Arrivals and Departures

Arrivals and Departures

Sir Jonathan Evans

By Michael Shrimpton


This has been a week of personnel change.  The DVD asset Boris Berezovsky very sensibly decided to commit suicide (no offense intended), MI5 Chief Sir Jonathan Evans has announced he’s stepping down and David Miliband is quitting Britain.

Berezovsky had been having a go at President Putin for years, on behalf of the Germans.  He made most of his money from Medium Term Note trading, using assets he bought at an undervalue.  He certainly didn’t make it from dividends on his Aeroflot shares.

As I shall be explaining in Spyhunter (now due out in the summer) the Germans control MTN trading, from Frankfurt.  You don’t get to play in a big way unless a ‘Kraut’ OK’s it.  Sorry – I should have referred to our “community partners the Krauts.”   Boris was anxious not to be deported to Russia (that’s Boris Berezovsky, not Boris Johnson), so set up a fake assassination attempt on his friend Lt-Col. Litvinenko.  As the inquest will not be told, he caused his own death, through peritonitis, by agreeing to swallow Polonium and its antidote, Prussian Blue.  No doubt his death was on Berezovsky’s conscience.

Thames Valley Police – Britain’s answer to Police Squad – naturally thought that Berezovsky has been murdered.  They have wasted a lot of public money searching for non-existent radiological or biological agents.   Of course they haven’t found any – it was just a silly conspiracy theory.  His death  was suicide.  He will not be missed.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

MI5’s New Boss

 Sir Jonathan Evans’s departure from MI5 wasn’t a surprise either.  As Gordon knows he presided last year over the biggest security failure in Britain since World War II.  The DVD were able to smuggle two nuclear devices into the UK right under MI5’s noses.  The first was the ‘Vulcan’ weapon – the improvised nuclear device that the Operation Vulcan team learnt about.  In fairness my distinguished Veterans Today commentator Ben Fulford was onto it before I was.  It was partly his reporting that led me to conclude that there was a serious possibility that a device had been positioned in London, close to the Olympics site.

Its presence in the UK was verified by a US satellite, which picked up its radiation signature when it was being exfiltrated.  I now gather that a Russian bird may have picked it up as well.  Since the device appears to have been one of the four stolen by the DVD from the submarine Kursk the GRU boys were paying it a lot of attention.

As the Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt MP confirmed in November nuclear monitoring of the Olympics site was stepped up, after a threat was confirmed.  I understand it was stepped up after the presence of the Vulcan weapon was verified.  The increased monitoring seems to have picked up a second signature.  If that Belgian King Air was doing radiation recon flights over the Olympics site it’s no surprise that she was sabotaged.  A signature consistent with a second device was picked up going across the channel by satellite not long before the games.

It’s not clear whether it went out by agreement – sometimes people prefer to pretend there was never a nuclear device there in the first place.  Again I pay frank tribute to my colleague Ben Fulford.  He was aware of the second device, but I needed some convincing.  That was because I was aware that a NRO bird had verified that the first nuke had been pulled.  I thought it incredible that there could be a back-up device, but it looks like there was.  The first rule of intelligence work is not to dismiss intelligence just because it sounds incredible.  Of course if you keep getting arrested every time you spot a nuke, you become less willing to call them in!!

These intelligence fiascos happened on Evans’s watch.  He had to go.  Memo to Thames Valley Police – next time that I tell them I want the MI5 duty officer alerted to my arrest, don’t patronize me.  Make the call.

The new D-G of MI5 will be Andrew Parker.  I gather he’s a nice chap and a keen ornithologist.  There are those within INTELCOM who are saying that this is a rare case of a birdbrain being replaced by a birdwatcher, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

David Miliband’s departure, for New York, was almost as inevitable.  He too will not be missed.  This was a man with a brain who not only thought that Britain should remain in the EU but that we should join their euro.  He had no excuse.

