Is the Era of the “Double Standard” Coming to an End?



… by  Gordon Duff, VT Editor   … with  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


Welcome to the Militant Zionism

Welcome to the land of Militant Zionism

Inexorably, issues tied to the conflicts in the Middle East will focus on the US and Israel. Decades ago, Israel was spoken of as either America’s “aircraft carrier” or “junkyard dog.”

Now, as we see Israeli influence wielded against President Obama and his national security team, attempting to derail US foreign policy triumphs, to the point of advocating additional sanctions on Iran or even an unprovoked and illegal military aggression, something very ugly comes to light.

Simply put, Iran would never have come to the table in Geneva unless it had no nuclear weapons program. This simple fact was confirmed by the Central Intelligence Agency in their 2007 National Intelligence Estimate.

Similarly, Veterans Today editor, Clinton Bastin, former chief nuclear weapons designer for the US Department of Energy, acting as a consultant to the IAEA, informed Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu of his conclusions, identical to those of the CIA.

Bastin confirmed that Iran neither possessed nor were they likely ever to possess necessary technology to convert twenty percent enriched uranium gas to weapons grade material. Netanyahu, in his response, thanked Bastin and acknowledged receipt of this information from the highest-level source available.

Clinton Bastin

Clinton Bastin – VT nuclear expert

America’s claims of having “clean hands” disappeared soon after the reported wave of good will said to have generated by 9/11. Torture, rendition, allegations of drug trafficking in Afghanistan and massive oil theft from Iraq were soon to surface.

Later, more serious stories would come to light, NSA revelations from Edward Snowden, packaged for the mainstream media and more serious allegations, evidence of nuclear weapon use in Iraq discovered by Dr. Christopher Busby.

Or, more recently, evidence of a series of bio-chem warfare facilities brought to light by Jeffrey Silverman, just released from hospital in the Republic of Georgia after being attacked by what police claim were American security contractors.

Then again, the conflict in Syria brought to light the relationship between Al Qaeda and the west. If America knew Iran had no nuclear weapons program in 2005, if America knew Saddam had no WMD’s in 2003, did America also know there were no Al Qaeda training bases in Afghanistan to justify that incursion as well, a fact long in evidence.

Moreover, if America, Saudi Arabia and Israel can openly supply Al Qaeda led jihadists in Syria, when did that relationship begin, before 9/11, perhaps years before?

Some analysts tie Al Qaeda to Gladio operations that date well into the 1990s and before. If this is true and there are no proofs at this time that refutes this hypothesis, no position supporting US foreign policy in recent years can be trusted.



Strange Bedfellows is the norm

Strange Bedfellows is the norm in the Mid East

What has been surprising is the clear differentiation between the responses of Saudi Arabia and Israel toward the current temporary concord with Iran.

Saudi Arabia has acknowledged continued suspicions and advocated diligence on the part of inspectors but has welcomed the agreement.

Saudi Arabia has also clearly acknowledged something else. It is now more than clear that their issues with Iran are now and have been based on what they see as a broad political threat Iran represents for the region, particularly in light of Iran’s relationship with Iraq.

The honesty in this is refreshing and is also useful in that it finally puts a realistic face on regional conflicts and the real issues that an “uncontained” Iran will bring to the forefront.

Israel, on the other hand, has chosen to pressure extremist elements in the US to sabotage Obama domestic policy, having organized attacks on healthcare legislation, judicial appointments and military funding. This has been a horrific miscalculation. The US military has always been close to their Israeli counterparts.

Current funding cuts done under “sequestration” guidelines, forced on the Department of Defense by the opposition party in the US, a combination of Republicans and their extremist wing called the “Tea Party,” are seen as disastrous.

Military leaders, already adjusting to America’s drawdown in Afghanistan, the appearance of defeat, abandoning and destroying equipment, leaving under the shadow of utter failure, see themselves simply walking away in more than just shame.

They blame Israel for undercutting America’s ability to project power and meet what they see as their obligation to act as “policeman of the world.”

Though this policy had proven unsound at the outset, a Bush era delusion, seeing American power crumble, not from military defeat but through political dissension orchestrated by the Israel lobby in Washington, is enraging.

