Israel to join UNHRC despite violations of Palestinians’ rights

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“You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up.” … Jim W. Dean

 … from  Press TV,  Tehran


[ Editors Note:  This bizarre news reminds me of another old phrase, a poker one, "Read 'em, and weep!" The UN never surprises as to how low it will stoop to humiliate us all. ]


The world turned upside down - Zios on the Human Rights Council

The world turned upside down – Zios on the Human Rights Council

Israel is set to join the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) as a member of its European bloc despite Tel Aviv’s gross violations of Palestinians’ rights.

On Sunday, an unknown Israeli source confirmed Tel Aviv’s membership in the UNHRC, saying a formal invitation was expected soon.

This comes three days after the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon described Tel Aviv’s illegal settlement activities as “a cause for grave concern.”

Since March 2012, the Israeli regime has boycotted the UNHRC sessions. Tel Aviv cut ties with the body in protest at a decision to probe Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank and East al-Quds (Jerusalem).

On Friday, a report said the Israeli regime has increased illegal settlement construction by 130 percent so far this year in comparison to last year.

“At least 32,000 settler units have been built since the beginning of 2013, with seven percent of them built in the Jerusalem (al-Quds) settlements,” the Middle East Monitor publication quoted Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics as saying.

According to the report, Israeli Minister of Housing Uri Ariel has said that the illegal construction “will continue to rise at a rapid pace,” adding that the majority of ministers in the cabinet of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu support it.

More than half a million Israelis live in over 120 illegal settlements built since Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and East al-Quds in 1967.

The United Nations and most countries regard the Israeli settlements as illegal because the territories were captured by Israel in a war in 1967 and are thus subject to the Geneva Conventions, which forbid construction on occupied lands.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


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28 Comments for “Israel to join UNHRC despite violations of Palestinians’ rights”

  1. Let’s not forget how after an agreed “Cease-Fire” in 2006, Israel went ahead and used U.S. Cluster-Bombs, in Lebanon, leaving millions of “Bomb-lets” behind to kill and maim innocents, on their way out. A complete violation of their agreement with the U.S. on when and how they could be used. A violation of the cease-fire, and intended to go on killing long after the war, which they started, was over.

    No repercussions, and now their going to be Human Rights Experts? Another great Human Rights example of what they’ve actually done, in the recent past. It’s on their resume for all to see.

  2. One more reason the FED and other Jewish Run Central Banks need to be shut down. Why? What’s the connection you say?

    Well it goes like this. Through the power they have amassed and the money they’ve stolen, things like this are possible. In a world without that power, they would be rounded up and quarantined off-planet for having the balls to even try and promote a move like this.

    Who else on planet earth could possibly get away with such a farce. After “Operation Cast Lead” no less, using white phosphorous in complete violation of all “sworn Agreements” on attacking unarmed civilians with such weapons, used against hospitals, universities and a number of other non-military targets. And those young Israeli children writing their names and death messages on various bombs and warheads before the massive attacks. And Israeli citizens going out on the countryside and finding comfortable seating on a hillside to watch the death and destruction. Unbelievably disturbing, and yet the attack was shown in the “Polls” to be widely popular. Those “kids” putting messages on bombs? All very cute and fits right in with Human Rights.

    It just exposes the U.N. for the complete farce that it is and it’s “SELLING-OUT” to the Israeli/Jewish Power Center.
    This time it looks like they are “To Clever By Half” as this is so out of bounds, over-the-top, that it will only point out to the rest of the world, how ridiculous, their Human Rights Group is.

    • Thank you Allesandro for the reminder of the cluster bomblets and the white phosphorus events. I believe the P5+1 talks drew great attention to Israel’s lack of NPT compliance and cooperation compared to the pressure Iran in under to submit to International regulation of civilian enrichment ordinarily allowed by NPT.

      Could we harness this recent Geneva publicity to demand Israel’s submission to International regulation, compliance with NPT, and perhaps WMD disarment if deemed necessary by some competent authority. How and where can we best make that demand?

      As an aside to Allessandro, thank you for some questions you raised about my research posted on VT July 8th. I pursued those insurance questions further and updated that research posted Aug 18th at :

  3. Just further proof that the UN is an Israeli-Globalist controlled entity. Every delegate to the UN is probably screened for their loyalty beforehand. This is actually going to work in our favor. The American people aren’t overly fond of the UN in the first place. This is just another gallon of gasoline on the already burning fire.

