US finally in line with international law on Iran

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Press TV interview with Franklin Lamb


[ Editors Note:  Franklin Lamb got a good Press TV interview about  General Hayden's Sunday talk show where he flanked the Israelis to let them know that Israel with all of it's WMDs is hardly the entity to make the rules for everybody else.

The U.S. is finally moving past the 'all options are on the table' silliness which made us look like a loud mouth, aging, bullying boxer.

George Bush - Who never could find his National Guard unit

George Bush – Who never could find his National Guard unit

I am absolutely sure that historians will look back on the Bush regime’s telling the moderate Iranian regime of Mr. 43′s first term to ‘take a hike’ when they reached out to normalize relations.

This was a terrible injustice to the American people, an abject betrayal. His public events should be empty for the rest of his life if more Americans had some pride.

But as Gordon Duff has sometimes pointed out, we have Americans who see dogs eating their own vomit and then say “Hey, I never thought of doing that…getting to eat it twice.” Such people are held in utter contempt by the elites, but serve them none the less as ‘useful idiots’.

Bibi has acknowledged the failure of his attempt to make us all slaves of Zionist foreign policy.

“As we have warned, and I say this with regret, the sanctions regime has started to weaken and very quickly,” said Netanyahu on Sunday during his visit to Italy. “If tangible steps are not taken soon, it is liable to collapse and the efforts of years will vanish without anything in exchange.”

As we stated in last weeks columns, now is the time to counter attack on the subversive Zionist lobby  here and everyone who has supported them against their own country. We have the rest of our lives to make them pay for the suffering they caused so many people… Jim W. Dean ]




Press TV has conducted an interview with Franklin Lamb, international lawyer, Beirut about the official and clear statement by former head of CIA General Michael Hayden saying that the US has accepted Iran’s right to enrich uranium.


The following is an approximate transcript of the interview which you can view here.


Press TV: How do you assess General Hayden’s statement?

Lamb: I think it’s very useful. I think it makes clear that the red-line of the Islamic Republic, that is, uranium enrichment has been now accepted and that the red line of the Zionist lobby pressuring the Americans in the White House has been taken off the table.

With this acceptance and removal of this red line, the US is acknowledging world practice; they are finally acknowledging international customary law on this subject.

Now, we’ve got the P5+1 through the Americans, through this statement by Michael Hayden bringing American practice in line with international law. So what that means is a very important development in international law, it makes it very clear for the first time that uranium enrichment is legal and it’s a right of every state.

So I say already with these negotiations we’re seeing a remarkable advance. So I think it’s a cause for optimism as we look forward to these tough negotiations ahead. This is a major breakthrough as indeed two weeks ago we saw on this subject.

Press TV: As General Hayden is a republican, which we noted in our story. Is the tide changing do you think the Republicans are also coming on side?

Franklin Lamb

Franklin Lamb

Lamb: Well, there are some coming on the right side, but they’re coming screaming and kicking – and then you’ve got Graham and you’ve got McCain and the rest.

But they have no choice because they’re facing elections and it is very apparent in this period that the American are for better relations with Iran and Obama is doing a good job of explaining his policy.

So I think there is certainly some movement among the Republicans, but they’d better move faster before the election because the American people are solidly, I would argue, on the side of this remarkable achievement.

And the desperation that we’re seeing from the Zionist regime, Netanyahu, what does he do? He sends Cohen, his national security advisor to Washington. He’s not going there to talk to Obama, he’s not going there to talk to the CIA.

He’s going there on behalf of Netanyahu to talk to AIPAC and the Congress and squeeze the Congress one last time to pass some sanctions. I don’t think he’s going to succeed on that.

But there’s no question about the fact that Netanyahu has declared war on the White House. Obama knows it, Hagel knows it, Kerry knows it and they’re not happy about it.

So, every hour on this issue the Zionists become weaker, they become more desperate and they’re moving toward the dustbin of history on this, and I would argue even clinging to their occupation of Palestine.

These are momentous events. Each kind of statement and act that we’re seeing in this period – And I predict there will be many more – are going on the right side of history and there is every reason for the American people and the Iranian people to return to the days when they were similar.

And the cultural changes that are now happening and the removing of barriers for visas and the education exchanges. That’s what’s remarkable and that’s what’s going to affect – besides relieving the sanctions – the quality of life for Americans and Iranians.