AIPAC is constantly attacking America

AIPAC is constantly attacking America

After World War II, America quickly disarmed, later blaming communist influence in government. Similarly, the popular uprising against American involvement in Vietnam led to a similar humiliation, particularly when North Vietnamese troops moved into Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City, in 1975.

What military planners in America now suspect and are voicing in an increasingly public way is the suspicion that Israel is bent on undermining US influence that it feels is no longer in line with the direction the Likudist regime in Tel Aviv envisions.

This position it shares with Saudi Arabia though Prince Bandar bin Sultan with his vast oil resources is more wary of entangling alliances than his Israeli counterparts and well should be.

Regime change in Saudi Arabia, even under the guise of the “Islamist” could and likely would quickly degenerate into puppet regime powerless as the kingdom’s assets are stripped away.

In fact, this exact scenario is in more than one “playbook,” be it Tel Aviv, London or Beijing.



The UN is usually a side show or rubber stamp

The UN is often a side show – or rubber stamp

What has been proven threadbare is the system of international justice believed to have been put in place well over a century ago.

The collective international accords, The Hague Conferences of 1899, 1907 and 1929 and the later Geneva Conventions of 1949 have never served as more than a “convenience” for victorious powers to seek justification for acts of aggression.

The problem goes much further than Israel’s settlements on lands seized during the 1967 war, the iconic casus belli for decades of regional acrimony. While there are dozens of underlying long-term conflicts that predate, even by centuries, the 1967 War, nothing on the scale of the aftermath of 9/11, has come under analysis.

Whatever the pretext, be it the crusades of the Middle East or the machinations of the Cold War, there is something unique to the War on Terror, something disingenuous, something conspiratorial, something even theatrical that challenges the basic concepts of justice and even reality itself.

In light of what we have learned of Iran, of Syria, of what “Al Qaeda” may well be as the evidence indicates, a construct of intelligence agencies, players brought together whenever the theatre of “false flag” requires, nothing can be accepted at face value.

Moreover, even 9/11 itself may only have been a milestone in what is a larger journey. On January 26, 2011, Congressman Ron Paul read a cable that originated from the US Embassy in Baghdad into the Congressional Record.

Quoting Ron Paul:

“The document was classified, supposedly to protect national security, yet this information in no way jeopardized our security. Instead, it served to keep the truth from the American people about an event leading up to our initial military involvement in Iraq and the region that continues to today.

The secrecy of the memo was designed to hide the truth from the American people and keep our government from being embarrassed. This was the initial event that had led to so much death and destruction–not to mention the financial costs–these past 20 years.”

The text of the cable, one released by Wikileaks, outlines specifically how the US encouraged Iraq to attack Kuwait back in 1990, an act now obviously part of a broader plan to systematically eliminate regimes capable of challenging US control of the Middle East and Central Asia.

Wesley Clark

General Wesley Clark – Major revelations

Moreover, in 2007, General Wesley Clark released told of a list he was given after 9/11, seven nations to be destroyed in five years, with Iraq at the top.

There is no shortage of evidence, be it documentary or circumstantial. The evidence is overwhelming. A major culture, a world religion, an entire region of the world targeted, but why?

Were Iraq and Afghanistan destroyed for profit?

Why is there no redress? When no nuclear weapons program is found in Iran, who pays for the destruction and suffering sanctions have caused? Didn’t we see the exact same thing in Iraq, a tissue of lies exposed then forgotten?

Imagine reading a history of this time. Do we simply edit it all out? It would seem so as there is no way to put this period in anything but a fictional context without portraying more than several American and British leaders as modern day Caligulas.

The issues can be simple to understand. The current system of endlessly deferred accountability and redress has made war for profit not only feasible but in accordance with economic theories currently popular, a requirement.

Look on the world as one big corporation. We know many of the directors, perhaps some of the officers and can only guess at the investors. We know the business plan, human suffering for profit. In fact, anyone who tries to apply any other model is doomed to fail.


Gordon Duff, Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today. Especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


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Comments Closed

31 Comments for “Is the Era of the “Double Standard” Coming to an End?”

  1. The whole world, including the Iranians, knows that America cannot afford another large war.

    All of the US intelligence agencies have known for years that Iran is not seeking to obtain nuclear weapons.