  4. As an “aside’. If you have any access to the pertinent red Cross documents revealing the TRUTH of the hallow’dcaust, copy and save them. I was watching clips about the terrible (now typical?), Red Cross response/aid to Sandy. I was/am amazed to find out they are no longer a-political. they’ve been taken over by congress! Talk about the global ghouls watching the morgue’s fresh meat… Fat chance of EVER getting true/objective truth from it now or ever again.

    • Good catch Pasch. I had been away from this for a while…having videod several of David Irving’s talks here in Atlanta over the years. What a gold mind he was. He had gone to Russia where they let him access the microfilm death records of Auschwitz.

  5. Paschn here is very much right.
    Our whole western society structure has been perverted but, most of all, our language. Our masters are very good at this. Take the Federal Reserve Bank for instance. It is neither Federal nor Reserve. It´s simply a private bank.

    So with everything else. Take the words UNITED, WORLD, NATIONS, FREE, DEMOCRATIC, FEDERAL, COUNCIL and dozens more, they are simply cabals inventions.

    Rockefeller invented the United Nations, it belongs to him – not us. So does the CIA and the CFR.
    Rothschild invented the FED, the Mossad, Israel, they belong to him – not us.

    Israel knows this. Why should they have any respect for any institution? They know the owner. We dumb goys, reading the cabals news papers, are made to believe the UN is a body of Nations.

    Every time Israel does something outrageous, we should automatically know that we, the Western Nations, are Israel. US, UK, Germany, Europe, Can, Aus, NZ we are the cabal. Each time we point at Israel, it is a hoax. We are no better than Israel, we are its concealed partner. We are in fact a collective Shadow Israel.

    Israel is only there to take attention away from us. We all do Gaza, not only Israel.

  6. One must remember how “the Synagogue” works when taking over the Christian/Muslim Goyim. The League of Nations, (predecessor of the U.N.), World Bank, IMF, Bank of Int’l Settlements etc. etc. ad nauseum are all “benevolent” international tentacles of the Central Banksters, (7 or 8 “tribal” families). The U.N. is simply following orders much the way the League did when it repeatedly ignored Germany’s pleas to stop the CHEKA Jewish youth group’s massacre of German citizens within Poland and the Danzig Corridor. If you need a smaller, easier-to-grasp example, look no further than the AMA, ADA, APA, ABA and practically every other jurisdiction having authority over our health, teeth, mind, banking, drugs, food… the proof is out there but you’re going to have to want to find it on your own, I don’t want to clutter up this site with a multitude of links. Wait…we certainly don’t want to overlook the “Kosher Tax” levied upon the denizens of a “Christian” nation by D.C. masters….. wow, kosher tax, go figure.

  7. they should join the United NAZI-ons, wherever the UN goes theres all kinds of mayhem anyway.
    its like them giving the Nobel peace prize to whoever’s idea can give the most the peace of the graveyard.
    gore with his goreball warming carbon tax scam, obombya, kissinger, einstein, Nobel invented dynamite.
    it IS “Bizarro world”, look at the quackery they’re calling “medicine” lol “ask your doctor if its right for you”.


    The double standards are getting thru to the ordinary people, and I find there is a lot more open criticism of Israel now than there was 20 years ago. We have all been on the receiving end of a massive scam based on the holocaust.

    How could it have been taboo to doubt the holocaust when the RED CROSS had issued a report in 1948 that made clear there was no systematic mass murder? How could we let the Jews have special treatment.


      The Red Cross stated that 272,000 died in the concentration camps, and about half of them were Jews. So 136,000 as opposed to 6,000,000.

      No doubt there were some atrocities. There many from the allies, and many more from the Russians. But the Jews do not have clean hands. Most of the Bolshevik Soviet leadership were Jews, 300 out of 360 in the original commisariat, and all four of the assassins of the Tsar and his family were Jews, and the Bolsheviks killed over 20 million Russians, BEFORE WW2 !

      • No wonder they don’t want anyone to question the biggest extortion racket in history.