You may think this is going too far, but I think we’re in the period of 1981-82 with respect to another recognition issue and that’s with respect to Hezbollah. I’ve argued that apart from certain actions, that Hezbollah is as American underneath as apple pie.

And I think like in 1981-82 the Americans finally took the PLO off the terrorist list, I wouldn’t be surprised in the coming couple of years that Hezbollah is taken off the terrorist list, which I think would be another recognition and I think it would show the influence of Iran in a sincere relationship with the White House if they will advocate this.

So this is a remarkable period – Of course, danger that we see here or three blocks down here with the attack on the embassy that shook the building at Press TV and all that is going on; but there is also hope. So besides being a very exciting time in history I think there is reason for real hope and I salute Hayden for making this statement.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


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Comments Closed

32 Comments for “US finally in line with international law on Iran”


    • I agree POTUS has not had an epiphany. He threatened to attack Syria even without Congressional approval as recently as September 4. The really great news is the number of international constituencies which since the Ghouta false flag have thus far effectively challenged the Zionist’s war plans. The World has awakened and was awakened in part by POTUS’ and Kerry’s clumsiness.

      Like Bush before him, Obama continues to help conceal information identifying the actual murderers who murdered nearly three thousand US Citizens on 9/11. He has sold his soul like Bush before him. If Obama does someday have an epiphany, he will publicly call for Israel to register its nukes, submit to international regulation (NPT) and perhaps wmd disarmament if deemed appropriate by a competent international body. I sincerely hope he decides to redeem his soul and his honor.

  2. Yes, Absolutely, Truthman. This particular reality-extension is like a conch shell :: In this holographic time-burp, the nuclear energy paradigm is and was a moneymaking Mama Earth-altering ruse … as in “Pres. Rusevelt,” to quote “Spanglish,” the movie.

  3. Alfred in Germany

    It is good news that the direction is slowly changing, but as long as the political events that have occurred in the USA since the Zionist MIC Coup d’etat of November 22 1963 are not properly investigated and the perpetrators, rather then being brought to justice, are still pulling the strings and calling the shots, any “détente” may be nothing but a delay tactic. We may be surprised by another false flag attack, just as happened on 9-11.

  4. The Geneva P5+1 agreement must be a good thing since Eric Cantor hates it.

    This article also has certain of the relevant NPT provisions which were new to me. I say ‘NPT for Israel’

  5. Mr. Dean,

    A typically outstanding article that paints the broadest picture.

    You may have answered this already, however what is the photo at the top of the page?

    Thank you.

    • It’s the reactor core and fuel rods of Iran’s old 1967 reactor, which they are replacing with the Arak one…which our dummies thought they would give up but they are not that stupid.

      Left out of the media spin is that years ago they had agreed to not make 20% material for medical stuff…as they were told they could buy that from the West.

      Well the West reneged on that deal and left they hanging with no medical isotopes, so they cranked up their own back up. Of course that was immediately spun by the ‘non Jewish owned media’ as proof they were going after ‘da bomb’.

  6. When I read the article on Press TV website what came to my mind was a possible thawing of relations with Iran and the gradual escape from the influence of zionism and israhell.
    I see by the responses of some people here, there appears to be a certain amount of distrust with the deal. Realize that the zionists through Nuttybombyou and the toadies in D.C. which includes not only those who pretend to be our representatives but also the zionist neo-cons who have infected the media as wel, have a great many hours of anti Iran propaganda to their credit. This is going to be very difficult for some people to over come.
    Propaganda is insidious in that it is difficult to counter when those who use it also control the media and they know that once the message is implanted into people’s minds, it is very difficult to overcome the programming.
    If you tell a lie and tell it often enough it becomes accepted as the truth. No one knows this better than the zionists.

    • Well stated. Think of the levels of anti-Iran dogma spoon fed to the American people over the decades. It’s very difficult to re-program people after so many years of lies. The media is a powerful tool. Think of all the good that could have been accomplished had our media outlets been owned by righteous-minded entities. This topic could fill volumes, so we needn’t delve into all the details. A popular travel videographer, Rick Steves, made a recent documentary on Iran. Millions have watched this, and have changed their preconditioned minds about the Islamic Republic.

