Did George H.W. Bush Coordinate a JFK Hit Team?

by Richard Hooke (with Jim Fetzer)


This is not the first time and surely will not be the last that George H.W. Bush, former Director of the CIA and the 41st President of the United States, has been implicated in the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our 35th president.  In an earlier study, for example, “Was George H.W. Bush involved in the assassination of JFK?”, John Hankey and I both address this question, where he provides a great deal of evidence supporting a role for GHWB in the Dealey Plaza turkey shoot. In this new study, Richard Hooke substantiates that claim and advances additional proof of his own.  I believe that they are right.

That GHWB knew Malcolm “Mac” Wallace from Yale is especially stunning.  “Mac” Wallace was LBJ’s personal hit man and murdered as many as a dozen persons for Lyndon, including one of his own sisters, who was talking too much about his business to allow her to continue to speak.  There is substantial proof that LBJ was involved in the assassination, where his life had been dedicated to becoming “the president of all the people”.  As Phil Nelson, LBJ: Mastermind of JFK’s Assassination (2nd revised edition, 2011) documents, he was relentless in its pursuit.  Madeleine Duncan Brown, Texas in the Morning (1997), Barr McClellan, Blood, Money & Power (2003), and Billy Sol Estes, A Texas Legend (2004), have also identified LBJ as the pivotal player, which has been confirmed by E. Howard Hunt, “Last Confessions” (2007), who identified LBJ, Cord Meyer, David Atlee Phillips, William Harvey and David Sanchez Morales as in “the chain of command”.

Even Jack Ruby, who was in the position to know, asserted that, if someone else had been Vice President, the assassination would never have occurred.  McClellan concluded that Texas oil men, such as Clint Murchison and H. L. Hunt, had provided financing for the assassination in order to preserve the oil depletion allowance at 27.5%, which remained unchanged under LBJ.  I had over 100 conversations with Madeleine Duncan Brown, who began an affair with Lyndon in 1948 and bore him a son, Steven, in 1950 (who was not his only child out of wedlock but was his only male offspring), who told me about their renderzvous at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX, on New Year’s Eve, only six weeks after the assassination, when she confronted him with rumors that he had been involved, since no one stood to gain more personally, whereupon Lyndon blew up and told her that the CIA and the oil boys had decided that JFK had to be taken out.  And that Mac Wallace was involved is not in serious doubt.

Wallace went to work for Harry Lewis and L & G Oil. In 1970 he returned to Dallas and began pressing Edward Clark for more money for his part in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. According to Barr McClellan it was then decided to kill Wallace. “He had to be eliminated. After driving to see his daughter in Troup, Texas, he went by L & G’s offices in Longview, Texas. There his exhaust was rigged for part of it to flow into his car.”On 7th January, 1971, Malcolm Wallace was killed while driving into Pittsburg, Texas. He appeared to have fallen asleep and after leaving the road crashed his car. Wallace died of massive head injuries.

Soon afterwards Clifton C. Carter died aged 53. 1971 was also the year Billie Sol Estes was due to leave prison. According to Clint Peoples, a Texas Ranger based in Austin, Billie Sol Estes had promised to tell the full story of the death of Henry Marshall when he obtained his freedom.

On 9th August, 1984, Estes’ lawyer, Douglas Caddy, wrote to Stephen S. Trott at the U.S. Department of Justice. In the letter Caddy claimed that Wallace, Billie Sol EstesLyndon B. Johnson and Cliff Carter had been involved in the murders of Henry MarshallGeorge KrutilekHarold Orr, Ike Rogers, Coleman WadeJosefa JohnsonJohn Kinser and John F. Kennedy. Caddy added: “Mr. Estes is willing to testify that LBJ ordered these killings, and that he transmitted his orders through Cliff Carter to Mac Wallace, who executed the murders.”

This is consistent with Billy Sol’s interview with French investigative reporter, William Reymond, during which he explained that Lyndon had sent his chief administrative assistant, Cliff Carter, down to Dallas to make sure that all the arrangements for the assassination were in place, which he reaffirms in A Texas Legend (2004).  Billy Sol knew both Cliff Carter and “Mac” Wallace personally, inferring their involvement from personal conversations. A copy of email correspondence between John Simkin of The Education Forum and Douglas Caddy may be found on amazon.com, which substantiates Lyndon’s use of Cliff Carter to convey instructions to “Mac” Wallace to commit those crimes.  I am therefore stunned to discover that GHWB and “Mac” Wallace were both members of Skull & Bones at Yale.

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Why the Dal-Tex Matters

According to The Warren Repor (1964), three shots were fired during the assassination.  The FBI and the Secret Service concluded that day that the first had hit JFK in the back, the second had hit John Connally in the back, and the third had hit JFK in the back of the head, killing him.  It would later surface that one shot that had been fired had missed and injured a distant bystander, James Tague.  For those who believed more than three shots had been fired, this was not especially problematic, where it turns out that eight, nine or ten shots appear to have been fired from six different locations.  (See, for example, “Dealey Plaza Revisited: What happened to JFK?”)  But for those who are committed to only three, it posed a delicate predicament, which led to the fabrication of the “magic bullet” theory that the back shot had actually hit the back of his neck, exited his throat, and entered the back of Connally.