    The circus that has been taking place in America with its media and government including Obama, accusing Iran of trying to obtain nuclear weapons was all a sham and the talk of war was always a big fat lie from the get go. Intelligent people and the governments of most countries have just stood back and laughed at America’s shenanigans The internet has given us the opportunity to share our thoughts on this.

    One of the reasons why the US went after Iran was to try and stop it supporting Assad in Syria, but that failed and also it was a mute point because the Russians were always going to stand by their man Assad and the Russians have nuclear weapons.

    It is time for the Americans to quit its dog and pony show and get its terrorists to leave Syria. The rest of us are sick of America’s proxy wars, there have just been too many of them.

  2. David Tranquille – facebook.

    David, I like your comment. I also understand your concern about Gordon mentioning alien matters now and then. For instance, the moment I see Gordon´s alien information, I see it for what it is, namely, information. Since all information is neutral, I can decide for myself to believe it or not. The information itself couldn´t care less what I do with it. So, I decide.

    Therefore, whatever you do with Gordon´s information is up to you but, the moment you tell him it discredits his site you overstep your `authority´ and, you begin to judge. In order to judge you´ll have to be at least an expert. If you are such an expert I, and probably all of us, would love to hear more from you. If you are no such expert, let me kindly suggest you may better not block the inflow of such information. `Open up`, David. Blocking information is not conducive to your enquiring brain and heart. If you want to be the boss of yourself, YOU decide what to do with neutral information.

    Of course you are free to decide to block whatever you want, but then you are no longer free to tell Gordon which kind of information will discredit his site.

  3. Sorry to hear about Jeffrey Silverman. Jeffrey, we wish you a total speedy recovery. Take caaaare man!!


    So long as the Jewish Lobby does not control the web we have an alternative to the mainstream media. They do not lie so much as supress the truth.

    I only recently found the 1948 Red Cross report on the WW2 concentration camps. It makes clear that there were no gas chambers. To my knowledge this report has never been covered by the MSM, yet it goes to the heart of Jewish power, which is gentile “smear fear”; the fear of being labelled an antismite. The truth will set you free. I am not religious but I can see Jesus was right there.

    • Charlotte NC Bill

      1933 according to Jewish World Almanac “Jewish” population 15,300,000+….1947 Jewish world almanac “Jewish population 15,700,000+…..there..the Holohoax demolished in 10 secs….Come on you Krauts; grow a pair and find your vocal cords….

      • Charlotte NC Bill

        btw, check out CNN’s new CIA smear campaign against people who don’t behave and believe the Controlled Media lies like any “good American’ is supposed to..

        • Hi Bill, “so long as the Jewish Lobby does not control the web….” It seems they are making moves to do just that.


      The western media never mention that Jews led the Bolshevik Revolution. Of 384 members of the original commissariat 300 were Jews. They were responsible for the deaths of 20 million Russians, (before WW2)

  5. Gordon Duff, you conclude “In fact, anyone who tries to apply any other model is doomed to fail.” I think you should have written that you personally do not know or are unaware of an alternative model that will succeed. I would imagine you, of all people, should know there is a model that will work.


    It will take 100 years to re-establish America’s reputation.The dual citizenship American-Israelis in Washington DC, particularly in the GW Bush administration, have trashed it for the benifit of a ruthless, racist, disloyal state…..Israel. They have caused war, death and economic collapse on a scale not seen since WW2.

    They should be brought to trial.

    Those responsible should

  7. Charlotte NC Bill

    Bush as Caligula….Jeff Gannon and Mistress Condi waiting after hrs..the blood ” of the innocents” ( the words of the brave soul who threw his shoes at Bush ) rushing past them…a mind-numbed propagandized American public…many turned into non-thinking political zombies by the controlled media-especially the neo-con media ( Fox/Rush..Weekly Standard, NY Post..)..driven to hate the brown people with the other religion who didn’t blow-up our Towers..didn’t fly a 767 into the Pentagon…didn’t crash flt 93 into the Pa countryside…didn’t fly into WTC 6 or 7….bc ” they hate our freedoms..” Incredible…it’s a nightmare.