The next big departure on this side of the pond will be Cameron’s, possibly as early as June.  Someone e-mailed me over the Easter weekend and thought that Ken Clarke might be his successor – no chance!  The man’s a raving moderate.

Happy Easter everyone.

Michael Shrimpton

March 31st 2013

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44 Comments for “Arrivals and Departures”

  1. Easter thoughts, Part 2 of 2:
    Part 1 was posted earlier. My original short sermon, in honor of Christopher Story FRSA, was going to be all about the Light, which is definitely NOT the false light of the Luciferians! I revised my plan after the Easter church service, keeping only two of my Light verses, saving the rest for another day. I’ve already mentioned the first one, St. Paul seeing the Light on the road to Damascus, and doing a 180 in his life. The service was mostly what I expected, with 4-part a capella congregational singing, Handel’s Messiah, a Walcker pipe organ. But Sunday’s sermon was a surprise, all about Syria. I fear for the Syrians too.

    The following is from a hymn in the Sunday church service, something to remember:
    Heilig, heilig, heilig. Heilig ist nur Er!
    Translation: Holy, holy, holy. Holy is God alone!

    My second Light verse is for the pedophiles/pederasts out there. Mydog might even like this. Jesus is speaking to Nicodemus, a Pharisee ruler. John 3:19, KJV: “And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”

  2. Anyway, enough of all this – when is someone going to tell me how to sort out my dog’s tummy ?

  3. Why not ?

    Nick Clegg’s real familly name is ZEREGEVSKY (russian jews)

    David Cameron’s ancestors were russian or german jews (his wife is a jew)

    Ed Milliband (father was afamous german/russian marxkist jew)

    Jack straw – German Jew (Brother a convicted sex offender – Jack Straw made a law to prevent abused children in care, from having their stories reported, unless they jumped thru a thousand hoopps, then bent over and took it until they were dead – needless to say, there have been no futherr reports of murder rapes in childrens homes – so officially, he is responsible for ending murder rapes in care).

    What amazes me, is that Shrimpton claims were are infested with GERMANS, not jews.

    Teh fact that Anglo Saxon means we actually share blood with the Gerries, and as a Norman descendant myself, i share scando and franko european blood (as well as irish and welsh – i’m a real bastard mix, and quite pleased about it, as mnost real bastards are), doesn’t seem to concern him.

    All that concerns him, is protecting the udery peddling sodomites, who have all but destroyed our land, and have us ALMOST (and thats the crucial word, and this point, methinks), in chains that we can never escape from.

    His worst mightmare is 10 million von gerry krauts, getting out the rat poison, an ddoping away with the sodomites, before they bugger us out of existence.

    I’ve really gone off him lately, can you tell ?

  4. Shrimpcon praising fellow BS-artist Fullofitford on VT re the DVD – it doesn’t get much wackier than that.

    Tough to choose between laughter and tears.

  5. What about the Welsh then Gerry ? Don’t leave us sheep sh*gg**s out ( ! )

    • I was waiting for that one. Of course a great bunch. In fact I worked with a Welch electrical engineer in the Middle East, a real smaaaaaart cookie, spoke better German than I, but I beat him in Arabic, lol.

  6. Oh yes, and finally Mr. Srimpton, could you PLEASE tell me why the public are the ones who have to spot the links between people like Ken Clarke, The Yorkshire Ripper, Jimmy Saville and Frank Bruno ?

    WHY aren’t people like YOU (who claim to know all about this stuff (right down to, where and when and who, killed little Madeline), blinking well doing ANYTHING, to get these people sorted out ?

    And don’t tell me that Ken Clarke or whoever will get their comeuppance, in the long run, if indeed they do have anything to hide (and i personally haven’t seen anything abouyt Ken Clarke, so i’m not directly suggesting he has – just that if i hear it a few times on the net, it normally IS correct, due to the less BBC controlled, and therefore more honest journalistic approach to “news”), because Saville DIDNT get his comeuppance, neither did Ted Heath (and, in fact, the BBC is still in an apparent state of complete ignorance about Heath – which is making them more obvious to the entire WORLD, every day, as being the British propoganda and cover up corporation, for paedos and war criminals), and YOU claim to have knowledge that HEath was a murder rapsit of young boys !

