US Gov: Walk Slow

Stabbed in the Back


… by Bob Nichols


(San Francisco) Forty years ago US hospitals had a kinda, sorta, informal word of mouth “policy” to “walk slow” when a dying no-pay patient “Coded.” This “allowed” the patient to go ahead and croak before the life extending heroic measures arrived. It was that way because it was always that way.

The extension of payments to include the previously “allowed to die” saw a quick change in policy to go after the new money available.

Forty-five (45) years later, the Nuclear States officially raise the amounts of “permitted radiation levels” by hundreds and sometimes thousands of times to maintain the utter and absolute dominance of the Nuclear State over everything, everywhere, for all time. No tolerance given.


Obama’s Done Deal


Plummeting worldwide population numbers and a dumber population are the inevitable results of this policy. This codifies policy “guidance” issued to all Executive Branch Offices of the US Gov immediately after President Obama’s first Presidential election. The Hope Prez? Yea, sure, when pigs fly.

In the never ending war between the suits (politicians) and the physicists, the suits win yet again; by changing the rules. It takes more than logic to fight these animals and win.

Who will bury the dead when we are all gone

Who will bury the dead – It does not matter Taken in Germany by James Emison Chanslor, an Army Master Sergeant who served in World War II from 1942 until 1945. There are many other photos and independent sources that confirm this.

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4 Responses to "US Gov: Walk Slow"

  1. williammartin  May 25, 2013 at 2:19 am

    While the U.S. promotes the HOAX War ON Terror.
    Each year in America US Doctors kill over 200,000 Citizen’s.
    FDA Approved Drug’s kill Ten’s of Thousand’s more. When the Bank’s fail.. You can imagine what will happen as 27,000,000 people on SSRIs [ 1 in 10 ] That mean’s Police, Government as well as Citizen’s with a 30 Supply can no longer access their drugs and go into Instant withdraw. A new ZOMBIE will emerge.

    I like Quotes like on the photo above.
    Quotes from Ramsey Clark *

    “These factors at least partially explain how some millions of Americans could watch a 60 Minutes TV program filmed in late 1995-which portrayed and described the deaths of more than 500,000 children in Iraq caused by U.S.-forced sanctions and then showed UN Ambassador Madeleine Albright saying of those deaths, “Yes, the price is worth it”

    Near the end of the bombing, as U.S. troops planned to advance on Kuwait City and Iraq, U.S. General Kelly said of Iraqi forces: “There won’t be many of them left.” When asked for his assessment of the numbers of Iraqi soldiers and civilians killed, General Colin Powell answered, “It’s really not a number I’m interested in.” General Schwarzkopf had a strict policy that Iraqi dead were not to be counted. Both violated international law requiring respect for enemy dead, their identification, notification of family, and proper religious burial. Americans know how they feel about their MIAs from Vietnam and earlier wars.

    But for Propaganda purposes when asked of US Death’s in Wars they know to the number of how many died. Some people actually believe that we are “Hated for our Freedom’s”. Surely its not because when bomb their Cities, Roads, Bridges, Rail Service and People.

    Still, why don’t DHS protect us from US Doctor’s that yearly kill more American’s via treatment or lack thereof and the Pills that hand-out like Candy?

    Great Article.
    By the way, there is a video at DemocracyNow about how the US Military is under Section 10 not 14 giving the Boot to Veteran’s so they don’t have to give them VA assistance or Pension’s. Under Section/Article 14 they had to verify a Soldiers HISTORY. But Congress passed legislation to protect the Veteran’s, Now in Article 10 they find as an Example a Soldier with PTSD and using SSRIs who perhaps has boughts with anger and discharge him/her leaving them with nothing to live on. The Video started as to why so many Veteran’s were in Jail’s.

    The Soldier fulfilled His/Her Contract even at the cost of Limb’s yet the Military wouldn’t complete their end of the Contract. In most cases these are young men who at 22 have the rest of their lives to try to survive and sadly perhaps as Gordon has mentioned why 22 Veteran’s a day commit suicide. 🙁

    Other Than Honorable: Army Strips Benefits of Wounded…

  2. Allesandro  May 24, 2013 at 9:14 pm


    Thanks for the excellent very short article.

    This is however the reality, no matter what they say:

    ” Forty years ago US hospitals had a kinda, sorta, informal word of mouth “policy” to “walk slow” when a dying no-pay patient “Coded.” This “allowed” the patient to go ahead and croak before the life extending heroic measures arrived. It was that way because it was always that way.”

  3. boonie rat 70  May 24, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    GEE , Bob ,maybe you could post a list of all the Physicists who pledged their life to working for the betterment of Mankind versus the incredible insanity of the others who create new & more powerful weapons .I am sure many a PHD hung a tie around their neck suits and pledged allegiance to the almighty Dollar. what a sick bunch of people . But, no one goes there, do they ? Academics & scholars have sold their Souls & put on the perfect symbol of servitude , the neck tie . thanks for your mindfullness and the gut check .

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