Ron Paul – You cannot negotiate with Iran?


You cannot negotiate with Iran. That is what they told us for years.


…. from  Press TV,  Tehran


Israel requires its helpers to get Pollard out of jail

Israel requires its helpers to get Pollard out of jail

[ Editors Note:  Ron Paul is covering below what we have been writing about for some time.

But as a former member of the Congressional club he sets a line he will not cross. Despite his long record of outspokenness, even he will not use the "E" word...Israeli Espionage.

While he criticizes those below for their poor judgement he will not carry it a step further to include bad faith when the evidence of of that is overwhelming.

These people were not involved in a democratic process where they were just espousing a different opinion.

These were hired hands working for subversive groups inside the American government and in the many inside the beltway espionage boiler rooms called think tanks.

There are so many that the FBI would have to collapse itself all into the DC area to keep track of them. Why are there so many? It is because there is a 'no prosecution' policy...that's why, and that has served as a stimulant to turning the US into a wide open Dodge City for Israeli operators here.

And I am not just talking about the traditional version...but industrial espionage and influence peddling where the Israeli Lobby moonlights offering its services to a wide array of foreign customers as the 'can do' people to do to for getting anything out of America.

This includes restricted technology which they have down to a science and the FBI has a terrible record on because the cases would often involve high level Jewish Lobby operatives.

But Ron Paul does not have to be everything to everybody. We are grateful for what he does that others never even entertain doing. Thank you brother Ron. Let's do some radio sometime... Jim W. Dean ]



… by former Congressman Ron Paul


Ron Paul is staying very active in his 'retierment'.

Ron Paul is staying very active in his ‘retirement’.

The Iranian leadership is too fanatical, they are not rational actors, they are “not like us.” One US official even recently said that deception is part of the Iranian DNA.

But just over a week ago negotiations between the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany and the Iranians produced an historic agreement that may be first step toward a new era in US relations with the Middle East.

Earlier this summer the same people made the same arguments about Syria. You cannot negotiate with Syrian President Assad, they said. He is insane; he is another Hitler.

But not only was it possible, a deal was signed ending the threat of a US strike in exchange for Syria agreeing to give up its chemical weapons and the ability to manufacture new ones. Syria upheld its end of the agreement and the chemicals were all accounted for on schedule.

Why have the interventionists, the neocons, and the special interest groups claimed for so long that negotiation and diplomacy was tantamount to surrender; that countries such as Iran and Syria “only understand force”?

It is because these groups are afraid of diplomacy. They do not want a peaceful resolution to these conflicts. They see US foreign relations only in the starkest terms: do what we say and we will give you aid, disobey us and we will bomb you.

Now the warmongers who call themselves “foreign policy experts” have been exposed. The whole world sees that they are wrong. Their advice is bad. Their limited vision of how foreign affairs should be conducted is actually dangerous to the United States. It is now clear that there are workable alternatives.

As with the US threats against Syria, public opinion polls on talks with Iran demonstrate that the American people are solidly behind diplomacy and opposed to another war. According to one recent poll, Americans support the deal reached with Iran by a margin of two-to-one.

Congress, however, is once again far behind the American people. Even as US negotiators were reaching agreement with their Iranian counterparts, US representatives and Senators were drafting legislation to increase sanctions on Iran.

Instead of listening to the American people, many in Congress seem attached to special interests like the Israel and Saudi lobbies, which oppose anything less than full Iranian capitulation.

Bibi with his 'Dueling finger'

Bibi with his ‘Dueling finger’

Israel refuses to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty yet it seeks to dictate the rules of the treaty to those who have signed it.

Saudi Arabia is desperate to control the region politically and economically, and it views an Iran that is free to sell oil and other products on the open market as a threat to Saudi power.

For too long both Israel and the Saudis have benefited from a US military guarantee. It has created “moral hazard” that only encourages more belligerent behavior on both of their parts.

It remains to be seen whether this six month trial period will develop into a permanent move toward normalization of relations with Iran. What if Congress refuses to give Iran its own money back? But we are moving in the right direction and we should be optimistic.