    Surely there comes a point where your willful silence, actually makes YOU an accomplice to these crimes ? (respectfully).

    Esther Rantzen sickeninglly stated that she never did a thing about the SEVERAL reports of child rape, by Saville, because she “HADN’T HAD ANY CONCRETE EVIDENCE PUT IN FORNT OF HER, TO PROVE THAT SAVILLE WAS A PAEDO RAPIST”. She IGNORED the roprts form her own child line staff, because they couldn’t prove it. She blocke dionvestigations, because the accusations weren’t proven BEFORE BEING INVESTIGATED !

    For those who don’t understand the relevance of this, she was (and still is, to my utter amazement), the CEO of CHILD LINE (a charity set up for abused children – set up by non other than the BBC). And YES, Saville met rather a lot of children, through child line. And Rantzen, ergo, was in charge of introducing child abuse victims to the biggest paedo rapist this country has ever known (at least, publically). Is it just me, or does this STINK of a government run paedo ring operation ?

    So, if Ted Heath and Jimmy Saville were still alive, and had an appointment to be murder raping a kindergarten group this weekend, in a satanic nazi blood fest ritual, WOULD YOU DO THE SLIGHTEST THING, TO PREVENT IT ?

    Or would you just come on here, next week, or next year, spreading the gossip, and some of the juiciest, most grusome details ?

    Cus quite frankly, im getting a bit peeeved about hearing about all these people who claim to know whats happeneing, but would rather keep things hush hush, so they can brag about knowldege of hte most hideous crime simaginable – the RAPE AND MURDER OF CHILDREN !!

    I mean, how do you sleep, knowing that you could have stopped a lot of these things ?

    How can you sleep, knowing that Esther rantzen still runs child line ?

    • Those are good questions. I support the execution of pedophiles.

    • Mydog,
      I should add that of course there is also a Commandment “Thou shalt not kill”. It’s based on very old Mesopotamian laws. People sometimes pervert its meaning. This is a prohibition for individuals, not the state. We are not supposed to murder innocents, nor are we to be vigilantes. Justice is supposed to be a job for the state, through the judiciary, and to be a deliberative affair, with evidence. I’ve been very tempted to be a vigilante, more than once.

      For the state, it’s different. A country’s laws SHOULD allow state executions for serial rapists, murderers, and especially pedophiles. If your country does not allow this, then work to change the law!

      Mr. Shrimpton, as a lawyer, would not be able to go on record as recommending extrajudicial, targeted assassination of individuals responsible for horrific crimes against kids and against the state, even though sometimes that’s what it takes. In any case, as he said in a previous article, you want to go after the organ-grinder, not the monkey. Shrimpton’s job, as I see it, is to talk to the monkey and get evidence against the organ-grinder. Sometimes that means the monkey goes free. But if it’s a pedophile money, let’s hope it gets castrated first!

      • I meant to say pedophile monkey, not pedophile money. Sticky keys. But there is plenty of pedophile money too. Big money, organized money, black money that supports huge black projects, even black states.

      • I’m a vegetarion, so i do a lot of “not killing”, in that.

        I’m pretty certain that cutting a paedo murder rapist up with a blunt instrument, is allowed, for me.

        Otherwise, whats the point in being a veggie ?

  7. Easter thoughts, Part 1 of 2:
    Easter is not Easter without some reflection. I put together a selection of appropriate Bible quotes which were ready by Sunday morning, but then I had to revise them, after an excellent Easter sermon delivered in a Mennonite church that I was visiting. I’ve been worried about Syria lately. To my surprise, the sermon addressed this exact concern instead of the usual Easter story, so this is Part 1. The verses I used are all from ****** if anyone is interested in checking them out.

