US Government Preemptively Gears-Up for Your Demise

[Editor’s note:  While I cannot vouch for the contents of this article, it is consistent with previous articles I have published, including “Winner take all: Why DHS is gearing up for war”, “Why gun control is bad for America”, “More footage of military vehicles being delivered surfaces on-line”, “Homeland Security: The Unanswered Questions”, “Homeland Security: Preparing for Massive Civil War”, and “Fusion and Fear in American: The non-existent ‘terrorist threat'”.  I have no doubt that qualifies me as a “conspiracy theorist”, though I prefer “conspiracy realist”.  I agree with Michael Moore who, when asked if he believes in conspiracy theories, replied, “Only those that are true”.  This one appears to be true.]


by Shepard Ambellas – Intellihub.com


In March of 2009, investigative journalist, Shepard Ambellas, reporting for Infowars.cominfiltrated a government cemetery compound located in Cave Creek, Arizona. Revealing renown photos and documented evidence of how the United States government is planning preemptively for the demise of it’s citizens. Ambellas reported the details of his findings on the March 25, 2009, broadcasts of the Alex Jones Show and Prison Planet TV (Part 1, Part 2).

The story was ultra viral causing local mainline media, independent journalists, and citizens alike to respond. In fact, the response was so great, that others were uncovering mass grave preparations by the US government in other states, including Texas and New York. Quickly local news reports parroted that the mass graves were “typical business for the US government” all-the-while admitting that the project taking place at the Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery in Cave Creek, was the “largest construction project in the valley” at the time.

An excerpt from Ambellas’ 2009 article describing what he saw on the cemetery grounds reads, “For the past 30-45 days from the early hours of the morning, until sunset, a massive construction operation has been underway. Major amounts of the earth have been excavated out about 9-10 feet deep and 600-1000 feet wide. There is multiple locations on the property like this. From the satellite view there appears to be more sections that have been covered with the concrete lids and back-filled to look as if nothing is there. ABC rock is put in place under the burial vaults for good drainage and solid bedding. This will help not contaminate ground water sources from decomposition of human bodies.

The cleanliness of the heavy equipment operation and the large perfect cuts of earth is impressive. These massive concrete boxes are transported from a nearby storage yard on various privately owned flatbed semi-trucks, then unloaded and put into place a half mile away at the actual mass grave site. They are installed tight, together, side-by-side, with no space in between.

An interview was conducted between my friend and a truck driver involved in this operation. After beating around the bush for ten minutes, the driver admitted “ I got paid a whole lot of money to speak good English.” Take it for what it’s worth but that sounds suspect. The truck driver also admitted “Each burial vault holds four caskets.”
I took note that if caskets were not used you could fit 40 bodies or more in each one.

So if these were to hold four troops each and the truck driver did know what he was talking about, this would mean that there are plans in advance for over 4000 U.S. soldiers deaths.

If these burial vaults are not to contain caskets and only bodies are inserted, there could be room for over 40,000 civilians bodies (note: previously underestimated, it’s allot more).”

Later more of the details came together as other reports were circling. One in particular caught my interest.

In early 2009, D.H. Williams wrote how, “An Indiana county municipal official in the vicinity of Chicago revealed the contents of his meetings with FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. The initial requests seem reasonable enough when FEMA asks the county officials to prepare a Hazard Mitigation Plan to deal with flooding, fires, high winds and tornadoes.

But as the required meetings and calls with FEMA and DHS continue over a two year period their request become more unusual, raising suspicions of county officials”. An audio transcription from the meeting reads;

CAVE CREEK, AZ: March 24, 2009 - Reporter, Shepard Ambellas, infiltrates the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery to film and photo a massive operation in progress. (Photo: Shepard Ambellas)

CAVE CREEK, AZ: March 24, 2009 – Reporter, Shepard Ambellas, infiltrates the Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery to film and photo a massive operation in progress. (Photo: Shepard Ambellas)

“We want to know every important thing in this county. We want to know where police departments are. Where weapons are stored. Hazardous material. Where can we land a helicopter. Where are the airports. How big a plane can you land at the airport. Where are all the bridges. Where are all the power stations. Where are all the generating stations. Where are all the substations. They literally wanted to know where everything was. I’m sitting there thinking man if there was ever martial law. This kind of information is exactly the kind of stuff they are going to want. We’re just laying it all out for them right there.”

