After The Humiliation of the Last Papal Visit

The Conclave Of Cardinals Have Elected A New Pope To Lead The World's CatholicsWill the Pope insist on seeing Gaza this time?


by Stuart Littlewood


Or should he, too, boycott Israel until Jerusalem and the Christian and Muslim communities are freed from occupation?

CNN reports on Israeli PM Netanyahu’s reception at the Vatican and plans for the Pope to visit Israel in May.

Recalling the shabby treatment of religious leaders on previous visits to the Holy Land, let us hope Pope Francis takes a firmer line than his predecessor and insists on seeing Gaza and ministering to his terrorised flock there.

In May 2009, when Benedict was Pope, the Vatican told the Israeli press that the Holy Father would refrain from visiting Gaza. The word ‘refrain’ was a peculiar one in the circumstances. “The Pope will refrain from visiting Gaza….” smacks of abstinence, as in refraining from sexual intercourse. Setting foot in Gaza was as sinful as sneaking into a brothel, it seems. Israel’s hoodlums of course were keen to prevent him seeing how the tiny, overcrowded enclave had been devastated 16 months earlier by their murderous blitzkrieg codenamed Cast Lead. And the Pope went along with it.

Gaza’s isolated and besieged Catholic community were none too happy with the Pope’s attitude, judging by the reaction of their redoubtable old priest Fr Manuel Mussallam. “We will ask him why he came, what he intends saying to the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims and why he isn’t coming to Gaza,” said Fr Manuel. “We’ll tell him that this is not the right moment to come and visit the holy places, while Jerusalem is occupied.”

Time for the Pope to join BDS?


Having decided to go to Palestine (via Israel) it was imperative for the Pope to include Gaza or it would look like he didn’t give a damn about the appalling persecution in the very land where Christianity was born. He might as well hammer one more nail into Christendom’s coffin. Then again, should he be going to Israel at all while Jerusalem, Bethlehem and many other places dear to Christian and Muslim religious belief are under the jackboot?

Indeed, has it finally come to the point where the Pope ought to do the decent thing and boycott Israel… join the BDS movement? Admittedly, it’s a tough call given the Catholic Church’s considerable interests out there.

But we have seen enough wimpish conduct by Christian leaders while Israel defiles the Holy Land. The previous November, while the regime was planning its vicious assault, codename Operation Cast Lead, on Gaza’s Muslims and Christians after softening them up with two years of blockade and starvation, we were treated to the spectacle of the Archbishop of Canterbury joining the Chief Rabbi on a visit to Auschwitz to show joint solidarity against extreme hostility and genocide. The Archbishop called it “a place of utter profanity” and spoke of the collective corruption and moral sickness that made the Holocaust possible.

Would the pair show the same spirit of righteous solidarity by visiting Gaza? The scale of horror might be different but the moral sickness is just as obscene. And this being the Holy Land the profanity is many times worse.

The Pope too had been to Auschwitz to pray for the people murdered there. “I had to come here as a duty to truth and to those that suffered,” he said and spoke of the Nazis’ mania for destruction and domination.

Very commendable. But he wasn’t so keen to come and pray for those suffering in Gaza, victims of much the same kind of criminal insanity. Nevertheless, he turned up at Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and the Western (Wailing) Wall, and hobnobbed with the chief rabbis… but not with his brave priest and the shattered congregation in Gaza. What had happened to his ‘duty to truth’?

After my visit to Gaza in late 2007, 18 months after Israel’s merciless squeeze began, I wrote:

Fuel is running out, so are basics like washing powder. Shattered infrastructure and food shortages mean serious public health problems. Power cuts disrupt hospitals and vital drugs cannot be kept refrigerated. Thousands look death in the face as medicare collapses.
A friend emailed: “Today in Gaza we have no cement to build graves for those who die.”

The subjugation and dispossession of Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land continues. It remains a mystery to me why our largely Christian democracy in Britain slavishly supports the Middle East ethnocracy that’s doing this…

The last six years have seen things go from bad to worse – much worse. Palestinians in the Holy Land, and especially Gaza, need to be shown that the Christian Church cares about them even if nobody else does. So where are these extravagantly robed and mitred Men of God when needed?

No repetition of the Benedict debâcle, please


Archbishop Rowan Williams, visiting in 2010, did manage to get into Gaza. But as far as I could discover he made no public statement about the wretched conditions there, nor did he reveal his findings to the House of Lords where he had the support of a large gaggle of bishops. This despite his claim to be “in a unique position to bring the needs and voices of those fighting poverty, disease and the effects of conflict, to the attention of national and international policy makers”.

And despite his declaration that “Christians need to witness boldly and clearly”.

And despite his urging greater awareness of the humanitarian crisis to ensure that the people of Gaza were not forgotten.

The Israelis, I heard, refused him access to Gaza from the start and only at the last minute allowed the Archbishop an hour or so, just enough for a quick visit to the Ahli Hospital and nowhere else. For that concession one wonders if he had to sign a gagging order.

His website, however, described how he, like the Pope, hobnobbed with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and paid respects to Yad Vashem and the Holocaust. He also talked with the President of Israel, who no doubt enjoyed his guest’s frustration at being prevented from seeing the horrors that had been inflicted on Gaza.

And news of any get-together with senior Islamic figures on the ground was conspicuously absent, leaving a question-mark over his commitment to inter-faith engagement.

Why on earth did he agree to fraternise with Jewish political and religious dignitaries when it was clear that his wish to carry out his Christian duty in Gaza would be obstructed? Does Lambeth Palace not realise that meekly accepting such insults only serves to legitimise the Israelis’ illegal occupation and gives a stamp of approval to the brutal siege of Gaza, the daily death-dealing air strikes against civilians, the persecution of Muslim and Christian communities and the regime’s utter contempt for international law and human rights?