All of the evidence is against it; indeed, it is not only provably false but not even anatomically possible, insofar as cervical vertebrae intervene, as I explain in “Reasoning about Assassinations”.  It nevertheless became the fulcrum of the “official account”, since otherwise the throat wound and the wounds to Connally have to be explained on the basis of other shots and other shooters.  Extensive, meticulous and detailed examination of the medical, ballistic and eyewitness testimony supports the conclusion that JFK was hit four times–once in the back (from behind); once in the throat (from in front); and twice in the head (once in the back of the head from behind and once in the right temple from the right/front).  None of those shots appear to have been fired from the 6th floor “assassin’s lair” but three from the Dal-Tex, where the acoustics were such that they sounded as though they could have been fired from the Texas School Book Depository.  Richard’s study suggests that GHWB was at that window of the Dal-Tex:

Let me emphasize that this is my analysis of the shot sequence, which I have elaborated in several places, including “What happened to JFK–and why it matters today” (UW-Madison, 22 November 2011), where Richard does not necessarily agree with me, even though we both believe three shots were fired from the Dal-Tex, which is the subject that he addresses in his study below. One appears to have missed and injured James Tague. Another appears to have hit the chrome strip above the windshield. And the third appears to have hit JFK in the back of his head. In particular, Richard believes that another shot was fired from behind the picket fence, which Ed Hoffman, among others, supports. And I agree that there may have been yet another shooter.

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George H.W. Bush Coordinated the Dal-Tex Hit Team


GHWB at the TSBD: a Houston oil man

by Richard Hooke

George H.W. Bush was working for the CIA at least as early as 1961; more than likely he was recruited in his college days, at Yale, when he was in the Skull and Bones Society. He and his wife Barbara moved to Houston where he ran an offshore oil drilling business, Zapata Offshore Co., which was a CIA front company with rigs located all over the world, making it very convenient for him to vanish for weeks at a time on CIA business where one would suspect what he was doing. Bush was a major organizer and recruiter for the Bay of Pigs invasion, which was codenamed Operation ZAPATA. Col. Fletcher Prouty, former Pentagon high ranking official, who was the basis for the “Col. X” character in Oliver Stone’s “JFK”, obtained two Navy ships for the operation that were repainted to non-Navy colors and then renamed HOUSTON and BARBARA.

George H.W. “Poppy” Bush is one of the few who could never recall where he was or what he was doing when JFK was assassinated; as a matter of fact, for over 20 years, he could not recall any details at all. He was 39 years old at the time and chairman of the Harris County (Houston) Republican Party and an outspoken critic of JFK. But on 21 November 1963, GHWB was staying at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Dallas and spoke that very evening to the American Association of Oil Drilling Contractors. Some time later, he was reportedly at “the ratification meeting” at the home of Clint Murchison, Sr., receiving last minute instructions and toasting JFK’s murder the night before it happened. [NOTE: Madeleine Duncan Brown has written about this event in her book, Texas in the Morning (1997). It was corroborated by Nigel Turner in Part 9, “The Guilty Men”, of “The Men who Killed Kennedy”.]

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Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig reported to Jim Garrison he knew of twelve arrests made in Dealey Plaza that day. One, in particular, was made by R.E. Vaughn of the Dallas Police Department, was of a man coming out of the Dal-Tex Building, who said he was “an independent oil operator from Houston, Texas.” The prisoner was taken from Vaughn by Dallas Police detectives, and that was the last he saw of him:  no mug shot, no interview, no fingerprints, or name is in existence of this mystery man. “Independent oil operator from Houston” was always George Bush’s (CIA) cover. Exactly why was he arrested? Garrison reported the man came running out of the Dal-Tex building and authorities could hardly avoid arresting him because of the clamor of onlookers. He was taken to the Sheriff’s Office for questioning, although there is no record of it. Afterward, two officers escorted him out of the building to the jeers of the waiting crowd. They put him in a police car and he was driven away; presumably right back to Dealey Plaza, because that is where he would be photographed with USAF Gen. Edward Lansdale.

Ed Landsdale was identified walking past “the three tramps” (center) by no less authorities than L. Fletcher Prouty, the liaison between the Pentagon and the CIA for covert activities–who was the basis for the figure, “Col. X”, in Oliver Stone’s “JFK”, and Victor Krulak, former Commandant of the Marine Corps, both of whom knew him well.

As for the identity of GHWB, we have these observations from Ralph Cinque, a professional chiropractor, who is an expert in dealing with person’s bodies and clothing, “The case for George HW being there is cinched. What’s the serious alternative? That a simply amazing coincidence occurred in which a man who  looked strikingly like him just happened to be there? How many times does V (for Vendetta in the film, “V for Vendetta”) have to tell us that he, like God, does not play dice and does not believe in coincidences? Neither do I or any other serious student of murder,  especially not when it involves the JFK assassination. We have a photo of him standing in front of the Texas School Book Depository; we have photos of Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza at the time; and we have yet another in which Lansdale, who was famous for arranging assassinations around the world, is waiting to speak to him.  In this case, it may justifiably be said that “these pictures really are worth more than a thousand words”. 

The Phony Alibi

The next that we hear of George H.W. Bush on 22 November 1963 comes from an FBI Memorandum according to which GHWG, having been cut loose from his anonymous interrogation at the Dallas Sheriff’s Office, called into SAC Graham W. Kitchel of the FBI Office in Houston alleging was establishing a phony alibi in saying he recalled hearing, in recent weeks, a man named James Parrott talking of killing the President when he came to Houston. Shortly after Bush made this call, FBI agents were dispatched to the Parrot house. In another FBI memo Parrot’s mother said James, who was not home when the FBI arrived, had been home all day helping her care for her son Gary.

Mrs. Parrot advised that shortly after 1 PM a Mr. Reynolds came by and talked to her son about painting some signs at Republican Headquarters on Waugh Drive. The net effect was Kerney Reynold’s, George Bush’s assistant, gave Parrot an alibi and Parrot was Bush’s alibi; everyone’s ass was covered. A bogus phone call reporting a would-be assassin who was one of Bush’s Republican Party sign-painters; who himself is also freed by an alibi from one of Bush’s buddies, really doesn’t cut it; this is CIA Alibi 101. This type of stuff cannot be allowed to stand in history; if Bush was so concerned about his sign painter, why didn’t he call in to alert the FBI before President Kennedy came to Dallas?

