Israel’s Veto

by Sami Jamil Jadallahnetanyahu


Israel, a terrorist, illegitimate state from day one, a constant threat to world peace, a nuclear power that is a threat to its safety and that of the world including the US is the last country that can talk about the rights of other countries to have nuclear technology even nuclear weapons. No one, not God, not the UN, certainly not the US or Europe endowed Israel with a “veto’ over war and peace in the world.

Israel, unlike Iran have been engaged in acts of terrorism and been in constant wars before, during and after its creation in 1948 and continues to day. Israel engaged in acts that are in the least could be and should be classified as “acts against humanity” from ethnic cleansing and exiling of Palestinians to “transfer of population” to destruction of villages, land theft, kidnapping, arrest and jailing without trial. Have engaged in assassinations in Paris, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Dubai, Malta among many other places and yet it is not a “rogue state”.

While Israel was able to scuttle the first round of talks in mid November exercising its power and influence over France, it’s president François Hollande and its foreign minister Laurent Fabius. France decision perhaps is driven by the hope of reelection for Hollande is suffering badly in the poles, perhaps in seeking to consolidate its weapon sales programs and commercial business in the Middle East, perhaps to play a bigger role in Middle East affairs in “Sunni” countries.

Though Israel failed to exercise its “veto” over the temporary deal with Iran, Israel did not give up yet. Its dogs in Congress are pushing for bill that demands the administration certify to the Senate every 30 days that Iran is abiding by the terms of the temporary agreement and may, just may, succeed in forbidding, preventing, even hijacking the administration decision to move forward with a permanent agreement with Iran within the next six months.

Israel alone and through its allies, agents, loyalists and Israeli Firster’s within the US administration, certainly in Congress have failed to scuttle the negotiations, Bibi Netanyahu have not given up yet. Bibi and Israel wants to decapitate Iran and its nuclear program demanding Iran to give up completely its nuclear program even if it is a peaceful one. Bibi Netanyahu army of loyalists simply could scuttle the next deal.

Israel perhaps the third or fourth most powerful nuclear country after the US, and Russia perhaps China, was helped in its nuclear program by the hypocritical west with countries like the US, France and Norway supplying the material and the know how to Israel to produce hundreds of nuclear bombs and no thanks to countries like the US, Germany, and Russia have the means to deliver its bombs as far as New York, Moscow or Chicago, Tehran even Mecca.

For many years, Israel through its surrogate the US have labeled Iran as a “rogue state” and as a nation outside the “community of nations” as if Israel with all of its nuclear bombs and its solid indisputable history of terrorism is not a rogue state and is within the “community of nations”.

Arabs Gulf countries which have suffered from and paid hundreds of billions in the costs of wars over the last three decades should be wise enough to understand that the best thing for them is cooperation with Iran not confrontation, certainly not inciting and giving legitimacy to Israel attack on Iran.

The recent visits of the UAE foreign minister to Tehran and the recent visits of the Iranian foreign minister to Kuwait, Doha and Oman is a good first step to snuff the tension in the region that lasted for too long and gave rise to “sectarian incitement”

As I have stated in my last article it will be wise, even worthwhile for the Arab Gulf countries to form cooperation and partnership with Iran in its nuclear program guaranteeing the safety of the technology and making sure that Iran nuclear program is peaceful.

With so much investment in the hundreds of billions, made by these Arab Gulf countries in their infrastructure and in industries creating an oasis of prosperity and with trillions in reserves it would be foolish to support, incite or even engage in any war that can destroy years of hard work and building. Investment in peace pays off in the immediate and distant future. The last thing the Arab Gulf needs is another war.

Iran on the other hand must take the necessary steps to reach out to its neighbors in affirmation of peace and brotherhood and must also cease to have its allies incite “sectarian” hate that can only bring wars and destruction. The safety and security of Iran is with the safety and security of the Arab Gulf States. Both sides should give peace a chance, Inshallah.