A better US relationship with Iran may signal the beginning of the end of US meddling in the region. This would be a great boost to US national security, just as an Iran open to US business and trade would be a great boost to our economic security. Is peace finally breaking out? Let’s hope so.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


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Comments Closed

40 Comments for “Ron Paul – You cannot negotiate with Iran?”

  1. I would like to ask Ron Paul, why we cannot negotiate with Iran? If we can even speak to Israel then we can negotiate with Iran. Iranian people like American people. They have no argument with the people. But they do have problems with our government. I am sure they are not the only ones.
    The U.S. helped prop up the Shah by overthrowing Mossadegh back in the early 50′s. Since they do not forget easily, they still recall the regime the Shah ushered in, and it will always be an American thorn in Iran’s paw. It is our own fault Iran is suspicious of our government,so what can we expect?
    If we would stop meddling in affairs of other countries, possibly we would be trusted once again, making negotiations possible.
    The hostage crisis took place because of many students discovered his stockpiled gold wealth and took to the streets. The youth being, well youth, took to the streets and organized a plan to overthrow him, and thus him being American puppet amassing such wealth, they did what any and all patriots do to preserve, protect and defend their country, organize and take some action. It was obvious someone from America negotiated with Iran sine the hostages were held until after the Reagan got elected. So, yes, you can negotiate with Iran, if we have any one anymore who can sit down and talk and not dictate. I am disappointed in Ron Paul. I could sit down and negotiate with Iran tomorrow. Anyone could with honorable intentions, speaking truths.

    • The “HOSTAGE CRISIS” was a Rockefeller false flag operation to steal over $10 billion (worth around $200 billion today) of Iran money mainly in Chase Bank as documented by:

      4/7 Syndrome of Control – Testimony of Jonathan May presented by Lindsey Williams –


      Iran is still infested with Zio-Satanic spies who can pull false flags like that any time!!! See also my below comment this VT page:


      March 28, 2013 – 9:22 am
      Thank you Mr. O’Keefe:

  2. Jim Dean: the next six month are the most crucial to our Nations and the world. A global turning point that will be felt by the entire world, be it good or bad. These six months belongs to anyone that has the guts to be an American. Because the opposition to the change has no intention of allowing it to happen. Ron Paul is right to keep a low profile, as Ross Perot observed long before many of us even believed it could happen here, a wise person like Ron Paul in a position of Power as wa Congress would not last long, they will be destroyed. So, thanks to the Internet, we the citizens, responsible for this Nation when authority go AWL for whatever reason, came together. And it felt good to know we were not crazy and we did have company. We can help people like Ron Paul, by standing by them, as we have. We may not agree 100% on everything but we all agree this USA under the Constitution, belongs to us and we intend to keep it that way.
    We seek no glory, we come out only to spread the word for the word and inform loyal Citizens to beware, the enemy is not only at the door but like a Cancer has infected our governmental institution and we need to clean house.
    Keep going Jim Dean as many of us also will. Let us not be to critical of Obama, too many President and brave people lost their lives, we need them alive not dead heros.
    Right now, it is time to look over the battlefield and decide what would be the most crucial target where we could do most damage to the enemy.

    • No, Judgement. Neither the two R. Pauls nor POTUS pass the 9/11 Truth litmus test. If they cannot speak whole Truths about 9/11 they and their word cannot be trusted on other subjects.

      The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.
      Martin Luther King, Jr.

      FWIW, I happen to admire many of the Elder and Wiser R. Paul’s speeches, positions and opinions. I am glad for his work and his presence. He had a professional life before politics. He has spoken out on many important issues although his positions have a disturbing tendency to not become law. The Lesser R. Paul, on the other hand is a rank partisan publicity hound.

  3. Perhaps the Saudis are just a bit more concerned about Iran’s potential export of crude, and related products. We’ve been led to believe that the Royal Saudi family is Muslim. This is probably false.