    For me, as a Christian, the three most revolutionary words in the Bible are “Love your enemies”, the heart of Jesus’ message. But HOW do we love our enemies without being seen as weak, foolhardy, and inviting abuse? In Matt. 5:44, Jesus says “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;” Was Jesus completely crazy? Well, it turns out that he had learned a thing or two from the prophet Elisha.

    The Easter sermon that I heard was based on 2 Kings 6. Syria was at war with Israel. Some Syrian spies were captured and taken to Samaria, where they expected to be executed. The king asked the prophet Elisha whether he should kill them. But Elisha recommended that they be given food and water and then set free to go home, and this was done. What was the result of this remarkable act of mercy or foolishness? Peace with Syria. Results are in 2 Kings 6:23, “And he prepared great provision for them: and when they had eaten and drunk, he sent them away, and they went to their master. So the bands of Syria came no more into the land of Israel.”

    A very famous passage involving Syria is Acts 9, about Paul’s conversion on the way to Damascus, when he literally “saw the light” and was temporarily blinded by it. What will it take for us to see the light before it’s too late, and to make a lasting peace?

    • So, was Jesus just reffering to “nations”, when he said to love your enemies, and do nice thign sfor them ?

      Cus your delightfull revelation seems to fall to pieces, when applied to a child being subjected to satanic ritual torture, abuse and murder.

      Should the kid lovbe his enemies and say “oh yes, i love you”, as he’s being raped ?

      Should he say “hang on chaps, i’ll just sharpen that blade for you – daddy satan wouldn’t be very happy if you make a shoddy job, on my entrails, would he” ?

      And if he did do these things, do you think they would see the error of their ways, and set him free, with a mars bar and carton of orange juice, to see him on his way ? Or would they demand of all their victims, that they too say thank you, and sharpen their own death blades ?

      I’m just wondering, because all this “bend over and take it, to save the world”, is getting right up my doze !

      • There’s the rub. I agree with you about pedophiles! I support capital punishment, by the state, for horrific crimes against the innocent and against the state. I have a huge problem with loving my enemies, and it doesn’t fit my personality at all, which is the very reason I mentioned the phrase, the biggest problem in the Bible. I have sweated blood over those three words, but I only need to worry about me and MY enemies, which have been plentiful enough. I won’t tell other people what to do about their enemies. They will have to figure it out. Sometimes, as in Elisha’s case, you put on a feast for your enemy, and you gain a friend. Diplomats do it all the time.

        • Emma’s Interdisciplinary Adventures;)
          Forgiveness is about shaving the tuning fork of your mind to the right frequency. Buddhism and a couple other religions attempt to guide a person through the quagmire of resonating at the right frequency so that he’s not trying to waltz at a discotheque.

          In addition to goons and cabals and more goons in this time/space, we are surrounded by light and dark spiritual entities on the 5th dimension. Gack! Purposefully setting my frequencies and intentions to forgive is about skipping the similarly-nasty 5th dimension and resonating with the desired 6th (and higher) dimensions. And the worse evil I witness, the harder it can be to forgive. But sending souls to He1l is above my pay grade, although I can recommend.

          Some religions think there will be a thousand years of Christ’s reign, while another religion thinks that there will be 1000 years of Satan’s reign, as this reflects the two (or three) polarized universes existing beyond our time/space hamster cage. You will go to the place you resonate at, sent there by the Ellis Island in the Sky.

          Forgiveness is indeed difficult because a person believes that there should be accountability in this dimension. Will we have the satisfaction of seeing the bad guys burn in He1l? (Oh puhleese!!… dear Lord.) Probably only in our imagination, but the bad eggs won’t be able to co-exist with the Light of goodness above the 5th dimension.

          We signed up for this obstacle course/boot camp, but in the process of being born were touched by the Fickle Finger of Forgetfulness.  Hope this helps.  ((@))–>–>–

          • Yes it does help, Emma.
            Wonderfully explained.