  7. I wonder what Machiavellian game is being played by General (Americans have no rights) Hayden? If the N.S.A is as Gordon Duff attest, a de facto spy agency for Israel and knowing Hayden was a former Director, doesn’t this make Hayden suspect, spying for Israel against Americans? Why on earth should we be encouraged by Hayden’s apparent change of heart regarding Israel. Has Hayden truly jumped Israel’s ship and joined America’s team? Do pigs really fly?

    • Why yes they do fly. The cops have three choppers based close to my place, they fly over all the time. Inspired me to write a song that I play and sing called When Pigs Fly. As far as is Hayden a Zionist stooge, does a bear take a dump in the woods.

    • Keep the context in focus Cold Wind. Hayden was not speaking from a policy making position because he does not have one. He was being used in a flanking move on the Israelis, and they know it. For that to be delivered from someone like Hayden had more impact on them than just Obama or Kerry.

      Remember Kerry’s prepared remarks which hemade right after the agreement, which I wrote on for the PressTV piece. He said ‘All the experts agree that sanctions are not going to collapse Iran national pride and wil”l. That would include Hayden whose input was sought of course, as the recently ex-directors are always consulted. I suspect they asked him if he would do this for them, and he said yes.

      And remember…these are all ‘steps’…but they start becoming cumulative…to the point where the momentum can’t be rolled back. I can tell you already what Israel’s fall back position will be…wanting tons of money and a rock solid commitment that the US will block any attempt to sanction Israel when the world comes after their nukes.

  8. Thank you for this, Mr. Dean.

    I liked what Dean Henderson had to say too


  9. Well, I’m not as optimistic as Franklin Lamb, the Israelis have ruled the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate for decades and they’re not going to give up their power easily, after the supposed Iran nuclear deal was made Kerry admitted on an ABC program he’s working on dismantling the Iranian nulcear program.

    The Iranian nuclear deal, intended as a first step toward a more comprehensive nuclear pact to be completed in six months is highly likely going to fail and of course blamed on the evil Iranians. Look for tighter sanctions on Iran and a possible bombing of Iran via Obama on his knees pleading with Netanyahu for mercy. I wish I could be optimistic. I hope Franklin Lamb is right.

    • Iranians are not stupid. They understand that this is bad theater. You have to remember that elections are coming up. Blessed be the peacemakers so to speak. What happens after the elections will be more telling than the rhetoric coming out right now. The Iranians realize that at the end of the six months there is a good chance that they will be blamed for some infraction or the other and the few sanctions revoked will be reinforced with new tougher ones. They are right now using this six month period to import as much grain, (wheat and food stuffs) as they can and stock pile it. The Iranians have said they will not give up enrichment, (they have ever legal right to do so), and skull and boner Kerry has said for a final agreement to be reached they will have to give up enrichment. Yes we have some people coming out saying we recognize that right but not Kerry, and Kerry is Sec. of State. Besides as I said, there is an election coming and as we are well aware the American politician at election time who is lying is the one who’s lips are moving. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

      • Well I agree the Iranians are not stupid, they often say Iranians play chess the Americans play checkers. I think they also realize the Israelis control our foreign policy.

    • The frustration steps from want a lot done quickly, which never happens. In these big fights its all about momentum…who is gaining credibility and who is losing it. This sometime as ebbs and flows, and can be reversible. But as I have so often said about the Israelis, when people really knew the extent of their attacks on all the rest of us, how having pathological liars in the top positions was something desired…the support they lose will be gone forever.

      That is why so much is still classified, but we have enough declassified to give them a hint of how bad in is. These are the people who called the USS Liberty survivors anti-semites for objecting to being murdered by Israelis!!!…and yet still want their money and to ride us like a donkey.

      • You will not get a bit of an argument from me on that point. I am sure you know what George S. Patton had to say about them. He was quite plain in what he thought of them. Probably a good part of the reason he was killed. He understood politics and diplomacy, he just did not have any use for them.

