Mike Farrell is kind of confused. A 1973 graduate of the College of the Holy Cross with a BA in Philosophy, he had successfully dodged the draft during Vietnam, despite his lottery number of 29. Logically, after failing at being a bum for a year after college, he then enlisted in the Army. His theory was to hang out for two years, go to Germany, date blondes, drink lots of beer, improve his wretched German and come home to use the GI Bill for Graduate School. Didn’t quite work out that way; he did go to Germany and stayed five years first tour; married a red-headed American GI who worked in S2; did drink lots of beer and developed some acuity with pidgin Deutsch. Mike re-enlisted and then wandered through a great 23 years as a soldier. A lot of it sucked, of course; but, he avoided ending his adolescence until the end of the 23 years…since then, he’s been in a fight to regain that feeling of camaraderie, purpose and trust.

Mike chose to stay a career NCO. There were a couple of dozen reasons, but they’re best summed up by the fact that he really didn’t like officers. He still doesn’t, sheepishly at times admitting that “Some of my best friends are officers. Some of my best friends are gay. Some of my best friends are gay officers. I’m not gay and I’m not an officer – I like it better that way.” He got his initial First Sergeant assignment in his 14th year and basically stayed a First Sergeant until he retired, as a First Sergeant. If he hadn’t retired, the day after the retirement would have been the day he pinned on CSM stripes but, as he says, “Some of my best friends are Sergeant Majors; some of my best friends are hookers. I’m not a Sergeant Major and I’m not a hooker and that works fine for me.”

Since retiring, Mike’s worked in Labor Relations, HR and General Management for government, tribes, nonprofits and for profits including Defense Contractors. He’s found that his “not being a hooker” approach hasn’t necessarily worked to his career advantage. He’s picked up a bunch of irrelevant graduate degrees, that basically were there to teach you how to be a Hobbit.

Hobbits are small, insignificant fearful types who scurry around getting in the way and accomplishing nothing of any great merit. He believes that the movies would have been infinitely better had the bad guys killed off all the Hobbits in the first part of the first movie, and then spent the rest of it avenging the little twits. Mike really hates Hobbits He’s a Senior Professional in Human Resources and a Six Sigma Black Belt. He plays guitar, reads, broods and drives too fast in fast cars – currently, a Mustang GT – channeling Hunter S. Thompson, patrolling “on the edge of the desert, just outside of Barstow.”

An avowed Left-Libertarian-Anarchist, Mike admits that everything is probably going to hell, but thinks that it’s the duty of people of honor to work to stop it from going there too quick. Since he regards all veterans as his extended family, he expects that they’ll do the same. A religious guy, Mike believes that God is a not very bright, self—entered and hormonal teenage girl obsessed with the Jonas Brothers and whether or not her Daisy Duke jeans make her ass look fat. They do, but he’s not going to be the one to tell her the truth. God can’t handle the truth.

While he might write about anything, he’s really interested in business, economics and how to keep people from being screwed by machines, be they corporate, government, or societal. He's also interested in guitars...

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History’s Not Made by Presidents or Popes…

"And the rally ends, inevitably, with Christie arguing with a teacher..." Dave Weigel, Slate

“And the rally ends, inevitably, with Christie arguing with a teacher…”
Dave Weigel, Slate

So, I’m listening to the news and I get to see the great Republican presidential hope, Chris Christie, shake his finger in the face of a school teacher and say something like “you people have all the money you want…” Was he talking about education in general, teachers or something else. (40-something women? Brunettes?) My initial thought was that the difference between telling it like it is and being a bully is probably when 300 pound plus politician starts sticking his finger in the face of a normal sized woman. The other thing that struck was that there’s something seriously insane about a system that rewards bullies with high elective office. Now, I fully expect Christie to win re-election in New Jersey and I also think he will not have a chance in the Republican primaries, but his rise indicates the problem with electoral politics in this country. He seems to be a relatively competent guy at pulling the technocratic levers and working out compromises, but his cocky, East Coast version of the GWB smug rich guy really doesn’t play well. Ultimately, I expect he’ll blow up on something, and that will be that — it won’t happen prior to the election.

"Mr. President, I need to act crazy to placate these yahoos so we can eventually get some business done..."

