As President Barack Obama heads to Jerusalem he should keep in mind that Jerusalem is not simply another city, nor a claimed capital of Israel but a Jerusalem for All belong to billions of Christians, Jews and Muslims and must not be entrusted to the likes of Bibi Netanyahu or Mahmoud Abbas, certainly must not be entrusted to guys like Joseph Lieberman and Ahmed Qurai let alone to some one like Saeb Eurekat who perhaps for a promise of a few VIP passes promised Israel the “ biggest Yerushalayim” in Jewish history”.

Contrary to what one would expect, the Palestinian leadership of the PLO and the PA is simply unfit and unqualified to represent the Arabs and billions of Muslims when it comes to Jerusalem. This leadership simply never lived up to its responsibility for the Palestinians of East Jerusalem certainly unfit to represent the interests of Christian Arabs and billions of Muslims.

Jerusalem, united, without borders and without barbed wires is a city of the world belongs to Jews, to Christians and to Muslims and it will be a crime to ever divide the city again. And it will be a bigger world crime if left to the present Israeli and Palestinian leaderships.

The world is looking for President Barack Obama to take the lead and muster the courage, stand for America’s values, stand up to the American Jewish leadership and AIPAC and either become a true honest fair just broker or step out of the way and stop providing the cover that keeps Jews and Arabs from ever achieving peace. Time for America to stop contributing to the blood spelling of Jews and Arabs and yes, Americans.

Mr. Obama, your visit came too late to save the much talked about “ Two State Solution”. The United States, Israel and the PLO leadership all contributed to varying degrees to the demise of the Two State Solution. The only way forward is a One State for all of its people. That is the only and final solution.

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7 Comments for “America’s Bloodied Hands”

  1. Mr. Nazir.. I thank you for your comments and contributions and of course your opinion… however your comments does speak of your paygrade… and yes we do publish what we do not agree with… every one have a right to make a fool of themselves.

    • That my dear sir is what is called a Tu Quoque response. My name is not Nazir. There was some follow up with only one gentleman Mr. Black Hamilton perhaps you would like to read that as well. Mybe I am just a loser kid sitting in my basement picking fights with great intellectuals of our times; however it still does not give you a right to misinform, misstate, and be less than a responsible writer.

      So how many kids did you kill in “Nam” with your brethren? Where was your brain? Why were you not one of the conscientious objectors? Now you want to be rewarded for your slaughter, just because you claim that you are reformed. You do not exhibit your patriotism by engaging in a unjust war. You guys are as criminal as the Nuremberg “criminals”. Now in the twilight of your life you are born again?

      So talk about “Somali”, “Nam”, “Saudi”, “Raki” all you want but do not write about subjects which you are not familiar with at least without due diligence.

      Remember that Palestine at its very foundation is a conflict about a piece of land. There is nothing righteous about it. If you think about it all lands were occupied by the aggressors.

      If you guys can make Gaza a viable state, I will eat my hat. I was looking at your resume and learned to my great dismay that you actually went to law school: I wonder how can one graduate without being able to read critically.

      On the other hand, I may be the real deal who might have the intellectual fortitude to take you behind the woodshed. It helps to tread with caution, when you are writing for public.



      • Mr. Nasir… I do agree with you staying in the basement is the best thing you can do.. Fresh oxygen is known to damage brains of those who stays too long in the basement. Thak you and do not expect any further response. Do I understand your statement as personal threat?

        • I am only replying since you asked direct question.

          It was a metaphoric woodshed. It is not a physical threat but an intellectual challenge; a debate if you will. Let me apologize for a single invective I used.

          It will be so much better if you wrote more carefully and after weighing the pros and cons of such. This is not a place for idle banter. A single careless comment from a writer can poison the well for the young and uninitiated. So please write with some purpose.

          BTW, in Texas we do not have basements;-)




    “Jeffrey Goldberg to Haaretz: ‘Obama is the most Jewish U.S. president ever’
    Obama could be placed in the spiritual and moral mainstream of American liberal Judaism, says Goldberg – and that’s why his relationship with Netanyahu is so complicated.
    Jeffrey Goldberg is one of the most influential journalists in the United States. A former writer for The New Yorker, he has been on the staff of The Atlantic since 2007 and now writes a column for Bloomberg View. Goldberg, who immigrated to Israel when he was younger and even served in the Israel Defense Forces, writes extensively about American foreign policy, especially in Israel and the Middle East.”

  3. Nice job, Sami. It is So obvious to me and apparently to you, but with years and years of obfuscations and propaganda, it will likely take years and YEARS of truth to overcome. Shout it from the mountain tops! We are waking up! Peace…

  4. The US seems to think that it is OK to flout international law and support Israel doing the same at the United Nations.

    The big problem with this strategy is that in a world where we all act like cowboys and countries do whatever they please could mean that nuclear weapons are used and the US and Israel are the two countries that are at the top of the list to get hit.

    An EMP attack on the US would destroy the petrodollar and end US imperialism in one fell swoop. the rest of the world’s currencies would be OK because of the swap agreements in place in Asia and the euro.

    It is in America’s interests to follow international law and to encourage its allies, including Israel, to do so as well.

    US gerrymandering has already destroyed the competitiveness of its weapons industries. If China decides to be a ‘category killer’ and produce the mainstream weapons that every country needs for its defence it could really damage America’s last remaining industry – military weapons.

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