Bush has handed us his head on a silver platter with this memo; that’s why he always said he didn’t remember what his was doing on 11/22/63; he was hoping this incredibly stupid memo never surfaced. Bush was worried he had been seen and subsequently panicked and stupidly called the FBI, thinking he was being clever by providing evidence that it wasn’t him that was arrested in front of the Dal-Tex building that day. It seemed like a good idea, at the time, but he was actually creating a permanent record of his involvement. The memo identifies Bush as an oil man from Houston placing a long distance call from Tyler, Texas. Bush was trying to establish he was not in Dallas during, or shortly after, the assassination. He must had been worried that someone would identify him as the oil man detained running out of the Dal-Tex building and being ushered in and out of the Dallas Sheriff’s office.

This FBI memo, dated 22 November 1963, states that Bush called from Tyler, Texas but there is no proof he was actually there. For over 20 years after the assassination, Bush said he did not remember where he was when the assassination took place at 12:30 PM in Dallas.  The only other person of whom I hae heard such a story was Richard Nixon, who flew out of Love Field just two hours before JFK flew in.

Conspicuously, this FBI memo fails to provide an answer to where George Bush actually was. The memo, however, does tell us that the first moment Bush was free to create a phony alibi was at 1:45 PM. Bush was staying in downtown Dallas at the Sheraton Hotel, just few blocks from Dealey Plaza, yet he’s trying to tell us he was in Tyler, Texas at 1:45 PM.

George Bush’s CIA assignment was obviously in Dallas, that’s why he was staying there, so what would he have been doing in Tyler? JFK had just been shot at 12:30 PM. Would  Bush not have been in Dallas at 12:30 PM as well, like everyone else, which was presumably the reason for him having been in town at the Dallas Sheraton Hotel? Would Bush not have driven down the road to Parkland Hospital, to check on the President’s condition; like everyone else? Except Bush was being interrogated at the Sheriff’s Office.

The FBI Memorandum

Bush appears to be a candidate for prosecution for treason: his alibis for 22 November 1963 are fabricated and we have evidence that shows he was there. An FBI memo of a call from Tyler Texas does not prove his location, except that he had concocted a textbook CIA alibi, that he was lying and probably was an accessory to JFK’s murder. Bush maintained for over twenty years after the assassination that he simply did not remember what he was doing at the time of the assassination. As a matter of fact, he had no explanation even in his autobiography; and then, all of a sudden, he concocted a story that he was speaking in Tyler, Texas to The Rotary Club. Aubrey Irby said Bush was speaking when the bellhop came over and informed Aubrey that JFK was dead. Mr. Aubrey passed the info on to Mr. Wendell Cherry Irby, who passed it onto Bush, who stopped his speech. According to Irby, Bush explained he thought a political speech was inappropriate under the circumstances, concluded speaking and simply sat down.

It is inconceivable that George Bush could not have recollected this event for more than 20 years. Walter Cronkite’s announcement to the world that JFK was dead came on TV at 1:38 PM. Does anyone think that Bush was making a speech at that time, in Tyler, Texas, to the Rotary Club, after the President and Governor Connally were known to have been shot at 12:30 PM? President Kennedy had been scheduled to give a speech for lunch at the Dallas Trade Mart, after he passed through Dealey Plaza. Everyone who was anyone around Dallas was going to attend that speech; and after JFK was shot, most rushed to Parkland Hospital to find out the latest news concerning the gravely wounded President and Governor. A speech being given in Tyler, Texas, inside a building owned by right wingers, to a group of Republican JFK haters, hardly qualities as evidence Bush was not in Dallas, where the available evidence suggests that he was on assignment for the CIA and was supervising the Dal-Tex hit team, from which three shots appear to have been fired with a Mannlicher-Carcano, which appears to have been the the only non-silenced weapon that was used:

Bullet hole/Doorway Man/Dal-Tex window/Danny Acre and Johnny Rosselli(?)

Next, George Bush can be seen in photos of Dealey Plaza, next to the TSBD doorway and Ed Lansdale, shortly following the assassination (see below). These photos, unmistakably George Bush, tell us where he went after he left the Dallas Sheriff’s Office: back to the crime scene to get an update on all that he had missed. He must have made his call to the FBI reporting James Parrot from the Dallas Sheriff’s Office, at 1:45 PM, because Bush is seen in Dealey Plaza with Lansdale, who would leave the plaza at about 2 PM and walk past “the three tramps” toward the parking lot. Bush obviously had to go straight back to Dealey Plaza for him to be photographed with Lansdale, who remained around Dealey Plaza until Oswald was arrested at the Texas Theater at 1:50 PM. If Lee had not been arrested, then Lansdale, as “Plan B”, might have framed the three tramps–Charles Rogers, Charles Harrelson and Chauncey Marvin Holt (often misidentified as E. Howard Hunt)–who had been directed to go to a boxcar and the assassination have been blamed on them. Holt (CIA), the tramp with the hat, reported that they were found in the box car and taken through the plaza right after Oswald was arrested, which he knew because he was listening in, on a CIA provided radio concealed inside the paper bag that he is carrying in the familiar photos.

An Incriminating Memorandum

An FBI Memo from director J. Edgar Hoover (to the right), discovered by John McBride in 1988 but written just seven days after the assassination, provides verification George H.W. Bush was an officer of the CIA in 1963 and was provided updates on the anti-Castro Cubans. George Bush has said this memo was referring to another “George Bush” because he wasn’t in the CIA at the time.  But while there was another man by that name, he was a file clerk and would not have been receiving a memorandum about the Bay of Pigs operation.  And other information has surfaced showing the George Bush in the document was indeed George H.W. Bush and had the same address. In 1976, President Ford appointed George Bush as the Director of the CIA, replacing William Colby. Bush served in this role for 357 days, from 30 January  1976 to 20 January 1977. Bush falsely testified before Congress that he had never worked for the CIA, and it was widely reported that this was the first time that a civilian would be appointed to run the agency.  But that was more poppycock from Poppy. George Bush appears to have been a CIA lifer, probably recruited right out of Yale.