“Mr. President, I need to act crazy to placate these yahoos so we can eventually get some business done…”

Now, when you shake your finger in the face of someone, you’re assuming a certain level of jerkdom that is seldom justified. When Governor Brewer shook her finger in the face of the President, he handled it as he has the other disrespectful acts of his presidency, and gracefully continued the conversation. Of course, given her late conversion to pragmatism on things like Medicaid expansion, it’s perfectly possible that she began by saying, “Mr. President, I need to appear to be yelling at you to placate these yahoos so we ultimately get something done.” No mics captured the moment. And, the governor of Arizona is not in a power position over the president of the United States. He knows that and so does she; when wildfires sweep through the brush and forests of Arizona, she’ll be asking for his help and he’ll be giving it. That’s the way government is supposed to work.

Christie, on the other hand, chose to bully a school teacher, Melissa TomlinsonAs the Huffington Post article pointed out, she chose to respond, using the blog of a Fordham University Professor, Dr. Mark Naison’s With a Brooklyn Accent, to respond  to respond. The letter is worth reading as a whole, but the response to his question, “What do YOU people Want!”is worth quoting, as is her earlier expression of mistrust and disappointment with the Christie Administration.

Why do you portray schools as failure factories? What benefit do you reap from this? Have you acquired financial promises for your future campaigns as you eye the presidential nomination? Has there been back-room meetings as you agree to divert public funds to private companies that are seeking to take over our public educational system? (Farrell emphasis)This is my theory. To accomplish all of this, you are setting up the teachers to take the blame. Unfortunately, you are not the only governor in our country that has this agenda. What do “we people’ want, Governor Christie? We want our schools back. We want to teach. We want to be allowed to help these children to grow, educationally, socially, and emotionally. We want to be respected as we do this, not bullied.

One thing that struck me was the rather smugly forced smile on Mrs. Christie’s face. The crowd, according to Weigel was totally against the teacher and totally for Christie. However, that pained smirk bothered me. According to Weigel, he was struck by it too, but then noticed that there was a news camera on them, and the first rule for candidates wives is to keep on smiling. Having somewhat similar roots to Christie’s, I’m very used to dutiful Irish wives standing by their blowhard husbands while hubby is making an ass out of himself. I expect that she let him have it when they got home — that is the Irish way; in public, support; in private, eviscerate mercilessly. Weigel,  is a relatively mainstream moderate conservative — which means registered independent, voting Democrat and praying for the return of Richard Nixon or Ike. I enjoy his writing but he has obviously been bitten by the conspiracy bug, positing a doublespeak meaning and then moderating it a bit.

Most people commenting on the photo have gotten the details right, but I’ve noticed some (occasionally rude) remarks about the expression on Christie’s wife’s face. Mary Pat Christie smiled through the entire talk-off. Why? Because a local NBC News camera was facing her, capturing the scene. Two days later, I don’t see any trace of the video online. Is that a statement on how ordinary the confrontation was? Possibly. I think it’s also a reflection of the front-runner coverage boosting Christie as the race ends, as the polls showing him winning (with up to 37 percent of voters not even knowing who is opponent is)…

Oh man, this guy is going down big! Big I say...maybe I can slip behind this divider and escape unnoticed except for the speech I just gave...

Oh man, this guy is going down big! Big I say…maybe I can slip behind this divider and escape unnoticed except for the speech I just gave…

While I don’t think Christie is a likely candidate, I do think Rand Paul is going to jump in with both feet. Unfortunately, he seems to have a strange relationship with the truth, and even in retaliating, he plagarizes without attribution.  The story is pretty well known — The Maddow show busted him for plagaizing Wikipedia in a number of speeches, specifically the entries on Gattica (really?) and Stand and Deliver. While Paul and his apologists have made this seem like some linguistic trick on the part of “haters” the speeches used the language word for word. He mentioned the movies, which makes sense because otherwise his comments would have no context. But he didn’t mention the fact that his text was from Wikipedia. Anyone who has written a term paper, and Paul states that he has written professional articles for scientific journals so he’s got the merit badge in references, knows that if you use text verbatim except very incidentally, you need to give credit. He didn’t. He now says he’ll do better but he didn’t do anything wrong.  Well, no. If I were grading the text of his speeches, and the text of his book which lifted some pieces of a Heritage Foundation Tome, or his op-eds, he might not get an F but no higher than a C, assuming that he could convince me it was all inadvertent. However, let’s just say, ok, technical foul, Joe Biden made the same sort of inadvertent mistake and 20 years later he gets to be Vice President. Since being a board certified opthamologist from a board of which he was the only member was his primary qualification to be Senator, I suspect that Dr. Paul can use some more seasoning, so in 20 years he can run Vice President and this will all be forgotten. However, that might be too late.

