NSA Spying: Damage Control Teams Hit U.S. Main Stream Media

Feds Deploy Cabal of Thieves, Criminals, Crooks and Globalists Posing As Americans to Give Joe Public another Dose of Take The Medicine It’s Good For Ya


Dick Cheney is Still Alive and Kicking Us in the Teeth


by Johnny Punish


Over the weekend, the U.S. government and their assigns dispatched their damage control teams to all main stream media outlets working over Joe Public in trying to justify why they are spying on us.

The funniest appearance was by the discredited former Vice-President of the United States, Dick Cheney.  This discredited globalist posting as an American, with his usual bravado and man of steel balls, went on claiming that if we had this NSA Spying program that 9/11 would not have happened.

Of course, on MSBNC online, ironically, this story appeared opposite of a story on the Boston bombing, which happened during this NSA Spy program and was not prevented.  In short, it was comedy, irony. He’s such a dick, right?

I mean Cheney is something else boy! He’s a one trick pony. His selling technique is one dimensional!  Sell fear, sell fear, appeal to fear, and sell more fear. He would be more effective but most human beings are no longer buying.  He’s the boy crying wolf!  I mean even the most overworked and under-informed Americans, those that are totally enslaved by the system, are figuring this out.

But just in case, others hit the damage control circuit.

I mean we saw Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano push and try to make the case.  But she was weak; you could see it in her body language. It was not flattering.  Nice try Janet.  Your demeanor is so calming and pleasant..but even that’s not working anymore!

Hey have you guys tried sending us Bozo the Clown?  We like him!  No, not Georgy;  he’s too busy painting dog portraits on his ranch.  No, no…the real Bozo the Clown.  He’s old skoool but much more credible.

Anyways, what we have here is a bunch of B.S. going on everywhere! All the Americans I am talking to are not buying it. So whatever MSNBC is reporting in that 60% support spying on Americans, I don’t see it.  Maybe 60% are too scared to say anything for fear of retaliation.  That would be accurate.  I mean, you gotta admit; the Feds are a super scary bunch indeed!  They have earned that right and that’s credible!

Anyways, so sadly, we simply cannot trust U.S. media to report anything of merit on this!  Sad?  Yes, completely!  It’s just that they represent the government position through their corporate owners.  I mean who would take the word of the Fox’ when he says the chickens are fine!   Come on!  No can do!

So instead, check out what Russian TV is saying. They are all over this story and continue to lead on what’s going on.

Snowden: Truth is coming, US draconian responses build better whistleblowers

The threat of imprisonment or murder will not stop the truth from coming out, Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who blew the lid on the massive National Security Agency surveillance program, told the Guardian in a live Q&A

YouTube - Veterans Today -

NSA Leaks: US spied on former President Medvedev at 2009 G20 summit

As Britain readies to host the G8 summit, the documents uncovered by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden have revealed that back in 2009 US spies intercepted top-secret communications of then Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, during his visit to London.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

NSA retaliated Against Qwest for not playing along in Spy Event

The revelations of the G20 spying come as the scandal caused by Snowden’s earlier disclosures – on the extent of US surveillance after its own and foreign citizens – is gaining momentum. Dozens of lawsuits are being filed against the government’s practices – while many lawmakers continue to defend the operation. It has also emerged that the scope of the surveillance – and the help it received from corporations – may have been underestimated.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

US of Security: An  Open Debate on Cross Talk

Is the national security state on the rise? Can society and the media reverse this trend? Is the kind of surveillance practiced today necessary? And, what about checks and balances? CrossTalking with Michael Kelley, Katherine Maher and Dave Lindorff.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

NSA Agent: an obnoxious punk rock song by Johnny Punish

YouTube - Veterans Today -


NSA, is here to stay
NSA, a new American way
NSA, a secret game to play, N S A

NSA, gonna spy on you
NSA, you know its true
NSA, what are u gonna do?, N S A

NSA, you’re an NSA Agent
NSA, you’re an NSA Agent
NSA, you’re an NSA Agent ….Spying on America

NSA, has a brand new toy
NSA, its’ a prism oh boy
NSA, no privacy enjoy, N S A

NSA, you say security
NSA, complete control on me
NSA, global reality, N S A

NSA, you’re an NSA Agent
NSA, you’re an NSA Agent
NSA, you’re an NSA Agent…..Spying on America

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Johnny Punish is a musician, artist, entertainer, businessman, investor, life coach, and syndicated columnist. Educated at University of Nevada Las Vegas, his articles appear in Veterans Today, Money News Now and his Johnny Punish Blog. His art music is promoted by Peapolz Media Records and played on net radio at and more.

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2013 copyright – Johnny Punish

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4 Comments for “NSA Spying: Damage Control Teams Hit U.S. Main Stream Media”

  1. I listened to him and laughed. No credibility. No substance. I laughed long after the program was over. Those eight years went very fast, but the damage was done. Still, to this day, his presence brings to the surface many lies and hu8man tragedy. It is so difficult to accept how someone could so blatantly liie with such assurance and confidence. Has he no conception of a God in his body?
    I still laugh at the alst 23 years of presidents. Classless, and traitorous.

  2. Bozo the Clown; the NSA’s new P.R. man.
    Or is it Boozo the Clown. LOL

  3. Chaney’s still alive? Damn! This just ruins my day. When is that old miscreant gonna assume room temperature and start pushing up rag weed?
    Hey Chaney…..kiss my ass, you perverted s.o.b.!! die, die , die.
    Dick Chaney for rotting corpse.
    Now then, that’s outta my system; What is it going to take for the American people to wake up? How much worse is the situation going to get before people say, “we’ve had enough of this crap!” To further the question how do we get Americans off their butt, turn off Dancing With the Sluts, American Idle and sports and decide to find out what’s really going down? Or is it too late?
    Orwellian, totalitarian tyranny is here. Now. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes hardcore, take you out and shoot you and throw your family in a FEMA camp reality. The situation is going to get much worse and most people are totally unprepared for it. A lot of Americans are going to die; from starvation and illness or they will become the victims of civil war that’s coming to America. We here who come to this website know the government is preparing for this. The DHS is creating an army and stockpile of enough munitions to last 25 – 30 years of civil war, 2700 MRAP armored vehicles, automatic weapons and who knows what else they have….maybe even chemical and or biological weapons they will use against those who rise up.
    It will be too late when armored vehicles are rolling down your street with U.N. , FEMA and DHS troops going from house to house confiscating not only their guns but any extra food you happen to have stored for just such an event.
    The day of reckoning is here: Are we going to allow this to continue until the government decides to pull out all the stops when it will be too late or are we going to insist the government, meaning congress, pull in the reins and if they don’t they then must pay the penalty for failure to act.
    This is no longer a nation ruled by a constitution; It is a security state, where police act as judge, jury and executioner; Where Americans can be imprisoned without charge or trial by jury or even assassinated at the whim of a tyrant posing as president and where all our correspondence and movements are monitored. How soon before your door is blown in and a flash-bang goes off in your living room, and they shoot your dog or your child or you and haul the rest of your family away for re-education or worse.
    So here we are: a nation all too willing to accept this encroachment on our lives, our freedom and liberty for the illusion of safety. We will have neither.

  4. “As Britain readies to host the G8 summit, the documents uncovered by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden have revealed that back in 2009 US spies intercepted top-secret communications of then Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, during his visit to London.”

    Um, if they intercept EVERYTHING than this single one should be no problemo.

Comments are closed


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