Chinese Alignment with Hostile Alien Force Brings Pacific War Threat

“Purity” graphic depicting “black oil virus,” (X Files)

2010 Treaty With Off World “Settlers” Begs Nuke First Strike


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


On November 9, 2010, a Chinese nuclear submarine, inside US territorial waters off Los Angeles, fired an ICBM skyward.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

The US military claimed it never happened.  Missile specialist consulted by Veterans Today confirmed the type, size and fuel mixture used and cited the launch as a Chinese ICBM from a place no Chinese submarine could possibly ever approach.

The Russians tried for decades and never got that close.  They would have never launched a missile as it should have initiated DEFCON 1 and a full nuclear attack.

It should have except that the Chinese had warned at least 12 select nations that they would be demonstrating a capability proving they had access to off world military technology and would be giving a demonstration.

Many of the US scientists involved in the Manhattan project suggested that an atomic bomb be “demonstrated” rather than dropped on Hiroshima.

The announcement was made through the delivery of at least 12 electronically secured briefcases to the embassies of 12+ nations, briefcases which were opened on October 13, 2010.

Thus far, all information given is fully confirmed, no “internet” or “conspiracy” sources used.  The primary source for much of the material is high level leaks from the Rand Corporation.

We will continue, carefully:

This is what can be published of the document China submitted.  By “can” I do not mean what is allowed, only what can reasonably be published on a forum with plausible deniability.

  • Proof that China has a military treaty with a powerful and utterly hostile alien force
  • A statement of intent that an invasion is inexorable and cannot be opposed using available military technology
  • China submitted a detailed plan for preparations including managed news, planned regional conflicts to prestage areas for settlement, etc.
  • Included was a list of upcoming events, earthquakes and other catastrophes and how nations could cooperate to minimize impact


A previously known threat, a nano-substance known to inhabit seaborne oil deposits, had been activated by a signal from an off planet location.  This substance has become sentient, aggressive and shown itself capable of disabling ships and killing humans.(strong confirmations)

YouTube - Veterans Today -

The US navy, thus far, has been able to protect submarines and military surface vessels through use of “technologies.”  Note my use of “thus far.”

Other claims of “capabilities” of “black oil, something right out of X-Files (literally) include a myriad of “zombie/shape-shifter” modes.  I would be much happier if I were able to add a note of humor stating that this last claim came from a less reliable source.

I, personally, don’t find this last part easy to believe.  Other aspects of what is written are things I can confirm through both sources and extrapolation.

Consider this to be “single source.”


It is not clear that the Chinese are working directly with the “group” that activated the “black oil” but we confirmed that the group they are working with can control it.

We ASSUME that this MAY have been how they got their submarine ON our coast.

The Chinese are trying to frame the events, ones I would suggest be taken as having weight, as them being pragmatic as opposed to psychotic, genocidal and insane.

US and other intelligence agencies do not accept this and believe the Chinese are fully culpable and trying to “handle” us on behalf of an off world civilization they may well have an unusual relationship with. (full confirmation)


Confirmation for this is high.

Using the term “Mongol,” there is said to be a genetic relationship to our upcoming “settlers” and people who carry genetic markers that fall within the broader context of “Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Mongol.”

China has approached Japan as a “genetic partner,” and suggested Japan join in their treaty. (full confirmation)

Japan has refused. (full confirmation)

China has spread the rumor that it has developed a genetic weapon that would kill all “non-Mongolian” human life.  Consider this a “confirmed rumor.”


The military realignment of the US toward the Pacific is entirely brought on by these events.

Aggressive Chinese moves, against Japan and further south, are brought on by these events.

Changes in US policy, Israel being forgotten, put on “back burner” and a cursory Palestinian settlement being pushed by Kerry are brought on by these events.

Nations backing away from the Syrian conflict is brought on by these events.

Massive underground projects inside the US, Russia, Israel and elsewhere is brought on by these events.

Changes in Russian military policy and their rearmament is brought on by these events.

The targeting of Africa is being brought on by these events.


Oddly, this is not the first time we have been threatened.

The US has military technology far more advanced than the public knows. (fully confirmed)

The US has also had diplomatic relations with off world civilization for at least five decades, some of those relationships very cordial. (fully confirmed)

We are not who we think we are and an “alien threat” could and perhaps should be taken with some of the aplomb as seen in the “Men in Black” films.  They, in many ways, are surprisingly on target.

