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Part II…The view from under the bus

In the first part of my investigative report about George Air Force Base, I introduced the reader to Frank Vera, and his battle with the VA, DOD, and Social Security over being awarded disability compensation for numerous service connected incidents. Mr. Vera’s story reads like those of tens of thousands of Veterans who have faced the same “shuck and jive” delivered by bureaucrats up and down chain of command at all levels of government. It is a pattern of deniability and roadblocks that anyone with an ounce of common sense can see. 

From the administration and across all levels of government, all roads lead to incompetence, ineptitude, and stonewalling for the Veteran trying to get justice

As a Veteran myself, I am appalled that our elected officials spend more time, energy, money, and effort in finding ways to provide benefits to illegal aliens (undocumented residents to the political correct crowd) ,  gay and lesbian causes, homeless vagrants, minority set-asides, loan guarantees and tax benefits for corporate cronies, and thwarting efforts of those trying to insure voter integrity with voter ID legislation, than to taking care of the men and women military volunteers who keep our country safe.

There are many naïve fools in this country who actually believe all the government handouts are needed and justified in the name of “compassion”, and since 50% of the citizens pay little or no federal income tax, why not let the government take care of all those on the dole? It is no sweat off their brow to stick it to the taxpayer. But what about the Veteran; It seems there just isn’t enough of the population willing to get involved to force those in the federal bureaucracy to do the right thing… Folks wonder why veterans who served this country honorably and with often great personal sacrifice are “taking it in the backside”… just over 20% of the Washington politicians have served the country outside of serving in politics.

Let me give some facts about how much “compassion” our government gives to those I’ve listed above, and then the reader can extrapolated the numbers to all the groups who get special treatment in this country…

According to the GAO (Government Accounting Office) the fiscal impact of providing public benefits to illegal aliens:

  • GAO noted that illegal aliens and their U.S. children are eligible to receive emergency Medicaid services, primary and secondary education, school nutrition services, and Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) and food stamp benefits.
  • The cost data can only be estimated because illegal aliens are not required to reveal their eligibility to receive certain benefits, and officials are often prohibited from inquiring about the status of illegal aliens; so the total costs of providing benefits to illegal aliens is unknown due to federal and state cost data limitations.
  • The estimated cost of providing just AFDC benefits alone to children of illegal aliens was $479 million for 1992, and I believe it is safe to assume the number has substantially increased in this past decade. Of the five states (most notably the Border States) that account for about 80 percent of the illegal immigrant population, California provided the most in total benefits totaling $2.9 billion. Remember, this was way back in 1992!

It is estimated that 2 million illegal immigrants are filing fraudulent tax returns each year and that they are pulling in more than 4 billion dollars in tax refunds they are not entitled to.  They are doing this by abusing the additional child tax credit and the IRS knows all about it and yet they refuse to do anything to stop it.  Illegal immigrants are filing tax returns that sometimes claim 10 or 12 nieces and nephews as dependents, and most of the time those nieces and nephews do not even live in the United States.  So while the decreasing numbers of taxpayers are being taxed into oblivion, many illegal immigrants are often pulling in fraudulent tax refunds that are well into five figures. 

The Census Bureau reports 40 million foreign-born people residing in the United States. In this category, one-third is estimated to be illegal aliens. Liberal mainstream media calls them “undocumented workers,” “in the shadows residents,” or “unauthorized residents.” All are politically correct terms for law-breakers who are in the country illegally and it seems to be okay by the press and many citizens affected with Stockholm Syndrome over the issue.

NOTE – Stockholm Syndrome: When men and women are placed in a situation where they no longer have any control over their fate, feel intense fear of physical harm and believe all control is in the hands of their tormentor, a strategy for survival can result called Stockholm Syndrome, enabling the affected to develop into a psychological response that can include sympathy and support for their captor’s plight…clearly visible among the press and liberal population in this country.

The Food Stamp Program reported that 1.9 million U.S. citizen children (“anchor babies”) living with illegal alien parents received food stamps, or 7% of all participants. Medicaid spent $2.5 billion, $2.2 billion on treatment for the uninsured, and $1.9 billion on food assistance programs, including emergency Medicaid and school lunch programs. According to Steven Camarota, Director of Research at the Center for Immigration Studies, “Many of the costs associated with illegals are due to their American-born children, who are awarded U.S. citizenship at birth…greater efforts at barring illegals from federal programs will not reduce costs because their citizen children can continue to access them.”

Theoretically the law forbids illegal aliens from receiving benefits reserved for American citizens. The exception to this would be Medicaid. In practice however, it does not prevent any of them from applying for benefits paid for by American taxpayers who sometimes, are themselves denied benefits. Emergency Medicaid provided in emergency rooms, although well intentioned, has been used and abused by illegal aliens as their own personal healthcare program. This has taken many hospitals to the brink of financial failure, particularly in California.

At a time when so many Americans are unemployed, underemployed, out of the labor force, and 47 million Americans are on food stamps because of the disastrous economic policies pursued by the current Administration, the government just goes down the road handing out taxpayer money. The federal government is absolutely drowning in debt, this is the type of fraud that desperately needs to be cracked down on, and yet the IRS refuses to take action. So with all the scrutiny over the IRS’s abuse of power making daily headlines, a blind eye is turned to illegal immigrants stealing money from the taxpayer.

The IRS is the most feared government agency in America, and for good reason. It can seize our property, place liens on our bank accounts, garnish wages — and worse. Like kings and rulers of old, IRS officials have the full force and authority of government at their disposal. To joke about this type of authority is beyond inappropriate — it’s tyrannical.

With the sad state of affairs at the IRS, I guess it is ironic that the new Obamacare law has the IRS pegged to become The Enforcers of the bill. This is reminiscent of the heyday of the Mafia back in the Thirties. The IRS is already the most feared government agency in the US. The IRS is asking for an additional 6,700 personnel yet they’ve already been awarded an increase of nearly $1.5 billion and 1,200 agents already dedicated to the implementation of the new healthcare law,  to make sure you and I play by the rules with mandatory healthcare insurance while the system is bleeding profusely. This is like drilling a hole in the bottom of a flooding boat to let the water out.

While the federal government bureaucracies seem to do everything in their power to deny benefits for Veterans, they bend over backwards to distribute benefits to illegal aliens including grants, contracts, loans, professional and commercial licenses, retirement, welfare, WIC, disability, public housing, college education, Pell grants, food stamps, tax credits, earned income credits, tax refunds, and unemployment benefits.

Would not the increase in expenditure of even more authority and money to Department of Internal Revenue Service,  with such a record of abuse, be better spent in trying to straighten out the Department of Veterans Affairs and its million case backlog?

We have a government with a backlog of over a million unresolved Veteran disability claims. Veteran’s like Frank Vera fighting for what they feel is just compensation for doing their patriotic duty, are stonewalled by a wasteful government more interested in giving away the country for more votes to keep themselves in power, than taking care of those who have earned their right for due compensation. It is reprehensible that we allow this to happen.

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