  4. Israel and indeed the Jewish people themselves have wrecked our economy through the outsourcing of our manufacturing and the mass importation of third world foreign nationals euphemistically called illegal immigrants. They have destroyed our educational system through incompetence and even willful stupidity carried on the back of pathological Jewish cronyism, the same can be said of our political system, our monetary system, our healthcare system and our arts and entertainment. They have commandeered all public channels for the dissemination of information and used them to pit nation against nation, father against son and brother against brother. The America you and I grew up in now stands in smoldering ruins inhabited by idiots who are unable to produce anything of value towards sustaining their own lives let alone this civilization. I do not want peace. I want war. I want fire and blood to cleanse the nation and indeed the world of this malevolent infection that has brought us to this place of sorrow. There can be no peace so long as one Talmudic Jew or any of their agents still breath this air.

    • I appreciate your expression of the facts on the ground, Jack. Most all of us have lived under a false history and a false pretense. The exposure of the truth behind the false history we have all lived under has to go forward. Most of us in the US and the World don’t have the facts, just the ones that are tainted. But action by words exposing the truths is very powerful. The MSM and entertainment programmers have shown us that. Protection of the internet, stopping the moles in the NSA and congress and the military who would muzzle it, and forming sites like this has really shifted the nations consciousness.

      The quicker ones get it, the investment most of the population has is that, in their minds, they are all dreaming of the day they get,or keep the big house and nice car, or the money, and their comfortable life and if they blow up the lie . . . all they will have is their ‘poverty picture’ they were programmed to believe. I think that is the picture the jewish banker wants to keep in the public mind. The public needs writers to also show them a different picture of the possibility for the future, because let’s face it. . . There is little room for imagination out there. They are programmed to respond with fear of the unknown.

      Thank you Gordon, VT editors, and writers. . . expanding your work and presenting the track record of true history and the present and connecting the dots. . . it is imperative. Independent thought is a rare ability in America in 2013.

  5. Some say that Israelis are taking credits for actions of some other (PTB) conspirators who REALLY are pulling the strings. Israelis are into being really “though guys” so they accept wholeheartedly those “gifts” – so the questions could be if PTB would do some false flag attack counting on that that US will surely “know” that Israel done it… It seems to me that PTB are waiting for wright moment to wreak a havoc and the profit/money is not of main interest here (economic collapse is planned) – They (Third Force) are investing in major negative energy “payout” needed for transition that is “knocking” on the door….

    • “Some ” Say a lot of things and many of those “Some” are paid to say it by jews.WHy do you believe what “Some” say when all the proof of what Israel and jews say is all around?Now that we are seeing the jew in the rear, they are throwing additional smokescreens like “race war theology” ( in the early 1900′s it was class warfare theology via marxist thugs and propagandists infiltrators) now in the era of zionism and zionist correctness we are having “race tolerance” pushed on us to have us, eventually, explode into a race war.Doesn’t matter we may, theoretically, know it’s the jew orchestrating the madness, what we see blaring on our FB walls are the Symptoms that coopt our attention away from the jew whether it’s black crime, muslim sharia taking over Europe, America becoming a dual language country cause of tolerant reactions to illegal immigrants brought here like all the other ethnic problems to distract from the “jew leak”, a leak that won’t go away till you gaze thru the distraction, racist provocation to those who orchestrated it all to begin with-till you go there, you are just “bailin water in a leaky boat that will simply keep leaking and adding water no matter how fast you work your pail

  6. Ron Raul?… never been able to understand why so many apparently like him, when his core so reeks of “controlled opposition”.

      • Nope. I was a Maine delegate for Dr. Paul. I witnessed the unbelievable dirty tricks that kept him from taking the GOP nom first hand. Paul won, in my opinion, because he reminded so many what their SOUL looks like. It is that sovereign human being status that we are born with from the spirit into this incarnation that makes it imperative that the NWO flatten Amnericans. Unless they accomplish that their agenda cannot go forward. It is very difficult to be a voice in the wilderness. It is more difficult to BACK that voice in the wilderness. Takes guts.

        • the proven vote fraud could have been fought, he didnt take a stand why?
          30 years in the District of Criminals, not one arrest, says a lot to me too.
          it’s my opinion he walked away with millions in two FAKE election campaigns,
          helping the real criminals get a few million people onto the FEMA CAMP red lists.

          • Ron Paul is almost 80 years old- way past retirement age!!!

