Volunteers to Fight McCain’s Al Qaeda Army in Syria

Russian & Ukrainian Volunteers Pledged for Syrian Army



Editor’s note:  For a similar offer, veterans from other nations might be willing to join such an effort, much as volunteers went to Spain during their civil war to fight the fascists.  Ernest Hemingway and George Orwell were among them.  I wonder how many Americans would be interested in this offer as well?  Perhaps we should look into the legality of it.  If McCain can aid Al Qaeda, American veterans should certainly be able to fight them.

Article published by the Telegraphist

A veteran Ukrainian intelligence officer made an unusual statement recently, pledging Russian and and Ukrainian volunteers for fighting alongside the Syrian army.

In a mid-May video statement announcing the establishment of the volunteer corps, Commander Sergey Razumovsky addressed his appeal ”all veterans of military service of the Soviet Union, all Russian and Ukrainian officers, residing in the Ukraine.”

Referring to poor living conditions of veterans in the country, namely “the lack of housing”, the former officer says that due to this situation, veterans can offer their skills to Syria in it’s efforts to restore constitutional order.

Recognising the fact that Syrian law does not allow foreigners to join the national armed forces, Razumovsky said Syria could give citizenship status to the volunteers, provide insurance to the volunteer’s families to help with the purchase of property after the war.


Razumovsky’s appeal was made to the Syrian government and the Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet, which he suggested could assist with the deployment of the volunteer corps.

The veracity of Razumovsky’s claim to represent veteran’s is unknown, but reports suggest he represents a group within 72,000 former combatants including Soviet-era veterans.

A story on the statement was published by the Ukrainian-language “Telegraphist”. The article has since been deleted but a cached version is available here.

The following video shows Razumovsky’s statement:

UPDATE: Thanks to Jonathan who commented below for providing us with an update. See this story from the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

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18 Comments for “Volunteers to Fight McCain’s Al Qaeda Army in Syria”

  1. Were Hemingway and Orwell the scum who burnt and raped nuns and children…….No! they were the Jew Bolshevik scumbags from Russia. Sure Franco was an asshole….but………………………..

    • Charlotte NC Bill

      Throw in the Jew communists in their Abraham Lincoln brigade that went there to murder Catholic spain..The only problem I have with Franco is that he took the help of Germany’s air power but proved to be an ingrate by balking at the Germans marching across Spain to take Gibraltar….If it hadn’t been for Germany’s air support Franco wouldn’t have lived past the 1930′s….Germany should have taken Gibraltar by land AND sea useing the captured French fleet…another military blunder by Herr Hitler whose descendants are showing some interesting DNA…maybe they weren’t just blunders..

  2. The S-300 when it’s up must have capabilities over parts of Turkey. This aspect has some interesting implications and will hopefully prevent Turkey from further instigating hostilities in Syria. Then Jordon is also within the protective umbrella and the Golan Heights which is also OWNED by Syria, if I’m not mistaken, but stolen for a while by Israel. They need to give it back.

    Thank you Mr. Putin, job well done. It really does look like the S-300′s will lessen the likelihood of major escalations by countries that have NO business meddling in Syria’s INTERNAL affairs.

  3. Charlotte NC Bill

    McCain’s a despicable pile of crap…to think he almost became bomber-in-chief…

  4. Charlotte NC Bill

    If I was still single I’d go to Syria to fight alongside the other Christians and the Shia/Alawi….if the Pope was worth more than a bucket of warm spit he’d be encouraging Christians to fight for the regime—Assad’s–that’s been protecting their rights, and lives, in Syria…..but his answer would be to have another Assissi type of event where he’ll hold hands with the Buddhists, Hindus and witch doctors and Talmud followers…

    • Who gives a crap about the Vatikan anyway? Just another evilly corrupt institution filled with maladjusted old men which should have gone the way of the Dodo a millennium ago.
      Piss on then pope.

  5. matthewmccauley

    As an afeing American vet I would fight in Wall St. and City of London.

  6. Gordon, I like your idea but maybe not with this guy before this flag.

    What is the flag with the hammer and sicle in the background? Communist Intelligence For Peace?

