Nationalism: A Dying Institution

sochi-globalistsby Johnny Punish


This week, Bloomberg News is dedicating a weeklong series on the rise of Mexico as it continues its rise from a 20th century third world country to a 1st world economic engine for a globalized 21st century world.

This feature highlights what global investors have already known for many years in that the world went flat and once proud nationalists have switched their allegiances from a nationalistic disposition to a global position. All this while the lower classes in the world remain focused on national flags while their leaders wearing national flags on their lapels actually wear the flag of a global world on their foreheads.

The age of globalism is NOT new. The corporations began their “multi-national” rise back in the 50s. Companies that were once uniquely American or British started seeing their businesses and interests transfer from their home countries to multi-countries.

The OIL industry was one of the first industries to go global and leaders in this industry were one of the first industrialists to go from nationalists to globalists. This transformation is highlighted in the seminal book “The Seven Sisters: The great oil companies & the world they shaped” which describes the original 7 oil companies that dominated the 20th century.

Now, fast forward to our 21st century and we see almost all industries have gone global led by, in some cases, born globalists. We see companies such as Caterpillar, a once great American company now does the majority of its business in countries other than its home country. Or that famous company from the Iraq war headlines, Haliburton, with its headquarters in Dubai proudly displaying that its former Chairman Dick Cheney, another globalist posing as a nationalist, was part of the great leap forward from national company to global corporation.

My point is that, around the world, globalists are investing everywhere, moving through borders with ease while they go on domestic media shows wearing national flags pretending to care about local workers when in fact, they are NOT nationalists at all but global carpetbaggers motivated by profits to, as Machiavelli once said, to stay in power by any means necessary.

In fact, the government officials that once represented the peoples of their nation are being purchased by these globalists causing all kinds of disconnections. For example, Americans are constantly getting frustrated with their political leaders because, after they elect their leaders to go out and protect the will of the people, the politicians go out and do the exact opposite. Now, admittedly, sometimes, the will of the people is in alignment with the money purchasing the politicians as so sometimes, the people get a respite from the bombardment, but when it does not, Americans just get angry and really have trouble making the connections as to what is really go on. So they blame the other party or one guy or this or that when in fact it’s the flat world crashing in on their once great national identity. And it’s happening all over the world too..not just in the USA.

So yea, these globalists people don’t really want you to know that they are globalists because they fear that if you know, you won’t relate to them at all. Besides, keeping the locals as nationalists allows for the globalists to keep “the people” in a box easily controlled by national laws designed to keep them inline and paying their wage slave taxes to the man so that the globalists can use those funds as needed when needed.

In the USA, we saw that in action as U.S. taxpayers bailed out global banks and companies as the very same global banksters were eroding their national wealth vis-a-vie the mortgage crisis. It was a massive robbery that made John Dillinger look like a 5 year old kid stealing a candy bar from the local general store.

Yet, while the world went flat and globalists emerged from the shadows, most people still don’t’ get it. Their national heroes went global while they were left holding a meaningless flag only designed to keep them in line for their profits.

This is where we are today. As for tomorrow, well it’s all expected to continue forward. The Olympics will go on in Sochi Russia early next year while average people will be watching raising their flags with pride as the globalists continue advertise their goods and services making tons of profits and investing those profits around the world.

For me, I feel that if leaders went global, we should as well.  I think it will be interesting to see what goes on from here. I mean will the nationals of the world eventually figure out the ruse? Or will they get bored with nationalism as they see it slip from their hands in the 21st century. Time will tell!

ABOUT AUTHOR: Johnny Punish is a global citizen, visionary, musician, artist, entertainer, businessman, investor, life coach, and syndicated columnist. He is also the founder and President of the Middle East Union Congress; a non-profit global think tank dedicated to building a new Middle East for the 21st century.

Educated at University of Nevada Las Vegas and California State University Fullerton, his articles appear in Veterans Today, Money News Now and his Johnny Punish Blog. His art music is promoted by Peapolz Media Records and played on net radio at and more.

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2013 copyright – Johnny Punish

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33 Comments for “Nationalism: A Dying Institution”

  1. I can appreciate a good argument with give and take. Globalism and nationalism are ill-defined terms people are programmed to rally around. I live a different perspective, consciousness and awareness and the tools used to take those steps is the future of man. One has to come to understand we are spirits having an experience within a physical body. Life is experiential and while not limited to using the field of logic and analysis as tools. There are many ‘tools’. One truth that seems to bare out over my life with awareness is you have to do the work to gain the reward. So, me speaking about it is empty in comparison to one who experiences it. It is the limitation of journalism and the written word. We have to have the experience, then you really know what it is you are communicating and trying to share an understanding without that experience is illogical and a circular argument. It gets a response, but doesn’t increase understanding. In a peaceful world, it is just more cognitive dissonance. . . . in this world experience, people create self-fulfilling prophecies and experience the world at the vibration they are at. Impossible to tell one who knows only fear, pain, and operates in the realm of ‘control’ about love or awareness. . . they can’t understand what you are saying.