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51 Comments for “Israel’s Veto”

  1. It is unfair, untrue and unjust to blame an entire group or community for the actions of members of the group, whether such groups Muslims, Arabs, Jews, Christians, Americans, French or Black. There are always the ( good, bad and ugly) in all groups, faiths and nations. There is a vocal though minority of Jews, both Israelis and Americans who stand up and speak for justice and those who do not agree with the policies and practices of Zionism and Zionists here in the US, around the world and in Israel. There is a stifling powerful forces that has taken over Judaism, dare say hijacked the faith and its believers and 80 years of persistent onslaught by Zionism in Judaism, that it is difficult for non-Jews to see the difference and make a distinction between Talmudiic Zionism and Judaism. Let us not make a blanket charge… there are many decent people in all groups and all faiths… all the best.. Sami

  2. Thank you, FireBreather, for your great post. If there were more people like you who have figured out the facts about the Zionist criminals in the world, the world would much better off. They are a cancer on society that needs to be excised for the good of the body politic.

  3. The “Eunuchs” of main stream media and heads of states and even politicians from Washington to Paris, London, Oslo, Berlin, Budapest, among others, in the West dare not mention or talk about Israel’s more than 250 nuclear bombs. And the same applies for the media and politicians in Russia even China. While Israel is demanding Iran dismantle its non –existing military program going further demanding Iran gives up All of it nuclear technology, Israel refuses to have any one inspect let alone discuss its nuclear program… Yes, Israel seems to have a “veto” over the world.

  4. Thank you for this, Mr. Jahdallah – always enjoy your articles.

    Is it all theatre once again? Another perspective on the deal with Iran…

    ‘The Abdication of Iran’

  5. Charlotte NC Bill

    Yeah Sami..tell us about it…Wolfowitz, Perle and Feith don’t live in talmudia full-time…but they helped manipulate us into destroying Iraq ( forever-DU ) for them…but that’s their job, their mission, their role in this world…kill or enslave the goy…The only good goy is a goy that’s paying us interest..or killing our enemies for us…or enslaving his people for us…that’s it..

  6. You folks never quit trashing our Jewish neighbors. You do it with such ferver one would think you were being paid to do so! All races, religions and creeds have their good and bad points. The Jews aren’t all bad. Here’s an example. Take this quaint little ritual performed by rabbi’s on newborn Jews…

    • Yeah, quaint.

    • M. Boston:
      I couldn’t access your link, but I am pretty sure you referred to the Jewish act of the mutilation of every baby Jewish boy’s penis just after birth by a mohel who slices off the foreskin and then sucks on the penis until the blood stops – circumcision – am I right? This procedure should be outlawed in every place where it is practiced, because it is so inhumane and barbaric. As for someone being paid to post in here, it is usually the Jews who do that. They enlist Israeli university students who speak English and other languages fluently to come into these forums and deny all the crimes and atrocities committed by the Mossad and the IDF against their enemies, be they women, children or old people.

  7. The colonial occupation of Palestine by Zionism has nothing to do with religion, faith, or race. It is pure colonialism at its worst, pure and simple, and based on ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population. The Majority of people of the Jewish faith in Europe resisted the calls for Israel in Palestine and there are hundreds of thousands of people of the Jewish faith who do not believe nor accept Israel as their own state. No doubt many of these Zionists were influenced in their ideologies by Czarist Russia and the Pogroms, the Bolsheviks and certainly by the Nazis… The claim that “Jews” used human blood for ritual is totally false and has no base in fact or history… it is part of the on going defamation of the Jewish faith by racists Europe.

    • Charlotte NC Bill

      Talmudicism isn’t ” a faith”…it’s more of an anti-gentile, mostly anti-Christ, conspiracy for wealth and power…

  8. Semites?? Didn’t Moses and his gang kill them all and assume their identity to hide from the Egyptians? That means there isn’t any Semites left. Isn’t it a matter of religious belief, about this whole “god given right” crap they shove down our throats about their right to that land. If that is so, then these Jews have to live up to the requirements put upon them by their god to earn that right. So far they have NOT done so.
    Everyone needs to look at an agreement made between these zionists and the Nazis in 1933 called the “Transfer Agreement” and what these zionist/Talmudic jews told the Nazis to do to the Torah believing Jews if they didn’t sign up and give up all they had in Europe and move to what was know as Palestine at that time, not israel, and become slaves to the zionists there. These so called zionists told the Nazis to treat the others very badly if they wouldn’t sign the agreement, and that is what happened to many of the Torah following Jews, not to any of the zionists, many of whom were wearing Nazi uniforms to ensure the ill treatment of the others. It was an upgrade to the Balfour agreement made in the 20′s after the fall of Jewish Russia and the influx of Russian jews into the smaller nations of Europe, they were running away from their crimes in old Russia after Lenin’s revolt. The history of those events has been clouded by the offspring of those zionazi’s of the 30′s who were just as guilty as any Nazi.

