Camp Pendleton Attacked

45 Years of Poisoned Aerosols


… by Bob Nichols 


(San Francisco) On land leased from Camp Pendleton by a civilian utility, three giant steam engines used to make close to nine billion watts of heat.   When they worked right, that energy made about three billion watts of electricity. Except, of course, when they broke and did not; but, they still made the heat. 

Still in the Steam Age. Our most complex machines are still in the Age of Steam, except now the effluents are poisonous.

The engines were by their nature very inefficient: about 67% inefficient and 33% efficient. Two thirds of the heat was immediately lost to the air and the Pacific Ocean. That is about 6 Billion Watts, wasted, for decades. That cannot be changed and the math never changes.

Unit No 1 broke years ago and the billion dollar engine was abandoned to rot in place. In Jan 2012, the other two engines broke and were abandoned by Southern California Edison, the reckless, could care less owner. All three plants were attended to by swarms of civilian employees on Camp Pendleton land.

The politicians/US Marines relationship being what it is, the Commandant of Camp Pendleton had exactly Zero say-so in the Lease with the civilian utility.

What’s more disgusting, it is unlikely the Commandant can kick a politically connected, failed operation off Camp Pendleton any time soon.


There are many of these giant rotting steam engines in the world today. All of them leak all the time. Just watch an old steam powered locomotive on YouTube, Vimeo or many other channels. Take your pick.

The decrepit old San Onofre electricity plant is hardly different. It is very different in size, however. 

About Nine Billion Watts of heat was the design of the abandoned plant. That is the same as 12,064,343.1 HP or about 12.06 Million Horse Power, conservatively rounded down. 

Nine Billion Watts is also the same as 30,709,274,716 Btu/hour [I.T.], as in 30.7 Billion Btu per hour. The electrical plant was truly massive; yet it’s juice was replaced in the blink of an eye by cheaper to produce electricity and its  not as poisonous to make.

Can you imagine the effect of a Nine Billion Watt (9,000,000,000 Watt) space heater in your bathroom? Anyplace? Anywhere? The thing is stuck in the On, or rather Armed, position; but, you can’t turn it off? Why, it would burn down your whole town. What are you going to do; who’re you going to call?

The fuel that San Onofre used was always only partially burned, leaving behind hundreds of tons of highly poisonous residue; which is still there.

Since the steam engines were switched on, leaks into the air and water have occurred daily, dosing the Marines, dependents and town civilians with poisons.

The local DAs and the “Moonbeam” Governor of California are pitiful and useless. They’d much rather praise the murderous owners for the tax money they get on the electricity production than arrest, perp walk, prosecute and publicly hang the scum.

Don’t forget the “campaign contributions.” All perfectly legal, of course, thanks to a nod and a wink from Congress and the ‘Lege.  As a result, the DAs and the Gov are happily in the electricity biz with the very rich owners.

There are an estimated 21 Million people between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico to the South, all are within range of this monster electrical plant from Hell. 

Master-Sergeant John C Woods, Nuremberg Hangman

Master-Sergeant John C Woods, Nuremberg Hangman

This was all done for the maniacal pursuit of Profit at any cost – about a Million Dollars a Day a piece for each of the three units. How many people would kill for a cool Million bucks a day, or Three? For those who do not know, ask around. 

A Marine Corp Housing Unit is located 3000 feet, 914.4 meters, from San Onofre. From the activation time in 1968 to the present, Marines and their families were, and are now, exposed to the poisons. The wind and Ocean currents make it highly mobile. The poisons contaminate Camp Pendleton now and forever.

In all this time hundreds of thousands of United States Marines have cycled through Camp Pendleton Marine Base and 29 Palms. All were exposed to these partially burned poisons in the air and water. The most common resulting disease from the poisoning is Heart Disease.

I wonder how many Camp Pendleton Marines and dependents have been maimed or killed these 45 years now, because of poisoning from the three units.  

Many people would like to hang those responsible upside down from low hanging branches – in complete Afghanistan style – so the village dogs can get to them. It is still less than they deserve.


What happens with the San Onofre licenses now?

A license is a property right and you can bet that white-shoe law firms with hundreds of lawyers are pouring over existing laws, rules, regulations and legal interpretations to see what, if anything, can be done with San Onofre’s unexpired licenses. They expire in 2022.

Legal interpretations can be changed, it happens all the time. Laws get altered and new laws written. You can bet your bottom dollar that it will happen regarding the two licenses worth billions of dollars of cash.

One person has even suggested that San Onofre is a perfect candidate for Bill Gates’ (the rich one) Nuke In a Box malarkey for the San Onofre site. It would only take about six or seven of the small Juice Generators.

That would be good for about Six Billion Watts of Heat and about Two Billion Watts, or so, of electricity, if it works. We’ll see what happens. The poison, of course, is there forever, abandoned in place to be sucked up by successive waves of United States Marines.

I’ll keep you informed. 

Copyright by Bob Nichols Jun 14, 2013. The article may be freely re-published with attribution and end notes. Videos and pictures are the copyright of their respective owners.


Sources and Notes

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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton’s mission is to operate a training base that promotes the combat readiness of the Operating Forces and the mission of other tenant commands by providing training opportunities, facilities, services and support responsive to the needs of Marines, Sailors and their families.

2. Google: bill gates modular reactors

This is the best way to Search for more data on the rich guy’s new  scheme.

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3 Comments for “Camp Pendleton Attacked”

  1. captain obvious

    they’ll drill all day-week-month-year for OIL, but not clean cheap geothermal heat,
    to make the steam to spin the turbines and provide the electricity we use in abundance.
    all the nuclear or coal fired plants CAN be retrofit with heat wells,
    they know this, will never say it, is a criminal lie by omission people are kept unaware of.
    Japan never needed nuclear power, its a volcanic island, the energy was there free if tapped.
    WE wouldnt have a Fukushima now, if Japan werent lied to in the first place!

  2. Newkiller power is the most expensive fraud ever perpetrated on humanity.
    Sooner or later alternative energy will put these toxic plants out of business but what to do with the poisons left behind except to somehow shoot it all into the sun.
    We as a civilization have been taken for a ride and only a few ( owners and politicians) have benefited from it.
    The newkiller power industry is nothing more than a crime syndicate.

    • Yea…like wind farms. I hope that people wake up to these shysters like Al Gore taking us for a ride. I’m not holding my breath. I will leave you with: “Hide the decline” these words are on an e-mail which blew the fraudsters out of the water.

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