  2. Franklin Ryckaert

    @Johnny Punish,

    You seem to think that human nature will miraculously change simply by more communication technology. Technology may change certain ways of acting, but not deep rooted human nature. And the lapse of time will even change less. Basically human beings now are the same as 40,000 years ago. The same tribalism, the same aggressiveness. Neither religion nor technology has changed that.

  3. You hit the nail on the head. Constant attacks on the ethnic, cultural, religious, linguistic, and national identities which have evolved worldwide over centuries, absolute disregard for the concept of sovereignty, and the exploitation of local ethnic and social rivalries leading to conflict have left us open for abuse by the globalists.

    On top of that we are then artificially subdivided into smaller, resentful, competing groups willfully set to squabble over diminishing resources, with laws to punish those who would defy the new society. As long as they have us distracted and at each other’s throats for shallow and anti-cohesive reasons they will continue tearing our history apart.

  4. Franklin Ryckaert

    Economical globalism as we know it is entirely profit driven without any concern for the well-being of local populations or their natural environment. Global companies are but economical pirates which only enrich the few at the cost of the many. Political globalism, the endeavour to create ever greater “unions” such as the European Union, the North American Union, the Asia-Pacific Union and the African Union only devour national identities leaving deracinated masses instead. Such globalism may bring “peace” to the world but at a very high price both in material and in spiritual terms. Human beings can find only fulfilment in identity based relatively small communities, not in a colorless mass of “global citizens”. A global “culture” will by definition be one of the lowest common denominator. All high cultures in history developed in relatively small homogeneous communities, such as the city states of ancient Greece, the small states of Renaissance Italy or of 18th century Germany. Globalist Utopianism will prove to be a nightmare just as that other form of outdated globalism : communism.

    • Joe Strummer once said ” The future is unwritten”. In this spirit, I don’t believe the dark global NEW WORLD ORDER is an il fait acompli. We the people can have an effect on how it gets done. But lets not be naive. This will be the battle royal. I believe its coming and so I intend to advocate on the side a humane system that allows us to pledge allegiance to the earth and every human on it.

  5. Yeah, somewhere along the way, we got put into districts while the chief toads turned war into a competition. These days, I f a r t in the general direction of the nationalist partisans. So, am I now a ‘global citizen’? Hardly. Maybe that’s even worse. Sovereign is more like it. I generally liked your article… that is, until I got to the part at the end under ‘about author’ that said ‘global citizen’. Might want to change that.

  6. The age of globalism is not new. The Spanish et al. coveted the precious metals of South and Central America. The British developed sugar plantations in the Caribean. The ancient Phoenicians may have pioneered the international trade of humans as commodities. Centuries later Africans were eventually enslaved and transported to the American South and the Caribean on European ships. European traders once did not know the American continental land mass blocked their ship’s path to the Orient. Tiny Venice may have once been the weathiest Empire in the West due to its ease of international trade.

    Nationalism is a vital defense against exploitation by economic powers who might otherwise exploit that Nation’s resources and people by bribing that Nation’s leadership. National leaders who betray their Nation’s economic interests for personal gain are not too difficult to spot. ie President NAFTA-Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Benghazi Clinton’s net worth is believed to exceed $150,000,000.

    • If we can collectively evolve and pledge allegiance to the earth and every human on it, then we don’t need to worry about the distribution of resources because we would understand that resources would be a common heritage and thus be available for all. Of course, this requires that we evolve. It is possible! I think we have to go this way because the other way is very dark indeed.

      • Nationalism is also the natural antidote to Zionism. Zionism is, among other things, a parasitic attack which usurps and weakens the Host Nation economically, politically and spiritually.

        For example, Zionism advocates mass deception through mass media misinformation. Whereas if USA had healthy Nationalism protecting its free press and 1st amendment, we would have all spent September 12, 2001 watching the symmetrical free fall collapse of WTC 7 on TV. Iraq and Afghanistan would not now be littered with dead and with depleted uranium munitions. Afghan opium would not be feeding 90% of the heroin epidemic in many countries including USA.

        USA needs healthy Nationalism.

        • In the future connected world where every human on our planet will have been born never knowing a world without connectivity, I believe states within the global union will still have varying cultures due to location, climate, et al….but due to connectivity, I believe the awareness that we’re all human beings first will trump 20th century dogma and will enlighten all of us to become more responsible to our planet and care for all of our fellow human beings; not just some of us

          • USA needs healthy Nationalism.