    • very similar to my personal interpretation that Palestine was an open campus concentration camp for Germany’s deportee’s, where the warden and guards became “government” in 1948, then turned Gaza and West Bank into concentration camps where they could abuse or kill at whim. same nazi garbage.

    • Charlotte NC Bill

      Yeah, they say THAT GOD told them to kill everyone there…how convenient…of course these Khazars were over a thousand miles away at the time..

  9. THANK YOU for saying what needed to be said. The issue really is “and who in hell or heaven gave you the authority….” I have been waiting for some Western leader to do so, Secretary Kerry came very close and saved
    the USA from more disgusting posturing.

  10. Charlotte NC Bill

    “the Palestinians don’t belong in Palestine” …even though they’ve always been there…they never left…just look at their DNA…they’re ancient Hebrews who converted to Christianity…then most to Islam…But the Khazars…yes THEY belong there…It’s really no use talking to people like that..

    • Bill.. Do I sense a bit of sarcasm in your remarks?
      What I find disgusting is that others are forced by law to believe as these talmudic jews do, and if we disagree with what they say we are persecuted for our alternative religious beliefs that are guaranteed in our Constitutions 1st amendment. It also says that the government shall not support religion period. So any laws that force us to agree with these talmudic jews and what they say about anything are not Constitutional in any way, shape or form.
      You are way too nice to these zionazis, according to their book if you are not born one of them you are Goya AKA not human and have no human rights, thus their poor treatment of the Palestinians and most other people in the world. That is why they refuse to join the UN or sign any agreements with that body. The only reason they have any agreements with the US is to get the weapons they need to carry out their agenda for a “greater israel” and they planted their people here and in our government to ensure that agreement stands above all others, no matter what it costs the US citizens. We are just a herd of “cash cows” to them and if they have to thin the herd a bit, it makes no difference to them.

  11. Israel is the most treacherous, foul, back-stabbing virus ever to soil earth, period. No doubt about it, if they were fecal matter they’d fill new Jersey. You’re right….they are a true nuclear-rogue state that has NO business demanding sh*t from either Christian OR Muslim nations. the evil little disease doesn’t HAVE “friends”. All they have are past/present/future VICTIMS. But… thing they DO have is the D.C. crowd….the excrement of our nation, the McCains, the Bidens, the dual citizen filth like Lieberman et al. THAT is all Israel has. Well, our treasonous cops and military too, but they don’t make a stain in a pair of boxer shorts.

  12. And for those who have greater vision than i say, Netanyahu, Obama, the Bushes, Kissenger, Clintons, etc. are all CLONES. And the strings of clones are pulled by the clone masters.

  13. Charlotte NC Bill

    Mr. Alvin sir are the most ignorant person we’ve heard fm in a long time…These Khazars converted to Talmudicism circa 740 AD…they have almost zero claim to Palestine…the arab muslims and christians have more ancient Hebrew DNA than any of these Christ-hating Khazars that you love so much…Have you even read the Talmud? ” in Hell and and for his punishment is submerged in boiling excrement..” nice huh? Or how about the part that refers to His Mother as ” a whore..” and that her son was a ” child of rape..” And it gets better!! Read! A mind is a terrible thing to waste!

    • Charlotte NC Bill

      “almost zero”..what was I thinking? Their basis for a Palestine land claim is less than zero…except for a very small amount of sephardic…they’re not even semites…just look at Ariel Sharon..that’s a damn Khazar..pale, pudgy…small beady eyes…a kind of Turk-Mongol-E.european mix…a Khazar…and they were converted to Talmudicism circa 740 A.D….

