NSA Spying: Time for U.S. Population to Check-In at Crazy Hospital

Free Head Examinations Offered at the Constitution and Bill of Rights Offices of our Founding Fathers!


by Johnny Punish


Ok, so how many deaths have we had in the USA due to terrorism in the last 20 years? How’s about 5000 or so? Agree? A bit less? A bit more? Hum, whatever that number, while truly tragic and deeply sad, with a population of over 300 million people, this number is actually quite miniscule. In fact, more people die each year by the flu than all the deaths caused by terrorism over the last 20 years.

My fellow writer at VT Sami Jadallah provides further perspective “…the government to gain total and unconditional control over citizens, have created and imposed a sense of fear among citizens… the boogie man is out there to get you… when in fact there is close to 80,000 deaths annually from gunshots and accidents… the government has a created a terrorizing atmosphere making sure the people have no choice but to acquiesce and accept the lies… that this total invasion of privacy thwarted several and for sure False Flags terrorist events”

Hum? Okay, so according to the corporate sponsored government induced main stream media, 60% of Americans support the NSA Spying program because stopping terrorism is more important than privacy. Really? So 60% times 300 million, that’s what? 180 million people are worried that terrorists are going to get us and so we should allow the all-knowing protector to have complete control over our lives? Really?

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Okay, you know…..I thought those bizarre Euro-American settlers posing as Israeli’s who cite the all loving god giving them land the holy land 5000 years ago thus justifying their killing and expulsions of indigenous peoples marginalizing their humanity was psycho! But you know the more I think about it, the collective American psyche is far more deranged than those lunatics! Hear me out…..

I mean, the world is moving on and leaving the USA in the dust right now and the majority of Americans are so consumed by fear that they allow globalists posing as American Nationalists to remove the nation’s wealth and shift it to parts unknown! Is that crazy or what?

Americans should be investing in their society…spending not just money but good positive energy on building bridges all over the place. Instead, the consumption of fear over the last 12 years has killed the soul.

Now, we have the latest NSA Spy revelations simply highlighting how far gone the collective society has gone. And it appears that the fear machines at Foggy Bottom and their mouthpieces at the main stream media outlets won’t let up. They are raping and pillaging too easily. There is nothing to stop them.

In short, they are playing a global game while the American citizen plays a national game. And so there is no synergy. To make it more plain, we are not on the same team. In fact, we are not even on the same field of play.

So while Americans willingly and gladly give up their privacy to the all knowing centralized proverbial HAL 9000 computer in some weird space odyssey room, well, the globalists are running around, investing everywhere,  pillaging, collecting profits, and going on vacation on many of their isolated islands in the stream.

And you? Well, let’s hope you don’t take a dump today cause I heard that will get you on the NSA’s shit list!

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For me, I say screw em! I legally protest!

As a hack songsmith, allow me to do it in song and share! So check out my new punk rock crazy tune “NSA Agent” made in honor of the criminal act of spying on the American people in violation of law.

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I did it fast quick style. I will get it mixed up and mastered this week and post as free download on my music site. And yes, I will send the song directly to the NSA Director’s office….Wait! What am I saying? He already has a copy! Oops! I forgot! Prism! Geez us!

Oh, btw, did you see main stream national news today…nothing on NSA spying!  Dead!  MSNBC is talking about the Clinton vs. Christie 2016 election!  Capitulation Sucks!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Johnny Punish is a musician, artist, entertainer, businessman, investor, life coach, and syndicated columnist. Educated at University of Nevada Las Vegas, his articles appear in Veterans Today, Money News Now and his Johnny Punish Blog. His art music is promoted by Peapolz Media Records and played on net radio at and more.

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8 Comments for “NSA Spying: Time for U.S. Population to Check-In at Crazy Hospital”

  1. This country is a Republic, and a Republic is based on laws. There are laws on the books called whistleblower laws to protect whistleblowers. Now I know how these courts work. If a D.A. can control who serves on a grand jury, they can control how the grand jury thinks as a collective mind. A grand jury has enormous power the members are rarely informed of the magnitude of this power. They usually go along to get along with the district attorney who selected them.
    Many Americans know by now the scam going on by this illegitimate government to overthrow our freedoms, and remove our rights. That is a “give me,” and doesn’t need review. it is whistleblowers like these people who stymie them and delay their success. GHW Bush reassured us all he and his cronies would be successful in establishing a new world ordor. I guess this is viewed as a minor setback, or slowing of progress.
    Manning and Snowden, and others probably, are true heroes and are protected by the whistleblowers act. All they need is a wise attorney who is not afraid of the system, and hopefully doesn’t pussyfoot around with the clique of power and expose the rascals for their anti-American behaviors.
    Sound simple right? Well, it is, and it is my wish, hope and prayer they both may roam free someday and not be pursued by the new American gestapo.
    Thank you guys. Patriots all!

    • @Chandler – Yes, America is a Republic based on laws. However, laws can be unjust & Americans need to stand up for their freedoms.

      Finally!! Someone is doing something….there’s 2 veterans (1 is a 65 yr old Vietnam vet) who are walking across America & carrying the American flag with each step they take fm San Diego to D.C. in support of the U.S. Constitution.

      True grit to walk dangerous highways, but I’m proud to see these 2 veterans (other I think is Gulf War I vet) once again defending America’s freedoms.

      Of course, the mainstream media is not picking up this human interest story so I hope Veteranstoday or someone can break this story cause Americans need heroes!! I support them & I’m sure they need a little help with donations. Amazing story. I think they are now in New Mexico heading east to D.C. & I hope they scare the pants off our corrupt politicians. As patriots we need to support these 2 veterans.

  2. Johnny,

    Very interesting commentary!

    I think the key to understanding American society is as a Plantation. The elites control the plantation and everyone else is just a n-gger pickin cotton. Americans hope the elites will have compassion on them, noblesse oblige so to speak. But they recognize they have no rights.

    Americans have zero critical thinking skills. America exists for the elites of the world to plunder for their own enrichment. Eg, the Israelis, the Chinese, etc.

    A nation of falsely spiritualized morons.

    Just read a book about the Pilgrims. Did you know the original name for the settlement at Plymouth was Plymouth Plantation? I rest my case.

  3. That NSA spying isn’t all bad. People should take advantage of their records being siphoned off and stored by the NSA, as this man has done:

    “Terrance Brown, 40, is on trial in South Florida for allegedly conspiring with four other men to hijack armored trucks delivering cash to banks in 2010. All have pleaded not guilty. But now Brown has come up with a unique defense: he wants the National Security Agency to turn over his phone records to the court to demonstrate his innocence.”

  4. A government who has exceeded its authority has no future.

    Despotic governments all end like Mussolini, hanging naked, upside down, beaten to death with clubs by their own people.

    History shows us the story…over and over.


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