Saudi Arabia Anti-Iranian Position Highlights Need for Middle East Union

saudi-old-crustiesby Johnny Punish


As witnessed by Saudi Arabia’s recent rant against a USA deal with Iran on nuclear production, the old Sunni versus Shite battle wages on for hegemony in the Middle East

The battle between Saudi Arabia and Iran, while as old as time, is a complete waste of time in the coming new world.

In fact, it has no where to go and only highlights the real need for a new paradigm, a new global perspective on religion, war, and economy.

I mean, here, check out the acrimony at play during a debate on RT’s cross talk.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Considering Saudi Arabia is nothing more than an oil corporation for the global elite with imported wage slaves supporting its agenda, it simply has no sustainability in the long run.

As the population of Saudi Arabia grows over the decades and the general populations of the Middle East continue to grow forwards, the pressures will continue to rise in an absence of a real vision buttressed by a leadership vacuum that only sees greedy elite anti-humans running around in $ 5000 outfits who pretend to be leaders of a once long gone tribe. It’s silly and they know it.

Because the monetary economic system is such a driver of human behavior, they conveniently ignore their human instincts to feed that beast with bad results. Oh, they will try reform but it won’t work because they are just band-aids on an antiquated ideology that no longer meets the real human needs of all of us.

So yeah, Saudi Arabian rulers will eventually make an effort but it’s NOT expected to reform fast enough to satisfy the needs of the real peoples because greed will trump humanity in a world where a Rolls Royce is more valuable than a Pakistani wage slave.

Thus, the instability in the region based on a non-human foundation confirms the argument for a fully empowered peoples Middle East Union where the resources belong for the benefit of the peoples union and all decisions for the union are union wide where the new peoples can take pride in living within a union where freedom, liberty and justice for all are cornerstones of a new paradigm; where the freedom to practice one’s religion is protected by the union and discrimination and hate crimes are NOT acceptable behavior for caring citizens of the union.

In fact, a new peoples Saudi Arabia can be a valuable asset. But it will have reform in ways that put the value of humans before Rolls Royces’ and join the union as a responsible state within a new nation called the Middle East Union.


ABOUT AUTHOR: Johnny Punish is a global citizen, visionary, musician, artist, entertainer, businessman, investor, life coach, and syndicated columnist. He is also the founder and President of the Middle East Union Congress; a non-profit global think tank dedicated to building a new Middle East for the 21st century.

Educated at University of Nevada Las Vegas and California State University Fullerton, his articles appear in Veterans Today, Money News Now and his Johnny Punish Blog. His art music is promoted by Peapolz Media Records and played on net radio at and more.

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2013 copyright – Johnny Punish

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3 Comments for “Saudi Arabia Anti-Iranian Position Highlights Need for Middle East Union”

  1. This entire book of “WITH LAWRENCE IN ARABIA” describes how the Saudi Royal Lizards (who were nothing but peasant desert lizards) came about as Rothschild-British agents to take hostage Islam’s holy sites & by doing that taking Islam & world Moslems hostage. That’s why they are one and the same as their English-Rothschild maters:


    the Lavine skunk in the above RT piece feeds from a Truman stable. Remember Truman is the treasonous Freemason Rothschilds bought with a $2,000,000 cash bribe suitcase + a presidential election back in 1948 so that he vote for creation of the perpetual international terrorist mercenary force later called “ISRAEL” which is why there are now millions of skunks like Lavine running shows.

  2. The World agrees on one thing – The Oil MUST flow.

  3. Hold that vision, Johnny…A new wind is blowing bringing profound change to the heart of WE THE PEOPLE. The old ways are losing their tyranny over us. We CAN do it! Ignore the naysayers who lost their visionary gifts long ago. Incessant griping re how bad things are reminds me of the movie “Ground Hog Day”…a repetitive drama going nowhere. What will shift consensual reality into new paradigms will be from the grassroots, not from the (corrupted) top down nor from “social programmers”…ie educators, psychologists, etc. Awakening consciousness is breaking through the matrix, especially among those who are open to co-creating a more humane world. The more I’ve traveled world-wide & speaking to the younger generations, my faith in the future is strong. In the meantime, corrupt hidden agendas are being revealed, as they are in VT. Keep on keeping on with your Middle East Union Congress. bless you for your courage & tenacity…

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