  8. Charlotte NC Bill

    Of course…”al Quaeda” was/is mostly a mythological organization…OBL had, as he said before dieing of natural causes in Dec. ’01, nothing to do with 9-11…The fuzzy-headed foreigners, here on student visas arranged by the CIA in Jedda, were patsies….a sleezy narrative was built up around these kids who were being trained at naval air stations, Brooks AFB..etc..and 1/2 of them are still alive..The conspirators didn’t bother killing all of them bc they knew they didn’t need to: the American public is so stupid that they’ll believe almost any initial story that seems plausible and makes them feel good about themselves..

  9. Preston James, Ph.D

    A truly great article that ties a lot of loose ends together and makes sense out of seeming disorder. The root cause is Aipac, zionism and a completely bought and sold Congress of Traitors, stooges and dupes.

    The Central Banksters can create all the money they want and zios can shake down members of synogogues and wealthy Judaic businessmen, thus money is plentiful for influence peddling. When that fails, the bag of tricks comes out such as human compromise and blackmail, false-flag terror, dirty tricks most cannot even imagine.

    Yes, Gordon Duff is correct, the world is now run as a big business, actually good current research shows its an interlocked Central Bankster crime network of 140 major international corporations which tell the govts what to do in most cases or at least pressure them using their usual bag of tricks and vast resources, which they stole from the populace of many nations through deceit and subterfuge and Babylonian Money-Magick (imaginary or virtual money used to steal folk’s real wealth), leaving a trail of pernicious usury and debt-slaves everywhere. More articles like this please.

  10. I’m surprised Libya and Syria arent mentioned here, same thing and more recent. the PNAC’ers oughtta be put on trial for conspiring to MAKE the world hate the United States as they render us completely bankrupt.

    • There are elections coming. We are not supposed to remember Obamas past transgressions.

    • Captain Obvious is correct that no real justice exists until certain of the war crimes of the PNAC Era have been prosecuted. The Iraq invasion requires a Nuremberg style trial in an international forum. Can the 9/11 false flag murders be tried in a U.S. forum, or must it also be tried in an international forum?

      Or should we work backwards? Should we begin with investigating and trying the perpetrators of the Ghouta false flag gas murders in an international forum? It may be less important where we begin than it is vitally important that we begin.

  11. At the time of the 1st gulf war it was know, just ignored by MSM and the American people that we gave Iraq the green light to attack Kuwait then after they did howled like a ruptured duck about it because papa Bush, (evil inc.) wanted that war. Bush also encouraged the Iraqi people to revolt, then stood by and let them be slaughtered because the ones that revolted were not the faction he wanted in power. We have not been the good guys or had clean hands for a very long time.

  12. Thank you Mr. Duff.

    It’s business as usual for the gangster banksters and the other greedy minions working for you-know-who.
    The culmination of it all is to be their one corporate religion in a one, all encompassing world corporation, like you’ve mentioned in your article. It is not a stretch of the imagination – it is very real. The current system is the same system that’s been pillaging countries for hundreds of years now. Human suffering for profit is only a ho-hum part of murderous profitability.

    “…The system is an occult system. The system is an evil system. The system abuses children. The system takes your energy and sees you as already dead. The system sees you as nothing but a battery from which energy is taken whether you like it or not…” – Frank O’Collins

    Frank O’Collins is another of a very few who dares to explain the history (and remedy) of this life obliterating system. He has a lot information packed into this 20min video explaining some of this history.

  13. Well laid out and clear Gordon. The dimensionality of the issue seems undisturbed. The Zionists seem to have a boss? Now we are getting some where.

  14. “Look on the world as one big corporation. ”

    But, but golly gee, that would simplify “education” and put a lot of booksellers, professors, some universities and their parasites out of business.

  15. The above appears to be a defeat but in terms of debt created the blood sacrifice will no doubt be seen as a great success by our tormentors.

    Usury overthrows trade, decays merchandise, undoes tillage,
    destroys craftsmen, defaces chivalries, beats down nobility,
    brings dearth and famine, and causes destruction and confusion.
    Thomas Wilson 1569

    Reagan and Gorbachev spoke of a common foe that would unite all of humanity where might that be found on Earth ?