Thus, China may “lose big.”

We are nearly three years into this threat, the rapid realignments around the world are being felt but haplessly attributed to George Soros or Alex Jones.

On a personal note, any “academic/analyst/intellectual” who lives in denial of these factors is as crazy as the 9/11 denialists Dr. Kevin Barrett has cited for their dogmatic adherence to a “mythological reality” that simply doesn’t fit.



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30 Comments for “Chinese Alignment with Hostile Alien Force Brings Pacific War Threat”

  1. This is the Introduction for the “We stage a Project Bluebeam Alienthread, combined it with WW3 and get at the end a reduced population, united through a permanent-in-emergency-state-because-of-alien-thread-and-thus-very-restrictive NWO”.

    The “gods” have always been very tricky in enlulling the human mind.

    You don’t think shapeshifting is real. Think a minute about what this means for the chances to hook somebody up.

    Since decades (see citation of Mr. Reagan above, Hollywood, ect. ) they are preparing us for this sudden threat.

    Wernher von Braun: “Remember [..], at the end they definitely will play out the alien card [...]”

    Alex Jones and George Sorros unite the world? Is there a better prove that the end has begun?

  2. Wayne Madsen has more info on the Nov. 9 Chinese missile test.

    The document that China submitted on Oct. 13 of 2010, according to Gordon’s article above, contains “Proof that China has a military treaty with a powerful and utterly hostile alien force” and that it is futile for us to resist invasion. Threats of earthquakes were included. That threat became real just a few months later, when a massive induced quake/tsunami destroyed Fukushima on March 11, 2011. Then we had the 2 nukes found in London just before the UK Olympics last year. It looks like the tide of battle has turned.

    Since the Chinese missile test on Nov 9, 2010 just happened to coincide with Germany’s well-known “day of destiny”, and Gordon revealed DVD involvement in both the Fukushima and London events, I assume that the military treaty referred to above, is with Germany.

    • But Gordon’s mention of a rumored Chinese genetic weapon that would kill all non-Mongolians, now that could put a wet blanket on any China-Germany relationship. Germans are not noted for having the Mongolian blue spot on their backs at birth.

  3. “hostile aliens”…but hostile to what the human race, a particular form of government? or just the non-mongol part of the human race? Why form alliances at all with humans, if their technology is so advanced? Why would the Chinese form an alliance with bugs from space? Doesn’t make sense. Finally, if their really are hostile advanced aliens intent on an invasion, why on earth keep it a secret? No one benefits.

  4. “A previously known threat, a nano-substance known to inhabit seaborne oil deposits, had been activated by a signal from an off planet location. This substance has become sentient, aggressive and shown itself capable of disabling ships and killing humans.(strong confirmations)”

    Sounds like the 50’s SciFi film “The Blob” – could someone please explain in more detail how this “organism” (plural?) is supposed to work on a biological level?

    • I like the X-Files explanation better, but I could be a little biased since I have always been a big fan ;-)


    • Newsflash –
      The NSA is also monitoring e-mail.

  5. This is just simply unbelievable….Come on, Americans, have you all become crazy, inventing this kind of lunatic theory about the Chinese threat? Look back to your own backyard for some ghosts, dead ones, that is. Look at Area 3 closely in the Nevada desert about 70 miles away slightly north west of Las Vegas – those round holes on the ground were not caused by the Chinese, weren’t they? Look up Wikipedia about all the nuclear tests conducted in the Nevada desert….None of them was ever conducted by the Chinese. But by Americans themselves….who we can now call a not very smart people…But I never imagined you would be so desperate as to take a leaf from the fantasy….

    • what theory is that?

      this is an official chinese diplomatic initiative

      they invented the theory

      perhaps you can’t read or at least not well

  6. The story our “masters” would have us believe is we all came out of Africa, then migrated around, but that never made any sense to me. What made more sense is that different alien groups set up experiments here with man made in their image. Now, if the group that helped create the Mongol type has jumped in, then I would assume the other groups will too. Will the Dogon African tribe’s Sirius supporters come too ? Will the Aryan blonds come into the mix as well ? Is it all because of Planet X’s Giants of old are passing through the Solar System now ?