According to Williams, the meeting revealed the following astonishing details:

  • In late December 2008 municipal officials were invited to Indianapolis for a briefing on the state of Indiana. There were told if industry were to collapse for example GM going bankrupt resulting in mass unemployment a depression would soon follow and municipalities could expect to loose 40% of their funds.
  • Every county in the nation would be required to prepare a Hazard Mitigation Plan.
  • The county should prepare a plan to vaccinate the entire population within 48 hours and practice the plan several times.
  • FEMA inquired to where mass graves could be placed in the county and would they accept bodies from elsewhere.
  • The sheriff’s department via the state sheriff association was told that no .223 ammunition rounds would be available as the military would be purchasing all stocks.
  • The county was asked to make plans for “hardening” of police and fire stations, putting in hardened bunker type buildings around town.
  • The county was asked to make plans for the possibility of up to 400,000 refugees from Chicago.

What we do know, is that the details reported by Williams, remain consistent with the mass grave site uncovered in Arizona by Ambellas, and other information garnered by Intellihub.com investigators. In fact , Arizona a state document stamped “For Official Use Only”, were even altered after Ambellas broke the story in March of 2009.

Although earlier, non-revised versions of the document included references to mass graves, version 4.0 of the Arizona Department of Health Services document entitled, “Pandemic Influenza Mass Fatality Response Plan” masked the once sinister references and is now revised to contain only 3 vague references. The document text reads, “Existing disaster plans may include provisions for mass fatalities but should be reviewed and tested regularly to determine if these plans are appropriate for the relatively long period of increased demand which is characteristic of a pandemic, as compared to the shorter response period required for most disaster plans. There are currently no national plans to recommend mass graves or mass cremations. This would only be considered under the most extreme circumstances. The use of the term mass grave infers that the remains will never be re-interred or identified. Therefore, the term mass grave should never be used when describing temporary interment.”

CAVE CREEK, AZ - March 24, 2009 - Thousands of burial vaults being covertly installed preemptively in the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery. (Photo: Shepard Ambellas)

CAVE CREEK, AZ – March 24, 2009 – Thousands of burial vaults being covertly installed preemptively in the Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery. (Photo: Shepard Ambellas)

To demonstrate proof that this type diabolic rhetoric exists, we can clearly see that the state of Ohio, has their agenda listed in-plain-sight. The document, prepared in 2010, reads, on page 127, “Current Ohio law states once a body has been interred it cannot be uninterred except through legal processes. Consider mass graves, private cemeteries, private owned land/property, etc. This may be messy and difficult to organize & complete. We’ll need identification markers for temporary interment may consider global positioning devices.”

Other states such as New York, have even gone far enough to have mandatory surveys conducted, in which they would determine how many acres were available at 95o graves per acre in cemeteries statewide.

A request issued to all cemeteries within the state by the State of New York Department of State Division of Cemeteries director ,Richard Fishman, on April 4, 2007, reads, “Much of this data will be very important when planning for a mass fatality or pandemic situation. You will be hearing of special meetings in your region that will address planning for such events.” Causing concern, as some will likely see this as foreshadowing to a future and or a potentially planned (staged) event.

Proponents of mass graves would likely argue that the graves are being installed in the best interests of the American people, and that if a real scenario were to arise that these “mass graves” would be need. However others would say profiteering could be a motive. Profiteering by private corporations.

The Budget

According to the CDC’s website;

Congress appropriated funding in June 2009 through the 2009 Supplemental Appropriations Act for the “Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund” to prepare for and respond to an influenza pandemic. This funding provided the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and other federal and state agencies with resources to respond to ongoing and emerging outbreaks of novel H1N1 influenza in the United States. CDC administered $1.4 billion through the Public Health Emergency Response (PHER) grant to upgrade state and local pandemic influenza preparedness and response capacity. The 62 awarded included 50 states, 8 territories and freely associated states, and 4 localities (Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles County, California; New York City, New York; and Washington, D.C.). Funding was distributed in phases.