      • yup, anyone publicly doubting or daring to research the holohoax can be jailed immediately,
        trying to know or tell the truth has been deemed criminal, globally, ask Snowden and others.
        Germany couldnt have had ONE million “Jews” total, so how did 6 million get slaughtered?
        the lying coverup “lawmakers” oughtta be jailed for their crimes that aid criminals.

  9. The next thing we know, I suppose Chester the Molester will be offering sex education classes. This is totally disgusting news. I doubt that any of our politicians will say one word of criticism. They serve their masters, above all.

  10. I guess when it comes to evaluating human rights violations it helps to have the experts on hand. No one knows more about violating human rights than Israel, a center for drug, human, and organ trafficking, with 65 years of experience in ethnic cleansing, stealing land, murdering women and children with chemical weapons, an illegally obtained nuclear arsenal, and serial violator of Geneva Conventions and UN resolutions. Each day seems to bring new proof that the world’s “leaders” have gone stark, raving. barking and drooling insane.

    • Wonderful reply, as are the others.

      Thank you Mr. Dean, but I have to ask… what the heck is that mural of(!) on the ceiling/wall?
      Is it Mother Nature vomiting on the mindless, heartless psychopaths?

      • Could be a Jackson Pollack…… ;-)

        • Well thank you wiggins, for your welcome suggestion.

          But no, it is not a Jackson Pollack, lol,…

          it’s a …

          • … Miquel Barcelo! And he says, ‘that his 16,000-square-foot ceiling artwork reminded him of “an image of the world dripping toward the sky” LOL!


            I’ve already stated what it reminded me of… how ’bout you?

    • Ha!!! “I guess when it comes to evaluating human rights violations it helps to have the experts on hand.a”

      You nailed it. Now it all makes sense :-) This is when the comment boards really work :-)

  11. Disgusting, the United Nations Human Rights Council is admitting a murdering mad dog criminal enterprise as a member and the ICC refuses to bring charges against war criminals. SNAFU. What a joke the UN and all so called international organizations are bastions of evil.

    • Does anyone else notice the amount of time and energy the Israeli/Jewish people absorb from the rest of humanity. We’re always writing, talking, reading, about their misdeeds, considering their next moves, figuring out how we’ve been screwed. For such a tiny percentage of humanity, they suck the energy and life-forces out of the rest of the world. It’s not fair to the rest of us, who also have pressing needs that require attention. Who are NOT on a mission to screw everyone else 24/7/365 to infinity.

      After viewing the 100+ expulsions from various countries, from prior history, and seeing where we are now, Knowing what they did to Russia and Tzar Nicholas and his family circa 1918, and the 40,000,000+ Russian’s they killed,….Do you really think co-existence with the rest of humanity is possible, ever? Really, do leopards change their spots?

      I had at first thought about off-planet quarantine, but I’m sure they would stir-the-shit even from there.

  12. An other meaningless council?
    A council in name only.
    What have they accomplished in the name of human rights?

  13. I found this interesting fact about Abbas in a comment at Middle East Monitor:

    Netanyahu and his ministers know that they can ignore the Palestinians and pay no price for their settlements expansion. Even the EU has toned down its criticisms of the settlements because Kerry asked them to, and Catherine Ashton complied. Now the Palestinians can not even join the International Olive Traders Organization because, as Germany and Britain reminded Abbas, he had agreed to not join any International Organizations!

    • Ashton an appointed left wing lacky of the crooked Nu Labour Blair regime has never been elected to office and gets paid almost half a million dollars a year by the Communitarian parasite EU plus lavish expenses and a fat pension, not bad for someone with no experience eh ! A classic example of a witless grinning EU sock puppet who troughs it at public expense. The Father of American Communitarianism is former Zionist soldier AMITAI ETZIONI sociologist whose tutor was Martin Buber formerly of Franfurt University 1930′s ( hint ). All that talk of community and multiculturalism in every nation and yet we see a notable exception to the rule.

      Bibi must have run rings round her whilst laughing his socks off.

      • Thanks Ade…Etzioni I had never heard of. I have a fabulous half hour show on the Frankfort School that I did some editing work on years ago…one of the most condensed 30 minute educations I have ever seen done.

  14. No complaints from Obama, one of the most despicable, immoral presidents to serve Israel.

    Kerry is busy trying to dismantle the Iran nuclear program on behalf of Israel.

    Mia Pope called Obama a walking fictional character, sounds about right.

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