      • Jim, I have to agree with your assessment. It is going to take some time to undo a lot of damage done to our relations with Iran with regards to what the U.S. government has done in the past.
        I believe we have a chance here to move forward. Certainly continuing the dreadful sanctions as well as the treatment and attitude towards Iran is only counter productive at best.
        We have also gained something else as well…..a certain amount of momentum against zionism and its toadies. As stated by Lamb, with each hour zionism is getting weaker. It may also provide relief for the Palestinian people and we certainly could use some relief from the zionists as well.
        It also appears that Bibi has lost credibility and rightly so. We can only hope this continues to happen. The only negative I can see is that israhell will do something very stupid and drastic which will, in turn, further damage israhell’s relationship with the rest of the world.
        Is this the beginning of the end for zionist israhell? I don’t believe so but as time goes by and its influence continues to wane such as it is now, then we could expect israhell to do one of two things: acquiesce or strike out violently.
        The ball is now in our court.
        Bibi doesn’t like it one bit.
        Tough cookies.

    • It’s possible that such could happen but……the influence of zionism has been weakened and the American people are tired of war and threats of war. Those in congress still willing to be israhell’s toadies are doing so at their own risk.
      Americans are getting fed up.

      • I do believe the world is waking up to the evil that is Zionism. If Americans ever want to take their nation back they are going to need to step up, speak up and act up. Those Zionist stooges in government are I think so out of touch with the common man that they do not understand that there is change in the air. Most of them are probably so compromised with bribes and unmoral acts that they have no way out. Do not expect Zionism to go easily or peacefully.

    • I share much of Brian’s caution but am nevertheless very encouraged by the P5+1 argeement. My sense is that the P5+1 negotiations inadvertently highlighted and dramatized for the World the double standard being applied to the Iranians compared to the Israelis. Therefore while the iron is still hot, I hope we can raise discussion of the need for Israel too to register its nuclear programs, submit to International regulation(NPT) and perhaps wmd disarmament if deemed appropriate by a competent international body.

      Let’s have a contest to find catchy ways of saying ‘NPT for Israel’. Instead of slinging verbal arrows at each other, lets sling a few at Israel’s refusal to follow NPT.

      According to Wiki, India, Israel, Pakistan and South Sudan are the UN Nations who have refused NPT. Would the BRICS Nations be willing to encourage India to sign NPT if enough US citizens also encouraged Israel to sign it?

  10. We are all fools for watching the same hand perform a different trick. It’s the OTHER hand we need to watch as you well know Jim. I expect this “new” position on Iran is another seamless shift to plan B or C or whatever it is as the other plans were foiled. Why start a war with Iran when you can let them enrich uranium, build more fission reactors and then use top secret methods of causing an “accident”? Allowing a fission reactor to be built in a known earthquake/tsunami zone aka Fukishima is shame on us and certainly biting us in the ass now as the most current example. We must not be fooled into thinking the Iranian policy is in any way positive. Allowing even one more fission reactor to be built on this planet, especially when you factor in the number of lunatic governments around the world today is pure insanity. Industrial hemp could run the world until we lifted the repression of fusion technology as one example of putting a permanent end to this energy for massive pocket lining scheme. We should all be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this charade to continue. We can’t keep being placated by these “victories” that are no more than a smoke screen and microscopic in the big picture…

    • When I wrote my comment, the thought had crossed my mind that this could be part of the Hegelian Dialectic,


    • We have our own earthquake prone reactor here in the states ie:Diablo Canyon Nuke Plant for instance.
      I agree with you about industrial hemp and the repression of fusion tech. Sooner or later it’s gonna break loose no matter what big oil, coal, nuke or gas try to do.
      When that happens many things will change.

    • An old fighters proverb: “When you have your opponent backpedaling, it is no time a celebration”.

      Good news , but being ever vigilant and moving forward on the offensive to stop the israeli lobby groups and senators from continuing to select pro-israeli oversight members to set policies would be a valuable step.

    • “energy for massive pocket lining schemes”

      right on. The open and hidden power structures of the modern world have made sure they put a meter on all energy produced, while brutally suppressing free and alternative energy. And giving no thought re who owned the energy sources.It has made unimaginably sized fortunes for the controllers via imperialism, wars, colonialism and creation of countless bogeymen. It will be a long battle to unseat the irrational, autocratic, planet destroying energy sector of today.

  11. This is just wonderful, it really is Mr. Dean. Of course the West is now in a situation that they really do not have another option but to make ‘peace’ with Iran, unless you want to blow up the planet into smithereens.
    Would love to visit Iran someday, hey I even will put a burka on, although I very much know that nowhere in the Quran this is mentioned. Re: Dr. Nader Pourhassan, The corruption of the Moslem Minds, 2002.

  12. I bet VT Christmas party is gonna be messy!

Comments are closed


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