George H.W. Bush (CIA) was also a close friend with George De Mohrenschildt (CIA), including they were both members of the Dallas Petroleum Club. After De Mohrenschildt was found shot to death the day before he was to be questioned by Gaeton Fonzi for the HSCA reinvestigation of the deaths of JFK and MLK in the late 1970s, Bush’s name and address were found in De Mohrenschildt’s address book: “Bush, George H.W. (Poppy) 1412 W. Ohio also Zapata Petroleum Midland.” CIA documents reveal that during the planning of the Bay of Pigs Operation (Operation Zapata), De Mohrenschildt made frequent trips to Mexico and Panama and gave reports to the CIA. His son-in-law also told the Warren Commission that he believed De Mohrenschildt was spying for the planned Cuban invasion. George De Mohrenschildt, notably, was Lee Harvey Oswald’s best friend and appears to have been his handler after Oswald was brought to Dallas in the fall of 1963 and would find work at the TSBD.

Was Bush in the Window?

In The Killing of a President (1994), Robert Groden observes that a dark-complected man was seen in the window whom James Richards has identified to Jim Fetzer as having been Nestor “Tony” Izquierdo, for whom there is a statue in Freedom Park of “Little Havana”, Miami, Florida.  He was an anti-Castro Cuban, whom GHWB may have known from the Bay of Pigs.  I have built upon the prior research of Duncan MacRae, “Dal-Tex Shooter 2nd floor”, which provides the most suggestive interpretation of the location from which three rifle shots appear to have been fired:

Given that Bush was in the building at the time, I infer that he was there in the background, inside the window of a broom closet of a uranium mining company on the second floor of the Dal-Tex building (which was a CIA asset). My interpretation is that someone with GHWB’s preppy haircut, large left ear, tall height, body language (head tilt), hairline part and forehead profile, was supervising the Dal-Tex hit team (see collage below). He was in Dallas for a reason, which was not to watch the presidential motorcade, and appears to have been a supervisor rather than a shooter, were it is very likely he was communicating using a radio device with a spotter. That spotter may have been Danny Arce (CIA), who can be seen speaking into a walkie-talkie, out on Houston Street (in the Altgens6 photo above), standing next to Johnny Roselli (CIA/Mafia). Arce was talking with someone as multiple shots were fired. Ruth Ann (CIA) was reported (by complicit witness Loy Factor) to have been counting down a cadence and to have been receiving information by walkie-talkie from the 6th floor of the TSBD.

Umbrella Man’s companion, possibly Orlando Bosch (CIA) [NOTE: or Filipe Vidal Santiago], was not talking on his radio as limousine passed the Stemmons Freeway sign and the Umbrella man pumped his umbrella up and down, which appears to have been a signal to “keep firing” because the target was still alive.  [NOTE: It was at a location that was visible from all of the shooting locations that I have identified above.] Chauncey Holt (CIA), the oldest of the tramps, said he had a CIA supplied radio, concealed in his brown paper bag that kept him updated on events even from inside the Rock Island Railroad boxcar. Holt had delivered 15 sets of fake Secret Service ID and left them in a red pick-up truck parked in the lot behind the  grassy knoll, which was used by the Dallas Police Department, earlier that morning, facilitating the escape of the grassy knoll shooters. And Lee Bowers, the railway tower switchman, also testified to the Warren Commission that he observed strange people driving behind the picket fence and noticed one using a walkie-talkie.

Proof Sketch GWHB was there

(1) The FBI report (memo) Bush called in at 11/22/63 1:45 PM identified him as an oil business man from Houston, Texas and the FBI office he called was the Houston office.

(2) The man arrested running out of the Dal-Tex building at approximately 12:35 PM on 11/22 was said (per Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig) to have identified himself as “an oil man from Houston”. Bush was arrested by R.E. Vaughn of the Dallas Police Department.

(3) Bush called his FBI warning about James Parrot by long distance to his friend, FBI Special Agent Graham W. Kitchel, at the FBI office in Houston.

(4) James Parrot had no history as a subversive but was a sign painter for George Bush’s Republican Senate campaign.

(5) James Parrot was quickly provided an alibi by another friend, who was also an assistant of Bush, Kerney Reynolds.

(6) George Bush was staying in Dallas at the downtown Sheraton Hotel and had spent the previous night (of the 21st) there.

(7) There are at least two photos of George Bush (CIA) in Dealey Plaza speaking with police shortly after JFK was shot at 12:30 PM.

(8) One of those photos has Bush (CIA) standing next to Ed Lansdale (CIA).

(9) One of the photos shows Bush near the TSBD doorway in a zone police had cordoned off, which would have taken special ID (CIA).

(10) The photo next to Lansdale most likely was taken between 1:45 PM, when Bush called in his bogus FBI memo, and 2 PM, when Lansdale is pictured exiting the plaza passing the three tramps. The tramps were taken from the boxcar at approximately 1:50 PM, when Oswald was arrested at the Texas Theater.

(11) For over 20 years, George H.W. Bush said he did not remember what he was doing during the assassination, then he suddenly remembered he was giving a speech to the Rotary Club in Tyler at 1:38 PM, while his FBI call reporting James Parrot was placed at 1:45 PM.

(12) His attendance with Malcolm “Mac” Wallace at Yale, when “Mac” was LBJ’s personal hit man, and his attendance at the ratification meeting at the home of Clint Murchison, Sr., are powerful circumstantial evidence of his complicity in the assassination of JFK.