PHER Phase I

Phase I funding of $260 million was intended to help PHER awardees assess their existing capabilities in pandemic influenza response and to address remaining gaps in two focus areas as described below. This funding was allocated using a population-based funding formula. Funds were awarded beginning July 31, 2009.

  • Focus Area 1: $195 million – Vaccination, Antiviral Distribution/Dispensing and Administration, and Community Mitigation Activities
  • Focus Area 2: $65 million – Laboratory, Epidemiology, Surveillance Activities


An additional $248 million in PHER Phase II funding was released to supplement the original $260 million and was intended to provide additional resources for mass vaccination planning and implementation preparedness activities. Phase II funding could also be used for vaccine delivery, vaccine administration, and related communications planning and implementation. Phase II funds were allocated using a base-plus-population formula. Funds were awarded beginning August 21, 2009.


A total of $846 million in PHER Phase III funding was awarded for implementation of the 2009 H1N1 influenza mass vaccination campaign at the state, local, tribal, and territorial levels. Phase III funds were allocated using a base-plus-population formula, with 100% of the funds available beginning September 28, 2009.


A total of $49.7 million in PHER Phase IV funding was awarded to 15 states and localities to complete their H1N1 vaccination programs, specifically targeting high-risk populations, minority and hard-to-reach populations, and underserved and vulnerable populations that may were unable to access vaccination services previously. Phase IV funds were allocated using a base-plus-population formula, with 100% of the funds available beginning March 18.

The CDC has been adamant about the issue. In fact the  CDC even makes reference to the 2009, H1N1 “Swine Flu” pandemic outbreak, in which the establishment was able to achieve Pandemic Level 6 (silent) Martial Law in America, by circumvention of US law by way of United Nations treaty and newly implemented World Health Organization guidelines set into motion by former Senator, Barrack Obama, and former US president, George W. Bush. After all it was Bush who got it passed into law that even a “novel” strain of influenza could trigger the WHO’s newly implemented pandemic scale.

According to SourceWatch.org, “In an October 4, 2005, Rose Garden press conference, President George W. Bush said that the United States is “preparing for a possible outbreak of bird flu.” Bush said that he had “urged other world leaders during meetings at the United Nations in September to be aware of the dangers posed by avian influenza and to have ‘rapid reporting’ to the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to ‘deal with a potential pandemic.’”

“U.S. officials, the president said, are ‘doing everything we can’ to deal with the issue.
“‘We’re watching it. We’re careful. We’re in communications with the world. I’m not predicting an outbreak. I’m just suggesting to you that we better be thinking about it. And we are. And we’re more than thinking about it; we’re trying to put plans in place,’ he said.”

The November 2005 381-page plan, officially called the Pandemic Influenza Strategic Plan — “which has been years in the making” — “developed by the Bush administration to deal with any possible outbreak of pandemic flu shows that the United States is woefully unprepared for what could become the worst disaster in the nation’s history,” Gardiner Harris wrote in the October 8, 2005, New York Times. (emphasis added)

The plan “calls for quarantine and travel restrictions but concedes that such measures ‘are unlikely to delay introduction of pandemic disease into the U.S. by more than a month or two.’ … [A] large outbreak that began in Asia would be likely, because of modern travel patterns, to reach the United States within ‘a few months or even weeks.’

“If such an outbreak occurred, hospitals would become overwhelmed, riots would engulf vaccination clinics, and even power and food would be in short supply, according to the plan, which was obtained by The New York Times.” (emphasis added)”

A statement in a CDC document backing this information up reads, “Public health threats are always present. Whether caused by natural, accidental, or intentional means, these threats can lead to the onset of public health incidents. Being prepared to prevent, respond to, and rapidly recover from public health threats is critical for protecting and securing our nation’s public health.

The 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic underscored the importance of communities being prepared for potential threats. Because of its unique abilities to respond to infectious, occupational, or environmental incidents, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) plays a pivotal role in ensuring that state and local public health systems are prepared for these and other public health incidents. CDC provides funding and technical assistance for state, local, and territorial public health departments through the Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) cooperative agreement. PHEP cooperative agreement funding provides approximately $700 million annually to 50 states, four localities, and eight U.S. territories and freely associated states for building and strengthening their abilities to respond to public health incidents.”