          • What makes you thin k he (and WE) didn’t try? In Maine, our own governor boycotted the RNC out of disgust because our delegation wasn’t allowed to participate. Winning Maine meant that both Paul would be able to speak at the convention and that the Paul delegates, who were extremely detyermined and savvy, were going to make motions from the floor. Usually people are too cowtowed or blinded by the process to summon the balls to do things like that. Not supporters of Dr. Paul. The contingent from VA were never even allowed to get off their bus but shunted from lot to lot…however, two things: if you think that we in this country can just stand up and sya, hey, man, that’s not fair and all will stop while an honest investigation is carried out you have lost the plot. Additionally, no matter what else you may think of Paul, the most jaded don’t question his integrity. In fact, I’m still waiting for Rand to prove to me he’s his father’s son before I back him. I never worked so hard for a candidate in my life and as far as I’m concerned, Dr. Paul, the champion of sovereignty, is my President.

  7. —–Dr. Ron Paul, not only he is a “Truth American” who has never voted as Israel Firster in his 24 years in the USA Congress, and opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq, but also served the Military: USAF (1963-65); US Air National Guard (1965-68).

    —–On a differrnt note, VIENNA, 4 Dec 2013—-The news from OPEC meeting Iran & UAE showed a closer relationship.

    —–The Conference appointed Dr. Ali Obaid Al Yabhouni, the United Arab Emirates’ Governor for OPEC, as Chairman of the Board of Governors for the year 2014, & Dr Bernard Mommer, Venezuelan Governor for OPEC, as Alternate Chairman for the same period, effect 1 January 2014.

    • yea, a “truth” American who said 911 happened because Muslims were justifiably angered at western behavior- problem about the fake war on terror- you can’t make a strong case to stop the con till you acknowledge the 911 con which Dr. Paul failed to do-Jesse Ventura is another who compromises truth- I remember he was asked if WWII was a “good war” in that Hitler needed to be stopped and we did the right thing and he said yes.The fact is, if you see them in the MSM, they are controlled opposition alla “3rd tier dissent” mentioned in the protocols which means- it gives the appearance of real dissent to TPTB so as to fool real dissent into thinking it has a voice.No the “Truth” politicians never get any coverage cause this system is based on lies which can’t survive truth

      • absolutely! “hey ya’ll truthers vote for me”, followed by “911 an inside job, preposterous!”
        he could have exposed hillary a multiple felon inclusive to illegal campaign funds.. nope!
        obama could have been impeached as soon as appointing her secretary of state.. nope!
        he also laid down and took it when TSA inspected his private chartered flight, is a hero?

        • Right on to both of you. The system. or those pulling the strings, give the public people and organizations which they think are against the system, but really work for the system. Controlled opposition.


  8. Jim, thanks for posting a Paul article. Doubtful that he will veer from presenting views that enter the “conspiracy” realm. Would offend too many sheeple that he has tasked himself with reaching. I wish he were potus but at least he’s still at work.

    • We have to remember that people don’t respond well to having the fire hose stuck in their mouthes for an instant conversion. One of the most common burn out signs I have see forever on the Net is the dissing of small steps and little victories which throughout history have preceded major onea. The irony here is the comparison with the Jewish Lobby joke about being 99% supportive of Israel is no good. They will run a 100% guy against you and they don’t care how long you have backed them or what you have done for them.

      And I see that in the comment boards all the time. If people don’t see themselves validated 100% they are unhappy. This is why we have so few political people here as they are out there doing the compromising the horse trading to get a deal put together so they can go home and start playing their voice mails back about what sell outs they are…both sides of the deal :-) We can be our own worst enemies if we are not careful.

  9. Hello Jim,

    You and others have written several articles that have denounced criminal activities perpetrated by the Zionist entity and his cronies. A category of American people understood that the three branches of our government, the Federal reserve, think-tank groups, intelligence services (Homeland security and others ), foreign policy, media, and entertainments have been in the hand of the Zionist entity. This category of American people desires to know the portfolio of solutions available to fix this national tragedy. Additionally, we need to move from a complaining to a resolution mode. The point that I am trying to make is that I am tired to read about a cancer that has been destroying slowly this country. We need to kill these cancerous cells because this disease has weaken and paralyzed physically and mentally this beautiful America. In fact, America is going to stop breathing if this disease is not removed from its body. In conclusion, the only institution that can remove completely this disease is the armed forces.