  14. This is what happens when a group (religious or otherwise) has a “chosen by God complex.” And in these times, I feel Israel (especially the Zionists within) is in for a very hard look in the mirror of truth when they finally real-i-ze and learn that their “God” has been all along a lesser Archon “god” with a “God” complex, who has especially used them to promote its warmongering negative agenda on this planet. Woe to the “whited sepulchers!”

  15. Sami Jamil Jadallah, You are so very correct in your assessment of Israel and the ME….
    for every other day that pass by Israel reveals itself till its now standing naked as an
    unbelievably uncivilized – inhuman state that has gotten away with murder in every way
    literally and otherwise by holding up the “see what you did to me” justification … and
    it has been working – and still is – I am a European – been away for many many years
    helping mankind – and I am shocked to come back and see how totally brainwashed
    both politicians and the people are… they cannot perform the simplest tasks like look,
    observe and put 2 and 2 together. Thank God the Iranians are not brainwashed and
    know what is vital to do to survive. Thank God Russia is back on the map and Thank
    God their leadership is a lot more sane than that of the West and Thank God we have China
    … and the whole of Asia. . . . Empires come and go, right now we have a few coming
    and we have a few going, right now, all because of their own doing. . . literally…. the
    shift toward the East is for real. That is where 80% of all the people live, work, go to
    school – get educated and trained, go on lines to learn what is up… there are so many
    more than in the West, that is where the majority of the raw materials are and where the
    production is being done… the cultures are thousands of years old, they have been
    empires many times before… they will be again…

  16. Reports floating around that while the US was secretly negotiating with Iran it was secretly funding Israel to the tune of $ 3 Billions to defray the costs of Israel’s attack on Iran. As such the US is underwriting the war on Iran.. which is not surprising… perhaps it will collect the money from the Arabs… which happens so often that every war the US and Israel organize in the Middle East the Gulf Arabs end up paying for it… remember Saddam war against Iran and Saddam war against Kuwait and the US war on Iraq…

    • Don’t forget they’ve been plundering undisclosed amounts of “Holocaust Money” from Germany since 1945 despite the fact that Zio-Satanists invented Holocaust centuries ago as a satanic ritual of abduction-murder-cannibalism of non-Jewish children which I have linked here many times before.

      Below expert testimony was linked by Dr. Lasha Darkmoon in her article I linked below:

      Diversion Holocaust (1) Fred Leuchter Investigation report in support of Dr. Earnst Zundel defense against a Satanic Holocaust Ritual trial


      Summary and Findings
      After studying the available literature, review and assessment of existing facilities at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek, knowing the design criteria for the operation of the gas chambers, after investigation and inspection technologies incineration modern crematories, the author notes that there is no evidence to facilities which are states that the gas chambers. Also notes that due to the construction and implementation of these systems, they could not be used as gas chambers. Moreover, an assessment of incineration produces conclusive evidence that contradicts the alleged number of corpses incinerated in the given time. Therefore, in the author’s opinion, none of these plants was not ever used the execution of men and crematoria could not bear the alleged number of corpses cremated assigned to them.

  17. The illegal occupiers of Palestine must be deported from Palestine, if they will not willingly cease their murdering holocaust of the Palestinian people, then it must be done forcefully.

    • was just thinking the same thing, if izrahell can kill nuclear scientists inside Iran, why cant all the neighboring countries hire fake mercenary “rebels” like what is being done to Syria. what’d be wrong with a little “sign the non proliferations treaty and allow inspections now OR ELSE!” I dont care if they scream about being persecuted till they’re blue in the face, they’ve been menacing palestinians for 60 years, they’ve been menacing Iran for over 20 years.. and what’d be wrong with arresting all the izrahell firsters in the house and senate for TREASON? if izrahell is so great then why do they need 3+ billion a year in friggin welfare, or is that blackmail money to keep em from bombing DC and NYC?

  18. Satanyahu: “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away”

    Quoted from top of article by VT’s Dr. Lasha Darkmoon Part 1 – America as an Israeli Colony

  19. @ Wendy Dooley, above also: The muslims, christians and jews lived together for thousands of years in relative harmony until the Khazars came and took over. These pseudo zionist jews are not semitic and are in fact the biggest anti-semites on earth. It is astounding the degree to which the human race has been duped by these reptilian bastards. You should question EVERYTHING about the past, without exception, due to this degree of chicanery and control they’ve exerted over all information. They very possibly are on Iran’s case NOT to keep them from nuclear energy, but to keep them from finding OUT that nuclear energy is the biggest scam they’ve got going. My educated guess is that those ‘reactors’ are actually Tesla inspired electrical generators that could provided energy at little to no cost, if the ruse was ever exposed. Nothing but lies piled upon lies piled upon lies. Peace on you!