Through such a campaign, the establishment has achieved great miracles. In fact, they were able to extend the Pandemic Level 6 until March of 2012, technically leaving the nation in a state of emergency, allowing the powers-that-be to fully loot and carryout diabolic agendas they previously contrived (i.e. banker bailouts, and fast tract vaccines).

So What’s Coming?

Despite some mainline reports downplaying the scope of this agenda, a lot of people are wondering what really is going on, and what might be coming down the pipe in the near future.

Some speculate that this is part of a well thought-out governmental agenda, that entails a diabolic plan contrived by members of the world’s elite, to exterminate 90% of the populace. While others say the preparation and planning is “normal business for the US government”, benevolent, and nothing unusual is going on.

As of now it’s undetermined if all of this is part of a diabolic agenda. Although a pandemic scenario would be favored by the powers-that-be.

Shepard Ambellas is the founder & director of Intellihub.com (a popular alternative news website), researcher, investigative journalist, radio talk show host, activist, and filmmaker. 


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Jim Fetzer

A former Marine Corps officer, Jim Fetzer has published widely on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and evolution and mentality.McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, he has also conducted extensive research into the assassination of JFK, the events of 9/11, and the plane crash that killed Sen. Paul Wellstone.

The founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, his latest books include The Evolution of Intelligence (2005), The 9/11 Conspiracy (2007), Render Unto Darwin (2007), and The Place of Probability in Science (2010).

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  1. CoJonesGrandes  May 22, 2013 at 6:50 am

    Are these victims of the latest weaponised virus?

    Mysterious respiratory illness strikes 7 in Alabama; 2 dead

  2. CoJonesGrandes  May 22, 2013 at 3:08 am

    Hey everyone!
    Drill in Portland happening about now

    Three day metro-wide disaster drill will simulate bioterrorism attack

    The U. S. Department of Homeland Security conducted a full scale simulated terrorist attack conducted at Portland International Raceway in October 2007. The event called Top Officials Exercise or, TOPOFF 4, was based on a detonation of a dirty bomb in Portland. Here, officials document firefighters assisting injured persons. A similar drill will unfold over three days starting Tuesday.

  3. Shallel  May 19, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    This is a very important article, Jim! Thank-you. I suspect that the MASS KILLER VIRUS WEAPON could be the new SARS-like virus now called MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus) that’s been infecting people in the Middle East. It looks to be genetically modified to spread human-human more easily.

    From the rumor mill, fwiw:



    “What’s more frightening is that doctors who have seen the virus under a microscope believe the pathogen is a weaponized virus. They believe it was made in a lab.”

  4. Mike Kay  May 18, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    Dr. Fetzer,
    I did find one anomaly in the DH Williams testimony:

    It is claimed that the Sheriff Dept. will not be able to stock any .223 ammo due to military demand.
    The military does not use .223 ammo. The military uses 5.56mm. Military ammo uses a thicker shell, and is loaded to significantly higher pressure than the .223. Standard .223 ammo is often loaded with hollow-point bullets. Military ammo is never loaded with hollow-points–ever.

    The remainder of the articles appears to be chillingly consistent with current disclosures. One comment below mentioned the 1918 flu. NPR was running stories some time ago about university professors digging up corpses that had perished from the flu-with the intent of revitalizing the killer bug. I have no recollection of any explanation for this form of insanity.

    • captain obvious  May 20, 2013 at 7:35 am

      why would NAFTA-GATT hand China all technology and production?
      why would her majesty’s company nicknames be handed corporate welfare to move?
      why would WE be made to pay for our own unemployment with “national deficit”?
      why would I have coined “treasonous economic saboteuring financial terrorists in power”?

      not trying to pick on you Jim, really not, but its my opinion Chinese government is just as much a political puppet-show as what passes for American government, hijacked by the same string pullers, staging a “global politics show” for the masses to gulp down, deliberately.

      the “Chinese”, that is the people there, dont really have ANY motive or desire to,
      but their puppet-show government is another story entirely, as is this “US government”..

      look for info about Idaho’s project 60 where 60 x 60 square miles will become China’s,
      a commenting buddy elsewhere got banned for telling it Ron Paul was invested into it.
      its my opinion Ron did two FAKE election campaigns, walking away with millions, twice.
      sure, he injected some thinking into the couple debates he was allowed into..
      but I believe the real plan was to ID and double check for “dissenters”,
      through what we’re supposed to believe is “the voting process” (I’m that cynical).
      think about that, it’s not some kind of “unrelated rant” as some might try to say.

      theres the SUPERPORT in Mexico, the “NAFTA SUPERHIGHWAY” that they keep conveniently renaming to try to tell us all “it doesnt exist thats all just crazy conspiracy theory”..
      why have about all our deepwater ports been sold off to China? thats not treason is it?

      again, not picking on you or trying to, look into these things I’m mentioning please.