  10. Eric Holder is Attorney General, it is his job to prosecute crimes against the American people, it is Obamas job to tell him who to prosecute. Why are they not doing their jobs?

    • Holder was Deputy AG under Reno during Clinton Admin. Remember the 2000 Marc Rich pardon? Remember the 2000 AOL Time Warner merger approvals given by DOJ Anti Trust Div.?

      It is ordinarily a President’s privilege to nominate an AG. However, both the Clintons and Bushes et al. might have been mortally imperiled if Obama had nominated an uncompromised independent real prosecutor like a P. Fitzgerald recently of Chicago. I believe that when Obama was nearing the unexpected defeat of Hillary in late Spring 2008, both the Bush and Clinton camps recognized the need to broker his AG choice for him before acceding to his Party’s nomination. The choice of Hillary for SecState was also almost certainly considered then before she withdrew her candidacy for the ’08 nomination. The Dem candidate needed Bill Clinton’s support and needed the Repubs to put up a loser ticket which they certainly did. Texan Gramm had initially been McCain’s campaign chair you’ll recall. That’s Gramm as in Gramm Leach Bliley repeal of FDR’s Glass Steagall.

      • Exactly my point. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Getting in bed with evil, politicians, the system just a little bit to get what you want,(power, fame, wealth)is like getting just a little bit pregnant. Never seems to stay just a little bit and in the end leads to a life time involvement in the end results of the union of involvement. This country would be a different place if the car accident had been arranged for Eisenhower and Patton had become president.

        • I’m a big fan of both DDE and GSP, Jr. DDE was not in Dallas 11/22/63 unlike GHWB. DDE was not on Warren Commission unlike GRF. DDE won White House twice by popular election unlike LBJ. DDE was a fiscal conservative who publicly warned us of MIC 1/61. DDE did not repeal Glass Steagall or sign NAFTA unlike WJC. DDE did not help conceal information identifying the actual murderers of nearly three thousand US citizens murdered on 9/11 unlike traitors GWB and BHO.

          Through the travail of ages, amid the pomp and toils of war, I have fought and strove and perished countless times, as if through a glass and darkly the age old strife I see, though I fought in many guises, many names – it was always me. GSP, Jr.

          • DDE played politics both in the war and as president. I in no way however was insinuating that DDE and GHWB were on the same level. The reason GHWB is still alive is because the devil is afraid if he dies he may kick the devil out of top slot in hell. Politicians are some of the lowest life forms on the earth today. Diplomacy is the art of being able to keep from up-chucking when face to face with one, hold your tongue and not tell them what pieces of s##t they are and to pretend to believe them. GSP understood politics and diplomacy, he just had absolutely no use for them. I prefer his way of doing things.

  11. The Israeli military is against it. Iran would have to retaliate with their medium range missiles and they don’t want to risk a failure of a lot of them getting through as they know who the politicians will blame. Also, our replacement agreements with them on ammo and losses might not be honored for an aggressive strike…or then we would be surrendering our own sovereignty to Israel.

    No one in the biz believes Israel will attack. If it did and the Israelis had to pay for it all they would be hanging the Likudites. One of the reasons so many are pro war, pro attack…is their knowing they will not have to pay for it. You know how they are about that.

  12. People like Jim do not see the deceit of these people……..Sheesh! does not History tell you…

  13. So far, along with their bribe carrots the Zionists subtly brandish their Samson Option stick.

    But the goyim are getting restless.

  14. The are smart enough to know the data mining can pick up almost anything. And there are multi ways a dime can be dropped on them, including a Snowden type plant that walks out the door with a bunch of stuff. I can assure you have guarding against false flags attacks is a major, if unpublically discussed item of counter terrorism. They know we know and we will hold them responsible. We have a much more tuned in public now. The elites were taken completely by surprise with the Syrian strike pushback from the grass roots.

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