    For wage slaves such as myself does it matter who my slaver is ? Be it off world, or this hellish Earth based usury system of warfare. This could be a venerable paradise that humans could readily fight for save for the greedy few that are making lives miserable for Billions of humans now. This article is basically talking about a Civil War type of conflict that has outside influences backing each side.

  7. My Ghostery Cyber Protection is telling me that “Newsmax” was tracking my reading of this article. (True and confirmed).

    My Guess is that China is in the cross hair now for at least the following reasons:

    1) For trying to swing round Japan to make it join a Regional Alliance (JPN-CN-Korea), i.e. shared tech-Defense-Monetary Union, with the aim to dislodge the USA from The sea of China-Central Asia and the Indo-Pacific area,

    2) The Zion Talmudic Mafia wants the NWO, i.e. one World Central Bank, one World Govt., China-Russia stand in the way,

    3) China’s Defensive-Offensive advance have been far more important and far more speedy than the western Intel Agencies have assumed they would be,

    The Chinese are now perceived as an EXISTENTIAL threat by the Mafia running USA-EU. (fully confirmed)

    • Let’s Make a Deal? I’m going with Door #3.

    • The Zionists may not necessarily have to align with the Americans. Americans may be their best tool, but the masters of the Zionists may not care about Americans, or British, or French, or Chinese, so long as their interests are best served. Remember the Balfour Declaration in the First World War? Germany was set up to fall by their own bankers. Figure that one out….A global game of balance is being played out right in front of our eyes. As Americans often love to say, without the blessing of the boss you can’t do jack….

  8. I wonder if perhaps the nuclear issue with Japan is to make the pacific more “habitable”?

    • Peter, All those US aircraft carriers-warships and supply ships sailing west of Japan (and on the 7 seas…) use reverse osmosis to produce potable water. With the leaks from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, this means that the crew is drinking and bathing with RADIOACTIVE water…

      • Very true Ken. What if though its simply to accelerate the de population of us for something else? Create a problem, then pose a solution? Activate plague, then offer a solution. In other words, create the crisis in order to gain order on all. But I’m just guessing. I’m probably way off.

  9. From “Ancient Wisdom” by Anne Besant(1911): “China which is now a fossilized civilization, was peopled in the old days by the Turanians, the fourth subdivision of the fourth great race, The race which inhabited the lost continent of Atlantis, and spread it’s offshoots all over the world. The Mongolians, the last subdivision of that same great race, Later reinforced it’s population, So that in China We have Traditions from ancient days, Preceding the settlement of the fifth, or Aryan race in India”. So..if you can get with the idea that the atlanteans had contact with aliens, or were their progeny, if you look at ancient Chinese history, you see their off world ties go back very far. So these developments are not surprising from that perspective. The question is, how do we actually, meaning humanity, stop this from happening?

  10. I hate to split hairs but briefcases “opened on October 13, 2013″ sounds improbable as we ain’t there yet.

  11. Quite by coincidence, I just watched a Star Trek: Next Generation season one episode (1989) entitled “Skin of Evil”, which features a shape-shifting malevolent pool of black oily substance which took Denise Crosby’s character out of the series. Gene Roddenberry must have had some good sources …

  12. Don’t worry about that nano oil aka black goo.
    It was a gift from the Arcturians – there’s nothing sinister about it.

  13. Preston James, Ph.D

    Outstanding article. This explains many strange events in the Pacific basin and many current affairs with China and the West. Don’t expect to read this kind of information anywhere else.

    • my guess is that this was as much of the briefing i could get away with publishing

      i only hope nobody reads it

      • Gordon, all this talk about aliens…communicating/forging alliances/pacts with china, the u.s., etc.

        what is the best ‘retail’ proof that this is real? how would you prove aliens are real if you had say 10 minutes to do it?

        what are the most compelling proofs besides these vast secretive agencies knowing all this and we dont?

  14. interesting but quite inaccurate

    i can see where early man may have gotten that idea…

    you can see where i am going with this

  15. Yo Tyron,

    The lame creationist “law of thermodynamics” argument is flat out stupid. It is for a closed system. The earth is not a closed system. It has a source of energy called the son, oops, I mean the sun. Get it? And by the way evil is not an entity, but if you want to believe that, then your creator has some splainin to do. “I make the peace and create EVIL” – Isaiah 45:7

    I will pray for you,

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