Remarkably, there is a figure (in the DCA film) walking off the corner of Houston & Elm and toward the Dal- Tex building, where “the oil man from Houston” (George H.W. Bush) had been arrested minutes earlier, who looks a great deal like his son, 17 year old George W. Bush.  This figures ear, nose (where a crude effort to change the nose has been made in the second of these three images), bridge indent and jawline are a very close match to George W. Bush, where the preppy loafers and white sox he’s wearing are cheerleader appropriate.  It looks like W. was there, too.

Richard M. Hooke, a student of anthropology at UC Santa Barbara and former computer systems analyst for Bank of America, is also a writer and researcher regarding the death of President John F. Kennedy.
Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth and a columnist and editor for Veterans Today.

Jim Fetzer

A former Marine Corps officer, Jim Fetzer has published widely on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and evolution and mentality.McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, he has also conducted extensive research into the assassination of JFK, the events of 9/11, and the plane crash that killed Sen. Paul Wellstone.

The founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, his latest books include The Evolution of Intelligence (2005), The 9/11 Conspiracy (2007), Render Unto Darwin (2007), and The Place of Probability in Science (2010).

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    Interesting, but a couple of quesions arise. Firstly, if Altgens was so heavily tampered with, why did they not remove the ‘hit-team’, which would surely have been very easy, just requiring black-out. The only obvious explanation, sheer oversight, is not greatly convincing, considering the effort and scrutiny that was apparently employed. Secondly, what on earth would GW be doing wandering around Dealey (or even Dallas) on that day? Even by the thesis Bush Sr. was there, Jr would certainly not be on any account, unless they were just on holiday like any tourists, not actually involved (and a no less unbelievable coincidence in that case). Otherwise the sheer unprofessional incompetence is completely beyond belief (“gee son like to come and watch the big day? – Meet you later in Dealey” – I don’t think so).

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      Because they did not see the hit team; the window appears dark. Modern enhancement techniques have enabled us to see George HW Bushes distinctive head in the window. You may not think he was there (with his kid) but he was, we can clearly see that, and his actions, phony alibi’s, and 50 years of flimbsy lies confirm this for us. If you believe Bush just suddenly got the urge, at the appropriate moment, to verify his location outside of Dallas and that he suddenly felt the kid who was a sign painter for his Republican Senate campaign was JFK’s assassin then I also have some really attractive property in the Everglades I would like you to take a close look at. Richard H.

    • Steve  April 6, 2013 at 10:19 am

      Close up even without enhancement figures can be made out, especially the right arm of the foremost figure. In a rush it might have been missed, but it does raise questions as to who was talking to who, surely any coordinator would have known where to look. And whilst the partial head visible of the rear-figure MAY be a match for GHW it is certainly not a definitive one, it could be any one with a similar hair-part, there is just not enough visible to say more with any certainty. I did not contradict your general case on him otherwise. However the idea that GW would have been there just does not stand up of itself, why on earth would he have been, it is a thousand times more credible that he was not, in fact how about checking his alibi which is surely available, and the guy in the shot whilst having some resemblance is again far from definitely him, at least on current evidence. In fact GW’s nose in profile is somewhat hooked, as any quick search will establish, unlike that of the guy in your shots, which is dead straight. Also GW had even then REAL thick bushy eyebrows which the Dealey guy does not quite seem to have. Chance resemblances do occur on a fairly frequent basis after all.

      Whilst it may be easy to leap for the slam-dunk, the hard facts do not always lend themselves to it on closer scrutiny. I prefer a more cautious approach, accepting only what is beyond reasonable doubt as proven.

    • socratez  April 6, 2013 at 3:44 pm

      Whilst you may have a tough time facing the fact that George H.W. Bush has lied to us for 50 years, anyone with common sense, and two eyes, can see he is there in Dealey Plaza, he was obviously CIA, and he did a poor job denying completely remembering where he was at all for 20 years and then an even worse job creating a second flimbsy alibi for 30 years more. He needed his second flimbsy alibi, that he was speaking in Tyler, to support his first flimbsier alibi, the warning that James Parrot- the sign painter for Bushes Republican Senate campaign was a possible assailant of JFK. The two alibis are connected because the first one (the FBI memo) said he called it in from Tyler; and so his second alibi created 20 years later had to give him an activity in Tyler; hence the bogus Rotary Club speech. Do you really expect us to believe the Rotary Club was carrying on with their meeting after the President and Governor had been critically shot? And that Bush would have been spurred to alert the FBI to the possible danger of James Parrot at 1:38? Heck, everyone knew the President was dead shortly after 1 pm at the latest, and if Bush was so concerned about Parrot why didn’t he do what any citizen worth his salt would have done by calling in a warning to the FBI before President Kennedy came to Dallas? These childish alibis do not measure up to intelligent scrutiny. No, Steve, I am afraid George HW Bush’s dishonest, and dishonorable contentions have now made him into a historical laughingstock for all intelligent citizens; and he has gone down in history as a lying CIA dog.

      Richard Hooke JFK Researcher

    • Steve  April 7, 2013 at 8:42 am

      You keep repeating arguments that I have not contested, I mentioned only Altgens and GW.

    • socratez  April 7, 2013 at 10:09 am

      Well Steve, I think people will look at my collages and decide for themselves; as they rightly should.

    • Steve  April 8, 2013 at 8:09 am

      Fair enough.