    • Jim Fetzer  May 20, 2013 at 7:44 am

      Why would the Chinese be mutating a virus to kill Americans? DHS and CIA, yes; China, no.

    • captain obvious  May 20, 2013 at 11:05 am

      yup, I’ll sure agree with ya about that point Jim, “Center for Disease Creation”,
      biochemichal weapons labs etc.. (far more likely!)

      point I was trying to make was moreso about the majority of governments today just being puppet shows owned by the same string pullers. in your comment above that I’d replied to, you’d asked: “don’t you think they would want to have a pasty lined up in advance?”

      hey, what better patsy than the China theyed already treasonously handed our real working economy to, who they keep telling US that they hate us, that they OWN us, that we’re in debt to (because of DC of course but they wont say THAT part, right?), that WE are supposed to hate for “taking all our jobs” (that were handed to em!), and their human rights violations and one child policy they enforce (part of a United NAZI-ons agreement of course), and the slave labor, and the fascist-communist government (puppet show!) they have there..

      on a flipside, after treasonously sabotaging OUR economy handing China all the technology and production, promising them a market to be able to sell in thats now about bankrupt as they whine “oh we’re not getting as much in taxes LETS RAISE TAXES” on whats left of the people who are still somehow working for lower wages (vs real inflation rates)..
      “hey ya’ll LOOK OVER THERE, China hates America!”
      (fear those strange slant-eyed devils cuz we told ya to!)
      the same string pullers own “the media”, and the friggin bio-weapons labs they hand themselves government contracts with..
      “haha see-see we can kill em all with all the same bullets we made THEM pay for!”

      man Jim, dont get stuck on “the Chinese” buzzword, it’d be about the same as me looking at “DHS and CIA, yes” and asking you “oh why do you hate government so much?”
      it’s about like the gay abortion hockey puck they swat around every darn election cycle,
      or GWB saying he believes in Jesus to fool Christians when his own real religion isnt anything but satanic.. yeah they believe in (and hate!) Jesus.

      the same string pullers just might have a bio-weapons lab that happens to be located in same China that theyed set up to be pretty well deliberately unregulated, “hey look over there its CHINESE! we said so in a newspaper, right?” I hope you get it, I’m sure not trying to pee in anyones cheerios, I really AM this cynical-jaded about whats really what. next week they’ll probably spit out a story that they got a lot of help from IRAN for the super-bird-flu-crap.
      “see-see it wasnt us, we said so in a -news-report-“..

  5. Jim Fetzer  May 18, 2013 at 8:44 am

    And did you also read a report that they were using in excess of 1.5 billion .40 caliber hollow-point rounds for practice? or that they have acquired 2,700 light tanks for recreational purposes? plus 7,000 assault rifles of the kind Obama has been attempting to ban? and that it has made special arrangements with mortuaries and funeral homes to handle excess deaths from some unspecified “other catastrophe”? Did you know?

    Are you aware that a subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Intelligence released a study on 3 October 2012 about its review of 680 “fusion center” reports from 2009-10 (where fusion centers merge federal, state and local anti-terrorism efforts) and found that the number of cases of terrorism or of terrorist-related incidents was NONE: ZERO! ZILCH! NADA! You must be living on another planet.

    • Jim Fetzer  May 18, 2013 at 2:30 pm

      How could underground cables, which are long and thin and extend for miles, possibly be protected by heavy plastic boxes that appear to be caskets designed to take four bodies at a time? I found your willingness to eagerly accept a ridiculous explanation a sign of gullibility.