One can only hope the Vatican realises it too and avoids a repetition of the Benedict debâcle.

The Israelis walk all over fawning sycophants masquerading as Western political leaders. Our spiritual leaders, however, are supposed to be made of sterner stuff and to have the moral backbone to face down evil.

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18 Comments for “After The Humiliation of the Last Papal Visit”

  1. Charlotte NC Bill

    Darrell Wright up yonder there in FB: right on pal…you’ve got your head on right…

  2. As far as people saying “I heard that…”, it is best to validate the claims made against the Vatican because the hate of most Evangelicals is just as strong as Jewish hate for the Catholic Church. The whole mass media is one big disinformation network -one that favors family disruption, destruction of natural law, propagation of pornography including snuff and pedophile porno, homosexualty, abortion at any stage, and ad nauseum.

    • Charlotte NC Bill

      This Pope is about the most modernist, anti-Catholic Pope since Paul VI….he won’t say/do anything that would upset the synagogue of satan…he’s essentially, practically speaking, on their side..Until vatican II is annulled and it’s errors denounced ( Religious “Liberty”-..separation of Church and state-.Collegiality…false ecumenism..) the church will continue to flounder…And you’re right; most protestants would rather live in an essentially Luciferian society controlled by Judeo-Masonry than live under the Social Reign of Christ the King if that would mean that their world is now “too catholic”..

  3. I hope this Pope gets tough and honest with the terrorist state of Israel. If he does go to Gaza and states the Palestinian case, expect false flag operations done by Jews from Israel, the USA, and in many other countries- lies spread about the Pope and the Vatican just like they did with all the lies and BS about Pius XII being “Hitler’s Pope”- all due to a Soviet- Jewish play built totally on deception. The slander team will be out in full force and our mass media especially msnbc will be out in total force to slander Catholics.
    As far as the smug Bill Maher, I watched the very liberal Oliver Stone stand up to Maher in regards to the Palestinian situation. This was a 9 minute clip on You Tube and it was only in the last 2 minutes that Stone got going and Stone had Maher keep his smug, arrogant mouth shut while Stone was educating him about what Israel has done.

  4. This Opus Dei pope who was a regular at the shul in his childhood will do nothing except visiting a lot of Rabbis.

  5. Here’s the deal, “Father”:

    Bless Imperial Israel & a huge portfolio of your sex scandals stay out of the headlines.

    • Charlotte NC Bill

      Yup..that’s part of the reason they infiltrated the Church with liberals/modernists/outright communists/ it’s so compromised it can’t say anything about anything important…it’s a spent, useless NGO…Mission Accomplished..

      • Charlotte NC Bill

        Actually, they’ve been ” in the headlines” for over a decade…the church is so utterly wasted it’s got NOTHING else to do except clean-up….Make a Traditionalist Pope
        like Bp Williamson…and then you’ll see the catholic Church be Catholic again….of course the enemy would kill him…but then elect another traditionalist…and another…Until the Church regains the Faith and the Courage of the apostles it won’t be healed..

      • Charlotte Bill- since the late 70s I was always looking into the Catholic Church and how it was being manipulated and whenever I wrote a paper or had to do investigations, I always used the word infiltrated for what was going on. These pedophiles, homosexuals, apostates, and other criminals had been entering the Catholic Church in large numbers and I always used the word infiltrated. Some belonged to Satanic covens.
        When the mass media broke the stories on pedophilia only in more recent years, they never used the word infiltrated. I used “infiltrated” all the time because these men entered the Church with the whole idea of perverting it and destroying it. Bill, you are first person I have seen who has used this most proper word.
        Damn the mass media. A good number of these infiltrators are still alive but they are old now and these criminals include Mahoney in Los Angeles and Hubbard in Albany, NY. I don’t know if the MIlwaukee homo Weakland is still alive, The Rochester , NY area suffered for years due to the likes of their former bishop. It was a great plan on the part of many to take over the Church. They did a lot of damage. The Protestant Churches have also sustained a lot of damage. And, despite how the mass media portrays it, these pedophile priests that preyed on boys were all homosexuals-same as ministers and rabbis.

        • Charlotte NC Bill

          Bella Dodd spelled it out…just after the satan-controlled Council she ( a former communist ) had a change of heart and spoke out publicly…She sd ” in 12 yrs you won’t recognize the Catholic church” she was right…

  6. Zundel doing hard time in a German prison for thought crimes, at the behest of Zionist war criminals — even as the hated Germans give Israel the submarines which enable the Zionists to carry out their Samson Option against (among others) Germany.

    Utterly surreal.

  7. Charlotte NC Bill

    He should have given him a hi-lighted copy of the TALMUD and told Netanyahoo ” shut your mouth..I know the evil of those who say they are Jews and are NOT…indeed you are a Synagogue of satan..!”

  8. Zundel left prison in Germany in 2010.
    Of course there was a holocaust, 5 or 6 million what’s the difference or in what way they died,
    Dead is dead.
    Already from the tiny Netherlands more than 100.000 Jews perished.
    Irony about Zundel, was his mother Jewish? With the last name Mayer? He about chokes on that one.
    Just like Bill Maher, raised by his father as a catholic, than later he found out his mother was Jewish.
    You should be what you want to be not some idiot rules. Your mother Jewish you are Jewish.
    Your father an Islamist you become an Islamist.
    People are all brainwashed into a religion from childhood instead of picking a religion when they can make up there own mind.
    Religion what peace it brings to the world pffffft.

  9. Charlotte NC Bill

    5 or 6 million?!? More like a 200,000 or less….and most were killed as a result of allied bombing of the necessary infrastructure needed to supply the work camps where suspected pro-soviets were given a chance to be rehabilitated and help their country’s war effort….

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