  7. Chandler  April 4, 2013 at 11:49 am

    I would bet the Bush family fingerprints are all over many crimes of the past century. I truly believe this is the family who stepped up to the plate and offered to be the family that sold America out to the new world order
    slugs who think this world belongs to them and them alone. From financing Hitler, attempting to overthrow FDR in early 30’s, Cuban rebels, 60’s assassinations, Nixon overthrow, Iran hostages release delay, family friend’s son shooting President Reagan while one son planned to dine that night with the Hinckley’s, Lettlier killing (sp), Noriega, Saddam, son and Silverado, another son security at twin towers and LaGuardia, plus, many much more, I wonder now in Poppy’s later years when facing his fate, does he wonder if it was all worth it? Knowing the havoc he has wreaked on this nation, does he regret and ask for forgiveness???? I don’t think it is him on front of the TBSD, but I do think he was there somewhere cowering in the shadows somewhere. He has never shown any grief over JFK’s demise, nor ever made a single show of sorrow. He has smiled mentioning it when giving his eulogy for Gerald Ford. No show of regret or remorse is a statement in and of itself. But it is not just one Bush…the entire clan is subject. In 2016, we need to remember it could be Clinton/Bush ticket. Your articles on this topic are absolute gemstones Mr. Fetzer. Save for my grandchildren to read and learn, and be skeptical of anyone named Bush. Although an appropriate name, it is not one I would want to be strapped with for the rest of the life of this nation.

  8. sandyhooked  April 3, 2013 at 5:57 pm

    A lot of great info pieced together in a very convincing way. It is amazing that Bush is the go to guy in all this. Not that I’m surprised. I especially liked the photos of little georgie porgie. When you see these guys, you realize just how corrupt America really is today. I have to wonder why anyone would worship the Kennedy’s though as a few comentors seem to. JFK tried to do some good things but he was elected as their guy and when he refused to play ball they gave him a very public execution. An example for all who fail to obey. JFK gets credit for trying to do the right thing for America but his family is as dirty as any. It was Joe Kennedy that embraced Hitler and fascism, and I could go one forever about how dirty they were. No better than the Bush family really.

    A tremendous effort still goes into hiding the truth because it reveals so much about the cabal is really running America. I remember when McClendon’s book first came out and they ran a bit on the History Channel when it still really was a history channel. LBJ’s people started screaming bloody murder just like the Jews do and they pulled it. After that the History Channel became a very different channel. Now it is just a stupid reality show channel. I got into some stupid online arguments on their forum with some very aggressive defenders of the lone nut and magic bullet theory. I wondered why they were so fanatical in their viewpoints. This was before I understood how the shills operate online.

    Personally I think Bush tried to assassinate Reagan too. He was good friends with the Hinckley family and Hinckley was likely a MK ultra assassin that just missed. The media never covered the relationship of Bush to the Hinckley family. Like LBJ, he stood to gain the most from Reagan’s death.

    • Jim Fetzer  April 4, 2013 at 8:03 am

      Well, you can claim a comparison between the Bush and Kennedy families, but all the signs suggest that they were moral polar opposites. The Bushes act to benefit themselves and the members of their group, the Carlyle Group, for example, without taking into consideration the consequences of their actions upon others. The Kennedy family is just the opposite. JFK wanted to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces, which would have been good for the country but cost him his life. He refused to invade Cuba, contrary to the unanimous recommendation of the Joint Chiefs; signed an above-ground test ban treaty with the USSR against their unanimous opposition; and was pulling our forces out of Vietnam, where the Chiefs believed a stand had to be taken against the expansion of international, Godless communism. JFK was right, time and time again.

      JFK was also a man ahead of his time in wanting to dismantle the FED, which would have made a huge difference in the financial integrity of the country, but massively pissed off the Eastern bankers and the rich, who are pigs at the trough. He was cracking down on organized crime for the first time in history, where even J. Edgar had denied its existence (because the mob had compromising photos of him with his close, personal aide, Clyde Tolson). He was going to cut the oil depletion allowance, which riled the “oil boys”, where Lyndon would admit to Madelenie Duncan Brown, on New Year’s Eve, just six weeks after the assassination, that the oil boys and the CIA had decided JFK had to be taken out. It is a sordid story, where the Bushes, time after time, are on the wrong side. So I think that you are far off the mark and perpetrate a glaring injustice by treating them as the same.

    • Howard T.Lewis III  April 25, 2013 at 9:50 pm

      Yay, Fetzer!

    • tesla182  April 28, 2013 at 12:45 am

      To:Hogward t.Lewser the(turd) III I highly doubt that your using your real name! no one can be that stupid!

  9. LC  April 2, 2013 at 11:35 am

    Q: “Did George H.W. Bush Coordinate a JFK Hit Team?”

    A: “He was only there to document the assassination!!!”

    Above answer is the parallel to the “DANCING ISRAEILIS” confession on TV:

    @ Min. 1:30: Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11


  10. lawrencedickerson  March 31, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    Dr. Fetzer

    Please correct this typo which occurs in the paragraph following your diagram of the shots fired.It does add humor but detracts from the info.

    ” three snots were fired from the Dal-Tex”

    Great article Dr. Fetzer and I am positive that the shills over at the Amazon Discussion Board will have a field day.I am positive that these thumb their noses at this essay but that typo adds ‘ammunition’ in the form of boogers.

    • Jim Fetzer  March 31, 2013 at 1:59 pm

      Fixed. Nice catch. It never ceases to dumbfound me how many JFK shills and trolls are still active.

    • leecahalan  April 2, 2013 at 12:40 pm

      This is where they keep digging a deeper and deeper hole for themselves Jim. One of the many shills for the darker forces simply has to be CTKA. Or the sarcastically named “Citizens for Truth About the Kennedy Assassination”. Perhaps you don’t like to diagnose them as disinformation sources for professional reasons but I sure as hell don’t mind doing so. There are at least two places they own: The Education Forum and one other of a name that has escaped me for now. I wouldn’t bother posting on the Education Forum if I were you.

      Another pit they keep digging is CTKA’s attacks on John Hankey. They actually going as far as buying up space on Google so that Seamus Coogan’s smear on John finds the top of every search engine result for his name. So much for CTKA’s impartiality. Takes money to influence Google. This takes funds that school teachers like Jim DiEugenio doesn’t have. And like why? Why attempt to smear John with a hit piece on Google??? To what depths will they go?