    • liberty belle  May 20, 2013 at 6:10 am

      There is also an Army manual with the “re-education/internment” camps and procedures for these camps, I believe this is all true and it has been their plan for a long while, they are all eugenecists and they are hell bent on having us gone so they can have it all for themselves, they are poking the bear and we aren’t going quietly, I will assure you that…..

  6. Matt Stone  May 17, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    Come on, Do not Dramatize!
    cHANGE IN America without Delay?
    It is truely not that dramatic…

    Change in A

    • Matt Stone  May 17, 2013 at 7:44 pm

      dAMN Change is possible!

  7. liberty1776  May 17, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    DHS has brand new 3.4 billion dollar gigantic facility 5 miles out of DC. NSA has a monstrous new facility out in Utah. there are a crapload of FUSION centers out there. – SPYING ON US, SPITTING ON US. OPPRESSING US. and the American people PAY THEIR SALARIES for them to oppress us? the DHS MUST BE CLOSED DOWN. RAND PAUL or someone like him must close it down. it is a domestic oppressor and gestapo group. all because of 9/11 murderous lies.

    • homunculus  May 18, 2013 at 9:35 am

      How many big government bureaucracies (agencies) do you know of that just got “closed down.” I can’t think of any. Once they get going, it is virtually impossible, absent truly RADICAL ACTION, to turn back time. Rand Paul, Congress, they just don’t have the power. The President couldn’t even do it.

    • captain obvious  May 20, 2013 at 7:51 am

      above-later on.. I’d posted am opinion about Ron, and didnt mention his son Rand playing the big spoiler in the last FAKE presidential campaign by Ron.. again, yup, I’m that cynical, and under the impression they’re just actors in this political stage play, aka: accomplices.

      I sure dont like the idea and not advocating it either, but also agree, less than RADICAL ACTION isnt likely to get anywhere with a government that’s been hijacked by criminal SOB’s. the completely rigged “election process” only giving choices of “criminal A” or “criminal B” for decades now.
      skull and bones GWB? or skull and bones Kerry?
      aint skull and bones the flag of a pirate ship or a warning label on a bottle of poison?
      (I’m saying these “presidents” are just actor-accomplices too!)

  8. liberty1776  May 17, 2013 at 1:02 am

    DHS must be abolished. it is evil…stasi nazi gestapo bastards. born out of evil, the 9/11 false flag.

    terrorizing Americans with Americans’ money. this CANNOT stand, unless of course the populace is too
    busy watching baseball games and facebooking what they’re eating for dinner.

    thank you, Jim, (& Shepard) for continuing to expose this TRAITOROUS FILTH in our nation.

    look what this bastard obama has done since 2009, how many false flags? FBI is also corrupted.

    Time for a rebirth of our Republic, root out the scum that has hijacked it….

    Lord God have mercy on the USA, and let it be reborn.

    let’s be prepared to fight for this.

  9. haroldsmith  May 16, 2013 at 10:47 pm

    “As of now it’s undetermined if all of this is part of a diabolic agenda.”


    Clearly there is an overarching diabolic agenda at work here (and it’s been going on for a long time). We just don’t know what particular catastrophe will come next (and perhaps our Masters aren’t even sure). There are several possibilities, as I see it: (1) The Jews will start a major war in the Mideast, which will be followed by retaliatory “terrorism” on U.S. soil (either “real” or of the false-flag variety), which will be followed by martial law, economic collapse and massive domestic civil unrest; or (2) The Jews will start a major war in the Mideast, which will quickly become a world war, which will quickly become a nuclear world war; or, (3) The Jews will keep attacking Syria, hoping to provoke a response; failing that, the Jews will do another false flag attack, either against themselves (after all, Jews love painting swastikas all over the place, for example) or on U.S. soil, and then blame it on Syria…”oh gee, look what that monster Assad did now, he attacked us (retaliated)”.

    Here’s how I see the big picture: The Jewish-controlled vassal states of “America” and the EU are in a state of rapid economic, political and moral decline. If the Jews are going to make their big move to crush their ostensible “enemies” in the Mideast, they’re going to have to do it soon. Their desperation is palpable. The clock is ticking. Either Jews get to run the world, or there’ll be no world (as we knew it).