          • Correctamente… the Farkeled Flying Fickle Finger of Forgetfulness.
            Luv, to GK : )

          • So, you’re saying that you have absolutely no problem whatsoever, with paedo murder rapists having their way, all day long, with your neighbour’s children, on the basis that they will be living seperately, in the future, once “god” (or whatever) has seperated the wheat form the chaff ?

            I’m only asking, because there’s a rather pretty young wench, a few doors down, who looks like she wants a good sorting (please understand, i am being EXTREMELY metaphorical).

            But by your rational, we may as well do away with all forms of education and crime prevention (whish i think means when the police and their gangster buddies are asleep), and just let the paedo murder rapists, put on their police and lawyer costumes every day, and do what they want ?

            I understand Buddhism, dont get me worng. It is a beutifaul phillosophy. But it only works in aworld where you have taken the trouble to destroy the evil doers.

            Buddhism had the unfortunate problem of being weak in comparison to truly evil men, and ideas.

            And of being unrealistic, because it expects people ot watch their children being murdered, and do nothing about it.

          • I responded to mydogissick but the post took a trapeze flight into the tent. It’s not cosmically important. Maybe the puppy will show up :*

          • A man goes to the doctor and says, “Doctor, there’s a piece of lettuce sticking out of my bottom.”
            The doctor asks him to drop his trousers and examines him. The man asks,
            “Is it serious, doctor?” and the doctor replies, “I’m sorry to tell you but this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

            Mydogissick, I get heartburn about the dark acts that you list, and I think appropriate earthly justice should be applied in as many cases as possible. 
            Judgement of irredeemably bad souls is up to God — It can sometimes be our duty to hurry up the meeting.

            A pretty song from my youth, ”I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnished rows of steel: ’As ye deal with my contemners, so with you my grace shall deal; Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel, His truth is marching on.’”

            That was then, this is now… Let’s consider a real-time situation. My friend, LidaRose, poor addled dear, is the target of directed energy weapons, which inflict great pain on her arms, legs, hands, head and back. She has shown me the aluminum tape that has holes pierced through it, removed from her skin, now neatly taped into a record log book with dates, times and location on the body. (Sorry, no 8×10″ glossy photos, tho!) The log record books extend back two years, encompassing the length of her assault. The log book contains vehicle license plates and vehicle makes/models driven by the govtGang stalkers. LidaRose’s Friends & neighbors are browbeaten into silence for fear of being harassed & harmed by govt goons.

            Since the police, Congress, and the FBI are flaccid, should LidaRose — mydogissick — denounce or curse the masters of the DEW weapons and the men AND WOMEN(!) who apply this torture? 
            Oddities happen when LidaRose asks Source to bless her tormentors for their “highest good” — after this, LidaRose can on occasion project useful healing thoughts to other deserving persons. I say, Who knew?

            This is the very same LidaRose who thought that America could drive a stake into the heart of the Devil by electing a certain man. Completely bonkers, girl. Heck, I advise LidaRose to LIGHTEN UP!, ignore the pain and read some jokes stored in a shoebox.

          • I give credit for three recent posted jokes to the NY Times Sunday edition, “Word for Word, the World’s Funniest Jokes”, by Tom Kuntz. I shall post no more of them.

  8. Limeys (the correct plural of limey – with all due respect), is something you should be quite proud of.

    Modern science has proven than sucking limes (the source of the nickname “limeys”, of course), makes you quicker witted, and at least temporarilly, more intelligent. As long as you don’t over do it (i presume), sucking limes is the kind of thing that can result in a great empire.

    So, as i picture all those Limey army officers sucking away, outside their tents, with the yanks calling them “dumb limelys”, it bring an ironic smile to my mind.

    It also reminds me, that our boys are most often way ahead of thier time, and are even prepared so suck on the most hideous of fruits, in order to be in tip top condition, to serve their Queen/King.

    ♫ Here’s one fopr the Limeys, one for the Limeys, one for the Limeys, so gimme one more lime ♫

    • Just like the 24th at Rorke’s Drift under Baker and Caine – sorry Bromhead and Chard! (See Zulu).