      I have never seen a more unprofessional forum poster than Seamus Coogan. At least not one from a supposedly “reputable” site such as CTKA is trying to pose as being. He lurks in all JFK research forums. A tactic similar to Posner and others. His methods not far removed from those of Gary Mack. Save and except that Mack doesn’t declare that there was a government conspiracy and CTKA apparently does. They just never offer anything besides red herrings.

    • Jim Fetzer  April 2, 2013 at 8:53 pm

      You seem to me to be very perceptive on all counts. It is troubling in the extreme about CTKA.

      “The JFK War: An Insider’s Guide to Assassination Research I”

      “The JFK War: An Insider’s Guide to Assassination Research II”

      “The JFK War: An Insider’s Guide to Assassination Research III”

      “The JFK War: The Empire Strikes Back”

    • leecahalan  April 2, 2013 at 10:25 pm

      The second place haunted by Seamus Coogan was “Deep Politics Forum”. I stopped viewing the Education Forum about the time they started smearing you. Which coincided with the appearance of Coogan again.

      They pretty much did the same thing to John Hankey as CIA did to Gary Webb save and except (and thank god) that John is still alive. Exaggerating the most minor of errors and making them out to look like serious research fiascos. Coogan grasped for straws by declaring Hankey misrepresented Evalea Glanges as a doctor when indeed she was still a student in 1963. Hoping we would think that a student (Glanges did soon afterwards become an MD) would somehow carry less weight in an opinion about whether a bullet went through the front windshield of the Lincoln. Glanges a Texan herself was very familiar with firearms and thus a great witness on behalf of the concept of there being a shot from the front.

      The we have Coogan trying to sour the pond by saying Hankey didn’t well research CIA activities in Iran early 1950’s by declaring Mosaddegh was killed in 1953 when in fact he did survive the coup but everyone around him in his cabinet was killed and he himself lived in CIA controlled house arrest until he died in the 1960’s. Petty complaints.

      I believe that since Jim DiEugenio is effectively running Len Osanic’s “Black Op Radio” web-site we must unfortunately conclude that even poor Len has been compromised. I still think he’s a nice guy but due to his close association with DiEugenio everything he says and does must be considered suspect. Not his early work with Fletcher Prouty but everything from within the past five years. Interestingly enough Osanic himself is open to the idea of interviewing John Hankey again but DiEugenio forbids him. I know this through personal e-mail correspondence from last year. Sad really.

  11. dalethorn  March 31, 2013 at 6:05 am

    I’m old enough and sufficiently well-read to be able to tell the difference between someone stretching to prove a nebulous claim, and someone painstakingly piecing together solid evidence over many years to fill in the blanks on a picture we already have in the frame. This article continues good solid evidence building to put the players into their positions. It’s always highly embarrassing to debunkers and deniers to not only be wrong about the “big event” and all of the people involved, but to have future presidents on the ground here directing the action, and the coverup cracking open and revealing the unthinkable, must be like realizing a comet is on a collision course with the Earth. Oops!

  12. nofolalo  March 31, 2013 at 5:45 am

    “I don’t recall”! (Now I know who coached Reagan during Iran-Contra)

    He has got to be the solitary being having achieved the age of reason, in the entire cosmos, without recall of their whereabouts when they heard that tragic announcement.

    I want to suspect him. I hate him, his slobbering siblings, and his wicked heritage. That alone doesn’t convict him though.

    He evidently was involved, at least. You make a case for reasonable suspicion. Perhaps they even planned it over the skull of Pancho Villa, and Geronimo! ****http://www.american-buddha.com/cia.skull&bones.panchotoc.htm

    The whole self interested family goes way back in matters of the hidden hand. Here he is as a kid, at a family social, in the Donald Duck Suit, center. ****http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/imagenes_tesla/tesla23_01.jpg

    It’s quite remarkable. There are some famous notables attending; Martin Bormann, Reinhardt Gehlen, Joseph Mengele, and Otto Skorzeny. ****http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_bush19.htm

    “And now, we can see, a New World Order, coming into view”.

  13. Solfeggio  March 31, 2013 at 2:48 am

    Fun speculation, but you should not use the word “proof” so liberally, especially when you don’t even qualify it as circumstantial evidence at best. The son being present is the most over-the-top, and the reasons cited are so subjective and even ridiculous. We don’t even know Bush Sr. is identified in those pictures, but the author speaks of it as fact. I respect the Oswald Project, but this piece is providing ammunition to those critics who already think any subjective photo matches are not of epistemic value. At the very least, the authors should adopt a cautious tone and qualify the work as highly speculative. I do think Bush was there, or involved, but these speculations are far from “proof.” And if you are willing to dare as much, find a forensic photo expert to make that claim with rigor.

    • Jim Fetzer  March 31, 2013 at 8:34 am

      Well, you appear to be committing a fallacy of equivocation. The word “proof” has different meanings in different contexts. In pure logic and mathematics, it means a deductive argument from premises that cannot be false to a conclusion that must be true. In scientific contexts, it means a demonstration of the effects of laws of physics, chemistry, biology and such. In legal contexts, it means conclusions that are supported beyond a reasonable doubt, which means that no alternative explanation is reasonable.

      The FBI memoranda of 22 November 1963 and 29 November 1963 certainly prove that Bush had made this flimsy call to the Houston FBI and that he had been working for the CIA at the time of the Bay of Pigs, when he testified to Congress that he had not been working for the CIA. The photographs of GHWB standing in front of the TSBD, of Lansdale walking past the three tramps, and of Lansdale waiting to speak with Bush are extremely incriminating–especially when he claims he can’t recall where he was.