  10. mommyplayer  May 16, 2013 at 7:57 pm

    The H1N1 Scam a few years back was a financial boon to Roche and their Tamiflu product that the local govt was made to buy stockpiles of. Rumsfeld had a financial stake in Roche. There never was the killer H1N1 and all the planning in my county took resources away from real ilnesses. Now we are to believe again in more influenza and corona virus outbreaks. The 1919 outbreak was bad, but none have come even close since. It is hard to have a real pandemic. I am a medical provider and won’t beleive it until I see it. Also perhaps of interest is that middle aged adults have accumulated immunity to all the previous infuenza virues they have been exposed to. So in any outbreak listen to the age of who is dying in order to assess for special killing power (virulence). If children up to age 25 are dying, its becuase they havent had many viruses in past to have immunity and it is expected, the very elderly die because they are old and sick. But if 30-50 yr/olds die of influenza then it is a powereful one.

  11. Chandler  May 16, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    To quote a famous traitor to this country, its foundations, it traditions, it heritage: “Bring it on!”

    We outnumber them, and many soldiers will see what is taking place and not be able to follow orders. Foreign troops will also have a morale compass, and turn coat. This will all backfire on these globalists, just watch. What they are planning, if they truly are planning anything, will not be carried out by any race, nationality of people for they have families too with futures on the earth. We all breath the same air, and share the same water. We are all mortal.

    The people of this world like Americans. It is the government they do not like, and this effort will falter from its onset. Although bloody, it will fail and fail miserably. We are armed, and God is on our side.

    “Here on earth,” JFK told us, “God’s work must truly be our own.” No doubt it will be.

  12. CoJonesGrandes  May 16, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    National Scout Jamboree 2013 False Flag Insider Warning.

    • Jim Fetzer  May 16, 2013 at 4:57 pm

      Plus I have a source who has calculated that “Flag Day”, 14 June, and the 4th of July will be targeted as well.

    • CoJonesGrandes  May 17, 2013 at 12:10 pm

      Well Jim, any chance of letting us know where the venues might be on those dates?

    • Jim Fetzer  May 17, 2013 at 12:43 pm

      Look for locations where “training drills” are scheduled. Seattle might be one; Chicago, another.

    • CoJonesGrandes  May 18, 2013 at 12:58 am

      Jim, Clif High has forecasted that they may release re-engineered Spanish flu amongst the troops to cause a pandemic. He doesn’t know where but my feelings are that this might be in the Middle East. Can your people investigate this possibility and take whatever action is necessary?

    • Jim Fetzer  May 18, 2013 at 3:37 am

      Well, I am not in the position to do something about it but others here may well be. I will make sure this gets into the right hands.

    • CoJonesGrandes  May 19, 2013 at 12:59 pm

      Jim, have you seen this?



      …. doctors who have seen the virus under a microscope believe the pathogen is a weaponized virus. They believe it was made in a lab. ….

  13. Preston James, Ph.D  May 16, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    Very informative article that should send out a strong alarm for all Americans. Now we know why DHS has been buying up over 2 billion rounds of ammo, most hollow points which are illegal to use in any military action. They are being purchased to mass murder Americans with as the banking system collapses and when the derivative bubble and bond markets collapse. Then, as Ellen Brown has suggested, the world-wide web of debt could implode: instead of more large governmental bank bailouts there will likely be bail-ins, as personal accounts are seized.

    Then it looks like it’s bye-bye for all pensions, 401k’s, no more Social Security or fat Government pensions for the “federal family” or any other Government workers–and that’s when the STHTF. DHS is now the enforcer for the world Moneychangers and Banksters, folks who can generate debt slaves through phony fiat paper “money”, start wars and mass murder civilians ansd soldiers and never feel any guilt. Psychopaths do not feel guilt and these folks are pure predators. Ask yourself this, who are the people that started and now run DHS and who made millions of dollars off of it and the TSA? Are these the same poeple that did 9/11? If you follow the money you will see that DHS is at its core a foreign invading force representing the IZCS that has hijacked and then consolidated all US law enforcement, alphabets and intel making all of the federal family members unknowing traitors on their own soil. A pretty slick trick, huh?