          • 300 years ago, the USA, Mexico and Canada did NOT exist! Things evolve!

            Experts say that the In less than 100 years, the USA will be part of a NORTH AMERICAN UNION that will include all the states within Canada, USA, and Mexico. It will have a trading block of over 800 million people. This deal is already on the docket.

            The states within each of these former countries will remain intact but will be part of a greater unit as the world builds toward a global world sometime in the next 200 years.

            Everyone posting here will NOT see this to it’s fruition but it’s coming. The children will look back at our unconnected 20th century and think “my, they were so primitive back then”. And they’d be right! But that’s evolution!

      • People do not evolve, they adapt.

  7. Franklin Ryckaert

    I’m glad to hear that. Thanks.

  8. Franklin Ryckaert

    Those are all criticisms of the abuse of patriotism. Not all forms of patriotism lead to hatred or war. Compare healthy patriotism with love for one’s own family : the nation is one’s extended family. To love one’s family doesn’t automatically mean to hate other families. Love is by definition restricted, otherwise it is no love at all. A man who “loves all women equally” would be a bad husband. A parent who “loves all children equally” would be a bad parent.

  9. When we PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE EARTH and EVERY HUMAN ON IT, then patriotism takes on a new smarter good dimenision. Think about it!

  10. Franklin Ryckaert

    Not all national boundaries are “capricious imaginary lines” on the map. More often than not they are natural boundaries such as rivers or mountains. Some countries even are islands (Taiwan, Cuba , Madagascar ) or archipelagos ( Japan, Philipines, Indonesia ) or peninsulae with a mountain chain as a boundary ( Italy, Spain, Korea ). The people that live in a country are strongly related racially and ethnically, speak the same language, have the same customs and ideals and remember the same common history which may reach back not centuries but thousands of years, in short they HAVE AN IDENTITY. Peoples care for their identity and don’t want it to get lost. But you want to destroy all that for the sake of some nebulous “globalism”? Have you ever considered asking permission of the peoples concerned to destroy them Mr “Idealist”?

  11. Franklin Ryckaert

    Well I do think about it and I come to the conclusion that such nebulous “global identity” is nonsense. Peoples differ widely in race, ethnicity, laguage, customs, ideals, norms and values and those differences give meaning to their lives. Trying to rob peoples of their ethnic identity is like trying to rob individuals of their personality. The result would be a gray mass of ZOMBIES. Thank you very much!

  12. Calling us human beings who live on planet earth a “non-sense” identity reveals much about which century you were born into. The future children of a connected world will find that disposition weird, antiquated, and silly.

  13. Franklin R. is correct.

  14. 100 years ago, there was NO such I.D. as Saudi Arabia or Jordan or Israel or Kuwait et al….such identities were created. And now they are antiquated abject failures We can create a new identity called HUMAN BEING.

    100 years from now, people will look back at us and wonder, what where they thinking. Remember, we are just in the very beginning of the connected age. In 50 years, every human on the planet will have been born NEVER knowing an age withouit connectivity. This is changing everything, every institution, every form of government, every idea of who we thought we were and actually are…we’re all human beings first!

  15. Franklin Ryckaert

    For a dip into harsh reality from the rosy cloud of your hippie globalist dreams, please read the article on the Internet : American Renaissance, November 20, 2013 : The Paradox of Diverse Communities, with the sobering conclusion : “The more diverse or integrated a neighborhood is, the LESS SOCIALLY COHESIVE it becomes.” It is the same all over the world. Have you heard of the Mestizos of South Los Angeles who are violently ethnically cleansing Black neighborhoods? How about telling them to … “pledge allegiance to the earth and every human on it”? Will it help? Or what about the race based gangs in American prisons, the only way to find any protection in those institutions? Something is deeply human here and it won’t go away by naively preaching a “global human identity” as a solution to identity conflicts. Better try to accept ethnic identities as a permanent human given and try to find territorial solutions to identity conflicts. There will not come a “Golden Age” of human brotherhood in the near future, but some conflicts can be solved by realistically taking human nature into account.

  16. I acknowledge your 20th century perspective, however, the current thinking will NOT fly in the future.

    In 50 years from now, everyone alive will have been born into a fully connected world. This will change everything! We are just in the beginning of this new reality.

    Let’s put it this way, if this was 1900, you might be telling me how BUGGY WHIPS have been around for hundreds of years and I would be screaming at you telling you but the automobile will change everything and you’d still invest all your emotions and money into buggy whips and you’d be broke within 10 years!

    It’s future is coming and calling my scream a hippie dream to support your buggy whip reality will NOT change whats coming in the very near future.

Comments are closed


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