Paul has plagiarized a response to those who accuse him of plagiarism from a retiring Democratic politician who lost it on NBC News and MSNBC for no good reason except early onset Alzheimer’ or some other form of dementia. Dr Paul raised the issue in response to a discussion with George Stepanaopolous saying in part:

[U]nder thousands of things I’ve written, yeah, there are times when they’ve been sloppy or not correct or we’ve made an error. But the difference is I take it as an insult, and I will not lie down and say people can call me dishonest, misleading or misrepresenting. I have never intentionally done so.  And like I say, if – you know, if dueling were legal in Kentucky, if they keep it up, you know, it’d be a duel challenge. But I can’t do that because I can’t hold office in Kentucky then.
There seems to be some ongoing confusion on the senator’s part about the nature of the controversy, which may be causing him to lose his cool. Perhaps I can help by highlighting the basics: 
1. Rand Paul presented others’ work as his own several times. 
2. Rand Paul got caught. 
3. Rand Paul has not yet explained why how or why he presented others’ work as his own. 
I’m at a loss as to why this is proving to be so difficult for the senator. 
Doctors in general don’t play well with others. They have to feel that they’re the smartest guy or gal in the room, and any evidence to the contrary can get under their skin. Dr/Senator/Candidate/Citizen Paul is in no way a stupid man. He hasn’t paid attention to his staff — Remember the Southern Avenger? — and either trusts them to not screw up or he doesn’t really care if they do. Kind of a libertarian acceptance of man’s fate? Figures that until they learn, they’ll make mistakes and boy, howdy, will they be awesome then?  Like it or not, I don’t believe he writes his own speeches or articles and depends on Heritage or his staff to do so. He assumes they are not screwed up and will not screw up. He’s wrong.
For those you wondering what retiring Democratic politician I referred to above, Remember Zell Miller? Miller was the Democratic governor of Georgia who then went on to the Senate and played the Blue Dog Democratic role that so many have played. He was not against social programs, he was not a “Neo-Confederate” and he seemed to operate in the Senate in a way that was effective. However, he decided to retire from the Senate and did a farewell turn at the Republican Convention in 2004, tearing into the Democrats and accusing John Kerry and Ted Kennedy of all sorts of awful things. He came on MSNBC shortly after his speech, on Hardball and since Chris Matthews is a fairly direct interviewer, found that rather than be anointed with oil and laurel, he was going to be asked tough questions. So, he accused Matthews of being mean and attempting to brow beat him, culminating in this exchange:

MILLER:  If you‘re going to ask a question…

MATTHEWS:  Well, it‘s a tough question.  It takes a few words.

MILLER:  Get out of my face.

MILLER:  If you are going to ask me a question, step back and let me answer.


MATTHEWS:  Senator, please.

MILLER:  You know, I wish we…

MILLER:  I wish we lived in the day where you could challenge a person to a duel.

MILLER:  Now, that would be pretty good. 

Don‘t ask me—don‘t pull that…


MATTHEWS:  Can you can come over?  I need you, Senator.  Please come over.

MILLER:  Wait a minute.  Don‘t pull that kind of stuff on me, like you did that young lady when you had her there, browbeating her to death.  I am not her.  I am not her…

So, while Citizen Paul has not as yet challenged Rachel Maddow to a duel, it could still happen. However, given than Dr. Maddow was a Rhodes Scholar and multi-letter woman at Stanford I’d probably pass on the debate unless he’s planning on it being on Jeopardy with the topics of Ayn Rand , Duke Fraternities and Sororities, Opthamologists I have known, Wit and Wisdom of Ron Paul and Obamacare.

But, I’d still put my money on Maddow. His staff would screw up his Cliff Notes.



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One Response to "History’s Not Made by Presidents or Popes…"

  1. LC  November 5, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    RiteOn Mr. Farrell: History’s Not Made by Presidents or Popes… at least not the way we think it is.
    This is also documented by the Late legendary history Professor Howard Zinn’s in his book which was banned a couple of years before his death.. Then he took the bold action of posting it on the web for free. In fact it documents how the founding Freemasons literally framed this country in the way they “Founded the United States”:

    A People’s History Of The United States – Book by Howard Zinn
    & Presented by History Is A Weapon.


    I had previously linked to this before so readers may have already downloaded it.

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