    • I wish that they were all Tesla generators instead of more Fukushima’s just waiting to happen!
      as far as the “J’s” being “persecuted” and driven out of so many countries for centuries, another commenter LC had posted a link to a video explaing WHY many times, theyed kidnap “goy” children to kill and bleed out to make their “holy bread” with, then they whine about being “persecuted”?!!

  20. @Wendy Dooley, above. They HAVEN’T been fighting for thousands of year. Just since ‘israel’ self declared. We know the date and the time this problem started, who did it, who’s paying for it, and who perpetuates the LIE that they’ve been fighting for thousands of years. The have NOT. Fact.

    • Charlotte NC Bill

      You’re right..that’s one of the lies the neo-cons always push…( Of course their “super-weapon” is the Holohoax -15, 300,000+ Jews in the world-1933..15,700,000+ Jews in the world 1947 ) this problem began with the Zionist movement 100 yrs ago which culminated in the massacres/expulsions of 1948 and has only gotten worse after the founding of that crime syndicate hide-out masquerading as a country called “Israel”..

  21. Charlotte NC Bill

    Yeah…dumbass rednecks who love Talmudia suck…we already knew that…but thanks..

  22. Charlotte NC Bill

    No shit…All the slave ships in Newport, RI were owned by the Jews….but that’s just another ugly fact we’re not supposed to mention in polite society..Or that when Cromwell conquered Ireland he sent thousands of slaves to the Carribean-where they were treated worse than the Africans who had to be bought or traded for..

  23. I dont think he’s smart enough to get it Tyron, after being told we see through his BS he doesnt stop or even slow his racist garbage. some say a slang contraction of the word ignorant has been deemed taboo and racist, while at the same time, some people really justify the stereotyping.

  24. Sounds like you’ve gotten around, Buckwheat!

  25. Charlotte NC Bill

    Alvin’s mind is made-up…don’t bother him with knowledge he can’t handle…

  26. Charlotte NC Bill

    Tyron..right on brother..110%…their kidnapping and sacrificing of baptised christian children before Passover has been well documented…That and their usury, coin clipping, general shysterism and total lack of any desire to develop productive behaviour led to their expulsion fm dozens of countries in Europe…just a couple of yrs ago they CRUCIFIED a young man in Kiev b4 Passover and then dumped his body on a garbage heap…the medical examiner sd it probably took 3 days of torture b4 the poor guy died….

  27. Charlotte NC Bill

    If anything that Czar Nicholas II was too nice, too naive…didn’t understand the oozing, Talmudic evil he was dealing with…After they murdered Czar alexander II that should have convinced the Romanovs that they need to say, ” for now on; all of Europe should be ‘beyond the pale’..we’re putting you on ships and the next stop is Madagascar..let the Rothschilds buy it for you..” And you’re right; the vast majority are pretty damn proud of their brutal little “homeland” ( crime syndicate hide-out )..

  28. GD had an article (or two) this year that exposed Zionists behind many White Supremacist sites, didn’t he?

  29. All Jews AREN”T bad. There are many good ones, like Norman Finklestein, Alan Sobrosky, Victor Ostrovsky, Miko Peled, Avraham Burg, Gilad Atzman, Avi Schlaim, Steven Lendman, etc.

    The vast majority of Jews will not condemn the evil, Zionist Jews, though, and that is what makes them unliked by most people. Do you like goyim who don’t condemn Naziism? No, you don’t, and it is the same thing. The friend of my enemy is my enemy.

    How many Jews do you know of who will speak out against the atrocities and depredations of the IDF when they attack innocent Palestinian women and children, when they deliberately and knowingly attack a vessel of an alleged ally like the USS Liberty and kill American sailors, or when
    they commit innumerable fals-flag operations like the 9-11, WTC attacks?

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