      That some one who identified himself as “an independent oil operator from Houston” was arrested as he rushed from the Dal-Tex and was taken to the Sheriff’s Office, yet no records of any booking are to be found, is additional substantiation. The retrospective claim that he had been speaking to The Rotary Club in Tyler, Texas, is further proof of consciousness of guilt and the need to establish an alibi. While the analysis of the images in the window of the Dal-Tex involves interpretation, as we acknowledge, the evidence establishes beyond reasonable doubt that GHWB was playing the role that we have attributed to him.

      The principle of reasoning that applies here is known as “inference to the best explanation”. Which alternative hypothesis, if it were true, would confer the highest probability upon the available relevant evidence? In this case, you would have to conjecture a man who looked strikingly like GHWB and another who looked strikingly like Edward Lansdale “just happened” to be in Dealey Plaza, where one of them was even arrested rushing from the Dal-Tex, not to mention all the rest. If there is a more reasonable explanation than that they really were GHWB and Lansdale, what would that be? The case, I submit, has been made.

    • leecahalan  April 3, 2013 at 1:22 pm

      I would love to get Prof. Fetzer’s opinion on Jim DiEugenio’s defense of George H W Bush. I forget where I heard or read it (probably in a Black Op Radio broadcast from a couple years ago) but having said that here is a close approximation of DiEugenio’s statement:

      Jim D. gave credence to the alibi that Bush was in attendance at the Rotary Club meeting in Tyler Texas. Now that would be a remarkable story in part or full what with the pictures of Bush in Dallas at that time. However if Bush felt that all the photos which surfaced of him that day in 63 had finally been brought to light? Then he probably felt that he had enough plausible deniability to make the false claim that indeed he was actually on Tyler. And THAT will provide yet another smoking gun just like the Hoover & Parrot memos.

      Bush had a reason for making the call to FBI argent Kitchel.

      A reason to meet with J Edgar Hoover a few days later.

      Reason for his wife Barbara to muddy the waters in her lying memoirs of 1994. Possibly to diffuse future allegations from Democrats when her son runs for president in 2000. He was after all walking across the street in Dallas in ’63. Could you imagine what the GOP would have done if they had observed a young Bill Clinton doing the same thing???

      Now we see Jim DiEugenio making the absurd claim that Bush was really in Tyler on 11/22/63. WHY DOES BUSH NEED THIS alibi??? For starters we know that Bush couldn’t have made the phone call to Kitchell from Tyler as it would take too long for him to have heard the news from Walter Cronkite and then go find a hotel phone to reach the FBI agent on their busiest day in history.

      Then we learn that the only corroborating “witness” to the “Bush at Tyler Rotary Club meeting” is club president Aubrey Irby who has been dead since about the time the Tyler alibi was first created.

      Did Mr. Irby write the Bush testimony on his deathbed? lol…

      Jim DiEugenio is clearly working for the Bush family in some capacity. He has to be in order to refuse to see through the flimsy “Bush in Tyler” alibi…

    • Jim Fetzer  April 4, 2013 at 8:17 am

      That is a very intriguing conjecture. I have had problems with DiEugenio on numerous occasions. He has endorsed the methodological principle that a witnesses later (changed) testimony is more reliable than their earlier (unintimidated) testimony. He has also apologized for the embarrassingly shoddy work by Jefferson Morley and David Talbot to “confirm” that David Sanchez Morales was involved in the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, which they botched in blatant ways to discredit the evidence. See, “RFK: Outing the CIA at the Ambassador”, http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/08/08/rfk-outing-the-cia-at-the-ambassador/

      And now Morley has a blog, http://JFKFacts.org/, in which he classifies a web site run by John McAdams as “one of the best” and my web site, assassinationscience.com, as “one of the worst”. When asked why I am listed there, he claims it is because of my position that the Zapruder film has been subjected to massive alteration. But the proof is all on my side. See “US Government Official: JFK Cover-Up, Film Fabridation”, “JFK: Who’s telling the truth: Clint Hill or the Zapruder film?”, and “Did Zapruder film ‘the Zapruder film’?” As one astute commentator observed, this raises “red flags” about the site. It appears to me to be only the latest in a long string of CIA disino ops related to JFK, sad to say.

    • socratez  March 31, 2013 at 8:52 am

      It’s been 50 years and we are sick and tired of the JFK conspiracy not having been acknowleged by our own government when we can all see, with out own two eyes, that it happened. This is not a court case anymore; it is a matter of what we are going to accept as history taught to our children. Solfeggio, the Presidential limo rounded the corner from Main onto Houston and drove into a military style CIA ambush, a shooting gallery if you will, we can all see that; and that’s the way it’s going down in history. Bush was there, we can clearly see him, he was CIA, that’s him; we have been looking at pictures of him for 50 years, as President, etc. It’s him, he is lying, and the alibi he called into the FBI is a child’s ploy and an insult to all of us. WE DON’T BUY IT. A Republican sign painter was going to to shoot JFK and Bush just suddenly had the urge to report that? Give me a break. And for him to say he was not in the CIA and an organizer of Bay of Pigs–what is he, out of his mind? George H.W. Bush is obviously a lier,and he is going down in history as a lying dog, who was an organizer of the shooting of our greatest President, John. F. Kennedy.

    • socratez  March 31, 2013 at 9:07 am

      I meant to say WE DON”T BUY George Bush’s first alibi (the FBI memo) or the second one he cooked up over 20 years later that he was giving a speech, out of town at the time, to a bunch of right wingers who will lie along with him. NO WAY; read my lips; GEORGE H.W. BUSH can take that story and stuff it. When he does things like laugh, or make light of, the JFK assassination at Gerry Ford’s funeral we are never going to forget it. And for not leveling with us, HE IS CLEARLY GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL WITH ALL THE REST OF HIS CIA CRONIES FOR MAKING A PACT WITH THE DEVIL.

      Richard M. Hooke JFK Researcher

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