      No such luck at Isandhlwana (for which see Zulu Dawn).

      If only shrimp had been there to lead the chorus, the impis would have crumbled…

    • Yes, i think you will find that the people WON the civil war here, against the monarchy, and beheaded Charles I, for being a general baddy.

      Our mistake as British civilians, is that as soon as we win any battle, let alone a war, we tend to go straight back to whatever we were doing before, and don’t dream that the bad guys would try to beat us again (us being so tuff, and all).

      So 11 yrs after Charles I death, Charles II (his paedo rapist murder son) was brought back form France (by the paedo murder rape society of Great Britiain – now known as the Freemasons), and set back up in his castle, to make war on humanity, in Britian.

      So all this “you Brits woudl do anything for your beloveed King/Queen stuff, isn’t really on the mark, old son.

      What it is (presuming yuou’re a yank, this is), is that the people who you get to meet in America, ARE monarchy suckers. They’d suck the monarchy dry, to get aplane ticket to NY.

      But those of us who don’t join the “Prince Andrew Club For Paedo Murder Rapists” (now known as the Freemasons), generally speaking DONT get to even go to america, unless we save up for 25 yrs, to cover the plane ticket.

      Now, a policmean or prison officer, council worker, MP, public servant, traffic warden, or any other GOVT WORKER (now know as the “retired paedo murder rapist club, previously known as the Freemasons” – RPMRCPKF, for short – although it is more of an unnoficial title, that an actuall organisation) are actually offered the option of going to the USA, to work in eqivelant or different positions in american GOVT depts.

      Obviously, this helps to cement the paedo murder rapist bond (previously known as the Freemasonic Oath), currently going into overdrive, between the Obama paedo murder rape club, and the British monarchy paedo murder rape society.

      So that is why you feel that ALL brits are royalty suckers.

      The rest of us live in areas where we have to make phone calls, to ask the police to stop taking tiles off our roofs with their toy helicopters, while we’re sleeping, or to turn their sirens down, whilst loitering at traffic lights, in built up areas, trying to catch non paedo murder rapists, driving home (to see if they have any children in the back seat, who could be taken into “care”, and sold for a few quid).

      We are the ones who won the war against the Monarchy, then simply handed the country back to them (presumably because our children were playing up, and desevred a good royal murder raping, in a “work house”).

      So yes, we’re dumb, and weak, and we even handed over our weapons, when asked to (and we dont even remember when that was).

      But PLEASE, dont call us ROYALISTS !

  9. I believe most British sailors would disagree about Limey being an insult. It’s better than Tars, with less scurvey.

    • And proven to make you more intelligent than Johnny Foreigner, I think you’ll find !

    • From my experience, people who can’t take the slightest criticism, or have any jest made abou them, normally have some dirty little secrets, to hide.

      They HAVE to put a broom handle up the back of their shirts, and have a constant look, somewhere between “startled” and “ectxemely offended”, so that no one goes near them.

      If people did go near them, they may start noticing little things.

      People with nothing to hide, are generally much more relaxed. For instance, you wouldn’t catch Jack Straw coming on here, talking about paedos (oops, did i do it, again?), because his brothe ris a convicted sex offender. Thats the same Jack Straw who made it illegal for any newspaper to publish any accusations made by children in “care” homes, against their handlers (i mean, staff), unless those staff have been arrested, investigated, charged and found guilty at trial.

      Until then, those kids must be kept SILENT !

      And thats thanks to Jack (the ripper) Straw (as like like to call him). I dont think he weas even born in this country, but he gets to make laws, that stop our children copmplaining about being gang raped !

      Eh, Shrimples ?

      Or would you say that the DVD made him push that law through parliament, to make jews look bad ?