  7. Mr. Duff,
    Is it just me, or do I sense a desperation, crushing poverty, intolerable conditions for Russian vets?
    Commander Razumovsky is looking for more than a fight, he is looking for a new home!
    Lets remember, when George Orwell volunteered to join the freedom brigade, that his choice was not based on desperation, but on ideology.
    This was the case for everyone who took up arms against Franco.
    Soldiers of fortune don’t care who they fight, they fight for whoever pays them. This has been true for centuries. Yet the Commander is not a soldier of fortune, he is requesting the reward come in humane living conditions once order is restored.
    Its a Hell of a world.

  8. Great post Mr. Duff.

    This weeks Joke.
    The US/Israel/UK and other HOOD’S complain about Syria as it like all others, Greece, Spain, US, UK and others all crack down on all Civilian or Public Dissent. Its a crime for Syria, but status-qua for NATO allies of where the US dock’s its 5th fleet. They can do it, but Syria can’t.

    This same premise is now in the full spotlight as Turkey with over ‘One Million’ citizen’s flood the streets of “Turkey, a NATO and US/Israeli Allie” who is engaged in the beating and use of Chemical Weapon’s (MADE IN USA) as was when Egypt’s had its alleged ‘Arab Spring’ that they were also using American Chemical’s on Egyptian’s.

    The photos from Turkey speaks volumes as to the use of these Chemical’s and their TYPES.

    So while Israel drew its “Red Lines” against Syria’s chemical’s alleged use (UN said it was FSA Rebel’s) there was a Silence – Because at the same time Israel was as usual, bombing Palestinians with White Phosphorus – A Chemical Weapon. The Joke can only make one laugh even more.

    This as Turkey shuts down Twitter:
    ERDOGAN; ‘Twitter is the Menace, Not Me’

    Even Turkish TV is changing!
    Photos: Turkey Media Shows Cooking, Pet Shows as 1+ Million Protest.-

    It is now clear that the WEB or Internet is soon to have a ‘Target in the cross-hairs’ of Turkey since they can’t promote their agenda without being exposed. Whether here on VT or other sites. Turkey is doing massive damage control to limit the news barely squeaking out of Turkey. This is probably so the rest of the world doesn’t get the same ideas. As protest’s in New York showed solidarity with the Turk’s.

    Syria rebukes Erdogan over Turkish protest violence
    Syria gleefully turned the tables on Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday over his response to anti-government demonstrations, calling on him to halt the violent repression of peaceful protests or resign.

    Some ‘Cute Headlines’ of what KARMA is and at work!
    Pro Erdogan ” Militia ” beating up demonstrators -
    erDOGan’s government uses chemical agent orange gas against protestors ! -
    Anti-Government Protests Rock Turkey. -
    Turkish Doctors union: young protester died of injuries, 2,300 wounded across the country. -
    Turkey police brutality: Cops attack protesters, use gallons of tear gas (PHOTOS) -
    Erdogan threatening with death. -
    AVOID TURKEY! Britons Warns As 1,700 Protesters Riot Throughout Turkey. -

    Where is the NO-FLY-ZONE over TURKEY who is attacking their own Citizen’s and jailing them by the thousands?

    KARMA is a wonderful way to sit back and see the hand of G_d at work.
    I also guess one could Sub the term “Blow Back” with Karma too? We are waiting for the “Spark” that lets the world know WWIII is here. I think we are getting closer each day.

    Thank you for yet another great article here on VT. There is still hope that these Puppet’s will soon be gone and peace will be restored. I suppose Syria might have to accept Turkish refugees soon too. haha

  9. McCain should be immediately arrested and charged under various crimes spelled out in the NDAA.
    Whereupon, he should be transported to Gitmo and provided with all the comforts therein as well as given numerous examples of advanced interrogation techniques.
    Hehe, I wonder how all those brave “rebels” will make out fighting against well trained former Russian soldiers.
    Looks like israhell is gonna have a big boner shoved up it azz. LOL. Bibi will soon be foaming at the mouth, experiencing both convulsive spasms and apoplectic hysteria. I can just see Bibi’s eyes rolling to the back of his head…..blood pressure 300 over 190!

    • Now now John,
      They have other preferred means of enjoyment.

      Israel’s chief rabbinate says oral suction at circumcision is preferred

      You’ve got to be taught before its to late.. before you are 6 or 7 or 8.. ha ha

      • Thank you for the Haaretz link.

        I wonder what will happen to the German child advocate who is going to sue Teichtal. (Suicide? Ziollion dollar payout?)

      • Americans are surely in love with those suckers.

Comments are closed


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