  16. Colonies are goy classified, simply they are for being exploited, that is the nature of a colony-America claiming an empire on other sides of the world-yea right-Cross border human rights is nothing America has ever honored- they are all goy outside our borders and many inside as well, though there is more of an illusion creating effort to pretend that is not so

  17. I cannot conceive of a more direct way to challenge this “Double Standard” than by a global call for Israel to register its nukes, submit to International regulation of same (NPT) and perhaps disarmament if deemed appropriate by a competent international body. Lawless terrorist Israel will obviously resist such compliance, but will exhaust plenty of political capital in the process.

  18. Thanks for demolishing more of the treacherous wall that has been built up for at least a century, keeping us all in the dark and leading us down malevolent paths. Imagine what the world would have been like by now if we had been able to develop commercially, culturally, and every other way according to our Constitution and those of other countries.

  19. Seven nations to be destroyed on five years? After the 50th anniversary of the slaughter of JFK physically, I still recall staring at all the photos showing of President Kennedy laying on that Parkland stretcher, blood draining off the back of his skull that was laid wide open, staring that death stare corpses do. A once vibrant and brillant man who honored our constitution, respected his obligations to the people of this nation, stood just a short time before shaking hands at Love Field, smiling that Chesire cat smile he could smile. He loved life, and did his best to keep us out of this killing stuff, protect the young, and greet people. He had lost a brother and sister in wars, lost two infant children, and experienced the horrors of war itself, among other tragedies in his short life.
    I have never forgotten this man. This article reminds me of the pathetic leadership we are left with today, that makes lists of nations to be systematically destroyed over a designated period of time. A stark contrast to JFK, and his ability to seek and obtain peace when these war mongrels today would want to slaughter more children, more women, more innocent men, more cultures, traditions, temples, artifacts without giving one thought to what they are doing, or who they are annihilating. These are sorry, pitiful and pathetic men, as Mr. Fetzer wrote in another article, today we are left with “mediocre men.” with a self-serving, self aggrandizing agendas, and to hell with the world and its people.

    • I certainly hope you include the abomination Obama as one of the certifiably “mediocre men”. There are those agenda driven cryptos that insist Obama has been misunderstood and has been forced to do things against his will. Indeed, Obama loves the pain and suffering his insanity drives into this culture and nation. His supporters are part of the problem.

  20. “Moreover, if America, Saudi Arabia and Israel can openly supply Al Qaeda led jihadists in Syria, when did that relationship begin, before 9/11, perhaps years before?”

    You have said it yourself. 1985 with National Security Decision Directive 166 and its addendums which included a coked out Texas congressman named Charlie Wilson playing cowboy and an equally coked out family of would be Gods fulfilling what they see as their divine imperative to start WWIII. Oh and we can throw in a certifiably insane (but brilliant) National Security Advisor directing the festivity’s from the background.

    I don’t blame the military for their disgust with Israel. That was the first post I wrote for VT. America does have an obligation as an empire to maintain order in the Indian subcontinent. America has failed due to Israel’s medaling and embroiling it in conflicts whose only purpose was to satisfy the likund party’s insatiable aggression. No doubt the Russian Empire will now pick up the slack.

    • I can understand how much you gave, I think, in Vietnam Mr. Duff but I don’t think it had anywhere near the strategic importance of the Indian subcontinent. But even though I sense we may not be in complete agreement about Afghanistan (what was done in Iraq is unforgivable) this is probably the best short synopsis of American foreign policy I have ever read, simply brilliant. I would say you have more than demonstrated your qualifications to have the final say so on the writing and the editing of a history of these times. Thank you Mr. Duff.

    • “American Empire” is “covert colonialism”. Instead of your boys keeping the natives in line you pay some sellout powerful natives to do it.This is what must be done in a democracy (democracy is , totally, a jewish invention, and their preferred method of rule in a capitalist kosher system done thru a monpoly on money) So, no America’s empire need not take care of anyone if the jew parasite at the top can be removed

Comments are closed


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