  10. If you haven’t realized by now he’s a bigot who admires the Mossad so go figure.

  11. Hey, I never gave any ok to anybody, honest to God, aka Lloyd Blankfein, I never did.

  12. Hey, as I am from Berlin, Germany, if someone can give me the address of the German DVD I can visit that address and make a photo of their headquarters :)

  13. 2 nukes were in the UK! Good Lord! That goes a long way toward explaining why they assassinated Christopher Story, but they were exposed anyway.

    Today’s good news on the radio… As I was driving home from the land of Goshen, I heard that Pope Francis I, elected March 13, sent an invitation to Justin Welby, the new Archbishop of Canterbury, on the occasion of his enthronement in Canterbury, March 21. So I looked up the text online, and it says, “I look forward to meeting you in the near future, and to continuing the warm fraternal relations that our predecessors enjoyed”.

    On a lighter note, the Leslie Nielsen video is a nice touch. Airplane! showed off his brand of lunacy quite well, but I like Men with Brooms too. Hurry hard, Leslie, wherever you are.

    • Reading between the lines, it sounds like they might have a couple of young siblings, locked in a basement somehwere, ready and primed for a friendly visit, from the next 2 dons in the line !

      Either that, or he’s offering a freemasonic back rub.

    • Yes, Christopher Story. We owe it to young lads like him to mention his name, often. The poor kid had no idea what he was getting into. These viel animals are beasts, who will murder anyone’s children (except shrimples, of course – he just keeps quiet, but wouldn’t dream of taking part).

      • Don’t understand that comment mydog….would you care to expand ?

        • Doh – got my “stories” mixed up !

          I’ll let you know if the real lads name comes back into my mind. As i say, we shouldn’t forget people liek that – this just proves my point.

      • mydog,
        Christopher Story FRSA was 72 years old when he was assassinated, as you must know. Don’t mention his name at all, unless you have something intelligent to say.

  14. Please, not Ken Clarke.
    The word is that he’s a paedophile – he’s the one that Ben Fellows named but this information is not allowed to be published anywhere
    Ken Clarke was mentioned in a blog but the name was scrubbed out on threat of legal action.
    But the original info was captured in rumourmillnews website.

    • Ah yes, is that the same Ken Clarke who gave Jimmy Saville the keys to Broadmoor, so he could visit Peter Sutcliffe (the Yorkshire Ripper), whenever he liked ?

      The one who made J saville, the “Head of Entertainment” for Broadmoor ?

      The same Peter Sutcliffe, who when giving statments about the first young girl he ripperised, said that he “heard someone come out of their house, and drive off”, just as he had finished ripperising her ? (the significance of that being that, as yet another amazing co-incidence, the man leaving the house, and driving off, happened to be JIMMY SAVILLE).

      So Saville, who was THE GEOGRAPHICALLY NEAREST PERSON (other than the ripper and his victim), to that first murder, turns out to be the very paedo rapist, who is put in charge of “entertaining” Sutcliffe and his buddies, all those years later – “how’s about that, then” ?

      And whilst the ripper heard savvile, saville NEVER heard the ripper, going about hsi business ?

      Was he just letting Saville know, that he had already been identified as a potential witness, and could easilly be elevated to accomplice, if it became neccessary ? No, that’s just me making up fantasies in my head, OBVIOUSLY (because the BBC haven’t openly stated that, as fact – and they won’t, until it’s undeniable, like everything else).

      If you would like some evidence of what i say about saville and the ripper being friends, please take a look at “when frank met jimmy and peter”:

    • Oh, and i forgot to mention:

      Is that a cheeky little FREEMASONIC handshake, being shared between Bruno and The Yorkshire Ripper ?

      My first question would be: “how did The Ripper get to be a MASTER MASON” ?

      Is Broadmoor a lodge, too ?

      • I checked out the Telegraph link. Good points. Jimmy Savile currently resides in hell. Peter Sutcliffe will be going there too.

  15. chertobiesmogil

    that Boris Berezovsky, wasn`t he Soros fellow/puppet? How he became rich getting 30$ p/m working as mathematician?

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