    If you read the history books about Bolshevik Red Terror, you know what the racial agenda of DHS really is that lies behind all this. It’s to hijack, asset strip, and minister death to everyone but them so they can depopulate the world by 80% (as indicated in their Georgia Guidestones) and create a new Beast Blood hybrid human race. If you like the idea of Gaza, you will aboslutely love it if these evil creatures are able to transform America into Gaza 2, the world’s biggest open-air prison camp.

    But it’s not over until the fat lady sings and these demons are very afraid of populism and of an armed nation of super p*ssed off, well-informed citizens. That is why they spend so much time and money paying the controlled major mass media to continually broadcast their daily lies as talking points, attempting to bombard the truth out of all of us and have been working so hard to get our guns and cut off our ammo. Indications are, however, that they are starting to fail and so you can expect DHS to keep staging Gladio style false-flag attacks on all of us as has been done at Murrah, 9/11, Aurora, Sikh Temple, Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon. This is their specialty. Those in top leadership positions know it too and are so evil that they must be considered inhuman or non-human, creatures with no souls and completely unable to experience any love for others at all. Sounds rather alien to the human race, does it not?.

    • captain obvious  May 20, 2013 at 9:43 am

      yup.. my bad joke(?)

      vegetarians eat vegetables, we really oughtta be concerned about these “humanitarians”!

      I believe they’ll lose horribly in any kind of fair fight, is why their warfare is so deviate!
      we’re under biochemical weapon attacks every day, these hijackers deny it all of course.
      we’re under psychological warfare attacks daily the same way,
      and they’ve treasonously sabotaged our real working economy, handing US the bill for it,
      as the majority lives TERRIFIED of unemployment, homelessness, or worse..

      these same lying psychopaths want billions for “weather predicting computers” now,
      when they already control the weather with chemtrails and KNOW what the weather will be?
      (sounds crazy but its true!)

      its all worse than a 10 year old with a stolen credit card, who’s uncle is the judge!
      “hello neighbor, I just sold your house for 200k and bought a GREAT security system so ya cant off me after calling your boss with a big story how ya been bangin his wife to get ya fired from your job, and the local police about your nonexistent basement meth lab they SWAT TEAMED ya for HAHAHA!”
      “oh btw, I also talked with a local shrink who also works with DHS and you’re now listed as an antisocial potential terrorist, so you wont have to worry about any precious second amendment rights anymore, so remember to play nice now that I’ve done you so many anonymous favors!”
      -is about how psychopathic they want everyone to become now.. rewarding people for it all.

      more insanity.. radio stations cant play Dire Straits “Money For Nothing” without censorship..
      “the little BLANK with the earring and the make-up, yeah buddy thats his own hair”
      “the little BLANK’s got his own jet airplane, the little BLANK he’s a millionaire”
      gee, excuse me.. the little BLANK gets his money for nothing and the chicks for free, right?
      so how much of a little BLANK could the little BLANK really be?
      are radio stations really that afraid of offending some little BLANK with an earring and the makeup?
      kinda redefines their favorite little word “homophobic” now doesnt it?
      apparantly if we dont like fascists posing as something religious we’re all just “anti-semitic” too!

      it might seem insane unrelated irrelevant? (gee where did ALL THAT come from, right?)
      maybe its a poorish attempt to illustrate the passive aggressive language manipulations,
      that these true psychopaths in power employ to establish dominance with what THEY try to dictate as something-anything “policital correctness”, meanwhile, so many of em HAVE been exposed as satanic paedo perv manipulative sodomizers.. but we’re not to ever think or speak about THAT..
      as they are pushing their “anti-bullying” laws for even deeper societal sissification.. damn..
      oh nevermind that master-slave dominance-humiliation games are their idea of a good time,
      it isnt something I’m AFRAID of (aka:phobic), it’s something that ticks me off!
      people dont get it that to play by THEIR “rules” is to allow them to “win” completely?
      that their suffering ego’s and deep rooted self hatred DEMANDS the spotlight,
      and positions of “power” or “dominance”, that NORMAL people arent obsessed with at all!
      anti-life, anti-human, satanic, sodomizers, prettymuch all the same type of critters..
      not saying ALL are about that, but so many really bad ones seek and attain “power”.
      enough “non-politically correct ranting” for now I guess.

  14. Dublinmick  May 17, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    Flu shots could save them a lot of bullets, wonder what will be in them, chlorine bleach?

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